Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 79


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko


50, 000 Points Commemorative Extra Chapter: Dragon-san and the Virgin-Killer Sweater Part 2

This is the second part of the Commemorative Extra Chapter.

If you see this part first, please give a read to the first part!

Just as I was about done changing my clothes, Nectar came over.

Even though the two of them weren’t exactly get along all that well, he would never miss a chance to witness Ligurila’s new creation. That is probably the only reason why he bothered to come over.

Anyways, that’s way too early for you to come in here, Nectar, you dummy……!

「Lava, umm, could you please come out soon?」

「Ah, yeah. J, just give me a minute, okay……?」

I could hear Nectar’s lonesome, but at the same time hopeful voice from the other side of the door. Looks like he was still hesitant whether or not he should enter.

No! No way! There was absolutely, positively no way that I would just come out to him while being dressed like that!

「What are you doing, hesitating like that? Just go to him already.」

「Wah, hyah!」

However, Ligurila was unrelenting as always, as she held me in place with one hand and opened the door with other.

Next, she pushed me forward, and carried my weight as I stumbled through the door, at the same time trying to hold down my skirt which was send aflutter by the air. It was so embarrassing that I wished I could just die.

Looking up at Nectar, I could see his pale blue eyes filled with desire and his cheeks becoming deep-red in color. Seeing that my own face became beet-red.

In order to try to calm myself down, I try to brush my hair aside, but that only exposed the frills that decorated the cuffs of the outfit, which by looking at Nectar achieved completely opposite result.

So, while I was helplessly trying to hold my skirt in place and not die of shame, Aru shrieked in an excited voice.

「Hyah–––!! Mother, you look so nice––––––!!」

「Y, you think so?」

「That’s right, that’s right! There’s so much frills and lace, it’s so nice!」

Aru hugged me and buried his face in my skirt, which made me kind of relieved, but I was still conscious of Nectar’s stare.

Ligurila’s ‘Royalty Embracing Clothes (Daytime Edition)’ were, on the other hand, a kind of long and elegant formal dress.

It was a simple yet elegant combination of jumper skirt and a blouse.

The chest area was cute, the sleeves were nicely decorated with frills and lace, and the waist area was nice and tight, with the skirt composed of lots of cloth with drapes.

And because of the corset, the waist area was especially well emphasized, at the same time gently lifting up the chest area. Everything combined with sensual shoulder straps…… Yeah, it was something else alright.

Furthermore, combined with the knee-socks, which also contained lots of ribbons and lace, those were definitely clothes which emphasized the cute aspect.

It was embarrassing. So terribly, terribly embarrassing.

No, wait, I’m over a hundred years old now, aren’t I!?

Even back on Earth during my previous lifetime I would never even consider wearing such clothes, and in this lifetime I was way past the age where it would be acceptable for me to do so! After all, I am a married woman with a small child, if nothing else! I knew it, it was way too embarrassing, I can’t stand it!

「A, Aru? It isn’t weird, am I right?」

「Not at all! I want to be able to wear clothes like that one day!」

Huh!? Really, Aru? You’d like to wear those clothes yourself!?

「I also happen to have some clothes made specifically for Aru. Please have a look at them if you’d like.」


Aru, who especially loved Ligurila’s cloths, jumped up in ecstasy.

Anyways, Aru were the first one to comment on the outfit, but so far the person who should be the most interested, Nectar, was remaining silent.

I know that it was embarrassing, but…… It would be nice if he could at least comment on it or something.

I instantly became uneasy, so I put my hands in front of me and look at the floor, unable to look Nectar in the eyes. I then open my mouth, trying to give Nectar a little encouragement.

「T, this outfit…… What do you think?」

It was embarrassing for me to ask him that, and I could feel my face burning up as a result.

I knew it, it’s better to just wait for him to speak up on his own.

But even as I wait, Nectar still remains silent, seemingly deep in thoughts.

Just then, Aru got close to Nectar.

Aru tried to wave his hand in front of Nectar’s eyes. Nothing. Next, he jumped a few times to draw his attention. Still nothing. Then, when Aru poked him just a little with his finger, Nectar fell to the ground on the spot.

