Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 174


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Volume 5 Chapter 23: Dragon-san and the Dragon of the Beginning

I could hear Aru’s supportive emotions.

“I can hear Aru’s voice.”

While I was feeling a bit uneasy, I could hear Nectar’s voice speaking to me, and some other ones as well.

“What are you saying? We are inside of the seal, there’s no way you could hear it all the way out here.”

“I know, but still.”

I know that Lute’s words were right, but I really felt as though I could hear Aru just now.

While thinking about what was that just now, I look down below to see only the sea of white fog.

The place that we teleported to was located near the sea where the “Eclipse” first erupted.

I could barely see the sky with the shooting stars, and here we had to keep our defensive barriers up at all times because the fog was so thick that you could barely see anything a few meters in front of you.

“Become the twisting branches that bound my enemies!”

As soon as Nectar finishes chanting his spell, a huge “Eclipse” monster that comes out of the sea to attack us is wrapped in thick tree branches all over its body, only to disappear moments later.

I burn the rest of the small monsters to cinders with my flaming breath.

This is how it was for us for the past few hours. We’ve been gradually pushing our way forward through the sea of “Eclipse” while fighting off all of the monsters that were coming our way.

In here we couldn’t feel the presence of magic or leylines. Only the emptiness from which the monsters were infinitely spawning.

The number of monsters was only increasing the further we got, and it was difficult to move, as though we were moving through oil and not fog.

Also, we couldn’t really distinguish up from down inside of here.

But our job was not over yet.

“Lute, just how much longer!?”

“I can’t be sure because I’ve completely lost my sense of distance, but we must be getting closer! Maybe we’ll be there shortly! We’ll have to see!”

“Don’t say such crap if you’re not sure!”

Nectar said that to Lute in irritation, after looking around for a while. But there was no landmark here, so pinpointing our position was virtually impossible.

“Guess it cannot really be helped. The coordinates we were given really are useless in this situation. The waters around which Adversa is sealed should have a different feeling to them, as if they were from different space whatsoever. That way we shall know when we reach our destination.”

“Can’t you talk in a more casual way so that we can understand!?”

“Aagh, shut up, will you? I’m doing my best here, so show a little bit of gratitude!”

…… Wow, would it really hurt you to be a little bit nicer?

Said Lute to Nectar while drawing his instrument and stroking its strings, producing various sounds.

「Now, keep quiet and listen to my song!」

Lute began to play, inducing many heavy tones with his instrument.

Then, magic began to resonate from inside of my crystal tears, being amplified.

It was the magic that was only possible thanks to that Lute, a magic that was going to awaken the memories sleeping deep inside of the objects and the land itself, a magic that was strong enough to wake even a slumbering dragon.

「Now, what was once gone, time to wake up! Just like it should be!」

As soon as he said that, the sound waves rushed through in every direction.

There, in the fog-ridden space a vague shape of a column was seen, but the magic was too weak to be able to say anything more about it.

Are my crystalized tears simply not enough? We were going to use them in order to avoid exhausting ourselves, but in the end we couldn’t even reach the first stage with their help.

When I tried to share my magical power with the spell, a golden star fell through the thick fog of the “Eclipse”.

It was the magical light that Aru was producing. It was breaking through the fog and coming straight into Lute’s lute.

「…… Thanks a bunch.」

Even though it looked weak, its effect was tremendous.

The body of the instrument began to glow and its sound was becoming more and more powerful.

It was so powerful, in fact, that the soundwaves began to push back the white fog, and before long the watery surface of the sea emerged again to be seen.

And right in the middle of the sea, there was a huge complex of ancient ruins slowly emerging from under the water’s surface.

The walls were all crumbling away and were in overall bad shape, but it was definitely the ruins of some sort of way more technologically advance, ancient civilization.

「Long ago, it was the city in which Adversa was sealed away into the different dimension. It’s the first time for me as well seeing it, but the seal is without a doubt somewhere inside of it.」

「That’s enough, Lute. You did more than enough. Now, you should rest.」

He was the only one who was capable of recreating the space in which Adversa was sealed away long ago through his “Dreaming” magic, and to set a path for us to reach it. But it looks like he had no idea about the seal’s actual location.

However, recreating a whole city like that must have been pretty rough on him.

