Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 163

Volume 5 Chapter 12 – The Gun Spirit Faces Her Past

A loud noise resounded, and Belga slowly raised her face that she buried in her knees.

The city is surrounded with the darkness of the night, but there are a lot of flashy lights and loud voices that are heard from a distance. They brought out the distinctive character of a festival up above the tree in the enchanting forest, where Belga was sitting down.

Speaking of which, that guy told her that today there was a festival performance today.

While Belga was thinking so, she unconsciously confirmed the limbs that were in the standby status.

There was no problem with the filling of magic, and the limbs move freely.

The crucial main body itself is—……

Belga turned the magic into three handguns and released them.

She aimed overhead, behind, and one beat delayed to the front.

Belga’s other body, who moved as she wants, faithfully shot the bullets.

The bullets of the magical powers that she fired in a row were repelled by a large man who was standing under her feet.

Since she already predicted it, Belga conjured a rifle with a longer handle, and prepared to make another strike…….


The man was the first to raised his voice surprise, but he avoided the sword attached to the muzzle.

Belga rummaged into her almost-empty handbag and reached out to her inner pocket in her body.

Even so.

The male figure disappeared at the same time as when the sound of the bursting purple lighting resounded.

In the moment, Belga’s arm was held as she faced the night sky.

When she realized that she was defeated, she was rolling on the ground with a light crash.

「You really surprised me there, it was a bit dangerous.」


Belga who failed to recapture her body this time too scowled at Kyle, a man who peered nonchalantly.

Belga was making derangement to let her companion escape, then this man made her lost consciousness. When she woke up, her body was already snatched away.

Since spirits can’t be separated from the main body by a certain distance, the physically constrained Belga couldn’t go back to Lute.

Even though she was having convulsion to return to her body, Belga has been materializing ever since she had been captured that day.

Since this familiar body was not troublesome, it could be said as a blessing in disguise.

Belga knew that this man was taking care of her.

She can feel the spiritual connection which extends from the main body.

But despite of the restrictions, they did nothing to Belga.

He was just happy to have her at his side, and Belga couldn’t understand his compassionate look pointed towards her.

Belga is a spirit that has been awakened by Lute. There’s no way that she have a past.

However, starting from a dragon with the appearance of a woman with a red tuft in her black hair, her fellow friends also take on a friendly attitude towards her.

The most mysterious person was this demon named Kyle Sluggard.

Even though he could easily restrained Belga as much as he likes since he was holding on her main body, he didn’t stop her repeated tries to get back her own body at all.

On the contrary, there were occasions when he seemed like it was interesting to look at Belga’s rebelling attitude, and she felt unpleasant when she knew about that.

The other party like the other golden sand-colored demon didn’t pick a fight, and she was just left unregulated on his side

Furthermore, it was very annoying to have him treated her as if she was a child, and she was baffled with her own feelings.

「Anyway, have you feel at ease? If so, accompany me then.」

Since she couldn’t understand no matter how much she thought about it, Belga reached out to the big hand that was presented towards her and stood up.

She was upset as usual.

Even when Belga put all of her weight to harass him, he still lifted her with only one hand, making her felt awkward.

When Belga stood up, Kyle seemed terribly surprised to the point that his brown eyes had opened up. Belga looked at him suspiciously.

「What is it?」

「No, you just hold on my hand properly, so…」

With that, Belga remembered that she had been ignoring this man’s offered hand.

She quickly took back her hand, but her cheeks quickly became hot with shame and confusion.

Above all, she was terribly worried with the man who looked happy.

「I’m just doing it by chance…. Then, where should I accompany you? Are you going to exterminate demons again?」

Over the past few days, this man has been going on an expedition to defeat the demons in the surrounding area.

Since Belga could not leave him, she inevitably accompanied him as well.

Kyle just followed obediently with Belga’s sudden topic change.

But the direction of the conversation was too weird for Belga.

「No, let’s go visit a festival.」


Belga seriously wondered, what the hell is this guy saying now.

Below the light illumination, there was the hustle and bustle that felt like another world that she saw faraway.

There were many shops and stores on the side of the road, and the burning smell of various food is mixing with the air. The road was crowded with people who were passing all the way.