「Eh, what, Nectar!?」

Nectar fell to the ground with a loud *THUD*, but that seemed to have brought him back to reality, as he just stared at me with his pale-blue eyes.

「Huh? I thought that I saw Lava in a really nice outfit, but then everything fade to black. Was that a dream?」

「No, Father, it wasn’t a dream. Mother is right here and she really is wearing a really cute outfit!」

Aru said gently to Nectar, while I squatted down to see if he was okay, looking him straight in the eyes.

First thing first, is he uninjured? What happened!?

「That was some truly incredible sound you’ve made, are you alright?」

「…… Haah.」

Then, Nectar made a strange face and fell to the ground yet again.

「Eh, ah, what’s wrong, Nectar!?」

「Fufufu, he has completely fallen. I’d say it’s a huge success.」

Because I was busy with taking care of Nectar who fell unconscious to the ground, I couldn’t see that Ligurila was smiling deviously behind my back.


After that, Nectar had to be carried to the other room by Ligurila’s familiars: Ill-chan and Aeo-kun, since there were no signs of him waking up.

Oh, umm, I know that since their bodies were small it was probably really hard of a task to accomplish…… But it’s not that Nectar fainted on purpose, you know?

Initially I wanted to carry Nectar, but Ligurila was quite insistent on them doing the job, that right now I was sitting on the sofa while drinking some tea while still wearing Ligurila’s clothes.

For some reason Ligurila wanted me to watch her at work, so I guess that was that.

Now that I thought about it, the thing that Ligurila did was a typical maneuver of a seasoned salesperson: at first she presented me with clothes she knew I was definitely going to refuse, only to trap me into something completely outrageous the very next moment.

Without that strategy, I would have never agreed on trying them out in the first place.

「Ara, did I perhaps do something that upset you? Since we’re already at it, now I would like you to try out the night version as well.」

「I refuse.」

This time around I was adamant in my refusal.

Then I saw Ligurila raising her cup of tea to her mouth while wearing a really unfamiliar expression on her face. She took a sip, but then she just sighed and put the cup back onto the table with irritated expression.

「Honestly speaking, I don’t get it.」

「You don’t get what?」

「Why did Nectar react like that in the first place?」

She said that while picking up on her skirt.

「Well, maybe it’s because these clothes are really pretty? However, they don’t leave that much skin exposed, so I don’t really get it why would they possess the ability to kill anyone.」

「That is the sole purpose of the night version.」

Ah, go figure it would be something like that.

「Aside from that, these clothes are not just about adding cuteness to my everyday look. Nectar would probably react like that no matter what I wore…… Although I must say that today was a huge overreaction from his side. So maybe there is really something going on here.」

「So, does that mean that it is you who is the real virgin killer here?」

Aside from the fact that her words were annoying me, Ligurila probably meant something completely different by those words. Oh well.

Ligurila came right next to me, her expression turning into something really nasty.

「It’s all about not being aware of your own power…… See, Lava, this is what’s really frustrating here.」

「Whatever do you mean by that?」

「No, nothing. It’s fine, really. From now on, I must focus my efforts on making you realize that power of yours.」

While saying that, Ligurila went to the other room for a while, only to return with a bunch of other clothes. Her expression was that suggesting she might as well go to war right this instant.

「Now, what about that?」

She also opened the door, and I was about ready to jump when I saw who came through them.

I should have expected that, but the one to come into the room was in fact Aru, wearing the clothes that Ligurila gave him, with Ill-chan right by his side.

I looked at Aru and I’ve become jealous in an instant.

Aru was wearing a jacket and shorts which didn’t really stood out from Ballow’s casual everyday clothing.

However, I had a feeling that the clothes seemed to be resonating with him extremely well.

The shorts were somewhat squeezing his legs a little bit, and the knee-socks were pushing his skin over their edges just a little bit up.

The frills of the blouse were thin and fair in color, and his jacket was moving with even the slightest move, just like a bird’s wings.

He also had a ribbon on his neck and wearing a top hat on his head.

