Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 176


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Volume 5 Chapter 25: Dragon-san Burning With Passion

The God took my blow full of anger straight to the face, flew in the air for more than a few meters and fell to the ground while rolling on the ground.

It was only natural, for I also twisted my waist during the punch, only adding more power to my blow.

I also shouted to let out all of those pent-up emotions that were building inside of me as of late.

「Stop fucking around! I am more than happy here in this world! I would lie if I said that I wasn’t disappointed at first, but eventually I manage to meet the people of this world, start a family and grow to call this place my home! Did I even ask you to bring me back to my original world? And what about this world!? If this is some sort of sick joke, then you can stick it!」

「Eh, what’s with that comeback……」

「Besides, didn’t you say that you are not all that fond of dragons in the first place!? Sure, most of the people think that we are scary, with our mane and scales and all that, but there are also people like Nectar and Ligurila who think that we are beautiful! And I have a long lasting relationship with those people and I cherish them a lot!」

「Ahh, I think that dragons appearances are way too messy and, Guah!?」

As the God stood up, she cracked her neck and moved her nose around a bit, seemingly still unable to comprehend what just happened.

「You’re saying that, but you are wearing the clothes that are fashioned after the things we had back on Earth! It looks good on you so there’s nothing bad with it, but what about the fashion and culture of this world!? Does it mean nothing to you!?」


Look at that, she wasn’t sure what to say to that!

「What’s more, what’s with that selfish self-introduction of yours!? Have you ever seen this world with your own two eyes!? Does this even mean that you don’t know how hard we dragons are struggling to save this world!? See how we all struggle! Hear how we all struggle! Feel how we all struggle! Gramps, Ten, Adversa, and many, many more you fucking moron!」

「Eh, Hiyafuah!?」

Without thinking, I continued to spew word after word out of my mouth, conveying the wishes of the dragons and my friends to this regrettable God.

「No, I didn’t know all that, but that’s not I was so surprised about. What I was surprised about was the fact that I’ve lost connection with my terminal……」

Her reaction was the clear indication that it was the first time she was hearing about it all.

Although I felt a raising urge to hit her again, I decided to not to do that.

…… I could already feel a headache starting to pulse inside of my head.

「Even if you have created this world on a whim or to aid someone else, it is still full of life! It may not be important for you, but for us it sure is! It is important for me as well!」

「I don’t get it at all, but I see that you cherish your friends very much.」

「When you have your dear friends, you cherish the world in which you were able to meet them! Besides, I have my family and child in this world, and I won’t let you destroy the world they all love so much!」

This image was so vivid that I could see it clearly right in front of my eyes.

So many people. So many important people that were my friends and who were rooting for me to do my best and save the world.

「It’s been ages since I arrived in this world as a dragon. I have spent way more time in this world then I would have spent in my original world. So if you tell me that I must forfeit it all and go back to Earth, of course I would get angry!」

「Uhh, b, but the ones on top told me to do it…… huh?」

Although she looked like she was worried about something, she suddenly started to stare at something in the sky.

Meanwhile, I could feel all the strength leaving my body from all that shouting and getting angry with her.

「Umm, it seems that I have misunderstood something yet again. If you really don’t want to go back to your original world, then I’m sorry for trying to force that onto you…… After hearing your opinion on the subject, I’m so sorry!」

Meanwhile she seemed to be discussing something with someone from another dimension.

She kept on rocking her head and shaking her hair.

In other words, she was behaving just like a little puppy.

I could feel my head starting to hurt, but I sharpened my senses and focused. There was something else beside us here in the dark.

However, just I was about to try to figure out what it was, I suddenly felt overwhelmed.

「Aaaah, let’s stop doing that, what do you mean you are going to destroy it!? This is a special case, so please try to understand!」

Suddenly, the blonde God in front of me fell silent.

I could feel that there was something different about her now. She wasn’t the same God anymore.

I didn’t know what this was all about, but I felt that her desire to apologize to me didn’t change, and so I thought it should probably be alright for now.

Simply put, just now she was a person who just wouldn’t listen to what others were saying. It was quite bothersome for me.