In any case, Belga was afraid that they won’t be able to go to the direction they wanted to go, but since Kyle has a better physique compared to the beastman, he could avert the crowd. Belga only need to follow his back.

However, although all the passing people stared at him with an astonished face for a moment, they are not particularly interested even if Kyle was dressed in clothes that clearly showed that they are not from Towa.

It was the same with Belga, and for her who felt that it would be bothersome to draw more attention than necessary, this was really fortunate. But she thought it was strange.

「Lily-dono teached me the illusion of cognitive impairment that even the jack-of-all-trades me can do it. It is really useful.」

Lily-dono. Having realized that it was a demon who had suddenly attacked Belga a few days ago, Belga felt very annoyed.

But at the same time, Belga remembered that this man had covered her with all of his strength, and her heart bounced unnaturally.

Ever since that day, she felt that she became more and more weird.

Her sense of preoccupation continued to overlap, and every time she looked up at his back, she was filled with confusion with the feeling of frustration.

Even though she shouldn’t have known him. Yet, blue, red and white military uniforms flickered in her eyes.

Moreover, she felt very annoyed when this guy talked in a pleasant way about that demon.

「Are you familiar with that demon?」

「If being familiar after picking a fight every time we meet is considered familiar, then it might be right.」

Belga wrinkled her eyebrows as she couldn’t understand why her heart felt relieved only with those casual words.

「Ahh, but no matter how much Lily-dono invites you to stay together with her, don’t do it. She will just pick a fight with you happily.」

「As long as you didn’t approach her, I won’t meet her by choice.」

When I replied to this man who said so seriously, he asked me another questions while looking around at the surroundings.

「Hey, Belga. Do you have something you want to eat, or anything you want to do?」

「I don’t have to eat, so I don’t think I want to eat anything. Also, what’s with you ever since just now? It’s making me uncomfortable.」

It’s as if he came to the festival for Belga.

The man seemed a little disappointed, and he continued to walk while stretching his cheek awkwardly.

「Well, before, I was too busy to take you to this kind of place. This is something like an atonement.」

Atonement. Belga felt pain in her heart again.

Even if that was not a big deal, and she didn’t even mind, this people remembered it.

Even when they first met the first labyrinth, this man called Belga’s name without hesitation.

Rather than trying to kill her, he tried to protect her.

The ‘why’ questions are swelling inside her head.

There is only the current Belga. She didn’t have any past.

Even she was aware of it. Everyone here didn’t have the intention of hurting her.

That golden sand and purple demons, and even the dragon that was supposed to be evil, welcomed her with kind words.

Above all, this guy named Kyle, has a meaningful gaze every time he looked at me.

Maybe, maybe…


The man looked back towards me while I squeezed out the words.

When I looked up, there is a huge man with dark brown hair and eyes of the same color.

Why does her heart feels almost full just by looking at him?

「Do you know me?」

When she finally managed to asked those questions, the man only made a strained laugh, as if troubled.

「Frankly, I don’t really know too.」


Getting those unexpected response, Belga stood still involuntarily.

She didn’t understand how can he said that he didn’t know even with that much insinuated speech and behaviour.

Belga who became very angry wanted to pour on vilification, but Kyle hold on his bosom.

That should be where Belga’s body is stored.

「But, it is definitely me who made this magic gun. And, I gave it to my important person.」

As Belga bulged her eyes when heard those things for the first time, Kyle continued his words as if yearning for someone.

「Even when I said that I’m going to remake a new one, she won’t hear me and said that this is already enough. That person repaired, remodeled and toon care of it.」

「Who is that?」

「It’s my wife.」

It felt like, he was saying that it was Belga.

His expression was soft, mixed with a bit loneliness, and Belga felt like her chest was being squeezed.

She couldn’t believe it. And she felt that, why she couldn’t remember anything?

She wanted to catch up with anything he do. She wanted to help him in any way.

That was the impulse she felt when she got this body.

That’s why when he asked me to be his friend, I thought that I wanted to live for Lute.

But, are those feelings are really for him?

It might be something from a long time ago, by the previous Belga.

