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Volume 4 Chapter 34: Dragon-san and Company Are Making Their Move

The very next day, we went to tell the Emperor that we would cooperate with him and we began to work on the gate.

Kyle, who wasn’t all that accustomed to the way in which his demonic body was handling alcohol, had a huge hangover, but still he went together with Nectar to the traumatized Towa magicians, trying to act like Nectar’s leash so that he wouldn’t say something stupid.

Normally Kyle would have been anxious about this whole thing, but the magicians were warned that a demon was coming with Nectar and that helped a whole lot.

Especially Kirishima-san, who happened to be really nice and respectful towards Kyle.

No, if I had to take a wild guess, I would say that it was a behavior dictated by fear rather than anything else.

It seems that old man Kirishima was wise enough to deduce that cooperating with Kyle and Nectar would be much more efficient than opposing them, although his whole body kept on shivering whenever one of them was with him in the same room.

It was decided that we would build the gate in a small residence just outside of the capital.

If we were to do this inside of the castle and something was to go horribly wrong, the damages would have been enormous.

On a side note, Ligurila was currently out on a date with Senjiro, falling into something that could only be described as the: clothing shopping spree.

Furthermore, seeing as there was no need to hide her demonic nature, she seemed happy that she could spend some quality time together with Senjiro.

Comparing to the way in which the demons were treated in Ballow, it was easy to say that Ligurila seemed to be enjoying Towa very much.

However, the fact that the appearance rate of white youmas was higher than usual was still a cause for concern.

Fortunately nothing bad happened up until now, but Mikado-san seemed to be having more and more work cut out for him with each passing day.

The preparations were centered around Nectar and I, since we more or less knew what to do. It was also a suggestion made by both Mikado-san and Karura-san, as to ease their worries.

We also suggested to them that before actually using the gate, a small test would be necessary.

A necessary prelude to its grand task, to see if it would be able to carry it out accordingly.

The Emperor went silent for a few seconds, closing his eyes. When he opened them, he looked as serious as ever.

「So, you still had a trump card like that at the ready? Nicely done.」

「Aren’t you angry?」

「About what? You presented us with a solution. It would be utter foolishness to doubt and undermine your work right now, especially after everything you have already done.」

Is that right?

While we were wondering about their reasoning, Mikado-san turned towards Karura-san.

「We need to receive acceptance for this. Karura, can you contact the gods for us?」

「It’s a rather busy time, so maybe only a third of them can be reached…… Wait, you want me to do it right here right now!?」

Listening to Mikado-san’s request, Karura-san opens her eyes in astonishment.

Then Mikado-san patted Karura-san on the back, as if trying to encourage her.

「If they manage to solve this puzzle, it will be a literal revolution. It is up to you whether you accept it or not. But without change, you cannot do anything or go forward.」

However, I could still feel that there was something troubling Mikado-san.

「Incidentally, do you guys need any form of catalyst for this thing to work? Or is it still too early for that? I would like to test it as soon as possible, mind you.」

「We would have to see.」

Said Nectar and began to channel the spell, and the tips of his hair began to turn red.

At the same time, Nectar begins to chant as he takes out his staff from the interdimensional storage.

「I can help you out. That way we can make the gate more stable and safe to use.」

However, both Mikado-san and Karura-san had a solid look in their eyes while they observed the magic circle he created.

So it seems that Nectar’s spell was going to work out after all.

That’s my dear Nectar for you!

「I, see. Now I get it. There was no way that a mere mortal could be a companion of the Dragon God.」

「Technically you’re correct, since currently Nectar is not human. But he used to be one.」

「Does that mean he gazed into the abyss of time and lived to tell the tale?」

When Karura-san’s face was lit in surprise, Nectar’s cheeks turned red in embarrassment.

「Everything to be with my beloved Lava.」

Next to Karura-san, Mikado-san let out a sigh of disbelief, while Karura-san seemed to be shocked quite a bit by that sudden revelations.

「Oh my gosh, I was so easily deceived! The abilities of this spirit to manipulate magic must be something else entirely!」

Mikado-san said while putting his hand onto his forehead, his expression being dead serious.

「So, now that we showed you our trump card, don’t you think it’s nothing but a common courtesy to respond in kind?」

I knew they were shocked, but it was the only real way to make them come clean with their secrets.

Although I didn’t think that Nectar would just go and reveal himself like that before they did the same.

I asked him why would he do that, and when he answered, his eyes were as serious as the Emperor’s.

