Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 16


Translator: Kureha

Dragon-san and Their Everyday Lives (Part 2)

The place which I got Nectar to accompany me was a clothes shop which Ligurila is currently working at. The reason why Ligurila came by so quickly at that time was that she was working at a shop here in the capital. When I first heard that Ligurila was making clothes at the shop, I told her I would definitely go and visit her. Then, I realised I didn’t have any money.

Nectar and Kyle have always treated me so I completely forgot about it….. All the clothes in this world are hand sewn. Also, people here usually sew their own clothes from the fabrics which they have bought. Second-hand clothes are still affordable, but new clothes are too expensive to be picky about it. I just couldn’t ask them to buy me such an expensive thing.

But I couldn’t go to the clothes shop just to have a look around. Also, I really liked that night coloured dress she gave me before. As expected of Ligurila, she would have clothes that I love for sure!! As someone who used to be a female, it would be impossible not to buy clothes from her!!

Thinking I need to earn money somehow, I secretly applied for a job at the mercenary corporation, specialising in high-risk combat in my male form. It was mostly fighting off gargoyles and beasts but high-risk combat it sure was!

I was worried that one of the gargoyles or the beasts would realise that I’m not a human and that I will end up losing my job from it! I wasn’t going to let them ruin my operation escape the unemployed status!

But when I joined a party, I ended up making the situation worse when two of the party members had a lover quarrels. Or that time I was just having a small talk with the reception lady and then she suddenly invited me to have a duel. Or those buff old men who stubbornly and repetitively ask me to join a guild.

And that time when they said it was a reward for defeating a large threat species and took me to a hostess club. All I can remember from then is feeling nervous in front of the seducing gaze of those hot ladies….. I was more exhausted from socialising then I was from the combat work. Still, that didn’t stop me from taking on a mission whenever I had some time to spare.

Considering I never had a part-time job in my before life, I think I did a pretty good job.

Today, I finally came to Ligurila’s shop with the money I have saved up….. But I might have overestimated myself. My mouth hung open at the sight of the grand shop which was located one suburb away from the working class area. Isn’t this the sort of shop that only makes dresses for ladies who are from a very well off family? There might be a little more problem then not having enough money….

Taking one step, then two steps back, I looked over at Nectar who was also feeling pressure at the sight of this shop. Let the battle begin.

⌈Um, Lava, are you sure this is the shop which the neighbour you are acquainted is working at?⌋

⌈….. It should be, I mean the address is right.⌋

⌈um… I heard from Kyle’s wife that these sort of shops don’t sell or make dresses for casual wear.⌋

⌈I think so too. Not only that, there’s a feeling of ‘invitations only’ to the shop.⌋

Seeing the high class display of the shop, I was about to head back home. Then someone rushed out from the shop and dragged the both of us into the shop. I can only think of one person who would do something like this. As expected, the beautiful woman with a strawberry blonde hair done up stylishly, and her features nicely highlighted by her makeup was no other than Ligurila.

⌈Why did you try to walk away when you were already right outside of the shop!?⌋

⌈Well, it looked like we couldn’t enter the shop without an invitation from someone. On top of that, I just wanted casual clothes for when I go for a walk around the town. This shop mainly makes ball gowns and other evening wears, right?⌋

⌈Don’t worry about it! Now you just keep quiet and let me make you a dress!! Okay?⌋

Being pressured by watery eyed Ligurila, I was led into a fancy waiting room which was probably made for VIP customers or others like that. Then, not even having a moment to introduce Nectar she now led me into a changing room which was in the waiting room.

There, she made me put on her sample dress which was very simple and elegant for someone like Ligurila to have sewed it. When I asked her why the dress fitted me perfectly when it was just a sample, apparently she thought I would need a new dress for my human form when she heard what happened to my night coloured dress and sewed it just for me.

I thought this shop would only have evening wears for a female but when I looked around, there were plenty of stocks for children’s clothes all the way up to male evening wears.

⌈I have altered the fabric so that when you apply some magic to it, it will shift in a way you imagine it. Therefore, these clothes can cope with the partial shapeshift which you often do.⌋

⌈Thank you so much for everything, Ligurila!⌋

Seeing Ligurila explain with bright red ears, I hugged her tightly and promised her for a rematch. Bad decision, but no regrets.

Changing into a dress which the light green colour was dominant, I left the cubicle in the changing room. Then stepped out into the waiting room where Nectar was waiting.

⌈Thank you waiting Nectar, sorry for leaving you out here alone.⌋

⌈Please don’t worry about it, I didn’t mind it, at…..⌋

Nectar turned around from the sofa which he was sitting on. He tried to get up but when he saw me, he stopped half-way.

Ligurila also did my hair and makeup to go with the dress. When I saw the whole outfit in the mirror, in comparison to my old female uni student appearance, the me now was improved by tenfold. Although I knew it was just Ligurila’s amazing makeup skill, I ended up asking her what magic she used with a straight face.

Ligurila’s sense in fashion had no limit. I was hyped from doing girly things after what felt like an eternity, but I came back to my senses when Nectar’s round eyes stared directly into mine and felt myself blushing.

