Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 62


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko


Volume 2 Chapter 27: Boy Meets Dragon

In his visions, Elvie saw a scene of a young boy and his little sister being attacked by the Spirit Eater.

It was a nightmare he has seen many times before, waking up just as the monster was about to devour Marca and ending his own existence.

However, this time the vision was different from the usual one.

This time, just before he was about to be eaten, the monster gets hit by a huge blasts, that ends up obliterating him completely.

In the midst of falling magical stones, a silhouette of a creature can be seen.

Ah, that’s right, Elvie finally managed to remember. It was this dragon that saved both of them on that day.

Being attacked by the Spirit Eater, Marca lost consciousness and was almost killed in the process.

His grandfather spoke a lot about dragons.

He said that they were kind creatures well versed in all kinds of magic.

That dragon was much more terrifying than the ones in his grandfather’s stories, but still it offered a possible solution for his predicament.

And then Elvie ended up making a contract with one.

For getting the dragon to save Marca’s life, Elvie agreed to let it inhabit his own body.

The dragon said that that he was interested in Elvie.

His reason being that he was interested to learn more about humans in general.

Why did he forget about that?

「I made you forget so that my observations would not be corrupted.」

Elvie turned towards the voice, and there was a dragon standing right there.

He took a deep breath,「That explains it… I cannot use my magic because of the contract I made with you at that time.」

Elvie tires to recall every little bit of information they learned in class about spirits and making contracts with them.

He felt relieved that at least one of his long time questions was answered, and he couldn’t help it but laugh.

「I see, that’s right. Thank you.」

「Question. Why are you thanking me?」

The boy could tell that the dragon was visibly confused.

His appearance was intimidating at first, but for some reason the air around him seemed to be strangely familiar.

「I know I said it already, but I’m not thanking you for your help with the Spirit Eater. I was thanking you for saving Marca’s life. Thank you.」

He thanks him again, but the dragon remained silent.

Just when Elvie was starting to think that he said something strange, the dragon spoke up.

「Apology. I occupied your body and used your magical energy, rendering you unable to use magic in the process.」

Elvie’s eyes widen in surprise.

「No, I guess it was all written in the contract, but I was just unable to understand as a child. There’s no need for you to apologize.」

「But, I made you go through so much of unnecessary suffering.」

I see, so this dragon knows everything there was to know about Elvie.

He could feel all of Elvie’s grief, remorse and sorrows.

Realizing that now, Elvie felt embarrassed beyond belief.

But yes, this dragon was always at Elvie’s side.

So Elvie said, while scratching his cheek and looking embarrassed.

「I’m good now. I admit, at first it was really hard, but I don’t think that anymore. I was able to make up with Marca, and I was also able to meet my best friends. And above all else, it was something I have chosen of my own volition. So it’s not like I hate you for that.」

Elvie decided to speak to the otherwise silent dragon.

「Were my memories helpful to you?」

「Questions, more and more of them.」

「Is, is that so?」

Elvie felt a little bit disappointed that his memories were of no apparent use to the dragon, but then he realized that the dragon was staring at him.

「Umm, is there anything more?」


It said no, and began to stare intensely at Elvie.

While the boy was clearly puzzled, yet another deep sigh could be heard.

「Aaaaggh, geez, senpai! I told you that you need to say those things properly!」

There was another creature that appeared out of the dark, with jet-black scales cropped with red ones here and there.

Elvie knew that figure, He heard about it many times from his grandfather’s tales.

「Black Flame Dragon……」

Elvie spoke up that name while feeling entranced, upon hearing it, the black dragon shook its head erratically.

「Please, don’t ever call me by that name again. Dragon-san or Lava, either one of those is fine with me.」

The black dragon was enveloped by blinding light, and after a few seconds what emerged from the light was a young woman whose hair was a mixture of black with red bunches.

Her transformation complete, she turns to the other dragon and speaks to it with a calm and gentle voice.

「Come now, senpai.」

Inspired by the words of a woman calling herself Lava, the dragon finally spoke to Elvie.

「I will terminate the contract I made with you.」

「Umm, this means…」

「It means that you will be able to use magic again.」

Elvie was so surprised by the woman’s words that he couldn’t really believe it in the first moment.

Suddenly, there is a small ball of light that comes out of Elvie’s chest.

He could only watch in amazement how the ball lifts upwards, and then disappears inside of the dragon.

「Can I really use it again?」

He was finally able to reclaim what he had given up all those years ago.

But even though they said something like that to him, he was unsure just how to feel about it.

However, it was a little bit surprising that he managed to regain that ability, even though he gave up on it.

「Yes, and as of now, you can use magic just like you used to. You should give it a go once you wake up.」

The woman laughed, and then she looked at the dragon.

「Senpai, you should introduce yourself.」

「…… Affirmative.」

Elvie was at a loss for a long time, so it was only now that he realized that the sand-colored dragon brought his face closer.

