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Translator: Kureha

Editor: [QueenieZhuz]


Author’s Note: This chapter is going to be based on when Lava and others were residing in Kayou.


On one of the article published by Matsutake Daily.

~The corrupted being finally brought to justice! ~

The politicians have made their move in the past couple of days.

A surprise waited for the criminals who have broken into the opium storage room.

They were ambushed by an unexpected figure who have beaten the criminals up to the point they were begging for their lives. The unexpected figure who has diligently stood before them was a girl.

The girl is said to be a citizen of Towa and has dark hair with a vivid red strand mixed among them. The criminals have given out a fearful shriek as the girl with otherworldly atmosphere glared at them with her golden eyes.

「I am the director of the organization which directly serves the current lord of this nation. I have brought justice to all eight million corrupted gods. And now, your turn has come.」

As the girl took a step forward, the insignia of the dragon engraved by the authorities started to glow.

She was one of the dragons who have served the royalty for some time. The fate of these criminals in front of her was to be burnt to a crisp by her so-called Flame Veil.

This elegant young lady was the next in line for the throne.

As the criminals bowed before her, she said that she left their punishment to themselves and left the storage, only taking the corrupted god with her.

Not naming herself, not showing any pride, only walking off with the corrupted god being dragged behind her, that stature was nothing but of a true ally of justice.

The criminals’ skills were nothing against the girl’s talent. After this, they had a great amount of respect for her and have started to look into who this nameless lady was.

People couldn’t keep their mind off from this new god!

Article published by Kachou Publisher.
~ Incident on Hostess Shizuno and her knight’s flawless victory! ~

This city is filled with many beautiful hostesses. However, as we all know it, the most beautiful amongst them all is Hostess Shizuno.

However, in this day of age, not everyone who seeks comfort from a woman are gentle and delightful.

The uneasiness which has been troubling Hostess Shizuno recently has finally shown itself on the streets.

The creature that stood in front of her was a God who seems to tower over the entire city and appeared to be half-cat, half-human.

Her bodyguards did their best to protect the hostess. But their opponent is a god.

The bodyguards were knocked down in a blink of an eye and the beast’s filthy hand reached out for the hostess’s bare head.

Everyone else who was in the area lost all hope.

Then, one male god appeared at the scene like a mist.

The man dressed in all black did not show any sign of intimidation at the sight of this corrupted beast. He threw over his jet-black chain and brought down the beast to the ground before anyone knew what was happening.

The two looked like a dog and its master. Everyone who has witnessed this scene has been shown the difference between their powers.

Surprisingly, even the finest maiden in the village has said that the male god had an appearance of the beautiful beast.

However, his beauty did not compare with Hostess Shizuno.

The hostess has heard the desperate cry of the beast which has attacked her. Still, she could not accept the male god’s arrogant move of using the watchtower to look over Matsumi family’s shop.

She was left speechless when the two continued their battle in the middle of the road.

She did not care about the overwear which has gotten some dirt on or her hair which has come undone.

Either way, the bravery of the male god who has disappeared along with the corrupted beast was respected by many people.

This incident has also helped Hostess Shizuno spread her already well-known name around the nation.

At the Kachou Publisher, the painting of Hostess Shizuno and the mysterious male god is now on sale!

A very detailed article featuring Hostess Shizuno and the male god was seen everywhere. 「Incident at Maidou street」!

Another day, another article published by Matsutake Daily.

~ Justice has been served, immoral God has been punished at last! ~

Recently, in Asakawa area, a man claiming to be a Kabuki actor causing multiple incidents. However, the man turned out to be no more than a boor.

Since their ring leader used to be one of the eight million gods, even the lord’s advisor can’t do anything about this incident.

However, wherever the God of Chaos is, there is a God of Peace.

At the sweets shop that’s famous for Oshiro-chan who works there, one elegant God has descended.

The God had jet black hair that suited the Towa’s theme with a single strand of red hair mixed among them. Her look was completed with golden eyes which proved her to be a god and her red overwear suited her very well.

The issue is, the ring-leader is a strong man who managed to kick off anyone who has dared to fight him. On top of that, his face painted with stage make up seemed to be miles up from anyone’s perspective.

On the contrary, the girl had a slender frame.

Everyone thought that their hopes were gone.

However, the girl gave a relaxed smile and started to knock down the guards one after another. When she finally reached the ring-leader, he too was taken down with a single strike.

Her swordsmanship won against the corrupted god and her victory was flawless.

The moment after their battle, the villagers were speechless at what they have witnessed.

After the female God left without mentioning her name, there was a rumour that she was the same God who has saved Hostess Shizuno.

The hope rises to the adorable, elegant yet strong female God!

*Takematsu Daily continue to gather any information regarding the female god!

Please consult any issues regarding Gods to your nearest consultant.

Kayou City Administration.

Important news from the noodle shop’s notice board.

3 days after the white beast has gone wild.

Parts of the town have started to recover from the damage.

It was a surprise to see the Taisha and the current lord both be shocked at the once-in-a-lifetime catastrophe. However, it has been announced that the hero of the incident turned out to be a godly dragon from a foreign country.

It is said that the dragon with black scales and red mane who has taken down the white beast is the same God that has black hair and golden eyes. The same god who is known for taking down criminals around Kayou city the past couple of days.

Currently, the godly dragon has been kept in one of the separate shrines.

If you spot any beasts, please report it to your nearest administration swiftly!

Check your local emergency supply area here.

Check your local evacuation area here.

Keep your hopes up! The time to show the spirit of Towa to those demons is now!


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