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Volume 4 Chapter 30: Dragon-san’s Friends Join In

Together with Karura-san we rushed towards the spot on the shores, where a true pandemonium was underway.

From the sea, countless tentacles were springing up towards the land.

The main body of the jellyfish was somewhat struggling against the strong currents, but its tentacles were moving freely, attacking its enemies with great tenacity.

The Towa demons couldn’t do anything against its main body, so they could only try to cut off the tentacles that were within their reach.

Those of them that had wings tried aerial assault, and those without them charged from the ground.

From the looks of it and the way in which the water was rippling and shaking, they may have had some underwater demons who tried their best in the water.

After a while, they managed to cut off a huge number of tentacles, huge enough to let them focus their attacks on the main body.

But then, the jellyfish in the water started to shake and change……

Meanwhile, there was a small figure appearing at the jellyfish side, standing atop the water’s surface and brandishing a long staff in its hands.

The figure raised its staff, and in the next moment there was a loud roar of thunder, as a result of which every demon in the water lost its consciousness and popped up on the water’s surface.

Of course, other demons that were unaffected by the lightning concentrated their attack efforts on this figure.

However, before they could reach it, the golden jellyfish rose from the water and began to attack the demons relentlessly.

But in the next moment, it was struck with a huge wave of magic being shot in its direction.

「Fuhn. Was that supposed to hurt? Guess Towa demons really are a bunch of pushovers!」

「Hey, you. You’re the one to talk! Casting illusion after illusion!」

「And what’s wrong with using magic that you are most proficient with? You are doing just the same thing, so please stop complaining.」

「Don’t you start talking about demonic standards here! Just because you can’t understand the language they are speaking to you, it doesn’t give you the right to break the negotiations and start attacking them! Who does that!? Use your head for once! It’s a common fucking sense!」

「Not being able to understand their words is not the problem here!」

The human-demon flying in the air seemed to be pretty angry at his partner, but the golden jellyfish didn’t think much of it, not realizing that this situation was probably her fault.

Then she just turned towards the rest of the demons that was still standing on the shore, sending them a message.

“So, ready to talk now? Are you the ones who stole my precious things away from me? If you fail to answer I’ll take it as a yes and crush you all into a bloody pulp!”

Surely she must have chosen those words specifically because she was totally aware that they weren’t able to understand her at all.

However, her rage and dark emotions emanating from her must have been enough for them to understand the message hidden behind incomprehensible words.

「D, don’t tell me they are……」

Karura-san, who happened to come here together with us, seemed to be left in quite a shock, and the only thing I could to was to let out an over exaggerated sigh.

I wanted to apologize for their behavior, but for now let’s just focus on stopping this madness.

「Heeeeey~~! Ligurila! Kyle! I’m here!」

I could have just send them the message, but for some reason I really felt like screaming really loud right now.

I even enhanced my voice with magic, hoping it would be enough to reach them. Turns out it was way more effective than I would have liked.

Then, Ligurila’s tentacles came to a stop, and the red orb flying around inside of her body started to flicker.

Suddenly, the jellyfish was headed towards the shore with a terrifying speed.

The demons rushed to our side and tried to defend us, but then the jellyfish was engulfed in a blinding light and turned human in an instant.

Then, when she materialized in her human form in her usual clothes, Ligurila jumped straight at me.

My thought were instantly overwhelmed with an incredible softness and volume.

「Lava! What are you doing together with the enemy!?」

Ligurila’s eyes glittered and her golden hair swayed. She looked about ready to go to war, but now her expression was more that of a total relief than of anxiety.

「Everything’s okay, so please, let’s all calm down for a second, okay?」

「Did you forget the messages you sent to us!? When we heard that you were brought here and Aru’s been caught, together with Thunderstorm we rushed here without thinking!」

Apparently, they took action right after my message reached them.

Also, I didn’t know who she meant by ‘the one’s important to me’ and truth to be told I was kinda afraid to ask her that.

But knowing that they came all the way out here to help us, it made me really happy.

I could feel my cheeks burning and tears welling in my eyes, but I somehow managed to pull myself together.

「Ligurila. Kyle. Thank you so much for coming.」

「Now, can you please explain the situation to us?」

Said Kyle, who came to us shortly after Ligurila, his face now tight and stern.

Then, Karura-san spoke to the both of them through telepathy.

“Nice to meet you, my brethren from over the sea. We shall explain everything shortly, but for the time being please follow us.”

“Ara, looks like we have someone with a sense of humor here. However, don’t think even for a second that you can order us around.”