His steep expression was truly terrifying.

It opened its long mouth, filled to the brim with sharp teeth.

「My name is ‘The One Who Becomes One with Wilderness.」

「O, Okay.」

It was as if his brain was understanding the words, but just didn’t wanted to accept them.

「I ask you for permission to be able to call you by your name.」

「…… Huh?」

This time he heard the words, but he didn’t understood their meaning at all.

「No, senpai, I do believe that you need to explain yourself and your intention more properly, or otherwise you will just confuse the boy.」

「…… Affirmative.」

The sand-colored dragon responds to the woman, who in turn holds her head, as if she was having a headache.

This image was rather comical, and the dragon’s image was becoming less and less serious in Elvie’s eyes.

The sand-colored dragon looked to be in deep roughy then said,

「I will protect you for as long as my body and my soul lasts. In return, I would like you to be my companion.」

「Your words are way to uptight. I don’t think the boy get what you are saying in the slightest.」

「……Impossible to explain further.」

The woman looks to the sky in exparations. Elvie didn’t understand any of that, but he chose to remain silent about it.

Elvie then speaks,
「Umm, hmm. If, if you feel responsible for the fact that I couldn’t use magic, there’s no need for you to feel that way. Because thanks to you I am still alive.」

It was exactly because of this dragon that he is still alive, since it was always there when he was in danger.

Wasn’t this dragon the one who helped him avoid dangers in the first place?

「Since you are my contractor, I am obliged to keep you safe.」

「Yes, since now you are no longer in a contract with me, there would be no reason for you to do so.」


It was strange for the sand-colored dragon to look so disappointed, but nevertheless, Elvie continued.

「So, now that there are no rules or obligations bounding you, then what’s the problem with us becoming friends normally? Or is that a problem since I am a human being and not a dragon?」

Then, for some strange reason, both the woman and the dragon opened their eyes wide.

Being stared at by two pairs of golden irises, Elvie felt at a bit of a loss on what to do or say.

「W, what?」

「You, the best.」


「…… Isn’t that no good? Afterall, I was aware of you, but you weren’t aware of me.」The sand-colored dragon asked, and Elvie was not sure if he understood his words at all.

Then, the dragon continued speaking,
「I’m not an expert, but aren’t friends about talking, spending time and overcoming various obstacles together? So, isn’t that a problem that we basically don’t know anything about each other?」

Before he could even realize it, the dragon was already saying something like that.

「Ah, no, for example, how about this!? I can’t explain it all that well, but you see, dragons are just a great beings! We also learned during classes that they support the world with their existence! I’m just a normal human, and I think it is simply unbecoming of me to become friends with something so magnificent! So I’m sor—……」

The sand-colored dragon bore its fangs at Elvie who was about to apologize.

Elvie initially started to panic at the sight of that, but it took him a while to understand that the dragon was in fact laughing.

「No, that’s not it. I was just hoping that you could become my friend.」

「Umm, really?」

Although he addressed him without any honorifics whatsoever, the dragon seemed to be more than satisfied by that.

「Affirmation. It is a sign of a true friendship that you address someone with their name only. Asking for permission to call you by your name, in return you can also do the same with me.」

The dragon said again, but this time Elvie thought he understood what it wanted to say. However, he was still at a loss about all the other things.

Long story short, does that mean this dragon really wanted to be friends with Elvie?

Dragon who supports the world? He and a little kid?

He had an option to refuse, but really, what was that feeling?

It looked as if this dragon was too embarrassed to admit that he didn’t want to say goodbye, but at the same time he looked kinda happy.

What the hell is this?


Elvie thought to himself that this dragon couldn’t get any weirder than it already was, but he decided to keep it to himself since apparently it’s trying its best.

「Your answer.」

「Umm, well, as long as you’re fine with me, I’m okay with it? I guess?」

While Elvie was pressed to give an answer, the woman began to clap her hands enthusiastically.

「Congratulations, senpai!!」

Even if faced with such words, the sand-colored dragon looked to unmoved, but it also looked to be somehow relieved.

Oh well, since this is all but a dream, I guess it can’t be helped.

「Umm, my name is Elvie. For now, how should I address you?」

Hearing Elvie’s question, the dragon seemed to be lost in thought for a moment.

In that short amount of time, it seems that a lot of thoughts went through its head.

「I’ll think about it before you wake up.」

「Haa, I see.」

Elvie replied, feeling as if something was pulling on his back.

When he tried to turn around, he heard the woman’s voice.

「One more thing. I have a request for you. It’s regarding Aru.」

「Aru, did something happened to him!?」

Hearing that, Elvie remembered the last memory he had about Aru, and he tried to get up at once. However, the more he struggled, the stronger the sensation of being pinned to the ground got.

