Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 185


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

【Extra Chapter】 Dragon-san Becomes a Cat Beastmen & Demon-sama Becomes a Cat

After Aru went out to the fief land, I finally could relax at home again after a long time. Nectar who was reading a book suddenly lifted his face.

「By the way, this has been on my mind for a long time, but is Lava humanization only limited to humans?」

「Nn, what do you mean?」

「Previously, you said that changing to small creatures is hard for you, but there are some other tribes other than human, after all. For example, there are forest Elf, underground Dwarf, beastman, so I wonder why you are choosing human appearance. 」

When I woke up from the couch, Nectar gave me a supplementary explanation.

The book that Nectar put on the table was a medical book that discussed about the characteristics of the tribes.

While I was thinking that Nectar sure read a lot of books, I answered him.

「The main reason is because of my own appearance in my previous world. I’m also not that skillful in the past, so I couldn’t do other appearance than the one I’m already get used with. But I think I have improved quite a lot, so how about we give it a try?」


When Nectar’s light blue eyes glittered, I smiled while standing up lightly.

I was free right now and it was currently spring. Since I have the ability to change into the elves, dwarves, and even beastmen in this world, I thought that it would be a little wasteful not to see it.

I turned my arms around to ease my body in front of Nectar who has an excited face, and I focused my attention to the center of my chest which has the sorcerer stone.

So this was how it felt at the beginning, huh. Iori-kun must’ve known this too, since he is an elf.

After that, I felt something itchy around my ears and raised my face, but Nectar was unexpectedly close to me.

Since I wanted to see too, I took out a mirror, and I could see myself with long and pointed ears there.

It made me felt strange because it gave me the atmosphere of an artist, but the color of my hair does not change, though.

「I predicted that your ear shape will be different, but it seems like your face and body also change a little bit, right?」

「Maybe. I feel somewhat taller.」

Nectar who had switched into his researcher’s face observed me around.

「Hmm, can I touch you a little?」


Even though it was ticklish, Nectar’s expression was serious when touched my ears and bones as if to make sure of things. I let him do as he pleases because his actions didn’t have any sex appeal.

「Do you want me to transform again?」

「Yes, please.」

When I stared at Nectar who looked pleased and wrote on a notebook that he took out from who-knows-where, I changed my body again.

Now I felt shorter, and my clothes were a bit loose.

Nectar’s eyes glittered even more than before.

Yes, now my height only reached Nectar’s chest. The characteristics of the dwarves were overall round and short, after all.

「Oh, so this is the underground dwarf. I heard that their body had evolved into small and short figure because they live in the undergrounds and tunnels, but the legs are solid even with the short stature. You look like an adult woman properly too.」

「I feel that my body is very light intuitively.」

「Hmm. That area can only be compared by Lava, huh?」

Nectar was squeezing my hand lightly and pressed them with serious face. It seemed like he was looking at how my muscles could fit.

Somehow I became quite interested too.

「Then, I will turn to the last one!」

「Yes, please do!」

While Nectar waited eagerly, I became carried away and turned my body one time, then I changed into a beastman.

The position of my ear changed softly, and I felt something squirming from my waist.

And what was reflected in the mirror is me who had best ears on the top of my head and a thin tail sticking out from my butt.

I thought that I would transform into a fox like Mikoto or a wolf like Sen-san, but I actually changed into a cat beastman that I encountered in Towa before.

My somewhat equilateral triangle ears were black like my hair color, and when my tail with the same color twisted, it felt so strange.

Well, I also have a tail when I am a dragon, but when I have a humanoid appearance, the feeling is somewhat different.

The tail was a bit tight. The structure of Towa’s clothes should be naturally different from what I currently wore.

When I moved my tail amusingly, I noticed that I haven’t heard Nectar’s voice. I looked back while feeling confused, Nectar was stiffening.

He was acting totally different from just now, his mouth was opened and he stared at me in a daze.