⌈Don’t stare at me like that, I’m getting embarrassed⌋

⌈Apologies, it’s just the outfit suited you so well, I couldn’t look away…⌋

⌈They do don’t they? Ligurila is such a talented dressmaker!⌋

⌈No, that’s not what I meant…..⌋

As expected, order made dresses are just different. Feeling very happy with my new dress, I turned around to Ligurila who came out of the changing room with me. Unexpectedly, she had an evil grin on her face.

⌈Obsidian, please feel free to go home with that dress on you.⌋

⌈Thank you Ligurila, is it okay if I just the deposit for the dress today?⌋

Both the quality and the feel of the fabric was really nice. I’m certain that I don’t have enough money to pay the whole price of the dress right now. It was embarrassing but I had no other choice so I asked her honestly.

⌈Oh, please don’t worry about it. The mage over there said he will pay for it. Isn’t that right sir?⌋

⌈….. Um! Ye, yes, of course.⌋

Nectar nodded rashly as Ligurila asked him. I noticed the eye contact between the two of them but I could not figure out the meaning behind it. The first time I introduced Ligurila to Nectar, she didn’t think well of him. I really wonder what’s happening right now.

⌈But, I feel bad for making you pay for something which isn’t yours.⌋

It’s just that I don’t have enough money at my hands right now. I’m sure there will be plenty if I cashed out most of the money which I have saved up from a job at the mercenary corporation.

⌈Obsidian, human male are creatures who can’t help it but show off how reliable they are. So, us females should just let men be men.⌋

⌈Um, I don’t really understand what you are trying to say.⌋

⌈Lava, please don’t worry about it. That was my original intention. So please let me pay for your dress.⌋

⌈Bu, but…..⌋

I could not fight back Nectar and Ligurila who seemed to have formed an alliance. So, I walked out of the shop wearing an order made dress by Ligurila, who is considered to be the ideal of all women in the capital. I still don’t know how much that dress cost.

Feeling oddly satisfied, Nectar and I went to the shop where that maid is currently working at. Still wearing my new dress, we had tea and Madeleine as we originally planned to do so.

After that maid who served us tea at the palace started working at her parent’s shop, the Madeleine’s popularity exploded. Many shops started to sell them as if they were in some sort of competition.

Still, I think the Madeleine which the maid bakes are the best. Well, that baked sweets originally didn’t have a name but after I called it so, they decided to officially call it Madeleine.

All I did was give a suggestion for its name but whenever I visit the shop, the maid always welcomes me at the front. She’s such a polite person. The tea which she brews are also delicious so I usually stop by whenever I am in town. This routine will probably continue on until the Madeleine’s taste changes.

When we left the shop, the sun was already setting over the horizon. Well, we were at the Ligurila’s and at the maid’s shop for a while. The light posts which doesn’t require any magic, the ones which Nectar invented turned on one by one along the street. However, they are only installed in the main streets, for now, leaving the back streets in darkness. Although from my perspective, I can see them as clear as a day.

⌈Lava, will you be staying over tonight?⌋

⌈Hmmm, I still haven’t finished fixing the leyline so I’ll go back home today. Soon I should be able to stay over here more often…..⌋

Nectar glanced down at me in confusion as I suddenly stopped talking. But that doesn’t matter right now.

⌈Is something wrong?⌋

⌈I heard a scream.⌋


I listened carefully if I focus enough I can hear the sound of a pin dropping 1 kilometere away. Right now, I can hear a pair of feet running and another pair chasing after it. I hate to admit it, but I guess these sort of things still happen around the town.

⌈Nectar, I’ll go ahead. Follow my magic wave.⌋

⌈Please be careful.⌋

I’m glad that the surrounding area was dark.

If I add magic to my dress… the fabric moved the way I imagined it to and I managed to let out my red, skin like feathers out without ripping the dress.

This is so useful. Thank you, Ligurila!

In the corner of my eyes, I looked over at Nectar who was pulling out his staff with a serious face. Then, I flew up and headed in the direction which I heard the scream come from. Once I reach the location, I need to find a spot where the magical cycle is most distorted.

Amongst the smell of rotting stuff and sewage, there was a slight scent of blood mixed into it. Immediately, I followed the smell. There, in an empty alleyway was a woman staggering through the darkness and a large man kneeled over her. The man had a large knife. The blood…. is coming from the woman’s arm. That’s enough information for me.

I folded my wings and shot down to the small alleyway where the two of them were on the ground. Pointing my feet downwards, lining it up nicely, I activated the spell.


Thud, bang, crash, bang, thud!!!

The man who took a direct hit from my drop kick flew away hilariously and landed in a pile of rubbish nearby. I couldn’t control the direction which the knife flew off but the woman was unharmed from the barrier I set up just before landing.

The woman who was holding her wound on her left arm gave a confused look with tears covering her face. I wanted to go over and wipe off her tears but instead, I tried to cope with the horrible odour of the area and stepped closer to the man who was covered in rubbish.

⌈For goodness sake. I just want to enjoy my day in this peaceful town but people like you are ruining it.⌋

I overheard their conversation just before.

