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Volume 5 Chapter 16: Dragon-san Is Not Giving Up


When I returned to the teleportation chamber, I heard Gramps’s voice, and it has never sounded so distressed and regretful.

“I miscalculated. It managed to reach this deep so fast, so I think that God is going to interfere with Adversa.”

Judging from the serious look on his face and the tone of his voice, I knew that Nectar was probably correct.

“Can you tell me more about the situation?”

Nectar asked, and then Gramps turned towards us.

“Find the suitable leyline, Black Dragon.”

As he said that, I did just that and explored the surrounding in search of the most suitable leyline.

The leyline which I was usually using had little magic in them, but it should be no problem here. After all, Signos Plains had a whole bunch of them.

The country of Ballow surely wasn’t changing all that much…… Eh?

「」Leylines are all gone!」

I said that while I was trying to search outside of Ballow. Nectar and Aru did the exact same thing.

And just like me, they were unable to feel any leylines that should be there.

Outside of Ballow, as the land continued to disappear, so did the flow of magic.

Gramps only nodded his head in silence, probably expecting something like that to happen.

“I knew it. I could feel the land slowly disappearing, same with parts of Towa, as well as the sea surrounding it. It all originates on the other side of the deep sea, where the seal was originally placed. Perhaps because of Adversa’s influence over the Dragon Network, all of the dragons ceased to function one by one.”

That would explain why I couldn’t contact Vass-senpai no matter how many times I tried.

With all of the dragons gone, it basically means that the leylines are left untended, magic running unbound. It was never a good thing to happen.

When leylines were left untended and magic was running wild, more and more monsters would be born as a result. It was easy to understand that in order to prevent that viscous circle from happening, leylines must be maintained by all cost.

“At this rate, God shall completely dissolve the seal that was placed on Adversa, resuming the work he once started five thousand years ago. That it why we needed someone from another world, for only outsiders are able to interfere with the world’s logic. However, at this point in time we can safely assume that all other dragons have been lost to Eclipse. It is only a matter of time before the rest of the world shall share their fate.”

“What will happen? Like, specifically?”

“All living things shall turn into nothingness. Just like it happened to the people of Sakama Village and all the other people all those years ago. Back then, the first to go where the spirit and other beings devoid of physical vessels. Even if they did all that was in their power to avoid the ‘Eclipse’s’ influence, there was no way whatsoever to run away from it. At that time the only beings that remained were the ancients that rejected me, dragons with Adversa and the gods. Without the leylines, even the earth itself shall perish.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s simple, really. Try to imagine a three cities being situated right next to each other. The ‘Eclipse’ erodes one of them, the one in the middle. As a result, there are only two cities right now, being situated right next to each other. The land in the middle vanishes completely.”

With this analogy, it was pretty easy for us to imagine this process in our minds.

So in other worlds, when the sea vanished, the distance between other continents shrunk as well.

So this is what it means when creatures or matter vanishes.

So where was Kyle, who set out a few hours ago?

Maybe if he used Teleportation in time, he managed to evacuate back to the Western Continent?


Belga, who was also listening in on the conversation, went all pale on her face.

Gramps continued in a tone as though he gave up.

“Oh, it’s the Gods idea of mercy. They couldn’t prevent it from happening, but they though that making the life vanish would be a better alternative to dying in horrible pain and suffering. Thanks for nothing. It cannot be helped. They are from another dimension, after all. I want to say that I get it, but I really don’t.”

“Their views are that different from our own?”

“That’s exactly right. One is all and all is one. They just don’t feel like this is the end. Therefore, since they never experienced it, they don’t know how to react to it. I don’t know if every single one of them has its own consciousness, and I don’t really care. For them, even the concept of time seems to be different. It is impossible for them to understand humanity, since they never had to face the problems that mortals face during their everyday lives.”

At the end of that story, I felt as though my heart was about to stop.

Even Nectar and Aru were at a loss for words, not knowing what to say or do.

“I might have said that before, but we must defeat Adversa as soon as possible, preferably with as much land still intact, cut off the Gods influence over this world and re-seal the influence. If they want to interfere in our affairs, we might as well get by without them.”

Saying those simple words, Gramps falls silent.

I also needed to steel my determination, since it was something unavoidable, something which couldn’t be helped or overlooked.

I couldn’t ask other dragons for help. As the sea of white fog was spreading wider and wider, I had to face it all on my own.

I was about to take the end of the world completely on my own.

I felt as though the last shreds of hope we had just a few hours ago were now completely gone, replaced by crushing waves of despair and hopelessness.

Even though I just promised Lute to take Adversa down, that I would make Gramps the pillar that would support this world, and restore the balance to the world.

…… Really? Was there really no other way?

“…… El-senpai? Marca?”