But right now, I thought she would finally become able to listen to my story.

「So tell me, what do you want to do right now?」

「I’ll be completely honest with you. I want to stay here, in this world.」

Of course, this doesn’t mean that I didn’t care about my original world.

However, since I knew that I died there, this chapter in my life I was considered done and over with.


I then walked up to her and made further statement, trying to look as serious as I have never been before.

「So I have only one wish for you. To let this world stay. And if possible, to bring back what was lost to the “Eclipse”.」

The damages this world suffered were tremendous. So many things got destroyed. So many lives were lost.

If we let things stay as they are now, it will all disappear without a trace on its own.

「Is that it?」

That question threw me off a little bit. I was expected her to be shocked to hear it, but she seemed rather calm for some reason. It was creeping me out.

「That’s right. I would like to restore it as close to the original, since I’m aware that bringing it all back might be impossible to do. I can’t even imagine the amounts of power you would need to do that. But even if it is impossible, I would like you to try, for the world itself and its people.」

I was slowly explaining to her my idea, but what was that ominous feeling?

「I see you put a lot of faith in that world.」

「Not in the world per se, but in my friends.」

Even the dragons were doing their best to preserve the world. It was the truth that not even a God could deny.

「So long story short, even though the world might be full of flaws, it is still important to you guys?」

If it wasn’t for her beautiful features, I could have sworn that her face was twisted in disgust just now.

It was as if I was looking at something repulsive and glamorous at the same time.

「I didn’t think much of that world, I even thought it wasn’t important at all. This world wasn’t designed to last for a long time. It was supposed to go on for about a few thousands of years, until my dragons would grow mature enough.」

Her voice was gentle, but it still made my bite on my lip nervously.

I was also aware of the fact that this world would eventually grow more and more unstable, no matter how many time I would adjust it.

The God raised her hand, and then a sphere with blue seas and green land appeared out of nowhere amidst the darkness.

Most of the sphere was currently covered in thick white fog and I understood that it was the model of our world.

「You know, at first it was really hard. I worked really hard to create beings that would be able to grow and speak with one another. I was preparing them to be fine on their own, but what awaited me was truly surprising. Even though this world was meant to be imperfect, it still managed to grow into something so beautiful. And my bellowed children were all part of it.」

I then realized that the way she was looking at the model world was the same as that of a mother silently observing her child playing around.

There was love in them, but also immense longing.

This damned God, was she perhaps……

「I wasn’t heartless enough to leave it to its own devices, but I also wasn’t strong enough to be able to interfere with it at some point. And maybe it would have been better that way. I even created a terminal for myself which I ended up rarely even using.」

She sighed and then smiled.

「Yeah, I know. I can leave the world to its own devices. It is going to be alright without my help and guidance. For all of you who kept it going for so long, my interference would do more harm than actual good.」

A handful of thick white fog gathers in her brown hand.

I watched in awe as the white fog was being sucked from the world into God’s hand, and when there was no more fog left, the amount in her hand got turned in a single flower petal, which spread all over the world, breaking into smaller petals.

Just like that, the deed was done.

Looking down at our world, the seas, the land, and the life that was supposed to be lost gradually began to come back.

「I did what I could. I revered all of the damages that I have caused through Adversa. All of the life that was taken by it. If you dragon keep doing your job with adjusting the leylines, the world should become more stable, but even I am not almighty enough to turn back time.」

I gently shook my head, stepping away from her.

I honestly thought that not even a God could bring the world back to how it used to be, so it was more than enough, really.

「I will never try to interfere with this world again. I will never show my face there. So you can rest assured.

As the God declared that, I could feel a strange but gentle warmth beginning to spread around at the back of my heart.

Honestly, I felt so stunned that I didn’t know how to react. I all went so surprisingly well.

Well, aside from a few minor misconceptions and discrepancies, but still.

「No need to be so surprised. I can feel that even the dragons that decided to go to sleep on their own wanted you to succeed. I am sure of it.」


Honestly, I can’t be that sure about that.