「How can I take a break at a time like this!? You still need to fly to the different dimension and reach Adversa there! Now go! As long as I have magic left!」

While stroking the strings of his lute, Lute sounded really mad.

But his words were accurate. For as soon as the city emerged, “Eclipse” surrounded it and began to work to swallow it up completely.

「Judging from its size, the place you are looking for must be this facility right at the center.」

「Roger that, just hang in there!」

Nectar said to Lute, and we flew towards the city, only now realizing just how badly damaged it really was.

But just then a pair of silver wings suddenly jumped out at us, carrying a magnificent physique with them, as well as the blue mane on its neck and a silver horn on its head.

It was a silver dragon that was supposed to be sealed away in another dimension.


Screamed Lute while the dragon wandered in the air right before us.

Dark clouds began to gather around the area, as well as water that was becoming restless.

The air was filled with a dense aroma of salt.

Even though there was a certain distance in between us, the storm winds were so strong that they almost caused me to break my altitude and fall down.

The side wind was raining water droplets onto us like bullets, but they were strangely sticky for some reason.


「Because Adversa originated from the ocean, he is responsible for controlling both water and the storms!」

While listening to Lute’s explanation I was doing my best to stabilize my flight as much as I could.

I could see the sparkles of silver glitter somewhere at the edge of my field of view.


With a single flap of it wings, the silver dragon sent a huge gust of wind at us, and I barely managed to avoid that.

However, I didn’t manage to avoid the powerful swing of its tail. When it comes into contact with my body, I could feel intense pain spreading all over my body.

I managed to stay on course, but it surely hurt like hell.

If it was a non-magical attack, I was pretty sure that I could endure it no problem.

「Lava, are you alrigh!?」

「Yeah, I’m fine. Somehow.」

As I said that to Nectar, my expression became steep.

Right now, aside from trying to dodge the incoming attacks, I was beginning to look for a safe place to land.

Was I attacked by Adversa itself because I showed resistance to the “Eclipse’s” effects?

Anyway, I cannot let Adversa out of my sight. If I do that, then preparing for the incoming attacks might grow increasingly more difficult.


「Adversa’s presence is really strange.」

As Nectar pointed that out, I realized that Adversa’s body was strangley transparent as it was flying about the city ruins. I used that opportunity to lower my altitude and find a safe place to land.

Suddenly, there was a loud sound and tremors shook the ruins. Did Aversa just crashed into the buildings? However, even though it was getting up from all the debris that fell on top of it, its body was still oozing out the white fog without stopping.

However, once it started flapping its wings again and gaining altitude, the wind and the rain got mixed with the fog, gradually spreading it around the place.

Its behavior was too wild, too inconsistent.

I then saw something in its golden eyes, and realized that something was wrong.

「Adversa is not overtaken by “Eclipse”!?」

I could hear my own voice mix with Lute’s.

「Maybe it’s because it tries to resist something? Maybe it tries to keep “Eclipse” contained inside of its body, but it contradicts with the Gods intentions? Maybe that’s why it is rampaging around?」

Nectar’s suggestion was truly intimidating.

It’s been almost a week since we got here.

During that time, Adversa would be here all alone, in this dark and closed space.

I could understand that from my experience with Ten. The feeling of not being myself.

I managed to retain my sense of self, but I was still scared beyond belief.

Adversa is said to be the ultimate being. It was nothing but admirable that it was able to resist the “Eclipse” for so long.

「Was my efforts wasted, since Adversa was already awakened……?」

Lute’s face was as white as a sheet when he whispered that, and I strongly denied that.

「No, it was still necessary. Remember what we came here to do.」

We came here to renew the seal that would keep the “Eclipse” out of this world for good.

Gramps thought that the “Eclipse” was Gods intervention to pacify Adversa.

It was sad that after nearly five thousand years of rest this being was forced to face off against “Eclipse” once again.

However, if we managed to renew the seal and transfer its ownership to me, we might be able to get in touch with the Gods.

If we might get in touch with the Gods, we might be able to stop this madness once and for all.

Adversa failed to do that. But this time around thanks to Gramps’s knowledge, we might be able to pull it off.

If I, a dragon with a soul from another world, was able to befriend a human from this world such as Nectar, then I should be able to get in touch with Gods just the same.

That is why Nectar was learning for three days and three nights straight how to transfer the seal with the knowledge that Gramps disclosed to him, and I was storing masses of extra magic just for that goal alone.

