Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 76


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko


Volume 3 Chapter 9: Dragon-san Makes Up a Plan

That same night, I talked with Nectar about the artificial magic stone, and his eyes instantly lit up when he heard about it.

「Ballow was also researching the magic stones, but there was never any major success in that field. If it is indeed true, it is going to be a revolutionary invention. I wish I could go there as well!」

While Nectar was looking somewhat excited, Kyle, on the other hand, was even more suspicious of this whole thing than before.

「If it is true, then that would explain the swaying in the magical stone prices. But is it real, though? I can’t really think of anything but a fraud when I hear about it.」

「Certainly, the processes that makes it possible for it to occur naturally throughout the world are still unknown to us, and it is still a big unknown whether or not is it possible to produce it by means of our current technology. However, there are many ruins and dungeons in this land. It may as well be possible, if you apply the artifacts or technology found in said ruins.」

I agree with Nectar’s opinion.

The sheer amount of ruins in this land was also the reason why the leylines tended to be a little bit convoluted here, making it really hard to search for anything while using them as medium.

The dungeons and the leylines were so assimilated together that it was better to leave them as they were instead of trying to fix them and do a poor job at it.

Except for the things taught to me by Gramps, my knowledge about the ancients is not all that great, so maybe they were really adept at complicated magic like that? Who knows.

Besides, humans are full of mysteries and potential yet to be realized.

Natural geniuses like Nectar might pop up from time to time, and utilizing their talent make discoveries that advance the technology by hundreds of years. It’s not all that unheard of, and sometimes it was even happening by accident.

「Yeah, I can’t think of any other possible explanation at the moment. Nothing comes to mind.」

「No, it may very well be because we are limiting ourselves to the concept of humans are actually the ones “making it”.」

Kyle had a rather peculiar look on his face while he was saying that, looking directly at me.

Ligurila surely was right when she said that Kyle could be more than a little too cautious at times.

「In any case, we are going to take Madame Chinon’s offer and attend the garden party, while you keep the investigation going on your end as well.」

「You truly are free-spirited, you know that?」

Kyle said that in a puzzled tone of voice, seemingly at a loss.

Ligurila truly did grasp his character firmly during that little sparring of theirs.

「This is this, that is that. We might as well still do it, since we originally intended to do just that.」

「What do you mean?」

Asked Senjiro, who just got back from somewhere and wanted to know what we were talking about.

「I went to the Hunters Guild, and I have heard something really interesting there.」

「Something interesting?」

「It seems that monsters began to appear inside Melias dungeon.」

Hearing his words, everyone present open their eyes widely.

「Eh, wait just a minute. Demons and monsters are not something that can pop up inside of a dungeon just like it was nothing. What about the Hunters Guild? Shouldn’t they dispatch someone to deal with them as soon as they heard the news?」

「They said that they didn’t dispatch anyone as of yet, but apparently some people went inside, wanting to get more magic stones.」

「So that’s all they care about? Magic stones take priority over people’s safety inside of the dungeons?」

Hearing Kyle’s question, I nod to it.

I could understand Kyle’s feeling upon hearing this, since it was now his responsibility to maintain the order around the world. So we’ll eventually have to take care of them and find the cause of them appearing there.

「Good grief, so what? It’s only a rumor, but what about the truth? Are monsters really there?」

Asked Ligurila while looking at Kyle and folding her arms at her chest.

「That is why I think it is necessary for use to go down there and see for ourselves.」

「Right, but who should go down there?」

「Umm, then maybe Noct should go and check things out……」

「No, the Rank 5 Hunter would stand out way too much. I think Rank 4 Hunters – Nectar and Senjiro – are going to be more than enough for this job.」

「Hmm, it’s hard for me to part with Lava, but we do need to wrap this case up as soon as possible, before Aru’s spring break ends!」

「Uh, uuum…… Yeah, right.」

It was actually kind of funny in a certain way…… I mean, it looks like it’s going to be a lot of hard work, and I feel sorry for everyone involved…… And looking at Nectar who looked as if he was about to break into tears was making me feel even more sorry.

