Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 154

Volume 5 Chapter 3 – Dragon-san’s Fuss

Even though I said that I will help the restoration for the eastern continent, I can’t do any carpentry, and the people that needs emergency supplies also became lesser and lesser, so my job ended not long ago.

It seems like since it is a famous landmark of the branch shrine, the large public bath that I constructed was reserved.

…Eh, you don’t really have to reserve it, you know?

Well, the point is, my duty in the human habitation was close to none.

Nectar was helping in the medical faculty as a doctor, Aru was practising the dance, and even Kyle was having negotiation with demonic beings.

Because of that, what I mainly did when Aru and Ten was practising their dance was going around outside to do Leyline maintenance.

While arranging the circulation of the magic power at the center of the forest near the branch shrine I am indebted into, I feel happy finally being able to do dragon-like work.

There are a lot of cases where I reattach the Leyline that were damaged by the erosion, or going around several places by flying in the sky or walking on the ground with my dragon appearance..

I already asked Ten about the location of the major works so it should be okay to just remember that area and do my best to help them, but I went astray with the thought of dullness.

That time, after we had lunch at the festival, Grandpa was forc… negotiating with Ten for a long time, and got the dragon flute, the instrument of this country.

Ryujin is a pot created using the hollow of a bamboo-like plant. According to the eastern continent belief, it has the power to connect the magic world and real world with its sounds.

「I think this instrument will be suitable for the ceremony. The dimension is small, but they can be managed. I also quite like the sound.」

Grandpa looked like he was in a good mood, and explained that he would convert it into an automatic instrument for resealing.

「It will take the minimum one week, and the maximum two weeks. You should prepare your heart by then. early as one week or as long as two weeks. You’ll be preparing your heart by then.」

He added the last sentence casually, as if he was talking about something common.

But even so, I already understood the meaning of his words.

There are some things regarding to the darkness seal that I shouldn’t say to Nectar.

I already knew it from the dialogue between grandpa and Ten that night.

And since I already understood from grandpa’s explanation that the only one who could do it is me, I give my consent. If this is the conclusion that grandpa have after thinking for five thousand years, there won’t be any other solution.

I also wanted to protect them.

I decided that I will do anything to protect them.

I had to show my determination now.

After all, I can’t afford to waste grandpa’s resolution.

「Uwahhhー、being gloomy is a no no! It will be bad if Nectar suspects anything after all!」

In my dragon appearance, I shook off my thoughts and spread my wings to fly in the sky.

When I have nothing to do at all, there are nothing better than flying in the sky.

And when I was flying with my wings, I felt like I could connect my thoughts properly.

What filled my thoughts are mostly if I had looked guilty in front of Nectar.

「Lava! Excuse me, but please help us! Lily and Kyle are having a big fight!」


When I went back to the branch shrine immediately, what I saw inside the room was Ligurila who was sulking, and Kyle who had a glare in his face.

Kyle was still holding his hammer, and the inside of the Nectar’s barrier was so badly destroyed that I immediately understood with just a look.

On top of that, Senjiro who seemed troubled next to Ligurila was restraining her gently, so there must be a pretty big fighting scene happening before.

「Errr, anyway, Ligurila, Sen-san, welcome back. Then, what happened here?」

It’s been a few days since I last saw Ligurila and Senjiro.

Since they were coming back from the most distant branch company while defeating the demons too.

I thought it would be better to start by greeting them, and after I asked for an explanation, Senjiro’s face looked like had found his aid, and apologized while bowing his head.

「We’re back. No, I’m not sure if I can reply your greeting now, though.」

「I’m just greeting her because I haven’t seen her for a while. I’m not really mad or anything, you know. 」

Kyle wrinkled his brows firmly.

「Does striking people with strategic-grade attack magic suddenly is still considered greeting?」

「There’s no point for me to strike you, though!」


Ligurila shrugs her shoulders. Senjiro was about to stop her, but it’s too late.

My face became stiff as I saw the vein in Kyle’s forehead bulges out and his dark brown hair starts to have a trace of lightning.

Eh, why is Kyle this angry?

I better ask Nectar to help me since Kyle who rarely gets angry had turned into serious mode with an unknown reason, but before that, I looked at the wheat-colored head behind Kyle.

