Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 42


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

VOLUME 2 CHAPTER 9: Interlude ~Cheerful Disaster ~

Today I posted two episodes in a row. This is the latest installment.

「Umu, this area has a nice vibe to it. Let’s do it here.」

Somewhere at the Signos Plains, a tall man with a huge luggage on his back stopped in place, put his backpack down and laid a huge square cloth flat on the ground.

「Now then, I wonder it will go this time?」

Then, he began to spread various magical tools on top of the cloth.

「Hmm, hmm, this is no good, and this one is too weak. As I though, old ones simply ain’t gonna cut it, huh?」

Contrary to his somewhat dubious language, he was treating his tool much like very close friends.

Although he himself was sitting on the ground, his tools were spread over the cloth, as he handled them delicately and paid them lots of attention.

「But still, isn’t it just rude to decorate it like that? If it’s broken then properly dispose of it, and if you can use it then use it.」

The man kept on talking to himself while putting the magical tools on display, and then he takes the last one in his hands.

Then, his absent-minded expression suddenly sharpened.

「Ooh, you seem like a promising little fella, aren’t you?」

Then, when the man was about halfway through assorting the contents of his backpack, he stood up and drew a lute that he was carrying on his back

Along with his strange inspection, the man began to hum under his nose.

It was a song filled with divine blessing.

Blessing of the old and those who already passed away and celebrating the birth of the new with mostly forgotten words, resonating with the surrounding magical energy.

Unexpectedly, the surrounding magical energy began to gather around the tools spread over the cloth, filling them with power.

Many of them, despite being filled with magic, lost their light and stopped responding, but even so, the man continued to stroke the strings and sing.

Then, the wand that the man described as ‘promising’ began to shine even brighter, and finally traces of thin mist began to rose from it and swell up.

The man smiled, seeing how the mist began to form a human-like shape right in front of him.

「Tool forgotten by humans, let’s give you a new role. Become my dear companion. Help make my wish a reality.」

The man speaks in low and beautiful voice, while stroking the strings even more.


As soon as the humanoid shape in front of him lifts its head slightly, the melody abruptly stops.

Needless to say, the song also stops, while the man scratches his head curiously.

Even though it should be conscious in this state, there was no reaction.

Hence the movement of its head to the man’s words.

But it is as clear as day that the wand was being rejected.

「A sudden spiritualization, is it……? But, being trapped in such a place, where could this power possibly……?」

Even though the song and melody are gone, the figure in front of him still remained in its place.

For the first time, the man looks down on the wand with a nasty frown.

「What’s this, this sign of draconic barrier? Just how do I get my hands on one?」

The man looks again at the humanoid figure in front of him, its body intact but with no mind and will to speak of.

「Ah! Ah! Even if I make myself a companion, it is just going to break down on me immediately. And here I thought that this one might be good, too. Whatever shall I do?」

The man murmurs to himself while looking around with disappointment in his eyes.

Even though the plain was covered in grass, it was firmly paved in stone.

That is why he chose this place to settle down. But now, while he was having a closer look, he could see the stones filled with curses and human grudges.

However, it deteriorated over time and right now it was far from resembling its original shape.

「It doesn’t seem to be so old, I wonder was he doing? However, this is also quite nice.」

The man laughs happily and comes closer as if to confirm it, and finds the central part of the foundation. He stroked the lute’s strings again.

「Now, let us go back. Back to what it should be. Back to what it was supposed to do.」

With each strokes the part of the spell activates, rewinding back time and restoring the place to its previous state, and a group of stone columns materializes out of thin air.

When he finished the ritual, the man put the wand in the center of the freshly restored facility.

「Good. Well then, now all depends on your luck. Should everything goes well, you should emerge as a splendid spirit. Ah, what a wonderful thing!」

The man began to laugh, and then he packed all of his magical tools back into his backpack and departed the area, all the while humming some cheerful melody.



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