Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 172


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Volume 5 Chapter 21: The Long Day of Dragon-san and Company, Part 2

Isha Somnis was watching the clouded sky clear up under the influence of the golden shooting stars from the window of the mansion that was serving as their temporal headquarters.

When the shooting stars fell onto the ground where the white fog was located, it would soon thin out and dissipate, as it was never there in the first place.

Looking at it closely, Isha could slowly make up the silhouette of the city, as well as the coastline that was behind it.

The stars also fell upon the soldiers and magicians fighting against the white youmas, protecting them from ‘Eclipse’s’ influence and giving them the strength to fight back.

Then the telephone she brought with her rang, and when she picked it up it was Seram Slaggart straight from the Hibernia front.

「Did you see that?」

「Yeah, you bet. This kid may be small, but he’s a dragon alright.」

When Lava first told them about what she intended to do, Isha was rather skeptical towards that idea. But now, seeing it in action, she was laughing at her own disbelief.

Those lights looked so magical and fantastical as if the whole world was about to be reborn from out of it.

However, this was only the beginning. Nothing was decided yet.

The defense nets were being spread out all across the Signos Plains where one of the dragons was located, while the other was thought to be located somewhere alongside the coastline.

However, there were still regions where even though the shooting stars were present, nearly half of the regions were still heavily polluted with white fog.

It was still unclear why white youmas were present in Ballow, but it was reported that from the depths of the sea which became visible again, there were lots of sea monsters emerging, such as sea serpents, krakens and sahagins. It looks like white fog was also present below the sea level.

Until now they were going at it with pushing back the monsters into the white fog that was still spread throughout the region, trying to keep it away from the cities and towns. But that strategy would get them nowhere in the long run.

「Well then, I’ll leave things over there to you, Isha. Just please try not to go too overboard, okay?」

「Ara, I was just about to tell you the same thing. Since you were always doing the desk job, try not to get yourself hurt out there.」

After finishing the conversation and putting the phone down, Isha took her staff and began flying towards the coastline.

One of the shooting stars passed through Isha’s chest.

Then, Isha felt a pleasant warmth spreading throughout her body as her magic suddenly surged.

“Isha-san, please do your best!”

She could hear the voice of a certain child echoing in her mind, filling her with strange feeling of ease.

During this week, this dragon child have displayed the willpower and strength of spirit that was simply unheard of in somebody of his age. It looks like he was really taking after both of his parents.

「Sure thing. I may be just an Old Granny, but I still have some kick left in me.」

「Like the Magical Monster……?」

「Please don’t mention that ever again.」

Isha laughed for a moment, but stopped when she saw that her men were looking at her in a strange way, and before long they arrived at the shore.

There, inside of the sea, there was a huge white fog sea serpent, about to emerge to the land.

Seeing that Isha ordered the soldiers to pull back, while she began to formulate the spell.


When Isha raised her staff, the sea surface sparkled for a moment, and right after that it got frozen solid, with the sea serpent in its center.

Caught in the wave of quickly forming ice, sea serpent was frozen solid and shattered into pieces shortly after.

「Oh my, goodness gracious, maybe I overdid it for something so weak?」

All the magicians that were present on the shore looked at Isha with both fear and astonishment. That was the spell of the highest caliber possible, one that they would never be able to cast on their own even if they trained their magic their whole lives.

Everyone was aware of that fact: magic amplification had nothing to do with it.

After showing off her abilities like that, the Sage of the Frozen Flower smiles in self-satisfaction, particles of ice flying all around her.

「Right, everyone. I’m sure you are aware of that, but try not to achieve fewer results by the end of the day than this old Granny, why don’t you?」

Even if she was aging slower, Isha still looked like she was in her thirties at best. Calling herself Granny was overdoing it.

All the soldiers were aware of that fact as they readied their weapons and went to intercept another wave of monsters that was charging straight at them.


Lishella Von Avar at the current moment was heading with the refugees from her domain towards the capital city of Hesat.

The Guardians, Shrine Maidens and magicians were dispatched to protect her domain, but the defenseless refugees couldn’t stay there and needed to be guided somewhere safe.

