Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 63


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko


Volume 2 Chapter 28: Dragon-san Is Puzzled
Lava POV

The demonic outbreak at Signos Academy has ended thanks to the combine efforts of teachers, magic division students and combat division students, who managed to reduce the number of attackers in a swift fashion. Their response was quick and efficient. In the aftermath, there were many people injured, but there were no deaths.

Some of the students said they even encountered a First Class Monster and a huge man surrounded by lightning, but whether it was true or not this was still largely unknown.

「The above is the final report. It is truly a miracle that we managed to contain such a huge outbreak with so little casualties. The cause of the outbreak is currently still under investigation, but as of yet it is still unknown.」

「Thank you very much, Seram.」

We both nodded our heads to Seram’s words, noticing that the man himself looked really tired and stressed out.

Two days after the subjugation of the demons, we managed to restore the most part of the magic circulation in the region, and now we were meeting with Seram to talk about this whole situation.

Of course, we couldn’t really tell him about the ‘test’ laid out by the dragons, but aside from that we told him everything we knew about the mysterious facility, and he was listening to our words with utmost curiosity.

「Sorry, Seram. I should have noticed that sooner.」

I bow down to Seram, apologizing with a guilt-filled voice.

「No, it was not your fault. If you trace back its origin, that facility could have been very well made by human hands. So I say that we’re equally at fault here.」

「This time around, the magical facility was destroyed without leaving any traces behind. It won’t be able to be restored ever again, but……」

Seram nodded his head, seeing how Nectar got hesitant there for a moment.

「Who was the one to bring it back? There is a possibility that it was one of the students of Signos Academy. We must investigate the matter immediately.」

「No, maybe they were someone from outside of Signos after all.」

「Nee-san, why do you think so?」

「The thing that was used to restore that facility was ancient magic.」

I told Seram what I saw at the place of the magical facility when I went there to investigate once the crisis was over.

「Truth to be told, the people of Signos Academy could very well restore that place if they wanted to. However, it is a work that would require at least hundreds of people to work without rest for decades. And the magic that was at work there was not the one of restoration, but rather the one that reproduced the memory of the land itself. In other words, it was magic that brought dreams to life.」

「When Lava broke the spell, the place returned to its original ruined state.」

「Heavens…… then who?」

While Seram was deep in thoughts, Nectar and I procured a staff and laid it before him.

「Nectar also found this at the site.」

「Is that father’s staff?」

「It was left behind in the middle of the facility.」

「Ahh, I’m glad. The search for it was suspended because of the demonic crisis. I see you were looking for it all this time.」

「Yup, that’s right.」

We thought that it was slightly different from before, but as Seram reached out for the staff an expression of both joy and relief appeared on his face, but before he could grab it, it began to float in the air on its own, changing its form.

Seram was shocked to see his father, Kyle, raising his arm to greet him, while looking all young.

「Hey there, Seram. How are you?」

「…… Father, is that you?」

「Seems that way to me. By some strange twist and turn of events now this staff accommodates my spirit body. It’s a shame that it’s going to be put into a glass casing, really.」

There was a moment of silence during which Kyle was scratching his cheeks while Seram’s arms dropped.

「I thought that it might have been the case, but I never thought I would be able to meet my father again during my lifetime.」

「It is strange for me as well. I’m happy to see you again, Seram.」

Kyle continued to speak.

「Chrome is dead. So, I am honestly happy that I get the chance to meet you again.」

Seram smiles just a little bit bashfully, looking at Kyle.

「The grandchildren, they seem to be doing just fine.」

「Oh, I even have a great grandson now. Thanks to those guys, they really worked hard on that day.」

After those words, Seram finally noticed.

「You’re that big man surrounded by lightning.」

「Most certainly. I was told that the school I created was in trouble, so I thought I might lend you guys a hand.」

To Kyle’s words, Seram bowed down his head.

「Thank you very much for protecting this school.」

「No, it was partially my fault that this whole mess happened, so I was only trying my best to redeem myself for my mistake.」

「But still!」

Kyle said nothing more, just nodding his head.

Probably because he knew just how great of a burden it was on Seram.

After a short while, he rose his head again, an easygoing look back on his face.

