Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 166

Volume 5 Chapter 15 – Dragon-san’s Ending of the Beginning

From the white mist that spouted suddenly, distress and sorrow overflowed.

Along with the sound of thunder, the remains of the techniques on surface of the water started to glow, and began to flash violently.

The seal was obviously about to be torn, but why now? Did I became the stimulus?

「Why! I just re-sealed it…!」

As Lute’s raised his voice in shock, he grabbed the stringed instrument beside him and played the string.

When his pale eyes swayed in golden color, there were abundant magic power overflowing from Lute.

『To smile to the darkness, to dream of compassion. May you will forever, have a peaceful sleep… Ugh!?』

It was probably a song technique for the seal reinforcement, but Lute could finish the song, his song was overwhelmed by the wave of magic and wiped out.

The white erosion rushed on towards Lutw who fell down.

I pulled the petrified him with all my strength, and at the same time, Belga fired a bullet towards the erosion.

The erosion that was shot turned into grayish and vanished, but they started to overflow in rapid succession.

I felt unsteady on my feet, but we ran away full of fear.

For a moment, the option to burn it passed through my head, but if I did it, we will blast away the seal that hold it out in the last minute.

Anyway, why was the erosion targeting me now though!?

The thing that stopped the erosion from coming towards me was something thin that might be beast or inorganic substance.

After the erosion swallowed something that was neither looked somewhat like painting nor strange creatures, it turned into gray and vanished.

「Come here!」

The person who screamed loudly was Palette, and she was holding a paintbrush.

What screamed loud enough to hear for the first time was the palette with a paint brush.

As she drew some beasts into the void one after another, she made a way out as she kept firing this way.

I can only retreat with all of my powers this time, but when I pulled Lute’s arm to run, he resisted.

「Cough! I have to… re-seal…」

「This sealing ceremony has already failed. As long as you can’t build the technique from the scratch, we should retreat to get back on our feet!」

「That’s right!」

Nectar roared at Lute who started to have a painful coughing fit after facing the erosion.

I aimed at him when he flinched, and carried him like a sack.

Since he had the same size as Nectar, I believed I could carry him!

「What are you doing!?」

「Isn’t this because you won’t hear what we say!? You’re an important ally! Just be obedient!」

Since Lute kept protesting and moved his body from my hold, it was difficult for me to see the front side, but I could manage somehow.

Don’t look down on dragon’s leg strength! I quickly went to Palette and Bastard’s position all at once.

When I glanced to the side, Berga and Nectar who was holding Aru were also running.

In the meantime, the erosion kept rising like a cloud silently, gradually covering up my view. It started to erode the darkness seal that Lute and Palette had affixed.

Moreover, the previous doorway had disappeared, and it became a different space with no end. My sense was also completely disconnected from the mansion.

I felt the horrible feeling that gripped my chest down again.

I really didn’t like having these strange feelings filling my mind, but for now I have to find a way to escape.

「Hey Lute, are there any evacuation route from here…?」

「None! The guardian in the doorway and the secret path to the mansion I made are completely closed! I can’t connect using Leyline too! The magical power is also self-supporting now! The darkness seal has been captured…」

As I thought. To block a dragon, even I could do that much!

Even his reply was hopeless. Because the erosion caused corrosion to the place, the magic power started to become thinner.

Palette wielded a large paint brush to the erosion that rushed on us more and more, and the color that spreads vividly from the tip of the brush became a wall to prevent corrosion.

The reason why her eyes were golden may be because she was spirited using dragon’s power.

While thinking so, the whole space screaked, and the sealing technique let out a shrill scream.

When I moved my gaze to the floor, the dragon approached us again, its feet were making a big ripple in the water.

The dragon could stand on the water surface without doing anything because this water itself is the magic of the seal itself.

However, it was a matter of time that the seal and the defense wall will also collapse soon.

Nectar made a stern face, and spoke.

「Even if I make a hole in another space, it will take time with this kind of space stability. Can you fight against the regenerative ability of this technique until then?」

What Nectar said is true!

To connect to the real world, we will have to move from other space as long as it’s not here! There are no other way!

「Dragon, can you evacuate everyone safely if we were connected with the outside of this space?」

When I was thinking of a solution with all my power while continuing to run, Bastard who was running in the same way with me suddenly asked.

The talented man who blew off Ligurilla with surprise attack had a serious expression. He didn’t look as if he was joking, but only asking for confirmation.

I didn’t know what did he want to do, but I nodded without hesitation.

「I can!」


Although Lute, who I still carry, tried to protest in the uncomfortable posture, Bastard made something that looked like a smile for the first time silently.

「Lute, I have regret, hatred and despair haunting me, yet I was saved at the end when I was picked up by you. Finally, I can wield the sword to bring a new hope for everyone.」

「You can’t!」


Lute escaped from my hold and tried to rush over to Bastard, but he pulled out the great sword from his back.

「I was beaten by the blood of hatred and revenge, and with true name, “Orius”, you will witness my firm beheading blow now and here!」

Bastard’s whole body start to overflow with magical power, and it moved to the sword… No, it became integrated into his body.

The boost caused the muscles in his whole body to swell, and even though the process was unhurried, it was filled with ferocious madness.


At the moment when the magic was kneaded up to his limit, he swung his sword in a big strong blow.

It should have been a slashing attack that had been embodied with his magic.

The blow that ran without damaging any of the techniques spread in space made a big crack ahead of us.

However, the ability to regenerate became slow due to the technique. And I could also perceive the outside of this space now!