The capital city should be safe haven for them, since lots of other refugees were already there and since the city was under the effect of Black Dragon’s protection, ‘Eclipse’ shouldn’t be able to get them there.

Most of the noble were heading there with their subjects, but Lishella also heard about the nobles who fled with their wealth, leaving their people to their grim fate.

However, Lishella wasn’t going leave her people and run away. Not when they were finally able to find their smiles again.

It pained her to leave her domain completely defenseless, but land was just that –– land. People were something which couldn’t be replaced.

It was because of that that Lishella spent a long time convincing the people to leave, and as a result was one of the last people to leave for the capital city.

They went on the move the moment the stars began to fall from the sky. It was the signal to begin the operation.

They needed to move fast, but relocating so many people at once was not an easy task to pull off, and it was proceeding with difficulties.

「It really feels like the end of the world……」

「Just a little bit more. Let’s all give it our very best.」

Going down the road, Lishella was lifting the spirits of her people. The capital city –– the target of their journey –– was close at hand.

But then it suddenly appeared right in front of them.

「It’s a monster!!!」

Looking back where the shouting people were pointing, there were several white youmas emerging from within the thick fog one after another.

Because of the shooting stars, Lishella and her people would be safe from the fog’s destructive effects.

However, it looked like the white youmas were as aggressive as the normal monsters, if not even more.

「Everyone, please hurry up to the city’s gates!!!」

In contrast to those who were running towards the city’s limits, there were a few soldiers who appeared to stop the demons from getting to civilians.

Even though Lishella knew her way with basic magic, she was taken by her servants and escorted into the city.

However, emerging from within the fog like a speeding bullet, a new demon appeared right beside the fleeing people.

In the midst of the havoc which ensued, none of the people was able to hear Lishella’s voice.

Trying to evacuate, Lishella saw a young child tripping over it own legs and falling over.

That child was a little boy who praised Lishella’s cooking last night.

The fog monsters were drawing closer to the boy.

There was no time for thinking here.


Lishella’s body move faster than anyone else and she arrives at the boy’s side in no time.

The boy was about to get up, but then he tripped and fell down again. The monster was approaching fast.

His body was stiff with fear.

“It’s alright.”

Hearing this mysterious voice, Lishella remembered that person with black-red hair.

Magical power surged around Lishella’s body, and the ring on her hand suddenly became hot.

Majestic-looking shadows began to expand from inside of the glowing ring, and those shadows pierced the fog monsters, getting rid of them with one strike.

As the corpses of the monsters turned into fog and dissipated, Lishella watched the shadows in awe.

Then, there was an image of shadowy wolf standing right next to Lishella, apparently protecting her.

It looked intimidating and artificial, but for some reason Lishella could sense kindness emanating from it.

「…… Oblivio?」

When she called his name, the image shook and swayed, and Lishella could feel something warm inside of her chest.

He may not wake up during your lifetime. That’s what that person said. Lishella was about to lose all hope because of that.

It sems that he was unable to hear her voice. However, upon touching the shape Lishella was able to remember so many things about that man that her heart was suddenly becoming filled with pleasant warmth.


Hearing this voice, Lishella turned back and looked at the boy who she was trying to protect. He got up and was looking at her right now with watery eyes.

The other people also stopped in their track to look at Lishella, and now she was surrounded by people.

They mustn’t stop. They needed to do something, and do it fast.

「It’s okay. I am your Lord, after all. It is my duty to protect you.」

And just like that Lishella turned her back on the fleeing people, adamant on protecting them. The shadowy shape was right next to her.

Of course, even though Lishella could use some basic magic, she lacked a proper combat training. She couldn’t battle like the soldiers do, but she was well-versed in the art of self-defense. That was it.

However, monster were appearing one after another without stopping, and it looked like the reinforcements from the city wouldn’t be able to get to her in time.

Lishella knew it would be close to a miracle to wish for something like that, but she spoke the words nonetheless.

「Oblivio-sama. I can’t do this without you. Can you help me protect the ones I hold dear to me?」

As if in response to Lishella’s request, more shadows came out of the ring, forming shapes of various sizes.

Having no idea how it was possible, Lishella straightened her back, ready to face the fog monsters.


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