Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 54


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

VOLUME 2 CHAPTER 19: Dragon-san’s Fellowship

I suddenly shook all over, to which Ligurila makes a funny face at me.

[Is something the matter?] [The leylines around Hibernia has been disturbed.]

I could see in Ligurila’s eyes that she was thinking exactly the same thing.

Up until just now I didn’t feel anything.

However, the amount of magic that appeared right now was huge, as if you filled a container to the brim and it burst as a result.

I couldn’t be too sure because of Ligurila’s barriers, so I rush towards the window and open it, letting some of the fresh air in.

Just as I thought.

From the direction of Hibernia, you could sense a mass of magic overflowing.

[Yes, it looks like the flow of magic changed quite a bit, hasn’t it?] [But there was nothing wrong with it just yesterday.]

Even though it was unbelievable, there was only one thing that I had to do.

[I’m sorry, Ligurila, but I must go back home.]

Sensing the changing flow of magic from the outside, Ligurila only shrugs her shoulders in response.

[I see, guess madeleines will have to wait for some other time.] [Thanks, Ligurila. You really helped me out a lot.] [You are welcome. But please do not forget about our promise.]

I nodded to Ligurila’s words, and then left her house and ran through the city at full speed.

It was almost certain that something must have happened in Hibernia.

I had a bad feeling about this, but I couldn’t really use Teleportation within the limits of the royal capital.

I rush through the crowded streets, then pass the city’s gates, and make my way to the forest.

I quickly confirmed that there was no one in the vicinity, and then prepared to cast Teleportation in a hurry.

However, my spell was suddenly interrupted.

While looking for the source of the interruption, I struggled to regain control, as each and every time something was preventing me from doing so.

It was already too late to cancel the spell, it was already too developed and I was forced to leap through space.

The space I was drawn to was a familiar one.

Despite the overwhelming pressure of the figures standing in front of me, I cast the most terrifying glare at them.

[What is the meaning of this, huh? My senpais?]

Before me were the appearances of the same dragons that were present during our conference a few weeks ago.


It looks like all of the dragons that were active on the Western continent have gathered here. They appeared in their physical bodies, not only spiritual forms, and it was a true sight to behold.

Some of them had scales just like me, some had feathers, and some had wings that looked more like fins of a fish. There was also a dragon that looked like a snake.

They came in vast shapes and sizes, and just by looking at them I felt amazed.

Even so, I could most certainly say that each and every one of them was a full-fledged dragon. It may sound strange, but that’s how it is when you see a creature of the same species as yourself.

But now was neither the time nor the place for admiring them.

I glanced over the dragons who were present, and noticed the dragon-senpai who was in charge of this whole area.

[Senpai, what happened? The leylines around Hibernia are all distorted.]

Don’t give me that! I wanted to shout at him without hesitation, but then I saw that he was being restless and that his face was full of pain. Then, another dragon spoke up.

((Born from lava and incarnation of the night.))

[What is it now?]

((This will mark the beginning of the test. From now, we are only going to watch.))

I don’t get what they said just now, but seeing my confusion the other dragons spoke up.

((Your remark, getting other races to help with the management of leylines, we deem this deed impossible. Not enough information.))

((That’s why, test, carry out. To see if you have what it takes to handle the first class magic power abnormalities.))

((Observation targets, human, spirit, half-dragon.))

So does that mean they want to test me, Aru and Nectar!?

I was so surprised by that, that when I heard the word ‘half-dragon’ I couldn’t help but to open my mouth.

((Aru is a genuine dragon. Do you guys still doubt that!?))

((We do recognize that he resembles our kin by a huge amount. But.))

((An individual without precedence.))

((Magical circulation, restoration ability, unconfirmed.))

I felt stunned sensing just how different of an atmosphere began to emanate from them.

I felt that they were not very welcoming.

But Aru was my child, he could definitely do it, even if it was the most complex adjustment. He could use magic without a problem.

This much should have been enough.

((This is the consensus of all dragons.))

