Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 161

Volume 5 Chapter 10 – Dragon-san’s Truth

「When I studied on the ancient sorcery, the question I always face is “why did the ancient language and ancient sorcery that can easily be used to manipulate magic power was used as a daily language?”. How did the ancestors control what might make a big “fire” by just saying the word of magic and voiced it out? Why did they use ancient language for conversation? This is what I thought; Because at that time, there was less magical power in the air than how it is at the present.」

I took a breath as I listened to Nectar’s reasoning.

「Even so, there’s no way I can check the concentration of magic in the air five thousand years ago, the reason of the concentration of magic increased is also something I questioned. That’s why I find a conviction from the conversation with master, the most recent survey, and after reading this of this article.」

Then, Nectar took something out from the subspace.

Although what he took out was dozens of Japanese-style stitched books, the title written with the most advanced writing brush was using west continent language.

When I turned over the pages, I was surprised to see that all of the pages were written in west continent language.

When I look at the author of the book, I have a feeling that I know the name that was written with the west continent language, but…

「He is one of the sorcerers who belonged to the fourth Magic Force. He came here about a hundred years ago, and he was called as the cynical wise man in Towa country. As you know, he was known as a relatively famous person. I specially borrowed this book from the treasury.」

「I think, I remembered him…? If I’m not wrong, he is the young boy who cried in anguish when Belga and Kyle were married, right?」

I heard that after he shed his tears of regret in the wedding ceremony, he had gone out for a training journey as a sorcerer to who-knows-where.

I never thought that he will come this far though.

Even when I was surprised and Nectar made a strange face to my words, he showed me one of the old Japanese stitched books and slowly turned the pages to me.

「The cynical wise man was mainly studying the ancient people, the history of ancient magic, and the reason for its end. After researching each of the ancient ruins independently, he chose Towa as his final destination and compiled his research. The material he had collected was packed with valuable information, such as how to use ancient magic at that period of time, and the transition and development. But in the documents about the starting point of the extinction happened five thousand years ago, there is always a description of the “person who brings magic”.」

Nectar showed and pointed the entry while flipping through the book.

「The cynical wise man at first also regarded this person as an ancient sorcerer or even might be the pioneer, but there are a lot of documents that show how the ancient people really respected this man. Even for the kings of human, and the dragons, he was seen as a god-like existence. His name is “Fissel Aldebaran”, or master’s name.」

「Grandpa’s name was recorded, huh?」

「Even so, it was only written in one place, but it seems that the cynical wise man took notes on it. The person who was said to bring the sorcery are described as “The lord who was dispatched from the heaven.” It seems that the cynical wise man thought that it was a metaphor, but I thought that even if it was a metaphor or not, it means that there was an existence with ranks above the dragon. Plus, master had parted with that existence.」

To put it simply, it would be a lot of effort to read through in the middle of the maintenance of that gate, and there shouldn’t be anyone who could reach that conclusion.

But, Nectar did it.

「Therefore the emergence of the erosion is the only direct reason why the ancients disappeared, and it was reasoned that the “Lord of the Dragon” was involved. But, when I look for the descriptor descendants as a forethought, there were occasions where the ancient people would persistently disappear from time to time, which should why you were hesitant to talk to me about this, right?」

Nectar’s voice spread in the darkness.

A drip of water spilled out of my eyes, and it rolled up as a crystal.

「Even though you know that much, why didn’t you ask me about it?」

「I am your partner. I believed that you will certainly tell me, no matter what it is.」

In fact, I told him with this way. I can’t help but to jump towards Nectar who smiled gently.

「I’m so, rry. Nectar, thank you…」

「But, I have something that I have to apologize to you too…… Even though you tried to protect me, I used my written vow with Ten, and made her answer my questions. Well, thanks to that, I knew that it is also hard for me to be affected with God’s influence.」

「Don’t do something that scary…」

「I’m sorry. But, I should understand the situation to drive away your sorrow. Please forgive me.」

Nectar’s hand moved from my head to back, and while feeling the familiar relieving sensation, I shook my head.

I should be the one who have to apologize.

After I realized that I could drive away God’s interference on the sleeping sickness, I realized that maybe it would be alright to talk about this to Nectar.

It has been delayed for many days because of my fear that it might make me lose him.