She didn’t understand. She really didn’t.

I do not understand, I do not understand.

Even though she felt that it would be enough to just be useful to Lute, but…

Belga bite on her lips tightly, and she looked up at the demon named Kyle Sluggard in front of her.

She wanted to know more about this person.

Belga tried to raise her voice towards him, but she didn’t know what to say. She then turned around.

「I’m going home.」

「I see.」

Even with her sudden behaviour, Kyle walked next to Belga, and she squeezed his face.

With that, he put his big hand on her head, and stirred her hair just like that.

She immediately shook his hand off, but her hair had been disordered.

「!? What are you doing…!?」

Belga protested with her face that became red willfully again, and Kyle only gave her a broad smile full of joy.

「Thank you, Belga.」

Instead of asking for an answer, Belga walked behind his back just like that, and stared at him while forgetting to fix her own hair.

She knew this feeling.

There was a person that made her she felt frustrated when they treat her like a child, and she desperately wanted to catch up.

Even though he didn’t have any reason to thank her, since Belga only showed some interest, yet…

Since he treated her as an important person, he would want her to remember even more. Even though he was such a skillful person, that part of him was really clumsy.

Belga was filled with the sensation of putting up with him, and she wanted to be equal with this man with her own willpower.

「What a stupid guy.」

「I know that I am. Then, let’s have a meal in our room.」

Even when her abusive language was replied lightly, Belga continued to walk next to Kyle.

The next morning, Belga woke up from her standby state after detecting a biological reaction different from Kyle’s.

This characteristic sign is that black dragon’s.

When that woman came to see her once, Belga turned her down in hostility and she didn’t approach her that close again since that, but it seemed like she visited here herself.

As Belga listened to their conversation, the black dragon was talking to Kyle seriously.

「……I thought it was somewhat suspicious, but to think that there is something like that behind the scene…」

Kyle’s abstinence voice was followed by the voice of the black dragon.

「I shouldn’t say this to you since this might put you in an even bigger risk. Burt I need many people wisdom. I hope you can lend me your power.」

「Of course. Since the world may end because of this. I had thought that it would be a big deal since a long time ago, but as the person that experienced the previous magical disaster, I am appalled.」

「Thank you.」

The black dragon sighed in relief, and she continued.

「I want to save not only Grandpa, but also Adversa. So I want to know what Lute really thinks. I want to go and see him. Not to fight, but I want to talk.」

With the mention of Lute, Belga stiffened.

That woman wanted to talk to him.

And she wanted to save the origin dragon whose Lute cared for more than anything else.

Lute spitted out that, “The dragon has abandoned the origin dragon.”

That’s why Adversa was locked up like that, and no one tried to help it.

But, maybe there are some misunderstandings?

「Then, did you come here to talk to Belga?」

「She should know his whereabouts and hometown. I thought that maybe I could get some help about that.」

「I understand. This might be selfish, but please don’t pressure Belga to do it by force. She look at Lute as a god. She might feel burdened even if you only talk about him.」

Belga felt like she had been saved by Kyle, who finished saying those decisively.

Is it okay for her to trust them? Is it okay for her to have a hope?

Even if she know that he had hidden something from her, she couldn’t hate Lute.

Is it okay for her to say that she wanted their help?

「All right.」

「Then, I will try to talk with her first.」

「Un, then I will go first.」

Belga stepped into the conversation, releasing all the signs that she wanted to kill everyone.

Sure enough, a man with dark brown hair and a woman with dark hair mixed with red tufts are looking at her with rounded golden eyes.

「Belga, were you hearing us?」

「You want to go to Lute’s place?」

Instead of answering to Kyle who was half-raising to his feet, Belga stared at them. The black dragon tightened her face and nodded.

「I want to go. I also want to save the important people that Lute wanted to save.」

Belga took a breath after looking at her straight golden eyes.

He might get angry at her. He might say that this is none of her business. But…

Belga stared at the man with dark brown eyes.

「All right.」

She would like to know what this person will do for Lute.

As soon as she gave her consent, the two people’s eyes bulged so much, but Belga only felt great satisfaction inside her chest.


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