「What happened?」

When I flickered my tail slowly and tilted my neck, Nectar’s face immediately changed from flushed red to ghastly pale.

「This won’t do! Immediately block the front door and change your transition, don’t expose this to anyone, especially to Lily!」

Ah, so it was the usual transformation.

I caught the nape of Nectar’s neck and stopped him who was trying to leave the room with an absolutely serious face. Ah, my body felt more agile than when I was a human.

「Okay, please calm down now. What happened to you suddenly?」

「There’s no way I can feel calm! I never thought that this kind of appeal would be created just by changing your race!」

「You’re exaggerating it, Nectar…」

「After all, I found Lava’s new cute appearance! The black triangle ears in your dark hair are lovely, and moving differently with the texture of the hair, and the embarrassed swaying tail is also moving in a delicate movement, different from when you’re a dragon! Lily-san will definitely eat you up! Since you are! this! cute!!」

「Ah, no, that…」

My face was flushed after hearing Nectar’s emphasis. 

My tail which I haven’t been able to control swings as how it wants.

In cats and dogs, the way their tail moves are different, but it doesn’t change that it will move when they get excited or happy.

Oi, my tail. Please hear what your owner has to say, can’t you!
Suddenly, Nectar made a face as if he had realized something.

「I see, I forgot about this. Your skirt got turned up because of the tails, right?」

I pressed my skirt down. I was glad that I was wearing a short skirt today, but I never knew that having a tail in humanoid figure would be like this. It felt so windy!

「C-Can you please don’t say something so embarassing……」

「Eh, ahhh, I’m sorry……?」

Even though it was not Nectar’s fault, I kept pressing my skirt while having red face.

Because of that, Nectar who had been excited since now calmed down, and his voice became smaller.

Ah, the atmosphere became somewhat strange. What should I do.

I glanced at my black cat tail.

No, this is just an academic interest! I tried to send that out towards Nectar with my eyes.

「Anyway, do you want to touch it?」

「Please. …Can I touch your ears too?」

I thought that I was a little too hasty when I immediately agreed to Nectar’s super serious face.

After that, Aru, who came back home, was worried about me who was completely exhausted, but I persisted with my right to stay silent.

…This time, should I change into different beastman?


「That time, I tried that kind of thing, you know.」

Lava and Ligulilligura, who was called Ligurilla by her close friend and was a friend and an eternal rival of the black dragon, were chatting together while having a tea.

It seemed like the black dragon tried to change her body into each of the races before.

When Ligurilla asked if there was any meaning of doing that, Lava told her with a little embarrassment that the feelings of the body could change a lot depending on the race.

When Lava said it like that, Ligurilla felt like she wanted to try it.

Since it might be a clue to beat Lava.

Strictly speaking, Lava’s transformation and Ligurilla’s were a bit different, but Ligurilla had an extreme magic power.

In a moment, she decided to pull up the technique and tried it herself.

But then.

Ligurilla was facing a very serious pinch right now.

Ligurilla chose a beastman. The samples were always close by, and since she would specially change soon, she also remodelled her clothes a little.

The change itself is successful, and the beautiful golden cat’s tail extends without problems from the tail hole made in the clothes.
Ligurilla had confirmed in the mirror earlier that she got beast’s triangle ears which is similar to a cat on the top of her head.

Certainly, as Lava said, the beastmen’s whole senses have become sharper than before.

Even Ligurilla, who prefers humanoid, had a little introspection towards her blind spot.

Ligurilla wanted to move her body a little, but she was unable to even go outside and isolated herself in the living room.

Unfortunately, this magic was time-based. The reason was because her body would be burdened if she keeps changing her body freely. Her appearance would remain until the magic ended.

She should just let it pass.

However, the room’s door was opened just after she concluded so. 

「Ligurilla-dono, I know that you’re worried about Theo, but what should we do about… this…」

Even though Ligurilla wanted to scold herself for forgetting to lock up the door, she only glared at the beastman Senjiro who was looking at her with his bulged gray eyes.