When Ligurila saw the brown-skinned Karura-san, she said something like that while licking her lips suggestively.

It was a clear provocation from her side, however Karura-san wasn’t someone who would let herself be provoked by something so obvious.

“I would like to avoid unnecessary bloodshed if possiblle. Since you have come here, please try to abide by the laws of this place. And if you fail to do that, I shall beat some obedience into you.”

Ah, looks like I was wrong. She looked about ready to jump at Ligurila’s throat at any moment now.

She even summoned balls of silver fire all around her, an action to which Ligurila’s lips bent in an arch of satisfaction.

「Wah! Wait a minute, wait just a goddamn minute you two! Mikado-san is waiting for our return!」

I somehow managed to diffuse the situation before words were put aside and fists were allowed to do all the talking.


After somehow managing to stop Ligurila and Karura-san from making each other a new one, we went back to the castle where Mikado-san and Nectar were waiting for us.

However, instead of going to the actual castle we went to the mansion located on the outskirts of the capital city.

It seems that it was Mikado-san’s private estate, and for now it was our base of operations.

‘Wouldn’t it be perfect for secret scheming?’ He suggested it just like that and we somehow just went with the flow.

But still, Ligurila and Kyle were really standing out from among the crowd here.

In Towa, people have dark hair and eyes, and are of smaller height than people of the West.

There were also people with light hair, but more often than not they were beastmen, which means they also had fur, as well as animal ears and tails.

Here in the capital, the proportion of humans to beastmen was about four to six.

Anyway, even Nectar was standing out just by casually walking down the street.

So try to imagine just how eye-catching the two of them were right now.

However, I wasn’t standing out in the slightest.

Personally, I don’t know if it was thanks to my dark eyes, dark hair or petite figure.

However, since the castle had a protective barrier erected around it to avoid being able to teleport directly there. With that in mind, we could teleport in and out of Mikado-san’s estate as much as we needed.

「You’re back, huh?」

We went inside of the mansion and went up the stairs, and there was Mikado-san greeting us, sitting on the veranda in a relaxed manner.

Nectar was also here and so was Senjiro, but somehow his expression was weird and worrying.

I wonder what they were talking about, but for now it would be better to introduce the two newcomers.

Then, Kyle got on his knee and saluted in the way the magicians of Ballow used to do for those higher in hierarchy.

「It’s an honor to meet you, the ruler of Towa. My name is Kyle Slaggart. Please pardon my impudence.」

No, I certainly explained to them who we are going to meet, but I didn’t think Kyle would react in such a way.

I admired that Kyle showed so much respect to a foreign ruler, but on the other hand Mikado-san looked rather flabbergasted by that.

「At ease, please. I may be the current Emperor of this country…… But you are a demon from across the sea. I appreciate the gesture, but is it always like that in the West? Do you have so many unusual demons out there? How does the people react to you?」

I was worried about how would go about explaining all of that to the Emperor, but then I realized that there was still a much larger problem that was at hand.

Yes, there was still the problem of the language barrier.

The Emperor was speaking in the language of Towa, but neither Kyle not Ligurila were able to understand it.

There was an option of using telepathy, but that system was too imperfect for that kind of communication, and I wanted to avoid any kind of trouble as much as possible.

However, there was no alternative. When I tried to look at Nectar in hopes of asking him for advice, Liguriala suddenly opened her mouth.


Being called by her, Senjiro turned towards Ligurila.

I was wondering why didn’t he turned towards her sooner, but it must have probably be because of the Emperor’s presence.

Ligurila said nothing more to Senjiro, instead showing him to come closer with her finger.

For a moment out there Senjiro looked really conflicted, shifting his gaze from Ligurila to the Emperor.

Howwever, Ligurila seemed to be bothered by his indecisiveness, and came closer to him on her own.


Then she casually caught him by the collar and brought his face closer to hers, gifting him with a kiss.

Now talk about a greedy greeting.

You even stuck your tongue inside of his mouth, didn’t you? So deep kissing is your thing?

Ah, Karura-san was getting all red in the face. It was something I was clearly able to tell even though her skin was brown.

…… No, thinking about it, Ligurila was always quick to act, so it shouldn’t be all that surprising to me. But still, some levels of shock were still there.

However, it would like if the wet sounds their interlocked lips were making weren’t drawing attention towards them.

Look, even Kyle was stunned by this public display of affection, while Nectar…… What the fuck? Why was he looking at them with so much interest in his eyes!?

Furthermore, since even the Emperor was watching them, she must have wanted do it long enough for everyone to understand the message.

