Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 74


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko


Volume 3 Chapter 7: Dragon-san and the Demons Circumstances

As both Ligurila and Kyle disappeared in the radiant light, I scratched my cheek nervously.

Ahh, I can only hope that Ligurila won’t rub too many of her bad habits onto Kyle.

But I was standing there, thinking about what to do now, I noticed that Senjiro was looking slightly upset.

[Lava-dono. Ligurila went to do their business together with that man, but what exactly are they going to do?] [Hmm, I don’t know. Maybe she wants to see the extent of his power with her own eyes? You know, it’s just how demons do things. Instead of greeting one another with a smile on their faces, they go straight to clashing of swords and throwing spells at one another.]

That being said, Ligurila was infamous amongst her fellow demons for taking things too far during those duels, often shifting them into battle to the death.

[Oh, but this time, I also believe that she just wants to blow off some steam as well.]

I told him that, thinking it would be far better than cooking up some sort of lie just so it could ease his worries.

For Kyle it was something inevitable, and so I was hoping that by surviving through this ordeal, the two of them could possibly become friends.

I was yet again lost in thought, but then I noticed again that Senjiro’s mood was becoming rather foul by the minute.

Or, rather than bad mood, was it anxiety?

[Umm, do we even know where Ligurila went in the first place?] [I guess? She also left us a note beforehand.]

Even if she didn’t do that, I could probably trace the trail of magic she left behind her, and identify her location that way.

Then, Senjiro asked me something that was difficult for me to answer.

[Lava-dono, if possible, could you possibly tell me that location? I want to go there.]

I was almost sure that Senjiro, who was really apologetic, managed to misunderstand the whole situation and currently got the wrong idea.

Or maybe he thought that Ligurila was going to have an affair with someone of her own kind?

I think I would probably feel the same way if Nectar suddenly hit on some random girl on the street and the two of them started to go on dates behind my back…… You just can’t help it but to feel anxious about those things.

Suddenly feeling determined, I told to Senjiro.

[I think that Ligurila will be back around dawn or so.]

Realizing my bad phrasing and seeing Senjiro’s tail swinging from side to side anxiously, I quickly searched for the right words to correct myself.

[No, that is exactly why. Let’s go to our accommodation, grab our luggage and then we can go to where Ligurila is.] [I sincerely thank you for your consideration.] [Think nothing of it. I know just how you feel.]

I laughed to make Senjjiro feel more relieved, but I could see that his ears were twitching ever so slightly.


I gathered my luggage in a hurry, and then called the inn employee in order to check out.

Then we called for a carriage and we drove it towards the coordinates where Ligurila supposedly transported Kyle and herself. It was an open space covered in grass, some distance from the main road. Once there, we saw that Ligurila was chasing Kyle around.

[Ahahahahaha! I would never think that Bel’s husband was such a cowardly weakling!] [Just listen to me, for god’s sake!]

Kyle’s aura was already that of a demon, complete with his hair growing long and his body being surrounded by lightning, which was decided to be his attribute.

Right now he looked like a cheat character from video games, one that could easily pummel his enemies to the ground with one swing of his huge staff.

Henceforth, the thought of this Kyle being overwhelmed by Ligurila was a little bit…… surreal, to say the least. Sadly, this is exactly what was happening right now.

Being pushed back by a barrage of magical attacks, he saw an opening in them and began to run away from his opponent. Then, when he noticed that I arrived at the scene, he made a run towards me.

When he finally reached me, it was as if something have broken inside of him.

[Lava! What the hell is wrong with this fighting freak!? She teleported us and right of the bat began to cast high tier magic at me! And not that I’m complaining or anything, but she seems dead-set on wanting to kill me! She’s your acquaintance, do something about her!] [Umm, that I cannot do. It is something like a method of communication for her. And once her switch is flipped, no amount of reason can get through to her. She must calm down by herself with time, I’m afraid.]

In my case, the longest time for her to calm down was three days and three nights.

And let me tell you, it was truly an arduous experience, since she was so hellishly strong.

While looking away from him, I laid my hand on Kyle’s shoulder in the encouraging gesture.

[Listen to me, my friend. I am sure you are going to die many times here, but not really “die” die, so please try to give it your best shot. Okay?] [Are all demons like that!?] [Well, Ligurula is kind of an exception to the rule. Rather extreme exception. But I wonder?]

I tried to laugh it off, to which Kyle could only cast me a hopeless look.

