Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 184


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

【Extra Edition】Happy New Year, Dragon-san!

I am a dragon.

After a lot of things had happened and I had knocked down the erosion, Aru’s children also had grown up. During the peaceful days, we were relaxing in my family house on an island with spirit trees.

At that time, Mikoto invited me to spend the new year together.

I wanted to enjoy the new year celebration in Towa by all means, so I quickly nodded to her. I thought that since we were celebrating new year anyway, I invited everyone to gather and celebrate it together. In the end, everyone came to intrude in Mikoto and Iori-kun’s house in Towa.

「Let’s decide with this!」

Ligurilla’s declaration echoed to Towa’s winter sky.

I silently watched over the deep purple long-sleeved kimono fluttered in the air.

The Towa classic red camellia that was blooming profusely at the tye-dye really showed Ligurila’s choice.

She was swinging a battledore in beautiful form, and thrown the shuttle towards Mikoto in a fast and strong pace.

However, Mikoto’s eyes brightened.

「Too easy!」

Mikoto’s orange long-sleeved kimono with dancing phoenix design on them fluttered, and she returned back the shuttle.

Of course, Ligurilla tried to return it back, but the shuttle changed its direction irregularly in the middle. When she tried to adapt herself with the move, the skirt of her kimono gets entangled and her move became delayed.

At that moment, the shuttle fell to the ground.


『Since I was used with kimono, my move won’t be delayed even if I was facing all of the Gods.』

Mikoto proudly took out the ink and brush, and sidled up to Ligurilla who was shrinking on her knee in bitterness.

『Now then, even if you are one of the pillar of gods, you still have to keep your promise for the match.』

「Of course I will keep my competition promise. Kuhh, just do what you want… Eh, that much? Hyaaa…」

『Now then, let’s do another match!』

「I won’t let it end with this kind of humiliation!」

As Mikoto and Ligurilla talked to each other, they started another battledore and shuttlecock battle, I leaked out a dry laugh.

Alongside that, Kyle and Senjiro were pounding mochi with mallet and mortar in a high speed.






「Oh hoh」

Kyle swung down the mallet and Senjiro was the one receiving, but their hand speed was too fast to the point that I couldn’t see anything.

Even so, both of them were also wearing kimono with tasuki tucking up their sleeves, and they were quite attractive to look at.

「……Elvie, we will do it in our own pace, okay?」

「……All right, Iori.」

Beside those two men whose hand moves were too fast that they couldn’t be seen anymore, there were Iori-kun and Elvie who were wearing kimono too, and pounded the mochi too with a mullet and mortar. Un, their pace is steady.

At the side of them, Aru and Maruka were waiting to prepare the bucket for the mochi.

Aru was wearing bright red colored checkered pattern with flowers long-sleeved kimono, which gave him a modern impression.

Even now, Aru still looked genderless, but with this clothes, he gave a girlish impression.

On the other hand, Maruka-chan wore a black and brownish bold kimono with dark green dot. But she also wore orange obi which expressed her cuteness. It was really suitable for Maruka-chan.

「That’s right, big brother. Since today is a special day, be careful so that you won’t be injured.」

「After I’m tired, you can take my place, okay?」

「Rather, let me do it now! I also want to try it!」

「It looks interesting, right?」

Maruka and Aru were still being good friends even after they already had their own children, and with their kimono tucked up with tasuki, they seemed fully motivated. However, Elvie frowned after looking at the girls’ finest clothes.

「No, since your clothes are borrowed, please just stay obedient.」

「I have Vass to keep it clean, though! It’s okay right, Vass?」

When Maruka asked in a soft voice, Vass-senpai, who had his sand-colored hair flowed casually, nodded in consent.

「Vass, please don’t spoil Maruka that much.」

「I will be Maruka’s support so she could enjoy the new year. I don’t think there is any problem with that.」

「She is already married for twenty years already. She will be okay.」

「Really, I don’t understand why are we doing well.」

「But I know exactly why Aru and my brother are doing well, though.」

Elvie shrugged her shoulder to Maruka, who continued to laugh loudly.

Aru only smiled amusingly after looking at Elvie.

I was preparing for the heating by using magic in the room diligently, and somehow I felt so happy after looking at the usual sight that I kept smiling for a long time. Maybe it was because of the new year festives.

By the way, Karol and Shiruto, Aru and Maruka’s children, already entered the senior high section of Signos Magical Academy, but they were not here after informed that “We can’t go because it is the finale of the labyrinth capturing!”

It seemed like they also shouted that they wanted to come here to eat the mochi, though

Well, since they met Iori and Mikoto a little while before, so it should be alright.

I felt quite lonely that they already became independent, but since they were also growing up, it couldn’t be helped.

In exchange, Ten and Makoto said that they will come later.

Since the emperors couldn’t come, they delivered some luxurious dishes, fancy sleeves, and bands, and

Instead of not being able to go from the emperors, luxurious dishes and fancy sleeves and bands were delivered, and everyone put on the sleeves they chose as they please. 

The dressing was done by the veteran Ligurilla, and she did every piece of what we wore.

Even in Towa, a kimono with long sleeve was symbolized as a fine dress for an unmarried or young lady, but in emperors sayings, it meant “showing comfort in glamorous way”.

With that, I was also wearing a long-sleeved kimono with a bluish light-blue sleeve.

I liked it at first glance since the red flower that was blooming on the flower was really matching with the bluish color.

Ligurilla also used black obi to matched my look, she really had a great taste.

While I was heating the room, Nectar and Berga, who were sitting in the kitchen, came back with cold air. But then…

「Ahh, I’m relieved. It’s warm. Thank you, Lava.」

「Ah, Nectar, Belga. Is the simmered soup done…… so many!?」

They were holding pots in their hands.

