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In the afternoon, I was able to take the shift off. Satsuki-san told me that the other two workers would be more than enough to keep the shop running. So, Arge and Suguha-chan have agreed to show me around Sakuranomiya.

Ever since I have wondered myself into this universe, I was too busy getting used to my new routine. So, I haven’t had the chance to look around the town yet.

「Since Lava-san has come to this universe, I really want you to enjoy your life here.」

Suguha-chan’s beast ears twitched excitedly, as she impatiently ran ahead of Arge and I, dragging the two of us by the arm.

On our way, we met up with Felnote-san, who was living away from Café May.

「How have you been Lava-san? Have you gotten used to the lifestyle in this universe?」

When we first met, her hostility was so overwhelming that I was frightened of her. However, now that the misunderstanding has been cleared, I have realised that she is very kind and caring.

As usual, she had her brown hair tied up to the side. Overall, she was very slender but her slopy limbs gave her a very feminine appearance. Also, Felnote-san, being a very compassionate person, will check up on people occasionally, like she has done with me right now.

Since I have never been close with a knight type of person, becoming acquainted with Felnote-san was something very new to me.

「I have, everyone has been very kind to me so things have been turning out pretty well. Thank you for asking, Felnote-san.」

「No problem, it’s good to hear that you’re making yourself feel at home in this universe. You sure did amaze me the last time I visited the café. You looked like you have been working there for years.」

Her purple and yellow irises gave a soft, soothing gaze. However, her smile haltered a little, as she seemed to have remembered something.

「By the way, don’t you think that maid outfit really suited Arge? … She looked like a fairy with her silver hair contrasting against the dark navy dress. It was so adorable when she was blushing bright red.」


Felnote-san was explaining with a very joyful smile but turned around and froze on the spot as she heard Arge call out her name.

Arge, whose face was as red as a tomato, stared at the ground and spoke in a very quiet tone.

「Please don’t talk about that time while I’m around…」


Felnote-san tried to hold back her laughter, but she ended up letting it burst out. A moment later, she collapsed on the grounding laughing.

「Are, are you okay?」

「Arge, haven’t you gotten girlier recently? When did you learn to act bashful like that? I’m starting to worry for you…!?」

For a moment, I was worried about them. But after hearing Felnote-san speak, the worry turned into awkwardness.

But I have to admit, it was kind of cute seeing Arge act like that. Especially since her expression rarely changes.

Though I was a little set back by Felnote-san’s reaction, it did remind me of Nectar. So, at the same time, I felt like I was back in my other universe.

…Maye, Nectar is starting to have some effect on me as well.

As I gave a weak smile at the thought, Suguha-chan jumped in between Areg and Felnote-san.

「Come on Arge-san, Lava-san, the sun’s going to set if we keep up this pace. Let’s go sightseeing!」

「Hey, I’m coming as well you know? I have made the golden sightseeing route with all my researches.」

As Suguha-chan started to walk off, grabbing Arge and I by our hands, Felnote-san caught up with us from behind.

Seeing them like that, it looked like they disliked each other on the surface. However, there was a hint of fondness between the two.

So, quietly, I turned to Arge who was getting dragged along with me and asked.

「Are Suguha-chan and Felnote-san…」

「Yes, they are very close friends.」

「「As if!」」

When the two of them confronted at the same time, I couldn’t help it but burst out laughing.

Like that, the golden sightseeing route which Felnote-san have searched through the magazines has begun.

At one point, we came across a medieval-style castle which was surrounded by four sturdy towers. Suguha-chan and Arge gave an odd expression at the castle, but apart from that, we had fun sightseeing around the town together.

Finally, we came to an open field which according to Felnote-san, is the most recommended spot in Sakuranomiya. When we got there, my breathe was taken by the amazing view.

Pale pink petals and lovely soft scent floated down from the trees along with the gentle wind.

Everything in this universe has been a surprise to me. But this scenery was the most unexpected.

「It’s, it’s cherry blossoms…」

This familiar view, this very nostalgic view of a field lined up with fully bloomed cherry blossom trees was spread out in front of me.

I froze on the spot completely speechless. Who knew I would get to see these unique flowers again?

