Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 56


Translator: Downstream Works

Marca POV

Marca was crying while being held back by the Iori, who was one of his brothers’ friend as she watched her older brothers figure who was fighting the big demon was becoming less visible.

I am a burden again.

Onii-chan is always protecting me.

「 Hmm … 」

「 It’s okay, Marca-chan, Elvie is strong and Mikoto is also super strong, I heard from El! It’s okay! 」

While putting her hands on Iori’s back, being useless and being pacified was embarrassing.

At such time, Aru who was standing still broke loose from Iori’s hand.

「 I’m sorry, I can’t leave them behind.」

「 What are you talking about, Aru? You will just get in the way, even if you go there! 」

Iori’s voice is still rough, Aru shouts with a weeping face.

「 I don’t want to escape because I don’t want to regret later. 」

「 Damn it! !!」

Just for an instant, Iori was worried about Aru who turned around and went back on the path they came from, then without chasing Aru he single-mindedly started running on the path to the main school building.

「 Iori-san! 」

「 I’m first going to call a person of the combat department! It’s meaningless even if I go back. 」

It was like a hoarse voice. Iori had irritated countenance and seeing the vexed face from the side, Marca noticed that this person also felt the same powerlessness as herself.

Who desires to be sad?

But, nevertheless, at present, the best Marca can only do is pray.

Even so, she prayed with all her heart and soul.

(Please, please. God, whoever you are, please. I will do anything, so whatever happens, please protect Onii-chan, Miko-san, Aru! !)

「… it was 」

Iori seemed to be doubtful, as Marca raised her face with surprise.

「 What’s wrong? Marca-chan!!」

「 Just Now, it seemed like someone answered me」

「 Who is what! ?There’s no one here. 」

「 I know however………..」

Marca realized that she began to quickly calm down as she felt an unknown magic presence brushing past her skin.

「 Iori-san, I will run on my own.」

「Ah, ok.」

「 I will do what I can do.」


While being puzzled about Marca who suddenly became quiet, Iori who had reached his limit obediently put her down and starts running together with Marca.

That spirit’s voice was very vague but Marca was very relieved.

There is no point in grieving over what cannot be done.

So now, let’s focus on getting away from here so that I don’t hold Onii-chan down, then I will focus on calling the reinforcement.

Marca wiped her tears and looked ahead.

Mysterious Sprit “???” POV

It was a vague world.

I didn’t know if I was asleep or awake.

Just wrapped in something comfortable.

I knew that the comfortable thing was magic.

I realized that I wanted it badly, and I immerse myself in it to the full extent.

When I became aware,I was being carried by the flow.

Constantly changing, there are various things passing through my field of vision which is not fixed.

Through the forest, surveying the end of the plains or through the earth.

The common thing among it was that there was a path of magic.

Oh yes, if I remember correctly it is called Leyline.

Is it like this?

And when the man thought he suddenly remembered.

Who told me about this?

『 Leyline is an indispensable part of the magic cycle. 』

I felt that someone’s voice had been awakened from my memory, but it quickly collapsed like sand.

The man does not remain in one place, and his field of vision changes more and more.

There is no time, no substance, just a sense of what appears in front of him.

How much time has passed?


The vague feeling of being pulled.

(….. Please)

A crying voice that does not seem to be crying.

When the man turns his conscious there, it becomes a vague figure.

In this state, he understood without knowing that he could go anywhere.

The man realized it was the academy he built.

It is much larger than he remembered, and some of the walls of the academy are fused with the forest.

It became very big too.

However, that presence of magic was crying.

(Please, please. God, whoever you are, please. I will do anything, so whatever happens, please protect Onni-chan, Miko-san, Aru! !)

Grieving and lamenting over her own incompetence but still crying for the safety of her important people.

The man was shaken up by that pure and sorrowful prayer.

I want to wipe those tears.

I once vowed to remove all the sorrows.

Oh, yeah, there was a woman I loved.

As soon as he became aware of that, his field of vision became slightly clearer, and he moved towards the wheat-colored hair with a white ribbon.

「Belga ……」

It could be said it seemed similar and it also could be said it was different.

He felt the magic sign and searched for the thing she wanted help for.

There is a demon fighting with a young boy and a young girl and even a little child.

The man knew by the knowledge that it was a formidable demon for a pure magician.

While releasing a huge amount of magical power, the child turns into another creature and disappears into the depths of the forest with the demon.

The situation seems to very much beyond their control.

In addition, the boys were surrounded by several new monsters that appeared.

It’s dangerous. But for the man, it is not a problem.

「All right.」

The reply of the man is soft but clear, surprised the person praying opens her eyes wide.

The color of the eyes was blue, but the man did not care anymore.

He saw two people, one resembled Belga and filled with her magical power.

He decided that he must help.

The situation cannot be left as it is.

I need a body.

The man returned to his own source.

His consciousness was again about to doze off in that comfortable stream of magic, but he ordered no.

Something says that it is still early.

That is probably right, but if I don’t move now, I will not make it in time.

Disregarding that voice the man recall his might.

I used to be by myself when I was in battle.

Those old times running through the battlefield alone.

After concluding the unpleasant sense that something has been torn off, he closed his eyes. When he opened them again he found himself standing on a pavement covered in cluttered vegetation.

Feeling the leg standing on the land, getting confused over remembering the longtime habits, he immediately check his body.

Legs, no problem. No body abnormalities.

Arms, no problems, no problems with hands.

Weapons ――――……

As soon he became aware of it, his staff appeared in his hand.

Compared to other magicians, his was a little boorish, Belga often called it a “Hammer”.

What kind of principle it was? He understood it somehow.

This is just temporary to him, this stuff and also this body.

He himself was the ‘staff’ and the man was deeply aware of that.

And also, that there is not much time.

But now he can use any kind of magic.

He somehow knew which direction he should go.

The man covered himself in thunder and flew.



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