With that, I even thought it would be better to choose the tempting choice that Grandpa prepared for me.

But Nectar was waiting for me. He helped me as much as he can, as if okay with whatever choice I will make.

My mind is filled with happiness, and joy.

While my tears spilling out from my eyes, I clinged on Nectar’s chest and cried.

After all, I love the best person in this world. And he also loves me back. I really like this world.

「Nectar, listen to me. Most of your deduction are not wrong.」

After a while, when my cry had settled down and I finally raised my face, Nectar sat straight and stared towards me with a sincere look

「There are other worlds besides this world. God is the one who manages the various worlds, but because he alone wasn’t enough to take care all of them, he tried to create a presence that would help him with his work. That’s why, he thought about creating a world where there the dragons would be spread in different places. Then he divided himself, and created a caretaker and an educator to come down to this world. That is grandpa, and the origin dragon, Adversa.」

I recited grandpa’s story, which I remembered from word to word.

To train the dragons, this world was made imperfect.

The dragons were born from the world’s cradle, and started to arrange this world.

By circulating the miraculous magic power and so on to make the world become a better environment, they acquired the skills needed to help the God.

As a hurdle to forge, and as an indicator of success or absence, various creatures are formed and repeat prosperity and decline.

As the hurdle training and indicator whether they still could do well or not, the God made various living things, and repeated the prosperity and decline over and over again.

「The dragons need around five thousand years to fully become an adult. After facing several repeats, some of them were departed under the God. Then, the God thought that he had enough help already, so he decided to get rid of this world.」

The problem is, he didn’t let anyone, not even grandpa, about the reason.

It seems that there was no advance notice or even a notification.

One day, half of the world suddenly fell asleep, and engulfed by the white mist.

Then, half of the world was lost in the mist.

Since the frequency of things that was arranged by the god who created this world are different, he couldn’t interfere directly to this world.

That’s why, grandpa said that he would have sent in a mechanism to break it.

Nectar’s face was twisted in indignation.

「That is… very selfish.」

「I also think so. But, Grandpa, Adversa, and some of the dragons didn’t want to lose this world, because they loved this world. That’s why, they decided to part from the God.」

Grandpa is the authorized caretaker that could cut off God’s intervention, so the crisis for the time being has gone.

However, the erosion that God scattered was still left in the world.

「The erosion created to extinguish the existence of this world has become a riot that destroys everything by breaking the connection with God. And neither the sorcery and magic in this world could work to repel it. It was even worse for the dragons that were susceptible to God’s interference, so the primordial dragon, created by the direct division of God’s power, sealed itself and went to sleep.」

Actually, Grandpa and Adversa were going to share the burden together.

However, Adversa did everything single handedly without hearing anyone who told it to stop. He said that he should do it, since he was the first one to say that he want to save this world.

Concerning the result, it would have been correct because it had to watch over the world that has been abandoned by the God.

What grandpa really regretted is something I knew I would take in my hand soon.

When I was remembering grandpa’s face when he talked about it, Nectar turned pale.

「Then, won’t it be too dangerous for you? You might be affected by the God’s interference!」

Ah, that’s right. With my explanation just now, it would sound like that, huh?

I held Nectar’s hand who seemed to be overwhelmed, and start to think about how should explain it.

「It’s because grandpa was not my grandfather, but my father.」


I felt that Nectar’s back-channeling was somewhat strange, but I wanted to make him feel relieved, so I desperately put together my explanation.

「Grandpa regrets making Adversa took all of the burden, and he was thinking that he might eventually have to renew the seal, but when he’s gone, there will be no one that will watch over the safety of the world. Since there is no one who can seal it in case of emergency, so he thought of summoning the soul from another world, and created the・dragon・that・was・born・for・the・sake・of・this・world. That is me.」

Grandpa, who lost most of his power to break off the God’s interference, became a spirit, but he still retained his authority as a caretaker.

That’s why, Grandpa masters the magic power using the tremendously long time around four thousand years, and called the soul from another world who won’t be affected with the God’s interference, then moved the soul into the body of the dragon that remained in the world. You can say that the dragon become me.

……The voice of the god that I heard when I was born was grandpa’s. Because it would be easy to receive God’s interference automatically when he put the knowledge about the original dragon, grandpa did that to make the result of the disturbance.

