Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 162

Volume 5 Chapter 11 – Dragon-san and Her Spouse’s Anger

I was stunned while watching grandpa suddenly got blown off in front of me.

Nectar is the one who swung his fist to him with a grim face.

This place was grandpa’s sorcery workshop, located inside the local god forest behind the branch shrine.

Because grandpa need a strong and stable place to make the seal, he built the workshop in the corner of the with Ten’s keystone, since it will be the most suitable too.

And then, Nectar was shooting me with a barrage of questions until nearly dawn, making me feel somewhat exhausted. But, we decided to go straight to grandpa’s location before Aru wakes up.

Uhaha, I also said that it will be bad if I talked about those things to Nectar, but now it was really obvious……

Since we are going to have a serious talk, I have to brace myself more, or that’s what I thought when we had passed through the barriers, but…

As soon as we saw grandpa’s face, Nectar made a fist and punched him with all of his strength.


Without any time to stop him, I stared at Nectar in confusion, and he only breathed a deep sigh.

「Since you didn’t avoid my punch, then I can interpret that as you’re having a sense of guilt as well, right?」

That’s right, I saw the scene with my dragon eye perfectly. Grandpa didn’t avoid Nectar’s fist even though he already saw it coming.

「You’re really not going easy on me. Can’t you be kinder with older person?」

Grandpa rubbed his cheeks that looks painful and got up from the ground, but Nectar only snorted at him.

「I didn’t even use any sorcery. It was only a plain punch with physical strengthening. Please think that it’s good enough for you, Ficell Aldebaran.」

No, even with only physical strengtening, you could smash a rock into pieces in a hit…

Also, when I was surprised that Nectar called grandpa’s name, grandpa breathed a deep sigh.

「……As I thought, you heard everything from Black Dragon, right?」

Instead of answering grandpa’s question, Nectar continued to speak with a low voice, as if he was surpressing his violent emotion.

「What you have done is brutal. No matter how urgent the situation is, for you to try involve the soul from another world in a mistreated manner and made them deal with the problem is something that shouldn’t be pardoned.」

「I never think that I will be forgiven. After all, everything is just my ego.」


Nectar interupted grandpa’s words with loud and negating tone, and pierced straight through grandpa with his light blue eyes.

「But, I won’t be able to meet Lava if you didn’t summon her to this world. I would never be saved in my whole life too. I will thank you just for that.」

Ah, I see. I finally realized that Nectar was angry for me now.

Even I will be angry with all my strength if I know that my important person was kind of being abducted from their original place.

But, even when Nectar said that he won’t forgive grandpa, he also thanked him. After all, both of the matters couldn’t be judged equally.

I was surprised when Nectar punched grandpa, but I was sure that he will put a stop on his anger.

To be honest, I didn’t have any ill feelings anymore thanks to that, but when I thought that it would be nice to be angry with Grandpa, I felt somewhat clear-headed.

Yosh, let’s tell him some complaints later.

As I made up my mind, I spoke to grandpa who had his eyes closed.

「I think that the methods grandpa said is certainly safer and more reliable. But, both of the origin dragon and grandpa are the one who think about this world the most. I don’t want to put both of you at disadvantages.」

「I don’t mind. Black dragon. Since this is what we started, we will solve it.」

Facing grandpa’s unconcerned and obstinate attitude, I suddenly thought that, ah, I also want to hit him.

However, we won’t be able to talk if I hit him now, so I approached Grandpa who was still crouching down, and I hugged him with my arms.


Nectar made a surprised voice behind me, but I ignored it and tightened my arms.

「More than anything, I hate to lose my important family, Dad.」

I felt the body in my arms was shaking, and I slowly spoke the words I wanted to say to him.

「Since everyone was born to protect something, it brought sorrow to them. So I want to cut those chains. I want to find a way for everyone to be rewarded.」

There was a gasp close to my ears.