「Lava-san, is something wrong?」

「oh, er, um. It’s just, this makes me feel very nostalgic.」

I snapped out of my thoughts as I heard Felnote-san’s voice. When I replied in a very shaky voice, she softly narrowed her purple and yellow irises.

「I see, I’m glad you liked it. Well, we will go and buy something to eat. 」

「I will accompany you! Lava-san, Arge-san please wait here.」

As I waved at Felnote-san and Suguha-chan who walked off happily, I looked back up at the cherry blossoms.

I didn’t think the name Sakuranomiya was actually suggesting the cherry blossoms. But I’m glad I got to see them again. [1. TL Note: “Sakura ” is “a Japanese word for cherry blossom”.]

In my past life, I only saw them as the common, pretty looking flowers. But now, my heart was filled with nostalgia.

「Lava-san, you know these flowers?」

I was surprised when Arge asked me that question.

No offence to her but she is the type of girl who falls asleep the moment she is given an opportunity.

But right now, Arge was giving me a curious gaze. Her bright red eyes not showing a hint of weariness.

「A long time ago, I used to live in an area where flowers like these were planted everywhere.」

It’s about my past life but the wording is all that matters.

「Because they bloom when there was a lot going on, we even had sayings like Blossoms Bloom or Blossoms Fall. It’s like these flowers were part of our lives.」

As I continued talking in a nostalgic tone, Arge widened her eyes with surprise.

「Blossoms Bloom as in passing the entrance exam and Blossoms Fall as in failing the exam?」

「Yeah. Wait, how do you…?」

Sayings are usually very specific to that culture. So, usually, you need to have a good understanding of its culture to understand it.

However, Arge guessed the meaning instantly. Which made me question something.

Actually, now that I think about it before we ate our food, Arge said 「Thanks for the food」but Suguha-chan or Felnote-san didn’t say anything.

Could she be …

Could it be…

When I tried to ask her, my super sensitive hearing picked up someone’s scream.

Not even a moment later, a strong gust of wind blew through the field. When I looked up, I saw something flying through the sky with its wings spread out wide.

The creature’s body was covered in black scales, had a long neck and a beautiful, long tail. Undoubtedly, this creature was a dragon.

People who have come for flower watching has run past us as we stood up.

「It’s a Yugdrasil class dragon. Its sighting was reported to Sakuranomiya the day I met you. I was helping out with the investigation to see if the sighting was true or not.」

A dragon with black scales. It had the same characteristics as me.

However, they appeared to be more menacing and its surface looked very rough.

On top of that, it had an odd presence to it or ugh, I can’t think of a good word for it…

But seeing this dragon, I now understood why the two girls glared at me so fiercely on the first day.

「I see, they do look similar…」

「Not at all.」

I was about to make a comment but Arge casually cut in before I could finish the sentence. I was shocked at first but felt a little bashful at what she has said.

As someone who has been misunderstood for a long time, it feels nice to hear something like that.


However, while we were standing around, the dragon breathed out a liquid looking mist along with an ear-piercing screech.

Although the mist didn’t seem to be forceful, the cherry blossom which was swallowed by the mist shed all of its flowers and tilted down. I was shocked by this sight.
The mist itself didn’t appear to be strong. However, the blossoms which were swallowed by the mist have shed all of its flowers and its bark have wilted down.

The people who have come for flower watching started to collapse on the ground the moment they inhaled the mist.

The sweet scent of the flowers was now getting overtaken by the rotting stench coming from the mist.

「It’s poison!」

I started to get irritated as I saw the field quickly turn into scenery from hell.

I don’t know what intentions this dragon has. But if we don’t act now, it’s going to destroy Sakuranomiya.

The people from the cafe who have warmly welcomed me are going to get hurt.

I can’t use mage craft in this universe, but I could perform wizardry.

I have four strong legs and a pair of wings which will not lose against that poison dragon.

However, in front of me were some people who were suffering from the symptoms of the poison.

Which one should I prioritize?

While I was hesitating, the silver-haired girl dashed in front of me.

「It was such a perfect environment to take a nap… purify.」

Along with her crystal-clear voice, a form of magic came out and it rapidly spread across the field.