Because sadly, we couldn’t do this remotely or in advance.

「If Adversa’s consciousness is still intact, it might be easier to transfer the seal. Otherwise it might try to resist our attempts just as fiercely as against the “Eclipse”. However……」

「The problem is how do we get closer to it?」

There was a sound of the whistle that blown through the air.

We were forced to distance ourselves from Adversa, because it managed to create a cyclone that combined sea water and debris and it was coming straight at us.

Rampaging Advers must have decided to cut us off by trapping us inside of the storm.

If we stay here, we won’t be able to renew the seal and “Eclipse” would swallow the whole area again.

The visibility was becoming poorer and poorer with every second.

「Nectar, how much time will you need to get everything ready?」

「I should be ready in bout ten minutes.」

「Okay. It will try to drag Adversa out by that time and knock it out somehow.」

Adversa’s water element counteracts my fire, so it is a bad compatibility to have. I was at a severe disadvantage here. Guess this means we’ll have to do it the old fashioned way –– via brute force!

Even though I said all that, there was no reply coming from Nectar.

I understood why it was like that.

「Nectar, the seal won’t seal me away with the “Eclipse”. I thought we were over that subject.」

「I know that. But still, what if you end up in a situation where you will be left unable to move and… and……」

「But still, I want you to give it your best, okay?」

While Nectar was letting out a sigh, I thought of the right way in which I could convey my feelings to him.

「I will return to you and Aru. My place is right by your side. That is why I want you to give it your best as well and promise me something.」

「Yes, I will make you as much of your favorite madeleines as you will want once we get back.」

「Good. I’m looking forward to it.」

While we finally managed to reach an agreement, Lute’s irritated voice butted in.

「If you want to renew the seal, now is the right time to do so! Just be quick about it!」

I leave both Lute and Nectar in the ruins of some church and take flight again.

I was now facing the raging cyclone.

It was difficult to fly in such a heavy storm, and breaking through it would be even harder.

But my mind was already dead set on bringing Adversa down.


I raise my head upwards and let out a roar.

Even though I was weaker in the raging storm, I try to gain even more altitude to get out of its reach while avoiding flying debris.

I was managing to stay on course thanks to steering with my tail, bu the wind currents were thrashing me about so hard that I was thinking that my wings might give up at some point and come off.

When I finally thought I was in the clear, I was surrounded by “Eclipse” yet again.

While still being inside of the storm, a myriad of nasty and unpleasant feelings assaulted me.

The lament in here was something that I was overly familiar with.

This must be Adversa’s sadness.

It was sleeping inside of this space with the feelings of deep sadness, regret and loneliness.

All this time, the “Eclipse” was seeping into it.

The Gods intention may have lessened its effects to some extent, but it was still heartbreaking.

If this continues, Adversa will be done for.

I could see the silver dragon in the center of the cyclone, the storm standing in between us like an impenetrable wall.

Its head was up. The rage mixed with suffering inside of its eyes.

“Get out of my way!! Leave me alone and let me do what I must do!!”

It was its voice, but this time it was so much different from his usual demeanor, instead being filled with pain.

However, something irritated my back and when I look behind me, there were at least several monster tentacles reaching out towards me.

Fingers, insect claws, suction cups, you name it they had it. I know that those monsters are overall weak, but being grabbed by something like that surely was unpleasant!

I steeled my resolve, folded my wings and dived headfirst into the storm.

I make a half turn and direct the magic towards my extended limbs while hacking away at the monsters that tried to attack me.

I then follow that with a suitable spell.

「Swallow my enemies in the nothingness of the dark abyss!」

The monsters got swallowed up by the wave of the impervious darkness that no light could ever hope to penetrate.

This should buy me some time.

I then flapped my wings and called out to the dragon with all of my might all the while gaining speed.

“ADVERSA! I’ve come to help you!”

Its golden eyes opened in surprise, but the silver dragon only roared in anger and attacked me with a huge wall of water.

Yes, of course. It had to protect itself from harm. It was the only thing it knew to do.

But this was different. I was here to help, with the power of many people to back me up. So you no longer need to fight it alone!

The storm was trying to push me away. There’s no way that darkness could counter it.

In that case!

「Burn my enemies away in infernal blaze!」

I hit the huge storm wall with a wall of smoldering fire.