As that reckless hopelessness echoed throughout me, a certain though began to emerge in my mind.

But Aru was becoming more and more restless by the second, his expression being tainted with distress.

I wasn’t initially aware of that because I was engrossed in the conversation with Gramps, but then I realized that Aru was letting out slight threads of magic, as if he was searching for something.

Aru suddenly jumped up and ran out of the room, and while we were puzzled by his reaction we also heard a doorbell being rang from the outside.

When I caught up to him, Aru was already opening the front door.

There, Elvie and Marca stood, dressed up in casual clothes.

「」Aru, come back…… Uoah!?」

「」Elvie-senpai! Marca! I’m so glad that you’re safe!」

I felt stunned to see Elvie, mostly because part of me was sure that he and Marca might have vanished, but contrary to my shock, Aru was delighted to see them.

Marca-chan was right next to her brother. She was crying, and Aru immediately proceeded to hug her as to reassure her.

「」It’s so good to see you, Aru.」

「」Sorry for causing you worry, Marca.」

Aru held back his own tears and held Marca’s hand.

Then, Elvie patted them both to the head, trying to act as though everything would be fine.

I heard that Kyle managed to explain the situation to them to some extent, they were gone so suddenly and now they were back safe and sound. Of course anyone would be both surprised and relieved.

…… I was glad as well, but I was still wondering how it was possible. It was still bugging me.

They both looked relatively unharmed by the ‘Eclipse’s’ fog.

Yes, they were really safe and sound.

Upon hearing the latest news Elvie was looked as though he was about to collapse, but when he saw Nectar’s eyes he somehow managed to calm himself down.

「」If anyone other than you were to tell me something like that, I would have thought that to be ridiculous. Vass is nowhere to be found, the whole Ballow is covered in white fog and no one can even reach other countries! Just a few days ago the royal laboratory and the Academy were still brainstorming how to prevent that from happening!」

With such crisis at hand, time itself was becoming distorted, and without anyone to turn to, it must have been really hard for Elvie. Still, we needed to be strong and not give up to despair!

「」El-kun, is this happening all over Ballow?」

I felt bad for interrupting Elvie’s story, but it was the only way for him to finally notice me. For a moment out there he didn’t seem to understand my question.

「」Eh, umm. It seems that the white fog came from across the border, and that once people enter it, they never come back. After that it’s been really hard to notice it during the daytime, but aside from small villages, the people in large towns seem to be okay. Although lots of foreigners had to administered into hospitals. It is only a rumor, but other major cities are supposed to be fine as well. Like the ones in Hesat, for example.」

Hearing a familiar name, both Nectar and I looked at one another.

「」So in other words, there are places beside Ballow that still function normally.」

Hearing Nectar’s tone, Elvie got scared, nodded his head and continued.

「」Grandfather told us that Lava-san should know more and that we should go to her place as soon as possible. …… He sounded really worried when he was telling me that.」

「」Lava-san, Nectar-san, please tell us: what is happening?」

I really wanted to answer both Elvie and Marca’s questions, but before that there was something I wanted to do. And so, I went out of the house.

True, it was thin and barely even visible, but the white fog surely was there.

However, even thout it was there, the townspeople were walking around normally, just carrying on with their everyday lives.

What does this even mean?

Is this perhaps the same thing that Haruna told us about, when the people of the Sakama Village were walking normally even though there was the white fog all over…… Eh, no way!?

I look at Nectar staying right beside me, and what I saw in his eyes filled me with surprise. Nectar’s blue eyes were filled with hope, not despair.

Yes, it was the same look of exhilaration like when he would discover a new kind of magic or spell.

「」El-kun, Marca-chan, you did well coming here now. There are so many things I want ot ask you about, but for now please just come inside and have some tea!」

「」Eeh, Nectar-san!?」

Following Nectar, I went back inside of the house.

Nectar cast a quick communication spell, connecting it to Gramps so that he could listen as well.

“Ficell, you said that many parts of Towa were already covered in ‘Eclipse’s’ fog, but what about the parts of the country that Lava visited? Like the capital city or Taisha’s branch office? What about those places?”

After a short while, Gramps returned to us with a most shocking reply.

“…… It looks like the lands where Lava or Aru-boy were adjusting the leylines are still safe.”

“Elvie says that the whole Ballow and the part of Hesat where we were before are also untouched. Live continues normally in there. In other words, Lava’s existence is enough to protect the whole region from ‘Eclipse’s’ influence!”

That’s right, when I woke up in Towa after collapsing from exhaustion…… I could feel that there was something strange going on with my magic.

At that time I couldn’t be sure what it was, but now I was certain: it was because my magic was influencing the whole region.