Suddenly, the dark mist of poison was blown away. The people who were collapsed on the ground were starting to regain their strength, and the blossoms were regaining its liveliness.

As Arge performed the cheap magic.. or as they called it wizardry, I reluctantly stared at her serious expression.

It was a small change, but her red eyes seemed to ignite with passion.

「I’ll take care of the people. Lava-san, could you please…」

「On it, I’ll get rid of it in a second!」


When I dispelled my human form, I accidentally knocked Arge down to the ground.

So, she’s wearing white. I’m sorry Arge.

As I apologised internally, I drifted up into the air.

Seeing the poison dragon up close, I saw that it had a large frame. However, it didn’t seem to have any level intelligence and through its eyes beamed an intense hostility towards me.

I was hoping that this dragon knew a way back to my original dimension. But I guess I’m out of luck.

The moment I appeared in front of the poison dragon it gave me a threatening glare. I’m sorry buddy but it’s going to take a lot more than that to scare me away.

I may not be familiar with the rules of this dimension. But I am a fragment of the entire world. I am one of the most powerful species in existence. I am a dragon.

There is not a single spell which I cannot cast, there is nothing which will defeat these fangs, these claws and this tail.

So, there’s only one thing to do.

「It’s time for punishment!」

As I locked eyes contact with the rough-looking poison dragon, I flew straight towards it with a wide grin on my face.

That sure was a tough fight.

Yugdrasil was it? I knocked that dragon down beyond the cherry blossom forest, then floated back on the ground feeling a little light-hearted.

As expected, it was my complete victory. I don’t even have a single scratch on me. However, I must have inhaled some of their poison since I’m not feeling very well.

Once I was back on the ground, I noticed that the rotten smell has now perished from the field, and the wilted trees were now standing upright.

Some of them already had new buds.

This must be Arge’s work.

Immediately, I transformed back into my human form so that I wasn’t taking up so much space. Maybe, that made the poison get around my system faster, because once I was in my human form, I felt a little dizzy.

Then, an elegant pair of arms supported me.

「Are you okay? Purification.」

Along with the voice, I was wrapped in a serene atmosphere. A moment later, I felt refreshed, like when you’ve just stepped out of the shower.

My body felt lighter than before.

This healing spell, it sounded simple to cast but it must be a very powerful spell.

「Thanks, you really saved there.」

「It’s nothing. Though, I’m really tired.」

「Same here.」

As we exchanged such words, we walked over to one of the cherry blossom trees which has fully recovered and sat against its trunk.

I let out a sigh of relief as the sweet scent of the flowers filled my chest.

「I’m glad we managed to save a lot of people. Good work, Arge.」

「You’re giving me too much credit. I just wanted to have a nap.」

After that, Arge added that there was no way she could have taken a nap with all that wind, but I felt like she meant more than that.

Sure, she falls asleep the moment she’s given the opportunity. But when Suguha-chan or Felnote-san, who visits the café everyday talks to her, she wakes up immediately. And even though she says it’s such a burden, she will always help out those who are in trouble.

It’s just that she really enjoys taking naps and on the inside, she’s a kind-hearted girl who cares a lot about others.

She just doesn’t know that herself.

Oh, that’s right, there’s something I wanted to ask her.

「Hey Arge, are you…」

As I asked her, I felt a weight lean against my shoulder.

Her silky, silver hair brushed against my cheeks.


Looking to my side, I saw Arge leaning against my shoulder with her eyes closed.

Hearing her calm, quiet breath, there was no way I could wake her up.

「She sure do sleep a lot.」

The sun felt warm on my skin and the smell of the blossoms filled me with joy. Indeed, it was the best weather to take a nap.

Seeing Arge sleep so peacefully, I started to feel tired too.

It was such a big incident. Suguha-chan and Felnote-san who went to buy some snacks should be coming back soon.

But until then, I guess I’ll take a nap as well.

「Yawn, Goodnight.」

For now, I decided to take a quick nap. And then…

Just before I closed my eyes, I thought I saw a woman with long black hair.

She was a beautiful woman and was wearing a maidenly outfit. Her outfit was very unusual, and it looked like a mixture of huntress’s outfit and the shrine maiden outfit.

