Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 57


Translator: Downstream Works

Lava POV
When the effect of magic wore out, I regained consciousness and found myself inside a huge birdcage.

Dragons that approached earlier, didn’t think that I will resist much.

I reacted quickly and hit the first two mercilessly with magic, making them immobile.

After that, it became a brawl with Dragons who began to use magic earnestly.

As far as I remember, I used all the useable magic method (Mahou 魔法) and magic techniques (Majutsu 魔術) and resisted using everything the tail, fang, claw, and wings. [ 1.TL NOTE: in the sentence, both the words Mahou 魔法 and Majutsu 魔術 are used. I have tried to make as much sense out of it as possible.
Mahou 魔法, which is the most common. Used for witchcraft magic in general. Its literal meaning would be something like the “magic method,” the “magic principle.
Majutsu 魔術, a little less common word. Its literal meaning is a “magic techniques” or “magic arts” and would lean towards expertise and training of magic rather than just *boom* magic! For example, ninjutsu 忍術 means “ninja arts,” the techniques a ninja 忍者 uses.]

Because they were semi-conscious, they were only able to use magic which was easy to avoid and easy to counter.

Furthermore, I remember making one or two bodies immobile.

However, dragons came one after another it was not possible to escape.

Because of simultaneously receiving magic attack from several dragons, I lost consciousness.

Also, they have decided to isolate me in what seems to be a separate strange dimension.

It doesn’t look like it’s connected to anyplace.

Inside the pitch dark, only the golden birdcage stands out.

It was inexplicably fairy-tale like and I thought that it was out of place.

In order to prevent any further struggle, a special chain made of magic was wrapped around me and then tied to the birdcage.

It was wrapped in an unbelievably wicked way; I doubted the sexual preference of the dragons.

…… Somehow, the connection to the Dragon network is also completely cut off.

Otherwise, my complaining thoughts would’ve reached them.

I did not sense any other consciousness.

I wonder if I’m safe staying in this unknown place so far because I’m in my dragon form?

While thinking, I tried to tear off the chains but was unable to use any of my power at all.

Further, I tried using magic and failed. Neither magic techniques (Majutsu 魔術) nor magic method (Mahou 魔法).

Somehow, it restricted all the actions of high magical-life form.

This is not the ideal place to be, damn it.

While absentmindedly thinking that it would have been good if I took the practice with Liguria a little more seriously, I concentrated my mind to search for a small flaw in the technique’s composition.

I didn’t plan to give up.

This dimension and the real world’s flow of time have been cut off, so surely time wouldn’t have passed quickly in this dimension.

I told myself that I would still be in time to help Nectar and Aru, and became desperate to remove the chains.

I was frustrated, I was disconsolate.

My heart hurts more than my wounds. My tears were threatening to come out, but I endured it.

Before that, I have to go to help Aru.

I have to let Nectar know about the situation.

There are so many things I have to do.

I felt like a lot of time has passed and felt overwhelmed, even if this may not even be the case.

Immediately after, I felt the space became unstable, there was an elder dragon on the other side of the birdcage.

Due to the slight unstability, I was quickly able to draw in with the standard analysis technique on a small space that was exposed.

((Have you given up?))

((Someone asked me that very same question before.))

Remembering that time I smiled wryly and said to the elder dragon,
((Senpai can you let me escape secretly?))

((Impossible, I was appointed to monitor you. That is against my duty.))

((Yes, that is regrettable.))

However, the senior didn’t show any sign of stopping me from secretly using the analysis technique.

Soon I became defiant and boldly started expanding the analysis technique.

Senior does not move while sitting there.

He appeared to be hesitating a little, speaking of it frankly it was incredibly bothersome.

Though I say this dragon isn’t flexible, what right do I have to make a demand?

And just when I was thinking that, I realized that I have not answered the first question and said reluctantly.

((I won’t give up. I have to go help Aru.))

((Though【Flower of the flames that colors the night】is immature, he is still a dragon. If he turns back to his dragon form it will be easy for him to deal with the Demons Cavern.))



Senior looks suspiciously at me who denied it with a strong tone.

I opened my mouth to say things which could not be said at that place.

((The place which was chosen by the Dragons as the test venue. It’s very close to Signos magical Academy. If the demon cavern is freed, normal humans will surely get caught up in it too.))

((Yes, the reason for selecting that place is because that place is where【Flower of the flames that colors the night】, spirit and also humans gather.))

((That’s why I told you not to do it!))

When I raised my voice, senior became silent as if having been overwhelmed.

((Aru is now living in a group of humans. But they don’t know that he is a dragon.))
Even so, Aru will help if they are exposed to danger, even if his identity is revealed. But if he does so, every relationship Aru has cultivated among the people will be destroyed in the blink of an eye. Sure, Aru might be okay. He will recover surely, but still …

((It’s not that I don’t believe in Aru’s friendship. But, human is a fickle being. They can change suddenly without warning. If they realize that Aru is a dragon, they won’t leave him alone. Aru will never be able to go to school peacefully again, and he may not be able to meet his friends. I can’t let that happen.))