「Fuah, that’s how we demons show our affection.」

As expected, Senjiro was also beet-red all over his face, as he loudly protested against Ligurila’s selfish behavior.

「Ligurila-dono! If you’re going to do something like this, then at the very least please warn me beforehand!」

His words sounded pretty reasonable…… if it weren’t for his hands that were finding their way all over Ligurila’s waist. Umm, Sen-san?

Ligurila must have been aware of that, as her eyes narrowed and she licked her lips sensually, as if trying to taste the afterglow of their kiss.

「Ara, aren’t someone become awfully bold here? Previously you were never calling me by my name like that~.」

「T, this is……」

「If only you were so bold earlier, I could have be by your side much sooner……. Don’t you think? Do you understand how that made me feel? Hmm?」

Ah, that’s right! It seems that Senjiro had totally forgotten how their contract worked. If you say the true name of the demon you have a contract with, that demon can immediately know your location and come to your side right away.

Although she should be livid about that, Ligurila smiles, tracing her finger all over Senjiro’s body in an affectionate way.

All of Senjiro’s fur and hair was standing straight.

「You do realize that you are going to make it up to me later, aren’t you?」

The very moment Ligurila whispered that into Senjiro’s ear.

Crush!! There was a loud noise, as if someone smashed their fist right into the wall.

I looked back and saw that bright-red Karura-san have indeed slammed her fist right into the wall, wrist-deep.

As a result, there was this huge, dangerous-looking hole in the wall.

「W, w, w, what do you think you’re doing to that person!? It’s not even a manner of common sense, you are downright shameless! Are you some kind of devil!? While in public, you need to maintain at least some level of sexual moderation!」

With Karura-san pointing to Ligurila with her other fist, Ligurila let go of Senjiro while smiling deviously. Senjiro fell to the ground like a bag of potatoes.

「Why are you getting so upset? For us demons this is a simple form of greeting. Or are you perhaps a virgin who has never done that before?」

At that moment the jaws of everyone present dropped to the ground, hearing Ligurila speak in fluent Towa language.

「I didn’t know you understand that language! How!? When did you learn it!?」

「Sometimes, we do the strangest kinds of things for our loved ones, you know?」

Right now, I really felt like punching the wall myself.

「Say, Ligurila, did you learned the language by viewing Senjiro’s memories?」

「Mostly, even though there were some words the meaning of which remained unclear to me.」

The demons could surveil the memories of their contractors to some extent.

This was probably the reason why Ligurila was able to learn Towa language from Senjiro’s memories.

However, even though the demons could do that with their contractors, it was a practice that was done scarcely, mainly because it was a pretty nasty sensation to view someone else’s memories…… as well as a total violation of privacy.

So even if I was able to view Senjiro’s memories just like that, I would never do that. I would much rather like to learn the language via normal means, which were much more rewarding.

However, if I could share that information with somebody else, I would gladly do it.

「But doesn’t mean you needed to kiss him, didn’t you!?」

Yeah, I can understand just from where Karura-san was coming from.

Things like handholding or touching with your foreheads would be more than enough in this situation.

「I didn’t have to, but I sure wanted to do that.」

Ligurila pointed that out with a smug smile on her face, which caused a violent protests from both Senjiro and Karura-san.

Then the voice of the Emperor echoed throughout the room, in the form of a loud and cheerful laugh.

「Senjiro, my boy! You certainly chose a godly Mistress for yourself! If you managed to win her favor, be sure not to blow it up with some affairs on the side!」

Fortunately, Ligurila didn’t felt offended by those words. Quite the opposite, actually. She seemed pleased.

However, I felt pity towards Senjiro, since they were ridiculing him like that.

As I was thinking that, Kyle, who was sitting silent up until now, looked kinda sad as well.

「…… Lava-dono. Can I ask you to translate something for me?」

Ahh, I didn’t think of that. True enough, by such means communication would be possible.

「It’s actually okay, since Ligurila only does things like that as a hobby. Memory transfer can normally be done by the simplest of skinship.」

Kyle sighs as if he was giving up, and at that moment Nectar approached him.

「Kyle, want me to transfer my memories onto you……?」

「That would be nice, thanks……」

Kyle reaches out his hand to Nectar and then he begins to learn Towa language at very fast pace.

While they were doing that, everyone else kept on staring at each other. Mikado-san on Ligurila since he never saw anyone quite like her, Senjiro on Mikado-san, looking all unhappy, and Karura-san was looking at both of them with a dignified expression.


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