「I know that others are going to help us stabilize the gate, but there’s just no way that I would let them do that all on their own. It is a husband’s duty to make it possible for his wife to return safe and sound.」

When he declared his devotion to me like that, I couldn’t help it but to let my cheeks become beet-red in color.

Sure, I was glad to hear it, but did you really need to make such a big deal out of it?

Just as expected, the Emperor burst into a fit of laughter, and I felt as though I wanted to crawl up under a rock and just stay there.

Karura-san and Nectar left the room in order to complete their preparations, while I was left alone with Mikado-san, who was yet to contain his outburst of laughter.

It took him a while, but eventually he stopped laughing and wiped the tears off of his face.

「Sheesh, it’s been a while since I had a good laugh like that! But it also brings me in quite the predicament. But at the same time, almost any of my doubts have now disappeared.」

「Isn’t that a good thing?」

The original plan was completely different. It was all Nectar’s achievements that brought us here.

Thinking like that, my face was a little bit sad.

「You value information and technology too little. If only a sparse amount of people know about that, it will be rewarding. Make that too much, and you’ll earn nothing but disrespect.」

His words were worrying, but they were most certainly true.

「Hmm. But isn’t that the easiest way?」

There was a moment of silence, but after that Mikado-san opened his eyes and spoke up.

「That is exactly right. You have my deepest gratitude, Lava-dono. Tell that to Nectar-dono as well later on.」

「You are welcome.」

I smiled at Mikado-san and he did the same.

Even though there was nothing that changed about him, I could sense a deep feeling of appreciation coming from him.

Just like that, the construction of the gate was finished in less than a week, and we were ready to test it out.


Nectar’s voice rings out in the room where the gate was installed.

「Because it was constructed in a hurry, we can only activate the gate twice. Just for coming in and going back. Furthermore, once the connection is broken, only Lava will be able to establish it again. But if it stays connected, then there’s no trouble.」

「Fine with me. We all have our share of work cut out for us.」

Says Mikado-san while looking at Towa magicians and giving them their final orders.

They looked about ready, even though they weren’t carrying any weapons on them.

Each one of them was only carrying a simple satchel, just like the one Karura-san had. She was also wearing formal Towa clothing.

I know that they were mostly going to rely on magic, but they were looking more like pilgrims rather than magicians.

「Umm, Mikado-san. Are you really sure you want to tag along?」

As I asked him that, Mikado-san only ran his hand through his hair.

「We’re going there to negotiate. We don’t intend to start a fight.」

「…… No, I’m well aware of that, but still, this is going to be rather palm-sweating.」

Mikado-san was saying that he didn’t intend to start any fights, even though he was bringing a whole squadron of magicians with him. Those two things were quite contradictory, if anyone here wanted to hear my opinion.

Was it really okay for them to go with us? I wanted to suggest that, but from the look on Mikado-san’s face I could gather that this matter was out of the question.

「We try to keep the Shrine Maidens occupied while you take care of your business with the God of Taisha. Is that correct? Or maybe you intend to take her down entirely?」

Apparently he was still suspecting us of wanting to use him to our own gains. My shoulders dropped upon realizing that.

「Still, maybe I should instill myself as the new god of this country?」

I said that as a joke, of course, but still, before he realized my true intentions, Mikado-san’s eyes opened wide with surprise. Even though he was in his forties, in that moment he looked just like a mischievous child would.

Ah, but now that I think about is, his actual age could have been even higher. They had magic here, so it was possible to make himself look younger.

「I think that the people wouldn’t have anything against that.」

「Don’t get me wrong –– I love this country. But I love my homeland even more. So I couldn’t really put the people of this country before my own countrymen.」

I am a dragon. I may be one, but this doesn’t mean that I didn’t care about my family and my friends. That is why I think that Towa will be safer in Mikado-san and Karura-san’s capable hands.

If I ever had to choose between Aru and Towa, I would choose Aru every time around.

However, while still making some final adjustments, Nectar looked at me with a wry smile on his face.

But still, even when Mikado-san was under the wrong impression, he wasn’t going to stop moving forward. That fact worried me just a little bit.

So, in order to ease up Nectar’s expression, I said as such:

「Sorry, I am only interested in my cute child and my amazing husband. So give up on that idea.」

Ah, see? As Nectar’s cheeks turned red, the speed at which he was making adjustments also increased.

Ha, ha, ha! …… Sometimes, my own cunning scares even me!

「I agree. If the gods want to mess with a dragon, they should also be ready for a dragon to become their new god.」

So, those were your thought on the matter, huh?

I heard from Ligurila and Senjiro that even demons were sometimes discussing about ‘a certain dragon from that side’, but was I really that hot of a topic for them?