She was Belga, who we brought back from Lute’s team, and her hair and same colored eyes distorted in anger, even when she kept increasing her vigilance.

Her spirit couldn’t be separated from her main body that much, so she was currently being bounded in a magic gun.

Since Kyle carries magic gun with him everywhere, Belga has accompanied Kyle in battles to find a chance to recover her body.

Come to think of it, Ligurila also knew that Belga was on his side.

…..I think I understand the problem a little bit better now.

「Well, I heard that Belga who becomes a spirit is stronger now, so I just wanted to try playing with her a little bit.」


I felt my strength drained towards Ligurila who let out her complains while withdrawing her magic power.

As I expected, Ligurila was quarrelling with Belga!

Ligurila noticed my glaring eyes, and naturally complained again.

「But, isn’t it amusing! That Belga had a big difference in magic power, and even though I just provoke her a little bit, she wasn’t even scared and quickly prepared to fight. It can’t be helped that I want to poke at her anger more, right!」

「Ligurila-dono, this was happening because of your bad hobby.」

Senjiro’s way of speaking was full of warning, and Ligurila consciously bent her mouth and said another word.

「……I just thought that if I provoke her, she might remember something…」

Her words wobbled echoed throughout the room, making me realize that Ligurila should be quite concerned about Belga too.

That’s right; Ligurila has a deeper relationship with Belga than I did.

When I was still visiting the royal capital, I would took Belga out often. We also would invite Ligurila to have tea and have the so-called three women’s meeting.

In the meantime, since they were living in the same royal capital, they would meet sometimes without me.

Even the first time Ligurila exposed about her identity as a demon was when she is drunk at a drinking party with Belga.

And the second time Belga met her after that, even though she was very nervous, they still chartered happily about magic tool, how nostalgic…

Remembering those memories, I loosened my face, and the atmosphere became more relaxed.

The reason was because Kyle took back the lightning and lowered his staff.

「You are always too extreme.」

While letting out a sigh, Kyle scratched her brown hair and Ligurila only responded by laughing.

Anyway, I thought that I had to tell Ligurila, but I wanted to know Belga’s situation.

No, because it’s the first time we meet with each other properly.

Belga still has the same height and the same silence and cold, hostile stare, like how she was when I first met her.

Although she is currently binded in the magic gun, it looks like as a spirit the change in her body was limitless, so she might have used that ability to copy her appearance.

However, Berga did not seem to notice my dragon appearance, and kept watching Kyle and Ligrila’s light exchange.

I felt like I saw something swaying in that expression, and thought, “oh?”

「Since I’m not really in the mood for it anymore, today let’s just stop here. Hey, Bell.」

Belga’s shoulders shook as if she was surprised when Ligurila brushed her golder curly hair and talked to her suddenly.

But Ligurila’s purple-colored eye doesn’t have any harshness in it, and her expression became full of embarrassment.

「I don’t really know why your body become like that, but now that you’re finally back I will welcome you. Later when your husband is not here, let’s play again, alright?」


Senjiro and Kyle made a suspicious expression towards Ligurila’s strange manner of speaking. Then, she walked back while smiling sweetly.

I feel saved a little by Ligurila’s frankness.

Right, even without her memories, I should be happy that Belga is here.

That’s why, I can’t help but talk to her while feeling embarrassed.

「Madam, I’m sorry that I make you remembered something uncomfortable. But I’m happy being able to meet you again.」

「……What are you saying, when you’re capturing me now.」

Sure enough, I can’t help but to wrinkle my brow towards Belga.

Ligurila that already felt pleased now stretched her body and asked me.

「Hey, Lava, I want to clean the trip’s dirt from by body, is there any bathing place here?」

「There are, but…」

『All of you……』

When I’m about to answer her question, I suddenly heard the eastern continent language that was full of anger, and I looked back.

There stood a silver-haired and brown-skinned woman… the demon of the eastern continent, Karla-san, who looked imposing and trembling in anger all over her body.

『What were you trying to do by destroying the roomー!!』

The room was in a disorder, the pillars were damaged, the furniture were blown away, and the tatami and door were completely destroyed.

Ah, I forgot.

All of the people in that room thought of the same thing, and I tilted my head in confusion, wondering why is Carla-san here.


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