If that’s the case, it’s better for me appear again on Aru’s behalf. It will merely be the return of Black Flame Dragon.
It is better for me to endure the shame and the troubles than for Aru to lose all his position as a human race.
I’m Aru’s mother.
I cannot let Aru’s smiling face be filled with tears.

((Besides, there are people who are close to me. They’re good people. If I know that they are in danger, it’s impossible for me to do nothing about it.))

When I thought about it again, I felt my power coming back and resumed my work. I’ll take care of it.

After a long time, the senior was heard speaking to himself.

(( Good fortune is extremely rare. People are more fragile than we are, and they grow old. Even if you protect just one person, it will die soon. Why do you go that far to preserve this relationship?))

((I don’t know, such things.))

I realized that the senior was slightly offended by my said to be a little ludicrous behaviour.

((But their lives are so vivid. It’s not just human. There are so many different creatures. I’m happy to laugh, cry, and be angry with them. It’s a disgrace to forget if we do such things together, then only to lose interest in them when they die. I love them very much and it’s fun being together. Is it strange to think that I want to protect this feelings?))

Senior Dragon was silent. Like a rock, one way or another struggling.

Just think about it. Think, think, come on, I have to find a way. I can’t think of a solution.But, I can’t give up. I have to think in my own way and find a solution.

While senior was silent, the analysis of the chains technique is almost complete. But this birdcage doesn’t seem like it’s going to be undone easily and smoothly.

At least, I wanted to get in touch with Nectar and Aru to tell them about this situation. From a while ago, I have been through trial and errors trying out ways to use telepathic communication, but I was not able to connect in this different space with the real world.

I wish I had done more magic training.

As long as I could grasp Aru’s location, then getting in contact will be possible.

At that time, I felt Aru’s bracelet is taken off.

I quickly try to grasp the connection. I am lucky as a thin thread was connected and I was able to grasp the location.

I told Nectar and Aru unilaterally the situation here and the purpose of the Dragons, but only the last few words were sent before the thinly connected thread was broken.

(( Nectar! Aru! I’ll be there really soon, so endure it until then!!))


As soon as Nectar’s concerned thought was transmitted on this side, the chain was broken.

Besides, a new chain technique has been added to the equation, and it’s hardly moveable.

Damn it, does it have learning ability?

I felt uncomfortable by the thought that Aru has removed his bracelet. I was sad.

There’s no time. I have to go before it’s too late.

I must admit that I felt a little relieved when I sense Nectar’s presence. Even if only for an instant, I felt the seriousness of the situation on Nectar’s side, and yet I am happy to know that he is worried about me at such a time.

I think we will work it out somehow.

While struggling with the chains that bite me every time I moved, I still stared straight at Senior behind the Birdcage.

((Soon, Aru will turn back to dragon form.))

((I believe it, yes, certainly.))

Senior is giving a restless impression and is not calming down for some reason.

Are you flustered? Senior what’s with the expression?

I was curious, but right now I can’t pursue it.

I took a deep breath. Let’s hope my feeling is transmitted well to Senior.

((【 The One who brings Breaths to the Wilderness 】))

When I called him again, Senior head lifted up.

((I’m going to ask you one more time, will you please let me go?))

((I am the overseer of ― —))

((I’m requesting you to worry about me, not just your duty as a dragon!))


((I just want to protect Nectar, Aru and the people. I want to protect the peace of all who lives in this land as far as my eyes can see and my hands can reach.))


((Please【 The One who brings Breaths to the Wilderness 】 . You just have to overlook it. Let me go……..))

I desperately begged.

I hoped not to hesitate.

Feelings that was kept calm on the surface, now all overflow.

Senior says nothing.

Certainly, I was expecting he will understand a little, but I couldn’t be discouraged. After all, senior is a dragon like the other dragons.

As a part of the dragons pack, he just faithfully manages the magic cycle. But, I wanted him to know my thought because it was the senior who worried about me on that day.

I heard the sound of something clinking and coming off. When I looked up, a part of the lattice of the birdcage was missing.

((The cage seems to malfunction.))


((Further deal with it yourself.))


While I was dumbfounded, senior turned around his back.

(( My duty is to monitor the 【Flower of the flames that colours the night】 and dealing with spirit magic power abnormality. Currently, there’s no regulation in this … space.))

When I understood that he will overlook it, my cheerful expression returned.
((Thank you, Senpai!! ))

I grasped the technique of the chain and shattered it, and as soon as the space transfer was invoked and was about to begin, I heard the faint voice of senior.

As soon as the words reached my back; I escaped the strange space.



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