All the while, Ligurila was slowly walking towards him from behind his back.

[What’s wrong, Thunderstorm? Have had enough so soon?]

Saying that, Ligurila smiles in a way that would make all of your bodily hair stand up at once. It was a charming, beautiful smile, but there was also something cruel and sadistic about it that made your heart froze in fear.

Kyle looked behind, and upon seeing Ligurila’s smile, beads of cold sweat began to drip down his neck.

[Now then, I think I gave you more than enough time for preparations.]

Kyle squeezed his staff tightly in his hands and began to run away from Ligurila yet again, and she followed suit.

For a short while Kyle was even able to put some distance in between them, but it was no use.

Sensing something, Kyle came to a sudden stop, only to see a huge distortion in space, from which a giant feathered jellyfish soon emerged.

It was about fifteen meters long.

Its feathers were swaying gently under its membrane umbrella, and its innumerable tentacles were glittering gold.

It was a strange yet fascinating creature, with the core that would change its color according to the creature’s emotions.

It was truly a sight to behold.

Casting her humanoid disguise aside and returning to her true nature, Ligurila began to whisper sweet words while her core inside of her umbrella shifted and swayed.

[The real fun starts now. I wonder, will you be able to entertain me a whole lot?] [Iyiiiiii……!!]

Astonished by Ligurila’s true form, Kyle soon found himself being attacked by the swarm of tentacles.

[Ohh~~, good luck, Kyle. You’re certainly going to need it.] [Instead of cheering me on maybe you could help me––––––~~!!]

I heard Kyle’s scream, as well as both thunder and lightning shining through the intervals between the tentacles. Judging from that scream, he should be fine for a while.

And while I was wondering whether or not to return to the carriage or to stay here and watch, Senjiro finally caught up to me, looking shocked.

[Sen-san, is there something wrong?] [No, not really……]

No, judging by his reply and the movements of his tail I could see that there was definitely something wrong.

Senjiro was frozen in place, and so I trace his line of sight. It went straight to the golden-feathered jellyfish flying in the sky. …… Don’t tell me,

[Is this perhaps the first time you see this form of Ligurila?] [No, I have witnessed it a few times before, when she was cleaning my hair or while we were in the bath.]

Feathered jellyfish soaking in the bath, what a cute sight to behold.

As I tried to imagine that, Senjiro’s eyes were still glued to Ligurila, who was trying to decimate Kyle with her tentacles.

[But I must admit that this is the first time I see her using the full extent of her power in such a way.] [Aah, I see. Well, there aren’t that many demons out there that can match Ligurila when it comes to strength. Kyle really should go all out against her if he wants to get out of there in one piece.]

Speaking of which, Kyle’s nickname as a demon was Thunderstorm, although only weak demons were using that title.

Maybe it was his unique way of being humble.

[Is that, right?]

Said Senjiro while observing Kyle’s struggle against Ligurila, unable to move his gaze away from her.

Since his expression was so dead serious, I began to make my way to camp on my own, leaving him to his own devices.


In the end, Ligurila continued to chase after Kyle all the way until morning.

[Ahh! It was so much fun!]

Ligurila took the carriage reins in her own hands, seemingly in a pretty good mood after all of the exercising, and we started to head back towards the city.

On the other hand, Kyle was sitting at the back of the carriage, looking about ready to collapse from exhaustion.

[Ahh, how did I even manage to live through that……?] [Kyle, thank you for all of your hard work.]

I passed him a water canteen I prepared in advance, and he received it with shaky hands. His previously long hair turns back to their normal length, revealing a face of utter exhaustion.

But moments later, he pulled back the canteen from his mouth, his face twisted with disgust.

[L, Lava? What the hell is this?] [It is a special kind of water that I created with magic! It’s perfect for replenishing the reserves of lost magical power.] […… It was so dense that I thought I might vomit for a second there.]

Being aware of the drink now, Kyle resumed drinking it carefully.

Demons bodies were made out of concentrated magic. Once he replenishes his reserves, he should feel all better.

Then, Ligurila turned towards us, probably overhearing our exchange from the driver’s seat.

[Ah, Lava. Could you give that drink to me as well?] [Sure thing, you seem to have used a lot of your magic as well. Small wonder, since you told me you should be done with it by evening but you lasted all the way until the morning.] [Don’t put it in such a weird way, it’s disgusting. And besides, nothing beats a cold drink after a long and satisfying battle.]