“It is probably because Lava’s soul originally comes from another world. And because of Ficell’s influence there was a fragment of this world in Lava as well …… Yes, maybe evolution would be the best word to describe it. Arui s also subject to those changes, since he’s Lava’s son.”

“…… It would surely explain a lot of things. But isn’t that a cruel irony? Even if people won’t vanish right on the spot, they can still die if they get exposed too much to the fog.”

“Now, if there was only a way for us to somehow strengthen the whole world! Even if we let Lava enhance the land, there is still the problem of the presence of the white fog.”

Nectar and Gramps continued to wonder, speaking with more and more confidence.

I was completely taken away by Nectar’s profile right now. His cheeks were flushed and his eyes were shining brightly. It was the proof that he was already looking for such a way and that he was close to finding a solution. Seeing him like that was a guilty pleasure of mine.

Nectar didn’t give up, so I mustn’t do that as well!

I think it was the most appropriate reaction.

My thought began to swirl in an uncontrollable way, but when my thought about Nectar started to seep into an open channel, I’ve became distressed yet again.

“N, nervermind that! It needs to be a secret still! Otherwise my Lava is going to become everyone’s Lava! And I don’t know if I’m going to endure that!”

“Nectar, the fate of the whole world is at stake here and you’re concerned about me!?”

“Uuh, this is the only way to secure the peace to the entire world, at least the only one that I can think of at the moment. But wait, I’m sure that if we think about it some more, we shall find a better solution!”

Again, was I the only reason why you were trying to dismiss the only idea we could think of at the moment!?

More importantly, do you really think that I’m going to feel impressed just because you’re thinking about me so much!?

When I was to voice some of my concerns to Nectar, Gramps suddenly spoke up.

“But, since we are talking about a global scale, we might as well build the spell up from scratch. And this will take a lot of time and effort to prepare. Will we be able to do it in time?”

“It’s fine. We will do it in time.”

“The present day magicians are pretty capable and talented. If we make them work their asses all day, we should be able to make it. The biggest problem comes with what to do after that.”

“That, we shall think about that when the time comes.”

I was a bit jealous about Nectar’s thinking capabilities, bit if it had to be done, best to be done well.

“There was also one thing that I was thinking about. I wanted to ask both Nectar and Gramps for opinions in regards to that.”

I decided to consult them.

Both Nectar and Gramps were staring at me, so I took a deep breath and went out with my suggestion.

“I think it might be best to talk to the Gods, seeing just how things are proceeding.”

“Lava, just what are you…… Hmm!?”

The stunned and shocked thoughts of Gramps came through to us, but there was also something else mixed in there.

“Lava! This fog is toxic as fuck! I’m right in the middle of it, so what do you want me to do!?”


Following Ligurrila’s crass and offended voice, I could feel another signal trying to get through.

“…… Can anybody hear me!? Are you guys even alive!?”

“Kyle. You took the words right out of our mouths!”

It was Kyle, about the survival of whom we were so worried just a moment ago.

Although he was trying to look calm about it, I could feel that he, too, was relieved to see us alive and well.

“When I got back to the Continent I was surrounded by thick white fog, but I somehow managed to blaze my way through to Ballow. I was also trying to reach Isha. This ‘Eclipse’ seems to be a little bit different than the one we faced before, but the barrier from that time should work on it just as fine. Also, it shouldn’t be able to affect you as much, even if you were to not wear any special protection.”

Kyle threw a waterfall of words out of his mouth, and while we were being busy being overwhelmed by all of that, he just shrugged his shoulders as if it was nothing.

“It seems that you’ve managed to figure something out. I shall do whatever I can to help, so fill me in on the situation.”

“If there’s anything that Senjiro can do on his end, don’t hesitate to ask him as well…… I really mean that, so by all means, please do that. Don’t be shy.”

I laughed unconsciously.

I’m so glad that everyone was offering me their help like that.

With Ligurila’s heartwarming thoughts, I already feel more at ease.

“Don’t mind if we will. Your help is always very much appreciated.”

“If that’s the case, can you give me my instructions already?”

“I shall help out as well!”

Additionally, encouraging thoughts like that flew out of the living room towards us.

It seems that Aru’s been eavesdropping on our conversation this whole time.

In my mind I could very well see the faces of all the people who would lend us a hand.

Even though during my previous life I was a loner, after becoming a dragon I managed to get so many wonderful friends.

This might be the last time we are able to talk like that. The world that we all knew and loved was at the verge of collapsing.

Our situation does not change, and even though there was a thin hope now, the problems were still present.

But now I feel like I’m able to actually do something about it. That is because my friends are here with me to lend me their hands.

I grabbed the hands of the most important people to me in the entire world and flashed them a warm smile.

“Right, let’s save us some world!”


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