Even though I explained and revealed everything to him, there were a lot of parts that made me go ‘uwahhh’ or ‘heee’, though.

Anyway, as a result of grandpa’s tremendous effort, I was born here.

Honestly, there are also some parts that make me feel happy.

「That’s why me and Aru, who was born from me, won’t be interfered by the God even if we knew that the God exists. It’s alright for us… what happened, Nectar?」

For some reason, Nectar’s face froze, and he was making a dreadful face.

He seemed like he didn’t know whether to be happy or angry.

「No, I just don’t know how should I accept the fact that master is actually my father-in-law.」

「Ah, I see. You can say that it is like that, eh?」

But, I feel like everything won’t really change that much.

While thinking so, I said what I should say to Nectar who still made a face as if don’t know how to accept this revelation.

「Anyway, I came from a different world, but I wasn’t forced by Grandpa, and I felt like I was definitely dead on the other side, so don’t worry. And then, I’m also sorry for not saying anything until now.」

「I don’t mind at all. Since I met with Lava, or the incantation of night born from the lava, who has that kind of past. I should be the one to thank you for opening your heart to me.」

In a flash, I feel warmth inside my heart.

As I thought, maybe I felt a little nervous.

「……Anyhow, now I have to hit someone, huh?」

「Eh, hi-」


I heard a terribly disturbing words, but Nectar forcefully put back the subject into the main focus.

「So, the original erosion, the death sleep, was spreading, and Adversa’s seal was being tampered, right?」

「God may be interfering with Adversa again. That’s why, grandpa was thinking about moving the erosion to himself and seal it completely this time, to delete the primordial dragon for breaking off the God’s interference. I was then asked to help sealing grandpa.」

There was a clear wrinkle on Nectar’s face, but I continued.

「But, I actually think that I shouldn’t do it. I wonder if I have to make it up at the expense of one of my important person. I wonder if everyone has the option to be happy. There is only a little time, but I want to find the way with you.」

When I tightened the grip in hand, Nectar’s fingers tangled to mine, and he gripped my hand back.

「Maybe, as the representative of this world, I should apologize to you.」


I was told something unexpected and I blinked. Nectar’s face was full of apology yet with unhidden joy, and he let his feelings showed.

「But I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the miracle that made you came to this world, no matter what the circumstances wete or whatever you think it as.」

My cheeks became hot. My heart was feeling exaltation due to my excitement.

Ever since I came to this world and became a dragon, I have never felt alienation.

But when I was blessed on like this, the joy appears from the bottom of my heart

「In this life, I become a dragon. And I met Nectar. I’m really glad.」

A rose that passed along the cheek from the pale blue eyes was lit by the moonlight.

Nectar’s light blue eyes was filled with determination.

「Let’s find it. Definitely.」

「Un. Let’s find it.」

Both of our face became closer like it’s natural.

His lips that fell on mine are soft. I felt that my whole body was full of overflowing power.

Of course it’s not physically, and there are some things that haven’t been solved yet

However, just because my most loved and important person become my ally, I feel like my world and the field of my vision are expanding, and I can do anything now.

「……Lava, can I ask you one more thing?」

After we parted our lips, I was feeling unwilling to part with him and stick on him. Suddenly, Nectar asked me something.

「Nn, what?」

「Err, if you remembered that you died, then do you have your memories from your previous life?」

Looking at Nectar who was being reserved, I unconsciously laughed.

Well, I’m over 500 years old, so I don’t care about it much anymore, but he actually thought it is a delicate issue, eh?

「You can say it like that. I used to be a female college student in my previous life. It was lonely, though.」

「Female college student……?」

「Err, I was a student. I was living in a country where even kids from normal family could study until around twenty two or three years old.」

「You mean, you used to me a human!?」

Nectar’s face became astonished as he grabbed my shoulders, and I blinked my eyes. I try to reflect on what I had said until now.

Now that I think about it, I never said that I was a human, huh?

Also, Nectar’s expression looks like he was full of curiosity, though?

「Can you tell me the place in detail?」

「N-No, Nectar, what’s more important is what’s going to happen from now on, so……」

「Just a little is okay, too! First, tell me about the environment when you grew up――」

Ah, this is bad. I was rash.

Even when Nectar’s expression was brightening up and blazing while approaching my face, I finally felt relieved after a long time.

Just a little, okay?



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