Senjiro, who came back from his business, looked astonished and delighted at Ligurilla’s golden cat’s ear on her head and bulging fur on the graceful golden tail on her waist.

「I’m surprised, so magic can do that kind of thing too!」

Senjiro approached her in an unusually high spirits. Ligurilla had a lot of things she wanted to say, but she could only stay quiet for now.

Actually, Ligurilla chose to change into a beastman rather than other race because she didn’t dislike pleasing this man uselessly.

「You have an absolutely lovely ear and tail. It’s almost like you’re from the same tribe with me… No, I have no objection towards the usual Ligurilla-dono though, but I felt quite happy. Can you stand up?」

Senjiro was so happy that he held Ligrila’s hand up more actively than usual.

Even if anyone didn’t focus at Senjiro, his gray tail was obviously wagging. Even though he usually could control them, this time he was feeling very happy that his tail wagged unconsciously.

「Well, the length of the fur is also well-suited with Ligurilla-dono’s gorgeousness. Ahh, the fur of your tail and the shape of your ears are also pretty, and this kind of pretty fur like Ligurilla-dono’s is also pretty rare.」

Ligurilla could not raise her voice to object the unusual closelesness of their distance, although he also didn’t touch her skin directly.

She could only think of beating this man up to stop him. But, even Ligurilla felt quite bad for suddenly hitting this man whose face was truly full of joyfulness.

But she does not want to acknowledge this.

While Ligurilla is worried and shaking, Senjiro questions her while being shy.

「From your appearance, it looks like you are a cat beastman. The wolf beastman and cat beastman have different affection expression, but the common expression among the beastman is to entangle each other’s tail. Since you already change with such great pains, can we try to do it?」

「What do meow say!?」

Ligurilla tried to protest and said ‘What do you say!?’.

But what spilled out of Ligrila’s mouth was something similar to a cat’s cry.

Ligurilla, whose face is dyed in red color, desperately trying to explain to Senjiro who bulged his eyes in surprise.

「……There is something wrong with the meowgic, so there are weird side effects happening to meow. Just leave it alone, nya!」

「I… see…」

「I’ll tear you apart if you laugh, nya!」

Senjiro was slightly surprised at Ligurilla who angrily told him not to open his mouth.

Her face that turned bright red of embarrassment looks more obedient than usual.

Perhaps because her gold cat’s ear was quivering, her emotions became more understandable.

Senjiro, who had no desire to laugh, held Ligurilla who was trying to escape.

「Ligurilla-dono, I haven’t heard your answer to my previous question.」

Ligurilla raised her eyebrows, not understanding what he meant for a second. But then, she realized that it was about the story of tail he mentioned earlier.

She didn’t use the magic for this. Since she didn’t want to talk even more than this, she should just refuse.

However, even when Ligurilla was filled with such compulsion, she could not say anything to Senjiro who looked at her with hope.

Senjiro did not feel that is showing any aversion from Ligurilla’s attitude, and , so he slightly loosened his expression.

Senjiro pulled Ligurilla’s slender waist just a bit closer to him and entwined his own tail with hers.

Ligurillla’s expression became sour and she pouted in displeasure.

However, when the gray tail held the golden tail, it went up in surprise, but then her tail approached his tail timidly.

Just like that, the gray tail was intertwined with the golden tail.

「Umu, you are very lovely.」

While smiling with flushed face, Senjiro cuddled his cheeks with Ligurilla’s, and she completely stopped moving.

The gesture he was doing was something that Towa people usually did to show their deep affection. Ligurilla had repeatedly seen it in the past.

He never done this before, so he might be doing it unconsciously.

She could just remember this later. Of course she will take revenge on this ten times more.

Ligurilla secretly swore to herself, and let Senjiro immersed himself in the happiness.

After all, likes and dislikes are two different matter.

Ligurilla leaned on the wolf beastman body defenselessly, while nervously felt the unknown sensation that came from her tail.



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