Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 48

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After a conversation with Elvie, Aru came back in a short time later, when I was preparing to head on home.

Aru’s expression was naturally not cheerful, even I was feeling gloomy for some reason.

It was beyond my processing capability of what I came across as we were trudging along in order to get close.

「..… Aru, how was Marca-Chan? 」

「 Though I caught up with her, she was crying all the time. While muttering 『Onii-chan, I am sorry』. she also said 『 I cannot meet Onii-chan anymore. 』. In the middle, Marca’s dorm teacher passed by and took Marca with her, so I wasn’t involved further…… ah, how was El senpai? 」

「 It was similar, it’s like he’s not qualified to meet Marca-chan until he gets stronger. What to say, I don’t dislike it, he seems to have become determined. It seems that it came as a shock to Marca-chan that he couldn’t use magic.」

We sighed at the same time.

In fact, it is better for us to not stick our heads in.

Though I think like that, when it comes to the grandchildren of a friend, it is still worrisome.

「 In the first place, why didn’t Marca know that El senpai could not use magic, why did Marca get so shocked? If possible, I just don’t want to see her having such a depressed face. 」

Aru’s word resonated with my heart perfectly.


The next morning, I came home early.

I fixed the leyline system ahead of time, so it looks like I can have a vacation for a while now. For the time being, it will be okay for me to stay at home all day long, though I think it’s good idea to sometimes go out to the town and do some window shopping.

「……Haaa 」

Aru who sat by the window, is in an acclaimed slump.

He has been looking at the sky all day long after having breakfast.

Aru is worried about Marca and Elvie, but he is at a loss because he doesn’t know what to do.

I quietly watched Aru, who was in low spirit due to yesterday’s event. I was reading the textbook of the language of Dwarves on a one-person sofa on the side.

Nectar dressed in outdoor clothes approached quietly.

「 How is Aru? 」

「 He seems to have a lot on his mind. It is about his best friend and a senpai who is a close friend after all. Even I feel worried 」

「 Yes, it is his first human friends, so it is natural to worry. As it is his first time, isn’t it important to let him think about it slowly?」

「 Yes, that’s right … Nectar, are you going out for a meeting? 」

Letting out a deep breath and being unable to concentrate further I closed the「 Even a goblin can understand it! Dwarf Language 」and put it on the table while Nectar nodded.

「 Yes. Rather, it is a conversation and not a meeting. I am worried about Aru, though I have to leave for a little bit.」

「 Oh, by any chance, was it because of that letter earlier?」

I recalled the time when we were having breakfast. A familiar spirit in the form of a messenger bird came carrying a letter, Nectar’s expression became a little startled after reading the letter.


「Eh, yes that is so. I do not think that I will be too late, so don’t worry about dinner. I can cook once I reach home.」

「Well, yeah, I understand…… But, should I try making the meal?」

While I thought that it was suspicious, Nectar’s expression suddenly shines.

「 La, Lava’s cooking!? 」

「 Yeah, I guess… But don’t expect too much. I can’t do it elaborately like you did, Nectar.」

I’ve been helping out with Nectar’s cooking sometimes, and I used to do it quite a bit in the past, so I think it’s okay.

… I guess, it was a few hundred years ago in the previous life.

Then, Aru who overhead Nectar’s loud voice, came towards us.

「 What’s wrong? 」

「 Since Daddy is going out, Mommy is wondering if I should make dinner today 」

「 Ah, Mommy, I’ll also help! 」

「Okay, then, we will be making dinner today.」

「Yes! 」

「 I definitely will return home as early as I could.」

Nectar trembled with excitement and left the house with an expression of determination. I saw him off together with Aru.

And, so it was decided. Immediately, I started planning our dinner menu even if it is still daytime.

There is still plenty of time before dinner.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to decide what to make and procure the relevant ingredients.

What should I make?

Since winter is coming, how about stew?

Stew will be hard to fail, and it will go well with bread. I need to buy some bread soon.

Yes, I’m good.

When I was cheerfully calculating on what to do in my mind, Aru suddenly called.

「Um, Mommy.」

「 What is it? 」

「 Both Marca and El senpai are important to each other, why can’t they meet? I guess they do not want to see each other. 」

「 That is……」

I was unable to answer and at loss for words.

Although I understand human feelings, it’s still quite difficult to put them into words.

However suddenly, I remember about the time when Nectar disappeared for years.

「 Maybe because it’s important … That they don’t want to meet each other.」

「 Because it is important? 」

「 Yeah. People can communicate many different ways, sometimes not just with words, but also with gestures, right? So even if you’re very close to each other, you won’t always understand everything about each other. There will be times when you fail to convey an important word and to think about the sentiments of other parties.」

I invited Aru to sit alongside me on the sofa who was making a face of wonder.

「 When I came to this country, I told you that I met your dad, Kyle, Belga, and many wonderful people and gradually became friends with them.」

「 Yup 」

「However, I didn’t want to break that relationship because it was so important to me. But because of that, I didn’t notice your dad’s feelings, and I hurt him. In that time, your dad left for few years.」

「 Mommy and Daddy!? 」

Talking about it for the first time, I started brushing Aru’s hair and his expression was lit.

「 Yes, that was long ago. At that time, I didn’t realize that I was the cause. I was so lost, so lonely. Ligurila encouraged me and luckily your dad didn’t give up, so now I have you.」

Remembering how Ligurila flicked my forehead at the time made me smile.
Listening to the story, Aru’s round eyes widened and he said,

「 Elvie and Marca must not want to hurt each other, so they overthink things and also maybe they can’t convey their feelings well. 」

「Yes… People can be tiresome.」

「 Oh well yeah.」

I agreed that it was quite true with what Aru just said. He had an expression of great loss.

「 What should I do? 」

Seeing Aru’s gaze filled with a little expectation, I smiled wryly.

「 I also don’t know. 」

「 Mommy also doesn’t know? 」

Aru watched wide-eyed as he was astonished.

This is difficult.

The past experience from my previous life flash across my mind when it has already been faded considerably.

It’s difficult to meddle in situations like this as it may have opposite effect instead.

However, a casual word could also become someone’s strength.

「 There is no right answer. If they don’t want to pursue it, there’s no point. In the end, they have to take a step on their own.」

「 But … 」

「If you want to help, I think it’s important for Aru to quietly stand by their side. When they asked for your help, at that time cooperate to your heart’s content. That’s all there is to it. 」

「 Is that really okay? 」

I strongly nod to Aru who looks a little hesitant.

「 I think it will help them a lot when they know that they’re not alone. 」

「…… okay. Tomorrow, I’ll go to Marca and El senpai.」

I stroked Aru’s head who nodded with power in his golden eyes. Then I scratched his head in tickling motions.

Well, Elvie seems to be wanting to build a connection with Marca-chan, and currently has drawn Aru into this difficult situation. And it’s too late now for him to back off.

What will Aru do facing this situation? I am a little worried.
Nevertheless, that’s what Aru needs to overcome by himself. In the end, this type of situation will help him grow as a person.

「 Well then, shall we go get the ingredients for dinner? 」

「 Yeah! first, we need to get the meat.」

「 That’s right! Let’s decide what kind of meat you want with the stew. 」

As I nodded to the laughing Aru, I began our preparation to go out hunting.


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