Even around town you could hear people discussing dragon, and Kyle also mentioned that a couple of times, but this time around I wanted to brush the topic aside. At least for now.

Perhaps Ten, the deity of Taisha was in fact an evil dragon and people were looking for someone who would take her place.

Also, from Mikado-san’s words, my picture of Taisha was of an organization that was slowly beginning to shift their operation to the grey area, even bordering on the verge of criminal deeds.

「I thought that you would be thrilled about the idea, but now I see that’s not the case. Oh well, when the time comes, let’s leave it to people to decide.」

Mikado-san said so completely seriously. Still, there was no way for me to get angry with him.

After all, he was someone who was capable of going toe to toe with demons thanks to his own strength, which was amazing in its own right.

「Oh well, for now let’s just focus on the task at hand and cooperating.」

「Yes, let’s.」

Mikado-san says that, and then turns to Kyle.

「I also count on you.」

「Well, I don’t know what you’re planning, but either way it’s going to be intense.」

「We shall do our very best!」

Says Karura-san while joining in on the conversation.

Karura-san, Mikado-san, Kyle and I were the first to go through the gate.

Originally the plan was to send only three people in, but then they agreed on adding more people, in case something was to go wrong and they got separated.

I wasn’t doubting Mikado-san’s battle prowess, but we were going to go right in the middle of the enemy’s territory, and they had both Ten and probably some powerful demons on their side as well.

Karura-san was going to stay at Mikado-san’s side, but still she seemed a little bit uneasy.

It was all because of Kyle, a demon who didn’t make any non-agression promises to begin with.

But Kyle was necessary for this operation for two reasons: one would be because nobody knew his face at Taisha, and the other was that he could sense where Mikoto is thanks to his contract with her. Two birds with one stone.

That being said, we had three main objectives:

First was to make sure that Mikado-san’s negotiations would proceed smoothly.

Second was to bring Aru and Mikoto back to us.

And the third one was to meet with Ten-san.

Originally it was about only saving Aru and Mikoto, but we needed to reschedule our initial plans.

There were too many reasons for that.

「Kyle, I know it may be tempting, but Aru and Mikoto’s safety comes first!」

「Oh, just let the man have his fun, Lava-dono!」

「Just…… Just make sure to bring both of them back safely.」

That was the only hing that I wanted to ask of him, and sensing my desperation Kyle only nodded his head.

By the way, since Ligurila wouldn’t be able to join our team, she was not present here at the moment.

No, I am sure that she wanted to go together with her beloved Senjiro……

However, since Nectar, Kyle, Senjiro and I would be going to Taisha, the defenses on this side would be rather thin.

That is why I wanted her to stay back here. There was no one I would rather have to have my back in a situation like that. That is why I went to her yesterday and she agreed to do just that.

With my mind at peace because of that, we could finally proceed to the room with the gate in it.

It was a spacious room, completely covered in charms in Towa language that were inscribed onto the walls, floor and ceiling, with a small basin right in the center.

It was a small square filled with murky water.

However, it wasn’t water. It was magic that was so dense that it was visible with naked eye.

For something made in a hurry, it was pretty well made.

「Are you all prepared?」

「I’m, ready when you are.」

It was somewhat strange to me that out of all of us, it was Mikado-san –– a normal human being –– who seemed to be the most confident.

It was strange, but for now I needed to put my hand near the basin’s frame.

I glanced at Nectar on the other side of the room, and nodded my head. We both activated the spell on our respective sides of the basin.

Good. Our magic waves were good enough to activate the frame without any problems.

There, on the other side of the gate that would form, there should be Taisha’s territory.

My mind was full of different places and locations, but thanks to maps and transmitters that we imbued in the frame, we should be able to go right where we wanted to. There was no way for us to get lost.

There it is. I found it.

As I speak the word to activate the portal, my hair light red with my magic.


The water in the basin started raise up.

Its surface would gradually calm down, and on the other side of the mirror we could see an image of the blue sky and something that resembled a garden of some sorts.

We were in a closed space. There was no way that this sky was of our dimension.

「It connected!」

Together with Nectar we listen to Karura-san’s excited voice.

Nectar held his staff up, taking control over from me.

The water’s mirror shakes a little bit, but we could still see the blue sky.

Small cheers could be heard from other magicians, bu they subsided soon enough.

They knew that their work begins now.

I get in front of them. No matter what, we were going to live through this.

I let out a sigh, and then looked at Nectar.

「Right. I’m going in.」

「Good luck out there.」

While saying that, I passed through the mirror’s surface.


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