Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 182


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

【Vampire-san Transmigration Collab Extra Edition】Dragon-san Wears Different World Clothes

「Now, please wear this.」

I was stunned by the set the smiling Ligurilla had presented to me after she called me here.

There was a sleeveless dress with white and blue base color that was neatly put on a hanger.

It has a separate hood, dark hooded robe and belt, and even the golden garter accessories completed the set.

It’s definitely a dress I told her a couple of days agoーit’s a costume worn by Argent van Peel, a girl I met in another world in a dream.

I actually wondered why she suddenly called me here since we just met a few days ago. But Ligurilla actually made a new costume since then!

Although I was just telling her about my dream, she even asked me to draw the image drawing at that time. So this was the reason for it, huh!

「Since I didn’t have any new ideas and I felt bored, your talk is a really good stimulus for me. With that, isn’t it reasonable for the person who gave the original idea to try on it first?」

「No, I’m just telling you my dreams anyway… Look, you can try it on Aru!」

「I already made the size completely fit with you, though?」

「But if you followed the design faithfully, then the length is……」

I tried to reject her indirectly, but unfortunately, Ligurilla’s pressure didn’t change even a bit, and she kept smiling.

「J-Just for a while, then.」

I gave up just like that, and with that, I had to wear that clothes.

I changed my clothes in Ligurilla’s shop fitting room I borrowed, and I felt a slight embarrassment dying my cheeks.

The costume itself was so unbelievable that I myself didn’t believe that I was the one who drew the original image.

The white decorative cloth is heaped up on a sleeveless dress made of blue cloth, and they are pinned with a decorative belt.

The petticoat with a lace is fluttering under the skirt, making the clothes look cute.

There are even dark robes and garter accessories for the thighs. Her accuracy is too high.

When she was that faithful to the design, then surely she would be wonderfully faithful to the length of the dress too.

「Hey, Ligurilla, isn’t the skirt length a little too short……?」

Even if she said that it was twenty centimeters above the knee, saying that this was basically an undependable mini skirt was not an exaggeration too.

When I was still living on the earth, this kind of length was not uncommon. I could even wear it with ease.

But in this world, the skirt length are usually long, and even if they’re short, it is common to cover the legs with tights and socks at the very least.

……This is the first time I felt like putting on airs.

Also, this sleeveless dress was also not cold, but somehow I felt uncomfortable.

「Oh my, I followed the design you drew though? I did think that it was bold, but when I actually put it in shape, it’s actuallyー」


Even though I protested, Ligurilla traced my buttocks line calmly.

I felt uneasy. Very uneasy!

「You have such a nice legs after all. Since you’re wearing this kind of clothes now, why not show your appeal to your heart’s content?」

「Perhaps, the clothes you usually recommend to me are the one suitable. for my legs?」

「I’m a tailor, you know? My job is to pull out women beauty perfectly.」

I was convinced by Ligurilla who said it so naturally, and at the same time, I dropped my shoulders after remembering my complete defeat.

Ligurilla was the person who led the latest fashion of Barrow.

Her sense of beauty was absolutely trustworthy, and since I also thought that this clothes was cute and pretty, I had no words to talk back to her.

Ligurilla said it clearly, so I knew that she was not trying to flatter me when she said that this clothes was good, and it also made me feel happy.

「Even so, this design without any change won’t be appropriate at here, so maybe I should make some adjustment.」

「Then, why are you making it without any change?」

「Just to past time.」

Just how old are you, Ligurilla!? After I shifted my attention to her, I resigned myself quickly.

「Then, I’ll change my clothes now. It’s okay, right?」

「Oh my, what a shame. You can just go home like that, you know?」

「No way, if I show Nectar this kind of clothes, what do you think his reaction will be!?」

I felt happy when she praised me with sparkling expression, but at the same time it was somewhat annoying.

I tried to return to the fitting room with a strange prenemotion, but suddenly there was a slight scream resounded.

A flower smells floated lightly through the room.

When I looked into the fitting room, Iru-chan, Ligurilla’s familiar and maid, was shaking her shoulder with tears filling her eyes.

She always manages the clothes that were thrown away casually every time Ligurilla and I were playing dress up.

She also could smooth out the wrinkles and made a nice smell in the clothes. Her ability to make them seemed like they had just been washed really amazed me, but now…

「I’m sorry, Black Dragon-sama. I tried to groom your clothes, but it got dirty instead…」

In her hands, there were something like perfume thrown out, and also my clothes.

Although I shook my body with no expression, I scratched my neck and calmed Iru-chan down. With that, I came back home with the sample of Argent’s clothes.

Ligurilla promised that she will laundry my clothes and returned them responsibly, but I didn’t miss her face that was having fun.

No, from Iru-chan’s pale face as the self-evident truth, it was completely an accident, but she must be thinking that this was an absolutely interesting happening!

Well. This dress was also a pretty eccentric dress that does not go against public morals, so my mind value was slightly diminished.

