Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 78


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko


50 000 pt Commemorative Extra Chapter: Dragon-san Meets the Virgin Killer Sweater Part 1

This is the extra chapter for ‘Dragon-san’ series published as a commemoration of hitting the amount of 50 000 points.

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On a certain afternoon, the capital of Ballow.

Since I was in the area, I decided to pay Ligurila a visit in her clothing store.


「What a perfect timing, Lava. I have developed a prototype of my newest product. Please try it on.」

「Eh, ah, hm? Umm?」

「Aru. Please go ahead and contact your Father right this instant. If he misses the opportunity to see this, he’s going to regret it until the end of the world.」

「Roger that, Onee-sama!」

Aru smiled broadly and did his best to salute to the command, and then he was already gone, away to contact Nectar.

Meanwhile my arms were restrained by Ligurila, who was currently dragging me towards the fitting room with a truly malicious smile on her lips.

Oh well, it was quite common for her to ask me to try her new inventions, so that is why my guard was lowered this time around.

Of course, there were more than enough mannequins around Ligurila’s store, but there are just some things that you cannot possibly grasp about clothes unless you put then on living and breathing human.

Sometimes it is a lot of work, but since all of Ligurila’s clothes are pretty cute, I accept them without worry time after time.

So, I think that the opportunity to try them out is a reward in and out of itself.

「Right, this it it.」

Inside of the fitting room, Ligurila took out some kind of a sweater and passed in onto me, while my excitement was raising by the minute.

「Hm? What’s this, it’s just a woolen sweater this time?」

It was rather long and intricately knitted, and it seems that it was worn by tying it around the neck.

Certainly, it resembled a halter neck type of dress that I knew back from earth.

Yup, the patter woven into it is really intricate, and it looks wonderful and a little bit sexy at the same time.

「It comes from the line that I intend to design for the women of the royal family specifically. This item is one of them.」

「I honestly think that courtesans would like to try something like this out from time to time…… It’s a little bit gaudy, but I think it’s still wonderful!」

「Ufufu…… Then by all means, please try to wear it. Although it might be a little bit tricky to put on, mind you.」

I was really looking forward to trying it on, and I was also looking through some accessories that Ligurila has procured.

「…… Only this one?」

「Would you like to see something else?」

Ligurila smiles vaguely in response to my question, and for some reason that smile came to me as off.

However, the only other items she gave to me were thin black stockings and a pair of high heels.

I checked it again and again, and those were really the only other items.

I could feel the beads of cold sweat beginning to form on my back and neck.

「………………… Umm, Ligurila-san?」

「What is it?」

「Where is the underwear for this set?」

I involuntarily changed into polite tone, and to my question Ligurila answered in a way that was supposed to be as natural as day.

「There is none. The concept behind this outfit is to bring the young and innocent man onto their knees when the night falls inside of the bedroom, and so it would be weird for it to contain underwear of any sort.」

I was trying to imagine myself in such a situation and wearing this outfit, and my face instantly became as red as a beetroot. I was also at a complete loss for words.

This dress looks like a halter neck. Moreover, its front was really narrow.

But it also contains no underwear, no skirt or trousers of any kind.

For some reason the only things to accompany it are the high heels and a pair of over-the-knee stockings.

In other words, since it is so thin, one’s entire back is going to be in a full view, and it is even more risqué if one was to look a the wearer from the side. And because of its length, it would be possible to see your panties with no problem!?

「Oh, I forgot to tell you, but please refrain from wearing underwear while trying this out.」



「Why are you so surprised? Isn’t that something natural? Besides, the clear view of the unobstructed backside is a sight to behold! And since the design is precisely like that, underwear would only ruin the overall composition. Now where’s fun in that?」

「No, no, no, no, no, wait just a fricking moment, Ligurila! Are you out of your frigging mind!?」

I was trying to appeal to Ligurila’s commons sense, all the while protecting myself from her hands that started to come dangerously close to my own clothes.

「Isn’t it a little bit too sexy!? And because it’s so thin and short, wouldn’t it be bad if you ever tried to walk outside while wearing those!?」

「There aren’t going to be any problems like that, since it is designed to be worn for your significant other inside of the bedroom.」

「Whatever the case may be, Ligurila, don’t you think I’m not the right person to try this on!? Besides, I’m not even that much attractive, so I don’t think that I should……」

I tried to resist her fiercely, Ligurila suddenly came behind my back, and traced her index finger down my spine, rendering me unable to resist and speak but a single word.

「I think that you look absolutely stunning, and I think that your backside is also beautiful, so that sweater would very well help you dig up a completely different kind of beauty from it…… Not to mention that it would boost that apothecary’s libido tremendously.」

Suddenly I remember the aftermath of showing myself to Nectar whilst wearing the sexy Santa outfit that Ligurila presented to me before, and hearing her words right now, I immediately turn pale.