「My apologies and thank you for saving me.」

Her elderly behaviour and speech betrayed her charismatic appearance and voice.

Or as Arge would call it…


「Even you’re calling me by that ridiculous name!? Sigh, first that youth and now you? Are there only peculiar humans in the afterlife!」

For some reason, when this lady mentioned 「That youth」I knew she was talking about Arge.

Hold up, I thought that youth was a female because of the feminine appearance they had in the mysterious image which appeared in my mind. But could she be… a boy?

While I was confusing myself, a woman whose eyes were filled with tears waved her hand.

I somehow knew that it was our time to go our own ways. Suddenly, I felt my consciousness becoming fainter and fainter…

「The one who has been reincarnated into another world. I am not one of you. However, I wish you countless joys in your next life.」


「…va, Lava.」

I regained my consciousness as I heard a gentle voice call out my name.


As I slowly opened my eyes, and I saw a pair of pale blue eyes smile down at me.

「Good morning Lava. It’s not very common to see you fast asleep.」

「Good morning mummy!」

In front of me was Nectar with his usual beige hair with pink tips tied up loosely. Next to him was Aru, smiling down at me.

Not resisting the overflowing feeling of relief and joy, I hugged onto them.

「I’m back!」


「Mummy? What’s the matter!?」

「I thought I’ll never find my way… wait, what?」

I felt relieved as the two of them hugged me back. Though, they looked as if they didn’t know what I was talking about. To this situation, I tilted my head.

Looking around, I noticed that I was in the living room back at my house, and I realised I was sitting on my favourite sofa.

「Was I… asleep?」

「Yes, you looked very peaceful. It’s just, we finished baking the cheesecake and I was wondering if you wanted to join us while it’s still warm.」

「So all that was a dream?」

Thought, it was very realistic for a dream.

Oh, but I haven’t eaten any rice since I’ve been reincarnated. Nor have I been to the Towa nation, so that would explain why I was thinking about rice when I ate that Omurice.

「Did you have a dream?」

「Yeah. I got lost into another dimension.」

Although feeling a little disappointed, I explained the weird dream I had to Aru who listened to it curiously. Then, both Nectar and Aru widened their eyes as I finished telling them my dream.

「That is quite an adventure filled dream.」

Although it was just a dream, Nectar sounded genuinely worried. Feeling relieved, I decided to continue on.

「Yeah, but I came across a strange girl and we had a lot of fun.」

Pity I didn’t have the chance to ask if Arge was reincarnated into that world. Oh wait, it wouldn’t have mattered either way since it was all just a dream.

However, I can recall all the events so vividly.

How Suguha-chan was working so hard, how Felnote-san couldn’t act normal around Arge, the absolute understanding between Satsuki-san and Iris-san, and how I worked at Cafe May along with them.

The cherry blossoms in Sakuranomiya and Arge’s tired expression. I remember them all so clearly.

I guess my expression was softened while I recalled my dream because Nectar spoke to me in a soft tone.

「It must have been a very nice dream.」

「Yeah, it was. It would have been better if both of you were in it.」

I noticed that Nectar’s expression became slightly serious as I continued to think about the dream absentmindedly.

「If something like that ever happens to you, I’ll be sure to come and save you.」

「Aw, my hero. I’m counting on you.」

I was over the moon when I heard Nectar say that. My lips curved upwards as warm feeling filled my chest.

Then, Aru leaned in with his eyes shining with curiosity.

「I wanna hear more about your dreams! What was that girl like?」

「I would love to hear your dream as well. Let’s listen to it while we eat our cake.」

「Of course, there was another girl who was half-beast. She was around your age, Aru. We ate a lot of yummy food together.」


A vampire girl who had silver hair, red eyes and loved to take a nap.

She was always sleeping but I’m sure her lovely friends will take her out into many adventures.

I wish that one day, she will find her own happiness.

So, I told about Arge and her friends to Nectar and Aru, the happiness which I have found in this life.

「So, this is how the dream started. I woke up in the forest, then, I saw a girl with silver hair sleeping on my stomach while I’m still in my dragon form.」

「I’m jealous of her.」

「I thought you would say that Nectar!」

The end.


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