⌈Come on, be a good girl. Otherwise, I’ll leave a scar on your face which will last forever. Though, if I do you’ll be dead by then.⌋

Then he got on his knees over the woman and was about to take off his pants. Confirmed, he is an enemy to all women.

⌈Lava, are you okay!⌋

Riding on his staff, Nectar came into the scene. One of my legs was ready to kick one of the man’s organ. For the sake of the world, a perv like him is better off without that organ. Less population will help with maintaining the magical cycle too!

⌈I’m all good. Nectar, can you take care of this lady’s wound? If I do it, I might accidentally grow another arm on her.⌋

⌈Lava, what are you trying to do?⌋

⌈Hm? For the world’s sake, I was going to get rid of an organ which a pervert doesn’t need.⌋

Taking off the barrier on the woman, Nectar helped her sit up and swiftly activated the healing magic. It was activated so smoothly, I couldn’t believe he doesn’t specialise in healing. However, Nectar suddenly became silent after hearing my statement.

After all, the morals and common sense within human society were becoming more… questionable. However, I am currently in the human territory. For Nectar’s sake, I’ll listen to his wish and spare the man’s organ.

⌈Mo, monster!!??⌋

While I was having a second thought, the perv seemed to have helped himself up. Excuse me! Right now I look like a perfectly normal human being from whatever angle you look at me from.

⌈Close, I’m actually a dragon. Is there are problem mister?⌋

In a second attempt to keep him quiet, I tried to be a little more violent. Suddenly, magic flew past me and pinned the perv up against the wall. Looking over to the direction which the magic came from, I saw Nectar standing unsteadily as he finished healing the woman, holding his staff which was made from a spiritus lingo.

I tend to forget but when Nectar looks straight ahead expressionlessly with his neatly ordered features, an immense pressure seems to come out from him. I even got a little shiver down my spine. And… um… those eyes of his don’t seem to be smiling.

⌈…. There is no need for you to filth your hands’ Lava. Not only is he a disgrace the male community but he has insulted you. It seems that he needs to be taught a lesson.⌋

Well, I would have filthed my foot but I really don’t think this is a time for a sarcastic comment. Nectar was now muttering a long spell, then he aimed the tip of the spiritus lingo staff to the lower half of the man’s body, formed complex magic and activated the spell.

⌈Um, what did you just do?⌋

⌈It’s a spell which takes a sexual pleasure away from someone. If the person under the spell tries to do anything which is considered to be sexual activity, it will automatically stop them from continuing the action. Long ago, a certain tribe has invented the spell but I did not think it will be useful a situation like this.⌋

Why they made a spell for preventing the action rather than a birth control spell is something I’d rather not know.

⌈However, there is one problem, the spell doesn’t wear out.⌋

⌈Which means…..⌋

⌈No matter how much he desires it, he will stop half-way and will be left suffering!⌋

To his overly sweet smile, I could not find the courage to tell him that this was too much. After all, I did try to do something similar. Noticing the woman trying to get up, I got on my knees next to her and asked her. I must get back to my sane state. I need to make a good impression on her.

⌈Does it hurt anywhere?⌋

⌈N, no⌋

⌈I was able to save you this time because I just happen to be walking close by. But from now on, don’t wander around after sunset, okay?⌋

⌈Yes, um…..⌋

She seemed to be gazing off into the distance. She was probably in shock from all which she went through. Out of pity, I thought of using the amnesia spell. Then I heard the ear-piercing sound of the hooter along with the footsteps of many people. Nectar who heard the hooter looked at me disappointedly. Oh well, it can’t be helped.

⌈Things will get complicated if I stay here so I’ll head back for today.⌋

⌈Understood, I will take care of everything from here onwards.⌋

Around here is the centre of mangled mass of magical cycle so these sort of things happens a lot. If it continues to appear in such a form, I think it’s bad for Nectar. But I know Nectar can’t leave the woman behind now that he has seen and heard what has happened. Maybe, my guilt showed on my face. Nectar smiled at me as if to say don’t worry about it.

⌈Don’t worry. I like how you do not turn a blind eye whenever you see someone who is in trouble.⌋

⌈I’m sorry and thank you. I had a lot of fun today, Nectar.⌋

⌈Me too Lava, please take care⌋

I gathered the wind spirits and shot up as I spread out my wings. Oh, I forgot to fold the wings back in before.

…… Hold on. So the woman was looking at my wings!! Welp this ended in failure. No wonder she looked scared. I feel really bad for making Nectar take care of everything. As I was feeling down, I heard a woman’s voice shout out from the ground.

⌈Tha, thank you for saving me!!⌋

I looked down at the ground in shock. There, I saw the woman looking up at me, standing next to Nectar. Feeling a little happy, I stopped for a moment in midair and waved at the woman. Then I activated a spell and made myself invisible. I went to the path which led out of the capital and headed back home.

Apparently, the woman went back home safely after being questioned by the brigade. Regarding to the perv who was arrested on the spot, I have no clue.

After that, Kyle heard what Nectar did through the brigade and scolded him for his action but did not tell him to remove the spell. So I guess that’s that.

Just like that, vivid, colourful days very different from my life for the past 300 years have gone by for many years.



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