When I looked at the bottom of the water, Adversa’s eyes were already half-opened, and it was about to raise to the water surface. There is no time for any hesitation.

「We will move now! Hold my hand!」

There is a risk that the technique deployment will take the surrounding erosion in this area. When I screamed to determine the range strictly, Aru hugged me and Nectar held my hand.

Berga who had been holding the erosion back ran up towards me and changed back into magic gun. Aru quickly took her.


However, when Aru stared at Bastard while screaming, he only smiled with satisfaction, and his human figure became a particle of light and scattered away.

I immediately realized that the blow just now had used his whole body and soul.

When the extravagant sword fell to the ground, Lute held it on hair’s breadth. Palette grabbed Lute’s clothes hurriedly, and reached out her hand to me.

I reached out towards that hand with all of my strength.

On the verge of the closing crack, I watched the surface of the water rise, then I activated the technique and left the place.

As soon as the light of the magic transition faded, I was warped in the nostalgic scent of my home.

This place is the transition room I made in my home at Hibernia.

This place was a little special, so it would only response to the magic power of a very small number of my acquaintances that had been registered in advance.

Only people like Ligurilla and Kyle could do transition to this place.

Without any time to settle down when we reached my home that I hadn’t visited for a few weeks, I took a deep breath and felt my heart pounding this time.

At that time, I was desperately trying to put my nervousness on hold, but now the pressure I felt from that dragon was so overwhelming that I was shaking.

I thought that everything won’t be that different because he was a dragon, but the aura that I felt from that dragon had been different from what I faced until now.

It was really different from grandpa’s imagination, though.

As I sat down in the transition room and couldn’t even move, Nectar’s expression tightened, and he started the conversation.

「Is that the origin dragon, Adversa?」

Ah, that’s right. Can we call his name now since he won’t be stimulated to wake up anymore? I realized that kind of out-of-place detail suddenly.

「He talked to us, right? He said that he found mommy.」

「Yeah, I wonder why he said that to Lava he had just met on the first time?」

After hearing Aru and Nectar’s conversation, I feel somewhat relieved after knowing that I was not the only one who heard that voice.

I mean, there were a lot of times where I was the only one related to the erosion.

「Was that Adversa’s voice?」

「That’s wrong.」

Lute echoed a strong denial at Aru’s question.

Lute was holding a sword that used to be Bastard’s, but his eyes haven’t lost its power.

「That is not Adversa. It was really his body, but he was completely a different person.」

「……Yeah, I think so too.」

Palette also showed her agreement, and the emotions in Lute’s face were filled with… intense anger.

「That’s right, the Adversa I knew is not someone with childish voice like that. His voice was more mature and kind when he talked me!」

「Is that… so?」

「That’s right! That’s why even if he is Adversa, he is not Adversa! I will surely return him back…!」

Lute stood up as if wanted to encourage himself, and pulled back a little while still angrily shouted.

Maybe, Lute is a vector similar to Nectar?

But since the two people who knew Adversa said so, the person from before shouldn’t be the real him.

It means….

「It means that the God’s erosion was faster than what we expected, and the dragon was already taken over, right?」

I nodded at Nectar’s conclusion.

The worst possibility you can think of will be the most likely conclusion.

It should be safe to assume that the darkness seal was released soon after we had evacuated.

The other party was quicker than our expectation, and no one could make it in time.

It was hard to accept the reality, but I could immerse myself in regret later. The first step I should do was to understand the current situation.

I slapped my cheeks, and stood up.

「Nectar, please contact grandpa and talk about what had happened right now. If it’s possible, please try to see if the space transition can be connected. I will discuss this matter with the dragons as soon as possible.」

「I got it.」

When Nectar nodded, Lute stood up in anger.

「I will look at the condition of the mansion. Since I could left forcefully, it should be safe.」

Lute spoke while glancing at Belga and Palette, and continued.

「I’ll be putting them in contact. Since I am a spirit, I can’t lie. But we’re only fighting together until I get Adversa back, okay!」

「I understand, thank you.」

When I said my thanks to him, he snorted in a huff, and disappeared.

「Then, Berga-san and Palette-san, let’s go to the living room.」

I also moved to the living room with the two spirits who were guided by Aru.

In the meantime, I tried to access the Dragon Network to contact the dragons that were supposed to be scattered all over the world.


「What happened?」

Astonishingly confusing, Berga responded with an upset face, with a seemingly confusing face.

「I was removed from the Dragon Network.」


「Aru, don’t try it!」

I stop Aru who were about to try accessing it, and I tried to think hurriedly.

Just before connecting to the network, I felt a magical power like a rock, and it repulsed me with an impact.

That was a sign by the seniors, an one-time limit ceremony.

I used the word “removed,” but I felt that they were trying to warn and advice me. They were leaving me out of this to protect us.

I was filled with unpleasant uneasiness.

「Aru, for now don’t connect to the Dragon Network until I say you can. I will go to El-kun’s place.」

「I will also go!」

Since there was Vass-senpai other self beside Elvy, he should understand the situation more.

I brought along the uneasy Aru, and I took them back to the transition room to leave a word to Nectar.

But before I could do that, Nectar who who changed his facial expression ran into the living room.

「Every part of Towa region has been corroded away, the urban functions have been cut off, and patients who show symptoms of sleep disease continue to appear without any damage range affirmation!」


「Master said that the end of the world has begun.」

I was stunned by Nectar’s words, whose face was white like paper.


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