((You must obey.))

[You call that a consensus but you never asked me for opinion?]

((Your consent is not needed here. Your feelings, improper judgement.))

((Subjectivity, questionable.))

The dragons flooded me with their words.

((Procedure, present ‘Bringing Breath of Life to the Wilderness’, must carry out duties, this district.))

((Block off the excessive amounts of magical power and subdue the pseudo-demon.))

((Once he does this, observe correspondence, humans, spirits, half-dragon.))

((Notice the abnormality in the leyline, judge if it can be repaired.))

I couldn’t believe their words and I just stood there, stunned beyond belief.

[You did all of that on purpose!? Are you even aware of the consequence this will have on the magic flow in this area!? You even erected a barrier so that I wouldn’t notice it!!]

If they used their combined magic to hide what they were doing, I wouldn’t be able to notice it in the slightest.

But that’s not all.

I turned to the senpai who looked as if he was about to cry.

[Are you really fine with that, senpai!? Don’t let them turn the area you are supposed to protect into a barren wasteland! Isn’t it our job to protect the world from happenings like that!?]

((….. If the rest is set to do this, I cannot disobey.))

I shook my head and turned away from my senpai, looking at the rest of the dragons that were present here.

[I want this test stopped and its contents changed! At this rate this is going to cause harm to the ecosystem in the area!]

((Our mission is to protect and nurture the circle of life.))

((There is no need for intervention for the sake of a few living organisms.))

((It is for concluding if one of us is capable of performing a proper duty. This test takes priority.))

[Because there are no judgement standards, there is no need to involve the creature and humans of the area to be dragged into this!]

But my screaming voice didn’t really reach the other dragons.

((‘Born from lava and incarnation of the night’ requests again.))

((Will wait until the end of the test.))

[…… Don’t you think that’s taking it too far?]

I returned to my dragon form and glared at each and every single one of them.

[You, what are you dissatisfied with? Even if he’s just a half-dragon, his ability is estimated to be the same as ours. With regards to spirits, they should be able to survive this ordeal.]

((That’s just not right.))

There is little to no point to this.

Even if the dragons try to explain their motivations to me, surely they can’t just hope for me to understand and accept them!

While despairing about that fact, I was readying myself to unleash the magical power that was dwelling inside of me.

[This is unfair. I repeat: I want the test to be cancelled and a new one to be prepared.]

((No. The consensus of the fellowship was already acquired. No reason to stop.))

This time around I was flat out rejected.

I can’t just let them do this without saying anything.

[Well then, you leave me no choice but to use force!]

((Stop her.))

((Temporarily restrain ‘Born from lava and night’s incarnation’.))

The dragons spread their wings and drew closer to me.

It seems that they thought I wouldn’t try to resist.

It was that line of thinking that lead me to take down two of them when they tried to approach me and put me down by means of magic.

After that, it turned into a simple brawl with the dragons who were trying their best to incapacitate me.

I remember I used every spell at my disposal, as well as my tail, talons, fangs and wings to resist.

Because they were only half-conscious, they could only use magic against me, so I thought it would be easy for me to fight back and then make my escape.

I also remembered that I managed to take down one or two more.

However, I wasn’t able to escape from others who were coming for me.

At the same time, they readied several spells simultaneously, and after that my consciousness gave out.


Nectar held his earring.

The faint tremors have already ceased, and the transparent stone was now silent.

However, he felt as though he heard a faint sound of screeching coming from the stone, and so something in his chest contracted violently.


No matter how many times he tried to call her, there was no response.

Lava was meant to see the demon, Ligurila.

[Nectar-dono, is there something wrong?] […… No, let’s us proceed.]

That man named Barza was supposed to return to the Academy, but instead he chose to stay and aid Nectar in his search.

Now, he was searching for Kyle’s wand, which should be somewhere around here.

He wanted to at least find some clues before returning back.

However, at the time he was not even aware of the high concentration of magical power that was forming at the area.

He just had a really bad feeling.



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