Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 183


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

[V Volume Release Commemorative Extra Edition] Dragon-san, Under the Magic Adjustment Training

「Uwahhh, I don’t get it!!」

As I raised my awareness from the Layline, I rolled around at the foot of the Vishana Mountains.

It was somewhat amusing to raise a cloud of dust from the scraped off ground with my black scales, or to shatter the rocks with my swaying tail.

It has been tens of years since I was reborn as a solitude ageless tribal dragon after slipping from the skin of a banana. I had given up after passing through my human age long ago.

However, the thing called as the adjustment of the magical power circulation that was entrusted to the dragons was very troublesome.

It was like working with hundreds tangled strings, then using tweezers to break them away so that the liquid inside wouldn’t spill out.

For me, the lacking part was to make and extend the Layline, or cut the excess part to an appropriate length, then increase it if the amount of the flow was not enough…… There were many things I have to do, it was so confusing.

Thanks to it, the demons which was generated from stagnant magic in this land increased, yet they were also subjected to extermination.

The cause of the increase of demons was the stagnation of magic power, so it would be necessary to set up the Layline in order to make sure the magic power was not stagnating, but the demons were also the reason why the Layline were ruined… To say it simple, my work was endless.

Uhh, even though I can quickly get out of this situation after being able to arrange Layline, yet…

There’s no way an untrained dragon like me can excel on it. When I was scratching the ground, there was suddenly the smell of the forest.

『Black dragon, why are you making such difficult face?』

I let out a cry to the tree spirit grandpa who spoke in ancient languages.

『Grandpa, I completely can’t do this after all. Can I really be a full-fledged dragon like this?』

I had insufficient knowledge about what dragons should know, and I had a grandpa, who had lived much longer than me, taught me everything, starting from how to grasp the magic power to how to tie the Layline.

Even though I had been treated with a warm care, I felt that I haven’t been able to make use of what I was taught at all.

I felt downhearted, and I dropped my shouldeー no, since I am a dragon, I dropped my long neck. Grandpa stroked his beard, and spoke warmly to me.

『What, since you were a newborn, it’s only expected that you can’t just do it perfectly.』

『Even if you say ‘newborn’, tens of years have passed, you know?』

When I replied like that, I felt that grandpa had a miserable face for a moment, but it returned to normal soon.

『What are you saying, it’s only two digits, right? For me, you’re still green.』

Grandpa said so, and stroked the nape of my neck that was lying on the ground.

『You can just pass over them one by one. After all, you are still just getting acquainted with magic power. I know your growth well, so don’t worry.』

The quiet and refreshing magic that flowed around grandpa, plus the feeling of his warm hand was above all eloquent, and it calmed my feelings.

「Ahhh, I can’t do it well!!」

The girl with fiery red hair rolled around on the ground while saying so. I suddenly remembered what happened long time ago, and unconsciously let out a laugh.

Ah, I see. So grandpa used to see me like this, huh?

The girl who was rolling around, Karol, raised her face and became angry at me after she realized I was laughing.

「Muuu… Grandma doesn’t have to laugh at me, though!」

The girl who pouted his lips was Aru’s child, and my granddaughter.

She was currently practicing the rudimentary Layline adjustment.

It seems that Karol was trying hard to solve the false Layline stagnation, which was the problem that Aru asked her to solve, but it seemed like she was about to give up.

Earl also gave her a difficult problem this time, and Karol was not even two digits after birth, so of course she couldn’t do it that fast.

「No, no. There’s no way I’m laughing at you. I just remembered that I used to be like Karol long time ago.」

「Grandma too?」

I stroked Karol’s head, who had her golden eyes bulged in surprise.

「You don’t have to be in such a hurry. You have grown up properly, after all.」



Karol made an embarrassed face, and light came back to her pupils.

She may not know her progress from yesterday to today, but it would be very different after one month and one year.

Grandpa surely knew my growth even more than me.

「Yosh, I’m going to try it a little more then! Because I’m going to be a wonderful dragon like my uncle, grandmother and mother too!」

That’s right, let’s go talk about this with grandpa.

As I decided so in my heart, I smiled and looked at Karol who tried to solve the problem again.


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