Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 153

Volume 5 Chapter 2 – Dragon-san’s Intention

When the official notice that stated that the magic ceremony will be held, many merchants that came out of nowhere appeared in no time, and they gathered here to start open airs or food stalls.

With that, a lot of people gathered to take a look, and the road towards the shrine is filled with liveliness, as if they are having a fair.

There are also some daily supplies stall mixed in there, reminding us that they are still restoring their civilization even until now, but other than that, there are also food stalls lining up and selling candied apple, grilled squid, and yakiniku that are pierced with a skewer, and the good smell spread around everywhere.

Since I also saw foods that are similar to okonomiyaki and takoyaki, even I can’t help but to be restless.

Especially for the obvious Aru, his flaxen hair sways in delight while he was looking left and right cheerfully.

「How amazing, there are many stalls lining up!」

「At the very day, they will lit lamps at the night, and it will be even more lively. But since we can’t look around at that time, let’s do it now.」

At first Mikoto was extremely nervous towards grandpa, but after we reached in front of the food stall, her eyes changed into one of hunter’s.

She must be really hungry, huh?

Even if most of the movement in the dance is pretty calm, the dance itself use a lot of power in the dancers’ feet, more than how it looks. They also used a little bit of magic power in the practise, so it would be easy to get tired.

「Miko-san! Let’s go there first!」

I already gave Aru his pocket money, so he and Mikoto immediately attacked one of the food stalls there.

「No matter what generation it is, kids will always be energetic, eh?」

I agreed silently towards his hearty mutterings.

Grandpa’s softening look while watching Aru and Mikoto hogging all of the goods was filed with calm smile, his appearance unchanging even from that time.

I feel a little jealous of grandpa’s boldness that started that kind of conversation.

I didn’t show it in my face, and thought so in my own mind secretly when suddenly Nectar began to ask questions to grandpa.

「How was master’s preparation going?」

「Hmm, I already figured out the good materials. Next, I should just start the operation to assemble the formation together.」

Grandpa talked as if he was saying the usual insignificant things, and raised his eyebrows towards Nectar.

「Are you curious?」

「Of course I am. To re-seal a dragon that has sealed it’s eclipse is a very interesting matter! 」

「Nectar never changes, eh?」

My face twitched and became stiff, but Nectar’s pair of blue eyes had a dangerous glint in it.

「So what if there are spirit of inquiry left inside me! Since there are no more crisis that we have to face, I have to take my time stealing master’s secret technique!」

「I have such a frank disciple.」

Even when grandpa looked astonished for a minute, Nectar didn’t even falter at all, but his expression looked like he had calmed down, and continued his talk.

「Of course, I know that Lute was trying to unbind the darkness seal and awaken the origin dragon, and if the seal is unbinded, the erosion that the origin dragon had binded in that body will flow out. Taking account of Lute’s speculation, we have to act quickly, don’t we? 」

Nectar often forgot to control himself, but he is strict when the condition ask for it.

A few days ago, grandpa and Ten discussed with me, Nectar, Kyle in the branch shrine regarding the darkness seal, and also what will Lute do from now on.

Five thousand years ago, Maurias was also having a big erosion disaster that can’t be compared with what happened in the eastern continent.

In order to seal the erosion that had begun to flow out, the origin dragon sacrificed himself to become the keystone of the seal.

Grandpa sealed the equipment after the dragon asked him to do it, and Lute and one more paintbrush woman, turned it into a palette. And then everything happened, starting from Ten to Lute’s team anticipation.

Nectar and Kyle felt speechless to know that grandpa happened to present on that period, since most of the ancient people and their sorcery were already extinct.

Grandpa shrugged his shoulders, and he responded to Nectar.

「Lute’s original state is from black magic’s seal created by the musical performer by collecting the best of instrument from that time. Because the spirit of the death cannot act against the body’s existence, they were unable to unbind the seal of the darkness.」

「The origin dragon… it’s Adversa, isn’t it? Because Lute is wishing for freedom, just dissolving the seal wouldn’t make any significance. That’s why, there is a possibility of requesting Lava to change the black seal, isn’t there?」

Nectar tightened his face and stared at me seriously, and I felt a little bit uncomfortable.

Grandpa only nodded, and continued.

「The erosion that was overflowing at that time was absorbed by the origin dragon, and he paid it back by sleeping at the darkness seal. But since the seal was released, it became the main cause of the current erosion disaster. And even though the seal was renewed regularly by the automatic instrument, it was 5000 years ago. It is a mistake to slacken on the renewal repeatedly.」

Nectar looked like he wanted to say something towards grandpa that was talking while stroking his beard.

「Master, even though I’m surprised that you have something to do with the seal… I still have some questions.」

「I already explained everything, but you still have questions, huh?」

Nectar asked without any concern towards grandpa, who didn’t even try to hide his tired face.

「Lute was looking for other alternatives other than the darkness seal where Adversa was sleeping. I understand at least that much. It’s not impossible for humans to forget about the dragon that had been sleeping after five thousand years. But why did the dragons forget about the erosion and their existence? Also, why Lava? Shouldn’t it be okay if you make other dragons do it?」

「There are dragons that are resistant towards erosion, and there are the others that not. But unexpectedly, this guy is resistant towards erosion like how Adversa was. That might be reason why Lute has an eye towards this guy.」

「I also don’t know why, though. But, the reason the other dragons forgot might be because of the dragon network.」

After I added in, Nectar seemed like he had realized something.