「Don’t worry, Aru is fine. Luckily, you were the only ones to witness his true form, so it shouldn’t be that much of a problem, but…… Please continue to be his friend.」

Hearing the woman’s voice, Elvie could only nod his head in relief.


「I’m counting on you. You’re the only one who can do it!」

His consciousness rising, Elvie meets the gaze of the golden-eyed dragon.

「See you.」

Being seen off by the gaze of the dragon’s golden eyes, Elvie’s consciousness continued to rise ––––––………………


When Elvie opened his eyes, he saw an unfamiliar ceiling.

However, judging by the strong smell of medicinal herbs in the air, Elvie came to a conclusion that he must have been brought into the sickroom.

There was a window right next to his bed. The horizon was dimly lit, so the morning was probably just around the corner.

Somehow, he felt like he hand one heck of a wild dream.

There were two dragons inside of it, and one of them even wanted to be friends with him.

「Man, what a strange dream!」

「Ah, you’re awake.」

Elvie jumped up.

He suddenly heard a melodic voice right next to him.

Looking up, he could see the sand-colored dragon, although much smaller than in the dream, floating around the room.

「T, that was real!?」

「Affirmation, everything which has transpired was real, it was neither a dream nor illusion.」

The dragon nods, and then it floats closer to Elvie.

「I’m Vass.」


Elvie repeated just like a parrot, Elvie was trying to remember everything that happened before he woke up.

「Affirmative. It is my recommended name from now on. Elvie Slaggart.」

「Normally friends do not call one another with their full names. Elvie is just fine. Or you can even call me El or Elv, so it sounds more like a friend-thing.」

「Elv, huh?」

The dragon blinked a few times, wondering about that for a few seconds.

While watching the dragon, the events of today slowly began to come back to Elvie.

That’s right, all of that was true…… ––––––

Feeling afraid, Elvie closed his palm into a fist and opened it a few times.

Then, trying to conjure a spell that he did so many times in the past, he tried to collect his magic.


As soon as he said those words, something inside of him mind told him that the uniform he was searching for was inside of the drawer.


It was a trivial spell, one that even a slightly magically capable child would be able to cast.

Tears began to flow down Elvie’s cheeks.

It seems that his magic really returned to him.

He regained his confidence. He knew that he can do it.

Still, being able to do something like that for the first time in five years made him extremely happy.

Someone put a hand on Elvie’s back, and through his tears, he could hear a voice.

It was a big hand.

「What are you crying for?」

Clearly astonished, he looked up to see a man with golden hair and eyes looking at him. Elvie’s thoughts stopped all at once.

His tears also stopped.

「Vass, is that you?」


Elvie felt as though he wanted to cry, but this time around it was for an entirely different reason. This reason was that such a great-looking man would always be by his side.

But he couldn’t bring himself to say that out loud.

Just as he was about to give up, the man spoke up.

「I always wanted to do this. Every time someone cried.」

Having heard that, Elvie no longer felt as though he wanted to smack away the hand that was resting on his back.

「I’m crying because I’m happy now.」

「I can see that.」

「How can you say that with a straight face?」

「I mask my emotions.」

His words were painful just a little bit, but still, Elvie laughed.

「It’s okay now.」

「…… I understand.」

Then, Elvie asked Vass – the dragon – another question that was pressing him.

「Vass, for how long did I slept?」

「About two days and fourteen hours have passed since you were brought here. Since you severely overburdened you magical core, it took you a while to regenerate enough magic to sustain you.」

After sleeping for a while, Elvie tried to take his feet off the bed, but he was still slightly weak.

「Question, where are you going?」

「To Aru’s place. I have to get there.」

He tried to change into his uniform, but he was still too weak and was feeling dizzy, making it unable for him to do anything.

When he staggered and felt that he was going to collapse, someone suddenly supported him.

「If that’s what you want to do, let me help you. That’s what friends are for.」

Said the dragon, and Elvie couldn’t help it but to think just how cool he sounded.

Yep, having this guy around him will surely bring him a lot of trouble.

「Question, is there a problem?」

「No, not at all. …… By the way, can you change into that previous form of yours?」

He had no ill intent behind those words, but he heard a voice full anxiety in response.

「Question, is there a problem with how my humanoid form looks?」

「No, if anything, my own pride is the problem here……」


The dragon asked with a seriously concerned expression, and Elvie thought that thinking about that any more is going to get him nowhere. It was truly ridiculous.

This guy here is a dragon. Measuring him with human standards would be truly inappropriate.

When he thought that he might not really get used to it, a thought suddenly occurred to him.

「Vass-san, the dragons are supposed to maintain the circulation of magic. So is it really okay for you to abandon your duties just like that?」

「No problem at all. I am still actively doing my duties around this region. This body is merely my terminal of sorts. I can still be friends with you.」

Does this mean he can act independently like that forever?

They were still a good distance from being called friends, but Elvie thought that they might get there someday.



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