By the way, I chose the type with a rather short sleeve for Belga, since she asked me to help her choose. The cream-colored, hand-knitted pattern was really cute and lovely. It was also really suitable for the coverall apron, good job for me!

I’m thinking that although the number of people are a lot, why four New Year dishes….? But then, Belga replied to me joyfully.

「When I asked the servants, they said that the soup and seasoning used in various places in Towa are different. Since everyone is here, I wanted to try everything and made a lot in the end. Of course, I will also prepare for the emperor too.」

「Wow, let me help you to carry it too. Nectar, the corridors should have been cold, right?」

If Nectar felt cold, his movement would be sluggish.

「The kitchen is warm, and I didn’t shiver thanks to the cold protection technique you’ve applied. But can you help me carry the New Year foods? There are some from the Emperor too, so there are a lot to carry.」

「Then first, I’m going to help finishing the soup and mochi.」

I offered Belga to see Kyle and his team who runs left and right on the pile of mochi, then I entrusted that place to her and went to the kitchen with Nectar.

「Nectar, if you look at me that much, I will feel embarrassed.」

Nectar, who was looking at me from top to bottom, made a somewhat strange face.

He already praised me when I changed into these clothes before, but maybe it was still not enough? Did he want to flatter me exaggeratedly again?

「Err, I just think that you made a surprising choice when I look at it again.」

「Are you talking about the kimono?」

「Yes, you always choose red, white, and black, so for you to wear light blue clothes is surprising. But I was able to discover the new attractiveness of Lawa, so it is a matter of great congratulation!」

Ohhh, so Nectar was still the same after all.

Well, what he said was certainly true. I also wore red kimono when I came to Towa before.

At first, I thought that it would be okay for me to wear the red kimono that Aru was wearing, but after I found this one, I suddenly wanted to wear it.

But the reason is certainly…

「Isn’t this the color of Nectar’s eyes? Since I finally got the chance, I want to try wearing it.」

Ligurilla would also coordinate with me so that it would suit me, and in the end it was also very cute.

When I was thinking that this kimono had become one of my favourites, Nectar’s light blue eyes widened, and he blushed.

Huh? Did I say something strange?

「Do you mean that… you want to clad in my color?」

「Ah, eh, yeah. Something… like that?」

「Thank you very much.」

Now I became embarrassed too, and my cheeks turned as red as Nectar’s.

In the delicate silence, Nectar who had turned red earlier than me smiled.

「I also have prepared the simmered soup I taught to you before.」

「Is that true! I’m looking forward it!」

Overall, Towa’s New Year dishes had somewhat Chinese-like ambience.

I didn’t really feel any nostalgia anymore, but it felt nice to reproduce it this way too.

With that, I took a pot of simmered soup with the New Year dishes to the tatami room with Nectar, but I was filled with the urge to cry after looking at Ligrila. Large amount of her face had been written down cruelly.

Beside her, Mikoto who has been covered with ink as well was gripping Senjiro’s arm.

「Let’s unite to beat the Lava doubles! No matter what, we have to win!」

「I’m going to team up with Sen!」

「No, we have to mix it!」

「There is no way I will lose with Lava no matter what!」

「Before that, let’s start eating from the New Year dishes first. The freshly pounded rice cakes are delicious, too! Come and dig in, Ligurilla, Mikoto!」

「I will definitely clear off this humiliation, just you see!」

When everyone was making a strained laugh to Ligurilla who came face to face with third degree, there was a shadow coming from the sky.

「Oi, wait a minute, you’re going too quick. I haven’t said that you can gooooooooo!!! 」

『What are you saying, Zex-san. Didn’t you say that you will launch it for the celebration! The place is just a bit far away!』

「Just give up, Zex-san. I know Karol will push it through once she decides it. Besides, my parents also wanted to see Zex.」

「Siruto, that’s the ancient god dragon and greenery healer, right? My heart couldn’t take it, you know!?」

『If you want to meet black dragon grandma and wise men grandpa, this is the time. Ah, grandma!! Mother!! Do you still have some mochi!!??』

A full-fledged red dragon unfastened in the air and became a flaming red-haired girl with thirteen, fourteen years old appearance and a sand-colored with green tip haired boy who is about sixteen years old. Also, a man that looked like an adventurer whose face was filled with old wounds stood in the garden.

Apparently, she finished the labyrinth search in a hurry. As expected from the falling star Karol.

「Oh, Karol made it in time. Since you had been flying, go wash your hands now.」

「Wow! Everyone are very beautiful! Is there any of my share!? Please let me change my clothes later too!」

Karol, the red-haired girl spoke loudly while taking off her boots and ran together with her mother Aru to wash herself.

「Hey Zex, how unexpected. My grandchildren have been in your care.」

「Ah, it’s been a long time. Black lava… Noct-san. Err, Lava-san.」

Siruto with sand colored hair introduced the labyrinth-searching ally, Zex, to his parents, Maruka and Vass-senpai.

I was also in a fight against Zex in a labyrinth of myriad steel cave, but it seemed like he was still having fun with Karol and Siruto as always.

Even if I didn’t ask about it, Karol will surely tell me about the strategy guide, so I was looking forward to it.

I pull Zex who got cold feet, and Karol and Siruto also sat down comfortably.

Then, they moved their gazes at me, like it was a natural thing to do.

Eh, do I take the lead?

W-Well, whatever.

I had repeated this word hundreds of times, but every time I said it, it felt somewhat different.

But to welcome a peaceful year like this made me very happy.

「Happy New Year. Let’s have an enjoyable year too this year!」

I looked around my family and my important friends that was sitting around me, and I smiled happily.


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