「Still, putting you back in a glass casing is a no-go. We must think of something to prevent that.」

「I think it would be just fine if you made a replica of the staff.」

「I’m counting on you with that, Father.」

「Roger that.」

Kyle nodded while smiling wryly, and after a short while Seram asked him another question.

「By the way, Father, where are you staying now?」

「For the time being I’m crashing at Nectar’s place. After that, I was thinking of moving out somewhere else? Something along those lines.」

「The school is going to resume faculty activities as of tomorrow morning. If you feel like it, please stop by my house for tonight.」

「Fine by me. Will you introduce me to the grandchildren?」

They laugh together, and both of them let out a small sigh at the same time.

For a short while I was worried that Seram might not be able to accept this development quite so easily, but it seems my worries were actually baseless.

「That’s right, Seram. How is young Elvie feeling?」

「Oh, that’s right! I was just about to tell you that. Elvie woke up some time ago and it looks like he is able to use magic again!」

Seram became excited, while his expression brightened.

「Both the Academy’s survival and Elvie’s recover are nothing short of miracles in my eyes. I think I will have him take the magical aptitude test again in the nearby future and transfer him to the magic division. –––– However, there seems to be a spirit lizard following him around. Can you imagine that?」

Seeing Seram’s surprised expression, I glanced at both Kyle and Nectar. We all agreed with our eyes that it was high time to explain everything to him.


「I didn’t think that other dragons could be this foolish.」

Nectar was angry.

Well, I was angry, too, but I tried not to show it as much as he was.

At the moment, Nectar was in the other dimension together with other dragons.

Upon his return, Kyle and I asked him how the meeting went. Nectar’s expression softened, and a small smile blossomed on his lips.

My smile, on the other hand, was so perfect that it could be put into textbooks as a role model.

「I understand what happened, so rest assured, Lava. Anyways, I’m going to go and consult Gramps now.」

「Umm, about what?」

「About the way of balancing the world’s magic even if all of the other dragons were to be destroyed?」

「Wait just a minute, Nectar! I’m happy that you are angry on my behalf, but let’s not get too much ahead of ourselves, shall we!?」

「They need to apologize to you for attacking and confining you, and I want to be present when that happens.」

I could see it in his eyes that he was dead serious about it, and so I looked towards Kyle for help, but he just shook his head while looking apologetic.

「Don’t look at me. He said he’ll do it, so he’s going to do it. It’s even worse than that situation with that message from the 14th king of Ballow. It’s better if you just let him calm down naturally. But even so, it is really a sight to behold when Nectar gets seriously angry.」

Seeing how Kyle, Nectar’s usual emergency break, was powerless to do anything, I understood just how serious this whole situation really was.

Luckily, soon after the other dragons called for me, so I was able to get inside to closed space with our consciousness alone.

Contrary to my worries, Nectar smiles as he sees the appearing dragons.

But his smile was ice-cold. Like absolute zero ice-cold.

In addition to malicious intents pouring out of him, his murderous aura was so intense that others could clearly sense it.

「…… Father, you’re scaring me.」

Sensing that, Aru hugs me, looking all frightened.

Nectar finally began to speak, and all of the dragons began to listen to him, as if his ice-cold aura affected them as well.

「Despite your so called unanimous consensus, didn’t you just ignored Lava opinion completely and even detained her? I know that Lava’s views may be considered a heresy among you, with her respect of the humankind. But she was just trying to help other races. If so, Lava’s experiences should be considered a valuable source of information. You should have listened to her before making something as stupid as the thing you did. Wouldn’t you agree?」

“However, opinions are mixed.”

「Subjectively speaking, you didn’t even know that at that point. You didn’t have any right to deny her having only fragmentary knowledge. Above all else, Lava is not limiting herself when it comes to interactions, communicating with both spirits and demons, and all of the experience she accumulates through those interactions is a valuable source of information about this world. ‘The One Who Becomes One With the Wilderness’ was the only one who was willing to listen to her words, and as a result he managed to become friends with a child of the human tribe. Thus he became another useful source of information to you.」

Hearing Nectar’s words, the dragons became restless.

Uhhh, it is true that I supported senpai a little in his attempts at making friends, but it was only because he was the one to help me in the beginning……

Nectar cast a quick glance at me. Yes, yes, I will keep my mouth shut for now.