His hand slowly slipped on my back once, then it moved to my shoulder and released my hug gently.

Grandpa who was very close with me made a strained laugh, as if troubled.

「The disciple made such a dreadful face, so you should release me.」

When I turned around, Nectar was trembling all over with anger, looking as if he wanted to grab me.


「Nectar. You don’t have to make such face, though.」

「This and that are totally different matter!」

But since he didn’t try to pull me immediately, so it might be pretty good.

Nevertheless, grandpa who was astounded stroked my head.

「……There are a lot of times when I thought that it would be good if there was a god like the one in human’s legend. With that, I won’t have to involve you.」

I quickly cut grandpa’s words who narrowed his deep green eyes, as if he was feeling pain.

「I am happy that I come to this world.」

For a lonely human like me to turn into a lonely dragon with eternal life made me felt downhearted, and there was a lot of hardships too.

But I could make a lot of friends that I wished for, and I also have my important people too now.

That’s why, please don’t apologize to me.

When I stared at grandpa with such feelings, he slowly closed his deep green eyes.

As if he was enduring and swallowing something.

「I was a mere watcher. I was here as the God’s established providence, to make everything went around without a hitch. After some time passed, I became attached to this world which should have been a mere container. In the end, I noticed that I don’t want this world to be destroyed.」

Grandpa took a deep sigh.

Then, he moved his gaze to me.

「The notion that the best method is by making myself the pillar remains unchanged. That’s because our circumstances was an emergency.」

I pursed my lips.

That’s right. The time will still go on as Lute resealed Adversa.

But, God’s interference to Adversa was certainly happening.


Nectar’s voice sounded threatening, but grandpa only continue to speak slowly as if giving up.

「But, it will take a few days to adjust the seal from the start. Until then, I won’t stop whatever both of you are trying to do.」

Grandpa who decided and tried to do everything by himself, finally compromised for the first time.

「If you can’t find it, I will still be getting your help like the schedule, okay?」

「I got it.」

Since the time we can use was already not much from the start, it was reasonable.

After I nodded and stood up, Nectar monopolized me back.

Then, even while he was holding me with a look full of threatening, he took out his notebook and pen with relatively skillfull move.

「First of all, please tell me everythjng about the sealing structure of the darkness seal, the original erosion nature, and the God’s nature too.」

「Even at this kind of times, you didn’t change at all, eh!」

Grandpa’s shocked voice reverberated through the room, but Nectar disregarded him and looked at me.

「The time is limited. Since you will have to do various things at the same time, you also need to know the about the current state of the seal.」

「Yes, I think it would be faster to directly go and see the condition.」

If we were going to do something with the seal of Adversa, the matter with Lute couldn’t be avoided.

Above all, I wanted to talk with Lute myself.

I determined my goal while being held by Nectar, then I realized that the sun was already rising.

The air of the forest at the sunrise was refreshing.

「It’s about the time for Aru to wake up.」

「Then, how about Lava go back first? I think this will take a little time!」

「Eh, but I’m going to adjust the seal, so……」

「Since this is world’s crisis, let’s work together from now on.」

Grandpa twisted his face towards Nectar who was filled with a strong sense of duty and full of curiosity.

Fuhaha, he should taste the hardship I had tasted yesterday!

「Then, I will look for Belga.」

Nectar seemed like he understood what I was going to do and he tightened his face, and nodded.

Perhaps it would be better to have the spirit Nectar talk to Belga, but Belga is also my friend. I wanted to let her know without juggling around.

「But then, when you are going to meet Lute, I have to accompany you there.」

「All right.」

Even though it was a surprise attack, I was abducted by Lute, so it would be natural for Nectar to be reminded about that.

He actually also saved me, since I actually felt a little scared.

After I meekly nodded, Nectar’s expression eased.

「Then, let’s do this together.」

「Yeah, let’s do our best together!」

Filled with determination, I dashed to the forest, going to where the sunrise came.


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