「I understand, so it’s resonance phenomenon」

The dragons don’t only pass awareness at the dragon networks. They also pass magic and various things there.

Even if their consciousness is lost, if the other dragons acknowledged Adversa’s existence, they would stimulate Adversa through the dragon network.

Even if Adversa doesn’t wake up, the erosion might spill out and contaminate everyone.

That’s why, most of the ancient old dragons forgot about the existence of Adversa and the erosion.

Since they became something that didn’t exist anymore, those informations were not passed on to young dragons like me and Aru.

Or, that is the story that I and grandpa deliberately arrange beforehand together.

「I’m not familiar with the matter regarding the origin dragon, so my knowledge is very thin. But since I cut Aru’s dragon network for the time being, I think it should be alright.」

I take care of not saying the name, just to make sure I didn’t say something wrong.

「Then I’m relieved. So in the end, Master also doesn’t know about the true nature of the erosion, right?」

My body became stiff for a moment, and I wondered if she realized it or not.

Nectar inquired softly, and even if she looked disappointed, there are a little excited tension that was coming out from her.

「Well, that is reasonable, I guess. I also don’t think that I will be able to know everything, and it’s not like I want to pursuit it too. …Then, I will return to my original question. What kind of intermediary that Master will use to re-strengthen the seal of darkness?」

「You really want to know everything, huh.」

Towards Nectar that had taken out his notebook and pen, grandpa only made a twisted face and answered.

「Well, I also thought that you will definitely ask about the intermediary. …oh, what a right timing.」

Grandpa exclaimed, and I looked up to see Aru and Mikoto that was coming to us in quick steps.

Both of them was holding a bundle of foods with both of their hands and their expression was very happy.

「Moーmmyー! Carry this for me first, there are another delicious-looking foods there, so we will go there once again! 」

「There are a place to sit there, so please wait at there first.」

I couldn’t help but to make a wry smile towards them, after seeing that they are still brimming with the intention to hog even more things again.

「No, no. Mikoto is already hungry, right? You just have to tell me what you want to eat, I will go and buy them. Just eat first.」


It was actually very troubling to persuade Mikoto that still reserved herself even if she was already hungry, but thankfully grandpa stepped forward to help us.

「Young lady, actually this old man has something I want to ask you. How about you become this old man talking companion while eating?」

「Then, if you want me to…」

Grandpa seemed like he could see through Mikoto’s conflict, and after he talked to her, she agreed with a soft voice.

…I wonder if grandpa really have the time to gossip around though.

With that, I turned my face towards Aru.

「Aru, wait here together with Mikoto, okay?」

「Alright! Then please buy that one and this one and that one!」

Hearing Aru who pointed out cheerfully several numbers of stall he wanted to try, I feel my face started to cramp.

Wow, that many!?

Well, we could store a lot of foods inside our stomach so it should he okay, but I wonder if it is physically possible, though.

「I will go together with you.」

「That will help me a lot.」

Since I looked troubled, Nectar with the same thought as mine proposed to go together with me, and with that both of us separated from Aru’s group, and started to walk together.

「Um, what I wanted to ask is actually simple. It is the instrument you will use as the dance music. It should be mixed with the sound of flute, right?」

「Are you talking about the dragon flute?」

「Hmm, so there is something with that name, huh……」

When I was thinking about where was the most convenient route to go, I overheard grandpa and Mikoto’s conversation faintly.

I see, so grandpa was interested in that.


「Nn, what?」

When I turned around, Nectar’s light blue eyes looked troubled, and he spoke.

「That… Master said that at the time he is performing the seal of darkness, he will need Lava’s help, right? I’m wondering if there’s really nothing that I can do to help you. I don’t want to make you force yourself to do it.」

「It’s alright, don’t worry. Even if he is like that, grandpa is cautious too. I won’t do anything that I can’t handle. Even though I only know the outline of the procedure, it’s not really that difficult.」

Grandpa taught me these tips.

When you are going to lie, you have to mix some truth on it. Then, it could be deemed credible to some extent.

「But, the preparation will take some time, so I will start to move all-out after the magic ceremony ends.」

「Is that so… There are also the ritual where other magician’s magic power shouldn’t interfere…」

Nectar seems like he already gave his consent.

That’s good, since I can’t really tell him about the truth regarding this matter.

「Now then! Let’s buy something that will be good to eat even if it’s not warm anymore first, okay?」

「You’re right, …But, will Mikoto-san be able to eat this much portion, though?

If they count the portion from what they bought before, then everything is already ten people portions.

Even though Nectar already went back to his usual atmosphere, there are still a little worry in his face, and I could only make a strained laugh.

「Well, we can figure something out later on. Aru and I also can eat as much as we like when needed. Alright, let’s go!」

I held Nectar’s hand, and lightly pull them.

Nectar’s light blue eyes became rounded, and he reflexively squeezed my hand back, making the depths of my heart filled with warmth. With that, my determination rose again.

I don’t want to lose this warmth.

That’s why, I will do anything to protect it.

And since I was searching for the first stall to go and stood in front of Nectar, I didn’t know what kind of face that he made at that time.

By the way, Mikoto gulped all of her portion that we bought back, and she made a happy face while digesting them.


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