Ligurila says that, and I take out a spare empty bottle, and put my hand towards the opening.

Water begins to flow from my palm right inside of the bottle.

If you put just enough magic into your palm, the water would constantly keep on flowing, until the bottle would eventually be filled.

[Done, here you go.]

I threw the bottle towards Ligurila, who catches it in mid-air and almost immediately puts it to her mouth.

[I knew it, it’s quite something. And it is only thanks to your skill and the fact that you did all the work yourself.] [Well, I’m happy that you think that.]

Seemingly happy, Ligurila smiles and then snaps her fingers.

In the next moment, the carriage became lighter, and our speed accelerated noticeably.

[Like this, we should be able to reach Melias around afternoon.] [You surely are free-spirited, you know?]

When Kyle regained enough strength to pull himself up, Senjiro, who until now was keeping silent while hiding his arms inside of his sleeves, spoke up to him.

[Kyle-dono, you were previously a human, but you said that you received some kind of training. What kind of training was that? What training allowed you to withstand such an ordeal?] [That’s right, during my youth I was a member of the military. And even after I retired, I would always train on my own if I had some spare time. …… Lava, what’s that smirk supposed to mean?]

Kyle noticed my expression and addressed that without hesitation.

[Oh, it’s nothing, really. It’s just that, when we talk about work, it was you who would often take lead during the hunt for the most dangerous monsters, right?] […… And who told you that, prey tell?] [Belga and Nectar.]

Suddenly, Kyle began to look all embarrassed, and tried to make excuses.

[Oh, yeah, right, those two. You see, it is sometimes necessary for those at the top to go into the field in order to do some ground work, in order to boost morale of their people. …… I admit, sometimes it was mainly to relieve some stress, but not all that often.] [Umu, those are the words of someone who used to be at the top of the chain of command. It is exciting and intense, but can also serve as a way to practice your own skills and abilities.] [Ah, aaahhh. Thanks.]

Senjiro began to praise Kyle, who seemed to be mildly entertained by those words.

[So, how did you manage to handle that situation with Ligurila?] [And what do you think? I run away, although it was truly a hard thing to do. Not to mention that those tentacles are strong and fast, and each and every one of them fires off a different kind of magic. Don’t you think that’s foul play?]

Ligurila looks back towards Kyle, who suddenly went pale and was shivering all over.

[Ara, Lava is capable of repelling almost eighty percent of my tentacles with ease.] [Comparing me to an ancient dragon, thanks a lot.]

Said Kyle prudently, and turned to Senjiro.

[Well, Right now I’m living as a demon, and thanks to that I received a second chance at life. But, during my lifetime there were many situations in which I was thinking I might actually die. No, there are still situations like that for me, even today.] [No, no, if you were to be overly conscious about things like that all the time, you would break down sooner or later.]

I say something like that, and Kyle had no retort to that.

[That’s too hard of a concept to accept. I know that I am different, with all of that knowledge being put into my mind, but when I act in my original form, I feel as though nothing has changed. I don’t feel different in the least. At least for now.]

I laughed hearing him say that, because he said that as though it was something completely unrealistic. But it was the real problem.

When I was first turned into a dragon, it took me a lot of time to accept my new form and the fact that I was no longer human.

So I could truly understand his worries and anxieties that he was currently going through.

[Ara, now that’s a rare opinion. Wouldn’t you like to test the limits of your newfound powers when you were given an opportunity to do so?]

Hearing Ligurila’s surprising words, Kyle couldn’t help it but to scratch his cheek.

[Well, I won’t say, it was rather exciting to see that I can right now cast spells that I was previously unable to cast. I was like “Is this real?”. But I can’t say that I want to test out the limits of those powers, no.]

Kyle responded like that, and Senjiro seemed deeply moved by his resolve.

[That’s a rare quality to have. Power can easily overwhelm anyone, and if the one who received said power is weak, it can even destroy you. For you, Kyle-dono, to receive such power and not become drunk with it, that’s truly admirable.] [No, it is nothing even as remotely incredible as that.]

As I was becoming slightly irritated by Kyle’s blushing face, I could hear Senjiro murmuring to himself.

[I’m not that strong to begin with, so it is impossible for us to stand on the same ground.]

I couldn’t hear him all that well since he said that in the Eastern language, but as he was saying them he was looking at Ligurila, who was currently playing with her hair. At that moment, I think I somehow understood what he meant.



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