Normally this would be meaningless. After all, fire and water cancel each other out.

When fire and water hit each other, a huge mass of steam is created and a huge explosion follows closely suit.

In that moment, I pierce through the steam and reach out to the silver dragon, shouting through the storm and hot air.


I ram straight into Adversa, shooting it from the sky and we roll around one another before we eventually hit the ground.

It hurts like hell, but I least I managed to get rid of the storm it created.

I then immediately get up and twist the base of Adversa’s wings with my legs.

Then, while holding Adversa in a hold like that, I started to gain altitude yet again.

Although Adversa was slightly bigger than me and heavier, I eventually manage to lift it up.

I was planning to get this guy to Nectar, but then his thoughts assaulted my mind.

‘You, who are you? Leave me, I must fulfill my……”

“My name is Lava! I want to have a word with God, so be a gal and transfer the seal onto me!”

I make a full use of the hold I was holding Adversa in, applying just about enough pressure onto it, and what returned to me were the feelings of obsession and resignation.

“You talk with God and then what? We don’t need God, I’ve got this.”

“You don’t know that unless you try! So stop resisting and do it!”

“Understood…… Guhh……”

Adversa’s magic swayed as the color of the “Eclipse” that was surrounding it got darker.

My consciousness was filled with negativity and my thought got really cloudy and muddy. I try to keep us connected to the Dragon Network, but it was resisting with all of its might.

“I’ve had enough, I’m so tired. I don’t want to. While you are still conscious, all of your companions shall disappear.”

The feelings of giving up on life were getting transmitted to me, and I was growing more and more irritated because of them.

It was something very troubling, but unfortunately I had no way to stop it really.

God damn it, do you want me to smash your skull in with my tail and end you this badly……!?

As I thought that, a clear voice echoed in my head.

「Okeanus Gignere Beneficientia Adversa!」

Lute cried through the remnants of the storm, standing in the corner of the ruined church, where “Eclipse” was slowly creeping its way in.

「I have come to you. I promised that we shall play and talk again, didn’t I?」

He then stroked the strings of his lute and a longing melody escaped the strings.

The sound carried over the earth, pushing the “Eclipse” away.

「Please, don’t leave me behind!」


There was a sudden change to Adversa’s behavior.

I have no idea what kind of relationship those two may have had in the past.

However, it must have been something really special to survive all this time without withering away.


“You are not alone anymore, Adversa. Many people now are aware of your existence. They know that you have protected them all this time! So you don’t have to suffer in here anymore!”

“I, see.”

Just when this thought came from it.

The figure of the silver dragon was wrapped in warm light.

Its dragon body disappeared, replaced by a fair youth with silver hair and golden eyes.

“I don’t know if you’ll be able to accomplish anything. But I’ll help you.”

Suddenly, there was a complicated magic formula that appeared right in front of him, only to break into pieces.

Then, even thicker white fog started to flood the area.

It was probably what Adversa kept sealed away within its body.


Just then, there was a large and complicated magical circle right below our feet, invoked by Nectar who was standing with his staff in the middle of the catalysts.

「We will protect this land that we call our home.」

The roots started to come from the ground all over the place, and soon after fresh leaves begin to grow out of them.

At the same time Nectar disperses the crystalized dragon tears into the air.

The magic particles fly straight into his staff, and he continued to chant whle his flax hair swayed.

「Let the land always be fertile. So as I pray. To you, who shakes the cradle of the Underworld, may you sleep in peace.」

The white fog that was spreading all over got caught in the magic web erected by the spell. It was now being swallowed into the green leaves.

「You, who are the vision of the infinite world! Thou shall become the cornerstone of peace and prosperity for future generations!」

When Nectar stopped chanting the spell, the binding s on the white fog all cracked and broke with a loud cracking sound.


If we let them escape right now, the seal will be incomplete! As the fog started to creep its way in my direction, I cooled my thoughts and thought about it.

The fog’s movement was creepy, bu there was nothing that could be done about it.

When I notice another magic circle spreading below my feet, I look Nectar in the eyes for a moment that seemed to be as long as eternity itself.

「I’m going, Nectar.」

“Have a safe trip, Lava.”

Said Nectar, but his lips were unable to move from all the hard work he was going through.

I smiled with all my might and then accepted all of the white fog inside of me.


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