Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 21


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

「Dragon-san」 Release Commemoration SS ~ Magician Nectar’s Night Full of Reaping What He Sow ~

Author note:
This is the special chapter released to commemorate the release of the book version of the 「Dragon-san」!

※ This chapter contains a whole lot of Nectar’s lewd delusions! Not for the faint of heart!

※ Although it is possible to enjoy this chapter as a standalone chapter, it would be even more enjoyable if you first read the other special chapter first, ‘Dragon-san, Do a Girl’s Party!’

First of all, I would like to thank all of those who cheered for me and purchased the book.

The leader of the Royal Magic Institute, the Court Magician Nectar Prominent was quickly moving through the research tower, now everywhere around him is all quiet since it was well over midnight.

In addition to various inspections he had to work from the early morning to late evening, he was made to work some overtime by Kyle, his best friend. Now, he started to feel the fatigue of the day catching up to him. However, he was leaving the tomorrow problems to the tomorrow him, as for later today he was finally going to meet up with his beloved Lava.

He called her in advance for convenience’s sake, but refrained from thinking about her for the past three days. Which was already pretty hard to do, since they only briefly saw each other two months ago after being apart for around half a year.

For that very reason, Nectar planned to have the whole day today as a day off, so that the two of them could go and tour all of the sightseeing spots they haven’t got the chance to visit.

Surely, they are going to enjoy themselves.

That’s why he wanted to return to his room in the research tower as soon as possible. He wanted to rest for a bit, so that he could fully enjoy their time together after not seeing each other for so long.

While standing in front of the door to his room, he realized that part of the protective barrier that was stretched inside had been rewritten, which instantaneously caused him to shift into high alert.

Whoever had done this must have been good, to tweak the barrier erected by Nectar, who was the youngest person in the history of this country to be given the title of ‘Sage’, the highest honor possible for a magician.

Nectar was taught offensive magic in case he’d be forced to deal with unprecedented situations, but immediately concluded that against someone so skilled it would only be an empty effort. He prepared himself to be ready to cast his spells at any time, and with his staff in one hand he put his other hand on the doorknob and stepped inside the room, ever vigilant.



Right there.

There was Lava in her human form, laying in his bed.

Lava’s characteristic dark hair with mix of red in them were scattered all over the sheets, and she was wearing a beautiful white dress he sent her not so long ago. She was resting in such a way that she was turned towards him, so he could see her slightly flushed cheeks and sleeping face that for some reason looked really happy.

Her sleeping face was basking in the moonlight seeping in through the window, looking all innocent, but the sight of her exposed collarbone was exquisitely alluring and the her pure-white thighs peeking from under the hem of her skirt were glorious and sexy.

Seeing such a stimulating sight spread right in front of him, the mind of this great genius said to be born once upon a thousand years was thrown into a state of deep confusion.

(S, something’s not right! Lava said she had no need for regular sleep like a normal human being, so she shouldn’t be asleep like that!! –– She is a creature capable of using Teleportation magic, creating magical boundary and interfering with spells of others, so why would she even feel the need to indulge herself in mortal pleasantries and wait for me in my room? Is this supposed to be some kind of hallucination created by my desires!? …… No, I don’t care if it a hallucination or not, there is only one thing for me to do if Lava is right in front of me!)

Nectar managed to come up with this explanation in nearly 0.3 second, looked down and slowly sat down on the bed right in front of sleeping Lava without any kind of hesitation.

Usually he would just run away and avoid staring at her, but now it was a whole different story.

Nectar was not going to miss this opportunity, treating it like an early reward for all of his hard work, and so he decided to have a closer look at this frame of a young human girl which Lava adapted for herself.

Lava’s physique looked completely different from the typical women around this country, with her whole body seemingly being very delicate.

Her hands were small and smooth, with cherry-colored nails resembling those of the young noble ladies, looking so fragile as if you could break them easily if you’d only gripped them strongly. Her nape and neck were thin, and the curvy lines of her body were similar to those of the adolescent girl.

Even so her body was abundant in feminine charm that could be well-observed even with her clothes still on, one that would make you want to embrace her with full power. So strong was the allure of Lava’s human form.

Having finished this general observation, Nectar drew even closer to Lava, wanting to observe her face more closely. He could smell the faint, sweet fragrance of alcohol coming from her.

(Uwah, Lava’s eyelashes are so long! Her skin is so smooth and white, like porcelain! And her hair is so glossy and silky! It’s a shame I can’t see her golden eyes right now, but truly, Lava’s ‘transformation’ is something else entirely! So thrilling!)

At that time, Lava turned over in her sleep.

Although Lava moved abruptly, Nectar managed to catch her and prevent her from falling out of the bed, but by doing so the collar of her dress came slightly undone, letting out a sweet fragrance and exposing the pink acorn decorating the center of her breast for a little bit. Nectar’s eye was almost instantly drawn to that sight.

Lava was a Dragon, and that meant that her magical power was tremendously more powerful than that of any other living creature.

But that was it. Right now she was looking just like a normal person, and Nectar thought she was so beautiful that his body shivered just from looking at her alone. So beautiful like a rare gemstone.

So beautiful that he wanted to touch her at least once.

(W, wh, what the hell was I even thinking! R, right now Lava is a woman, and touching the body of the unconscious woman is just ––––…………B, but Lava did say that in the past she perceived herself as genderless, and even let me examine her hair, scales and talons on numerous occasions. I, It’s not that I wanted to try to touch her breasts , not at all…… From an academic point of view, I am very much interested! This is all for academic purpose!)

Nectar managed to find the perfect excuse for his action in but a split of 0.5 second, swallowed hard and slowly reached his hand towards Lava’s sleeping body.


Just when his fingers were but a few millimeters away from Lava’s body, hearing her voice escaping from her lips made Nectar withdraw his hand with the speed of the sound.

Trying to suppress his wild heartbeat, he could hear some faint words that seemed to have escaped from Lava’s cherry-colored lips.

「Welcome home, Nectar…… Thank you for all of your hard work……」

Perhaps she managed to notice even though her eyelids were shut and she was asleep.


Nectar understood that she must have been waiting in this room to say those words to him when he got here, and so after a long period of silence he took the blanket that was laying nearby and covered Lava with it.

Then, he sat on the floor with his back turned to sleeping Lava, preparing his resolution with a gloomy expression.

「The use of curses in ancient language is not about the intent, but rather about choosing the right letters and carefully carving them, magical spells involve the use of the basic eight elements, stamping, deciphering, dyeing……」

In order to calm his raging anxiety, he decided to recite basic magical formulas in his head one after another.

That battle would eventually last until early in the morning, when Lava woke up.

The long night of magician Nectar has only just begun.



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