Because my role was slightly different from that of the original dragon, I wasn’t able to understand the feelings of the dragons that already went to sleep over the course of those five thousand years.

I didn’t know what to say and I was feeling embarrassed, and then God looked at me in a confused way.

「Who would you rather help? A stranger in need or a stranger in need? And it is fine, you don’t need to answer. Just do what your heart tells you and you should be fine.」

Suddenly, I could hear strange voices. Something was telling me those were the dragons that fell asleep all those years ago.

Apparently the borderlines between dimensions were thinner in this place than they were in the normal world.

So maybe that’s why we were able to talk like that right now.

「You guys……」

It seems that God was also able to hear them. She brought her hands to her face, with tears dripping down her cheeks.

「…… Yeah. I’m so sorry that I wasn’t able to hear your voices properly. And thank you……」

I didn’t understand much from that exchange, but for this God, the sleeping dragons must have been very important.

As she was crying her eyes out, balls of colorful light began to gather all around her.

I realized that those were indeed my brethren that fell asleep long ago.

「I always wanted to tell you that I was waiting for you. I’m sorry. I was trying to destroy the world. I was so angry. I know that It won’t change anything, but I am so sorry!」

That’s right. I now remember the words of both Gramps and Adversa, that the things we cherish the most tend to hurt us the most.

「I really wanted to apologize to them, but since our connection was cut off, if I revealed myself to them, I would end up destroying them and the world along with it.」

She then reached out her hands and held the balls of light in her palms.

「First of all, I shall take care of them. The rest of my children will stay here, since they are saying that they want to aid you in your efforts.」


If that’s what my senpais decided upon, there was nothing more for me to say in that matter.

「Maybe, from now on dragons are going to be born into the world yet again. Their assistance surely would be nice. And with more dragons and better control of this world, who knows? Maybe I’ll come here again sometime in the future?」

She spoke something unbelievable, and when I asked how why did she thought that, surprisingly she had trouble with answering right away.

「Only if you don’t make a fuss like that again. Or else you’ll have a whole lot apologizing to do. To me. And to us all.」

I was speaking about everyone else that helped me to protect the world. Upon hearing that, the God closed her eyes gently.

「Thank you. As well as goodbye. Child from another world that helped me reunite with the world I created.」

She said while smiling brightly.

Her smile was beautiful and lovely that it could only belong to a God.

「Now, I shall return you to your body shortly. I wonder how it feels, having your body and soul separated like that?」

「More like, will I have a body to return to?」

「What was that you said?」

「Ah, no, it’s nothing. Now, please send me back to my body!」

As soon as she put her hands on me again, I felt as though I was being pulled by the gravity so strong unlike the ones I have ever felt before.

So this really means that I have come here in soul form alone?

That’s right. This place was similar to the Dragon Network, so using my real body in here wouldn’t be too effective.

I felt familiar feeling pulling me in from below. I could hardly even contain my own excitement anymore.

With that, I could go back to the world that was once again at peace.

And since we would probably never see each other again, I turned around and extended my hand to her, in order to thank her for everything he has done for me.

She shook my hand and after coughing once or twice, she added:

「…… I do believe I forgot to mention something. I’m not all that good when it comes to delicate operations such as playing around with time. I do believe there may be some differences in this world when it comes to it. I don’t know how severe they may be, though.」

「…… Haa!?」

I watched this God with astonished expression while she only let out a dry laugh.

「When you’re here, you begin to lose your sense of the flow of time. I wouldn’t think it was already five thousand years since that time and about five hundred sine you’ve come here. And I didn’t care all that much about it, since I thought I would be returning you to your original world anyway. Ah, but I can guarantee you that your body is safe and sound! I don’t think I need to state that, but after all dragons are the strongest creatures in this world!」

「Why do you say that now!?」

「It’s, it’s because I thought you might angry with me again! Be seeing you! Stay healthy!」

This, this God is really……

「I knew it, just let me punch you to the face again, God damn iiiiiiiiittttttttt!!!!!!!!!」

I was about to raise my fist at her again, but then she only smiled at me and vanished into thin air.

As for me, I fell from the sky, straight into my hometown down below.


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