Well, getting praised by Nectar over my looks is not that bad of a thing from time to time, but unfortunately that is not the case right about now…… Yup, nope. No way. It’s impossible for me right now.

But right now Aru was calling Nectar to come here.

I was truly afraid to see how Nectar could possibly react to seeing me in such outfit, and even worse, what would happen after that.

The quality of leylines were not so bad today, so he could probably get in touch with Nectar rather easily. In other words,

I heard the sound of door being opened, followed up by Aru’s excited voice.

「Mother, Onee-sama, Father said that he’ll be here soon!」

I knew it –––!! Ligurila smiles hearing Aru say that, meanwhile I feel like I’m about to scream inside of me.

「You did splendidly, Aru. After all, when it comes to our dear Lava that apothecary is simply too easy.」

「Yay! Onee-sama praised me!」

Aru then looks at Ligurila with eyes full of expectations, to which Ligurila extends her hand and gently strokes his hair.

「Say, Mother? What kind of clothes are you going to wear today? I hope it will be something that will look good on you!」

「Rest assured, Aru. Today I have something really special for your Mother. And it’s all right hear and ready to be worn.」

「Hooray! Well then, I will wait for you outside!」

Aru left the room with his eyes filled with expectation, to which I realized that there was no way out from this ordeal for me.

Like that, my last ray of hope was dead and gone.

The only one left with me now was Ligurila, looking all happy and proud of herself.

Beads of sweat were dripping down my whole body like crazy.

If this continues, I’ll really have to wear that and suffer all that shame!

「L, Ligurila, my friend…… Maybe you should think this matter over?」

「But you said that you would help me out. Or maybe that was a lie?」

Seeing Ligurila’s sad face and hearing her words, I was attacked by a strange kind of guilt, but then I noticed the clothes she was still holding in her hands.

If you force me to wear that, I will definietely die (mostly mentally, but still)!

I made up my mind, and looked Ligurila straight in the eyes, dead set on my conviction.

「Ligurila, let’s just stop this. I’ll wear anything else, anything but this.」

Ligurila’s eyes open widely, probably because she didn’t expect me to try to oppose her idea so strongly.

It’s been a while since I saw that look upon her face.

However, it was disappointing to see that this look quickly disappeared from her eyes, and her mouth raised in a beautiful smile.

「I see…… I am terribly sorry for trying to drag you into something so horrible. As a tailor, I must make sure that the people who are to wear my clothes are to do so of their own free will, without being forced to do so. If you say you don’t want to, so be it.」

Ligurila’s words seemed to be genuine, and so seemed her expression. She then covered her mouth with her hands and at that moment I could swear that I saw a nasty smile creeping on her lips. Or maybe it was all my imagination?

「But whatever shall we do now? I wanted Aru to call that spirit so that he could see something really nice. …… Not that I really care, to be perfectly honest, but think about your husband. Think about how disappointed Aru will be.」

「Ah, yeah…… That’s right, that’s true.」

Since Nectar can also use Teleportation magic, and the capital and Hibernia are not that far from one another, he could come here at any minute now. Also, it would be heartbreaking to see the disappointment upon Aru’s face, since he was looking so forward to it.

Still, I didn’t really wanted to wear something like that…… What to do to make everyone happy about all this……?

As I was thinking about all that, I suddenly realized something about Ligurila and I clasped my hands together.

Hmm? But what if, she planned this whole thing up?

「That’s right. I have prepared this series for the royal family, and so I have also come up with a version that you could wear during everyday activities. You can wear that one.」

「It’s alright, really. I know that it is early afternoon, so I am going to be really careful. For even though its design is a little bit different, the core theme is still the same.」

I was about ready to believe her, but then something in Ligurila’s words has struck me as rather odd.

Still, it was about time for Nectar to arrive. There was no time to keep worrying about every single detail.

「Or, maybe you’d like to wear that one?」

Hearing Ligurila say that and flashing me the previous set of clothes (night edition), and I shake my head in refusal.

I refuse! I’m not going to wear that one, no matter what!

「Fine then. It’s not that I care all that much, so it cannot be helped ––––––………… Now, please try to wear this, and this and this. And also this.」

As soon as she makes the ‘Royal Family Killer (Night Edition) disappear, a completely new mass of clothes appear to take their place.

I couldn’t really tell exactly what it was, since it was all folded and on top of each other, but it definitely used lots of frills, ribbons, laces and the skirt looked somewhat off.

Even though Ligurila herself recommended it, it was that kind of dress that I would probably never wear myself.

Putting it another way, these clothes were simply way too sexy for me to ever consider wearing them.

「Lava, oh proud member of the dragon race, surely you would never go back on your own words, right?」

When I finally lifted my gaze from the clothes back to Ligurila’s face, it was frozen in a “Surely you wouldn’t, would you?”. It was only then when I realized that I made a huge mistake.


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