「Is that okay with you? People may seem fragile, small and foolish to you. I am a spirit myself, but in your eyes I must be a weak one at best. But we also have things that we hold dear. That what makes us strong. It’s not that dragons are the only ones capable of carrying out their responsibilities. Let me say this clearly: you are too indifferent towards other races. And it is this kind of arrogance that will come to bring you down one day.」

Both Kyle and I looked at Nectar, who looked as if nothing could stop him at the moment.

It seems that one of the dragons was distressed by Nectar’s words, as it stood up and came in front of the rest. If he was in his physical form, the ground would surely tremble from the impact of his body.

“ ‘One Who Becomes One With the Wilderness’, is the spirit saying the truth?”

“Yes. About a day ago, I was able to become friends with a human child thanks to all of their advices.”

Ooouh, it was sweet of him to say something like that, but at the same time it made me feel really embarrassed, as if someone had suddenly confessed their love to me.

But I’m glad that Senpai thought that I was useful to him.

“Understanding. ‘Born From Lava and Incarnation of the Night.”


A quick call was made and I let out a weird sound, just like Elvie sometimes would when he was startled.

It, it was a really weird noise.

“From now on, we all shall take all of your input into consideration when it comes to any future action.”

“We shall also allow for humans to provide their insight on some matters in the future.”

“Seeking cooperation.”

By that, you could clearly see just how desperate they all got,

CRACK! Suddenly Nectar began to lose his balance and swing off his feet.

Oh, it looks like the ground split open right under him, even though there was no ground in this place per se.

「Oh, I’m surprised you didn’t know about that. This space it created by the dragons, and it tends to be rather unstable, depending on their mental states.」

Wasn’t that just precious that Nectar managed to get the dragons all flustered like that?

“…… It was decided to reflect on our actions.”

“We sincerely apologize.”

“Umm, thank you?”

“Same here, really.”

To be perfectly honest, I was still far from forgiving them for putting Aru and Nectar in the harm’s way. But I could sense that right now, in this moment, they really regretted what they have done to me and to humans as well.

Somehow, even Nectar was willing to accept their apologies.

「Lava, I don’t care all that much about them. What matters is that they understood their mistakes.」

「No, Nectar. The fact that Lava-dono is happy should be more than enough to you.」

「…… Guess I cannot really be helped.」

Kyle was bickering with Nectar, who was still feeling reluctant about this whole situation.

Haah, oh well, guess for now things are going to be fine, so why bother with this any longer than really necessary?

After that, the dragons began discussing various things with each other, and as a result I was asked to give quite a few opinions on various topics.

“From now, we shall also work on acquiring information on various races of this world and relay them to the three of you.”

“We also want to acquire information on how spirits and demons can be of assistance in maintaining the correct circulation of magic. Nectar Prominent and Kyle Sluggart, we hope that you two can be of assistance in this matter.”

「If that’s what both Lava and Aru want me to do, then I have no complains.」

「I agree to help, as well.」

“Cooperation established, much obliged.”

I had a lot on my mind that I wanted to say, but for the time being I chose to stay silent and just enjoy this moment.

Although it was but a small step, it should be enough to secure the magical circulation for decades to come.

It will be slow, but the change is sure to occur.

Having disclosed all of this information, Kyle decided to raise his voice again before the dragon congregation would declare the meeting as concluded.

「There’s one last thing I want to ask.」

“What is it?”

「I was awakened as a spirit because my staff was left in the middle of an area filled with dense magic, so dense that it began to give birth to demons. That place was a facility which was gathering magic, neglected and forgotten by humans. However, said facility was destroyed almost one hundred years ago, but was recently restored. That was the cause of magical anomaly. Are you the ones who restored that facility and left my staff there?」

We wanted to hear more about it, but what came to us as a response was nothing but denial.

“Denial. While selecting the site most suitable for the test, the only magical anomalies that we detected and blocked were those coming from ‘The One Who Becomes One With the Wilderness’.”

“Humans were unaware of the facility’s existence.”

「In other words, my staff was there.」

“We don’t know.”

“That concludes the meeting.”

In response to that, we all looked at each other in puzzlement.



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