This dungeon seems to be truly an interesting place……

「For now, we shall investigate the depths of the dungeon. If Nectar and I go together, we will be able to sense both the presence of monsters and watch out for any changes within the leylines. You take care of the magic stones.」

「Y, yeah, I understand.」

Then, once we all agreed on the general course of action, Ligurila stood up like she was waiting for this moment to happen.

「Right, since the talking is done and done, it is high time to take some measurements, Lava. If we’re going to the party, you need some formal clothes.」

「Umm, Ligurila, didn’t you already took my measurements in the past? Can’t you use those? It’s going to be a bother taking them all over again.」

「I know that. But since I’m going to make you a new clothes, it would be a waste to use old measurements. Besides, your dress needs to be breathtaking, so give it a rest already and let’s get to it!」

Ah, that’s actually news to me.

Moreover, Nectar, who was looking at this scene from the side, looked really grim and terrifying for some reason!?

「Lava’s naked figure…… I remember the first time Lava changed into her human shape. Ahh, I remember it as though it was yesterday……」

But it was a long time ago, Nectar, my dear……

I think he’s acting like that because he missed me so much.

「Please don’t make the dress look overly fancy, I beg of you.」

「Ara, my dear Lava. Are you perhaps doubting my abilities?」

「N, no, that’s not the case. I look forward to see the fruits of your labor.」

While Ligurila was getting surprisingly pushy with the matter, Nectar leaned over towards me with sparkling eyes.

「That’s right, the beautiful dress would make Lava look even more dazzling than she is now! Back then it was as black as the night, but I think that the dress as light as the daylight would look amazing on her as well!」

「With a solid design, white dress would be really good, since Lava’s figure is as slim as ever.」

「Also, make it a long once, since Lava’s human legs are long and beautiful, so accentuate that!」

「Ara, I think it better to make it slightly shorter. It’s the newest trend in Ballow, and Lava should have no problem with wearing it.」

「Dress with a mini skirt……! No, no no! Everyone would be able to see my legs!」

「Your legs are so nice, it would be a shame not to show them.」

Ligurila waved her hand to the side, and one by one, many types of materials began to appear from the interdimensional rift.

Contrary to the exchange between Ligurila and Nectar about the white dress, a whole lot of those materials were colored.

Even the color white had so many shades and variety…. But wait a second, why are you acting so comfy as if you were in your own workshop!?

「Now let’s see, how about this? It’s well-suited for making a mini dress.」

「As Lava’s husband, instead I think that this sleek and shiny materials as a long dress would look splendid on her.」

Both of them were looking at me with sparks in their eyes, at the same time presenting me with materials of their choice.

「「Please pick the one that you think is better!」」

「R, right!」

Ahaha…… I can’t possibly make a choice here.

No, it’s not like it bothers me, since I trust both of their choices, but something tells me that this whole dress rehearsal won’t end anytime soon.

Senjiro looks at this whole scene with indifferent eyes, having probably gotten used to it by now, and Kyle, sensing that his role was no longer relevant here, started to read some books that he pulled out from God knows where. Yup, that’s right.

Then I finally let out a sigh of giving up, and I was led by both Ligurila and Nectar to the other room, but just before that Senjiro opened his mouth and said to me.

「You two will surely look amazing, going to the party dressed in clothes made by Ligurila.」

「Isn’t that obvious?」

「It’s a shame that I won’t be able to see Ligurila in it. It will surely be beautiful.」

「Huh, of that you can be sure.」

His words were truly infuriating for some reason, but I did manage to keep my cool and not sass him back.

「…… If you want to see it so badly, I might as well show it to you before we go.」

「Umu, I’m looking forward to it.」

Ligurila said that to Senjiro, whose tail began to swing obediently.

She may have said that, but I could clearly see that her ears were all red.

「Once we are done with your clothes, we are going to work on your proper party etiquettes. You are aware of that, aren’t you?」

「Um, umm, Ahaha……」

Of course, I was completely overwhelmed by that statement. But, the only possible thing I could do for the moment was to laugh.


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