It was also fortunate that I didn’t meet many people on my way back.

But, there was someone who I won’t be able to avoid.

「I’m home.」

「Welcome back, Lava… ah!?」

Nectar, who greeted me after I suddenly came home, stared at my clothes in wonder.

「Ahhh, My clothes got dirty at Ligurilla’s place. So she let me wear a prototype.」

Even though I spoke quickly to Nectar, my tone was gentle.

Whenever I came home with Ligurilla’s new clothes, Nectar always praised me to the point that I wondered why he was looking at the good points that much.

Since he was already used to it these days, even though he still praised me lavishly he didn’t use many exaggerating words anymore, so my heart will feel all but dead by default.

I had prepared for it this time, but, contrary to my expectations, Nectar’s face became red, though?

「What kind of clothes are you wearing right now!?」


Just after he was screaming like that, Nectar turned aside adroitly. When he returned, he covered me with a big cloth.

「What are you doing, Nectar!?」

「Showing your shoulder and feet like that was really shameless! The day is still bright and there are a lot of weird people outside, you know!?」


「You’re too defenseless in the first place! Exposing your private part is violating the public order and morals, and leads to you being entangled with strangers! Please be more aware of your self attraction!!」

While saying such a thing, Nectar wound me up in a large cloth-sheets continuously.

I understood that Nectar was telling me that because he cared for me. and telling me. This was also the usual derivative of this rampage.

But that way of talking started to irritate me, you know?

「Anyway, please cover yourself like that until I bring you a change of clothe… ngh!?」

After I get out of my shock, I stretched my arms and cling to Nectar while still feeling anger towards him.

As I pushed Nectar, whose face was filled with surprise, I straddled on Nectar.

I used magic to ease the impact, but I still looked down towards Nectar who was astonished after being pushed on the floor.

Suddenly, I remembered Ligurilla’s words.

‘Since you’re wearing it now, why not show your appeal to your heart’s content?’

I completely understood what Nectar wants to say, and I was also embarrassed.

But since I like this clothes so much, I’m unwilling to be scolded like that.

「What, is it?」

「Hey, Nectar. This clothes. Do you hate looking at it that much?」

As I was trapped in a sheet hanging on my shoulder, I traced on the garter accessories in my legs lightly while standing on my knees.

They looked as if they were trying to show off slowly.

I felt his light blue eyes concentrating on my fingertips.

But it seemed as if he haven’t forgotten his anger, and barely managed to reply back to me.

「N-No, that’s not it. What I wanted to say isー」

「It’s alright, I went home by transition too. I also didn’t meet any weird people. But then, if we have to talk about that logically…」

Remembering Ligurilla’s actions, I slowly raised the bridge of my lips.

「The one who is acting weird towards me is you though?」

Nectar’s white cheeks were dyed with deep red, and he opened his light blue eyes wide to the limit. Looking at him, I felt an overwhelming sense of superiority.

「No, that, well, you’re right, but…!」

It was unusual for me to see Nectar being so flustered, and he was really cute.

I felt like I somewhat understood Ligurilla’s feelings when she teased Senjiro, and I tilted my neck to Nectar.

「Hey, did you feel your heart pounding?」

「……I did. I was so shocked. I’m sorry for talking to you with strong tone.」

At last, Nectar took back his harsh words and covered his face while apologizing. I also finally felt relieved.

But Nectar, who sighed deeply and covered his face with one hand, was more vulnerable than usual.

It made me want to tease him more.

「Hey, Nectar」

I got carried away and called his name, then I gently pinched the edge of my skirt and slightly lifted it.

「Do you want to see a little bit more?」


I lifted them to the point that he could barely see what’s under them, and I heard Nectar gulped down breathlessly.

I was smirking in my heart, but Nectar’s light blue eyes were suddenly filled with a glint of danger.


Suddenly, Nectar raised his upper body just like that.

Our posture completely changed, and Nectar trapped me between his arms.


He called my name in a mixture of breath, and it sent shivers on my skin.

「I’m homeー!」

Aru’s cheerful voice resounded, and both of us flew off from each other with all our might.

「Huh? What are mommy and daddy doing?」

What Aru saw when he came should be how Nectar fell down on me who was warped in sheets, right?

「No, I’m wearing something I haven’t got accustomed with, so I covered myself with sheets……」

Aru just accepted my awkward excuse obediently, and when he realized my clothes, his golden eyes glittered.

「Hyaー! Mommy is so cute! Is that onee-sama’s clothes? Amazing!!」

「That’s right. Aru, you have to wash your hands after coming back from outside, right?」

「I will do it now, so be sure to wait for me! Don’t change the clothes first!!」

I was relieved when Aru immediately disappeared to the bathroom, but then flaxen hair completely filled my view, making me surprised.

「Please be prepared for tonight, okay?」

With the heat of the words whispered onto my ears, I had no courage to look behind my back.

After that, I secretly kept Argent’s clothes into my wardrobe.

The end.


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