I thought those were girly clothes at first, but judging from how nice they look on Aru, they must have been gender neutral, so even men could wear them and still look good.

Aru went towards me and stopped right in front of the sofa on which I was sitting.

I was curious what he was going to do and so I watched him for a while. Aru held his top hat with one hand while his cheeks were dyed pink.

Then, after bowing down gracefully, he offered me his hand.

「It’s a pleasure, Madame. Would you give me the honor of letting me escort you?」

He then raised his face, and I could tell that he was feeling embarrassed.

I also understood that Ill-chan and Aeo-kun must have taught his those phrases while he was changing his clothes.

No, maybe it was all because of the get-ups we were wearing, that Aru wanted to play along and Ligurila helped him with that.

However, while looking at Aru being dressed like that, something was awakening deep inside of me……!

「Eh, what … Escort?」

「It’s just that, Mother is a really good and kind person. You care about me deeply, you make my favorite snacks, you spend time with me, and never want anything in return. So, I just thought that I might do this as a thank you for all of that kindness.」

Somehow, this got me truly proud, and tears began gathering in my eyes.

It was probably something different than the normal kind of escorts that you hear about on the streets, but it is the gesture that matters.

And even if it was something different, it means that Aru cared so much for me that he wanted to do this.

Just then, Aru cocked his head with uneasiness.

「Mother, you don’t want me to be your escort, by any chance?」

In that moment, I could feel some mysteriously soft sensation spreading throughout my body, unlike anything I have ever felt before. I could feel the waves of heat striking my cheeks.

「Oh, no, no, not at all! Umm…… I’m looking forward to you…… escorting me around?」

I take Aru’s hand in mine, and his face instantly brightens up.

「Yeees! Hooray!」

Aru seemed to be overjoyed as we kept on holding hands, but I still couldn’t quite pinpoint what that mysterious feeling was.

What was that!? I want to know!

Just like Ligurila, I was overcome with mysterious emotions that I just couldn’t put my finger on.

「Moe, Lava. I do believe that the word you are looking for is moe. Aru is currently wearing a royal attire…… No, it is more accurate to say that these clothes are as such that anyone might look royal in them: men, women and children alike.」


The concept of moe was well known to me.

Back in my old world it was a concept popular in anime, manga and games, but apparently it was currently spreading throughout Ballow like wildfire.

But it was the first time for me to realize that.

「By the way, Lava. Are you now able to understand how that spirit felt? Even just a little bit?」

I felt as I kind of did, but also that I kind of didn’t.

As Aru stepped away for a bit, Ligurila took this opportunity to hand me a bag that was filled to the brim.

As I was given a whole lot of clothes by Ligurila, I had no choice but to accept them all.

「I would be much obliged.」

This was already a complete defeat on my end, so I had no choice but to lower my head to Ligurila, who only said that it was okay.

「Ah, umm, about Aru’s clothes, you think I can bring them home back with me?」

「But of course –––– Would you like to wear them again, Aru?」

「Of course! I really like them! Also, I promise to escort Mother in them!」

As Aru says that, I couldn’t help it but to blush intensely.

During that time, Aru was busy with refilling my tea and putting sweets on my plate.

Hoo, I see that you have a good taste, Aru! You prioritize my favorite madeleines above all else!

It was so cute of him that he was treating me like a Princess, but it was also pretty embarrassing in its own right.

Even though I ate the madeleines just like usual, they tasted much sweeter since it was Aru who prepared them.

「So, maybe Onee-sama should escort you next?」

「Oh, that would be wonderful.」

Seemingly happy, Ligurila smiles while leaning closer to me.

「By the way, what are you going to do with these clothes?」

I thought I might regret saying that, but…… It would be rude not to accept them after Ligurila went through all the trouble of making them. So I said while bringing my face closer.

「…… But, I want some other skirt than that puffy one.」

「My, oh my. But the puffy ones are the cutest.」

Seeing just how delighted Ligurila was, I couldn’t help it but to smile and to raise a white flag in total defeat.

…… After that.

Occasionally, I would wear those clothes around the house, but only if I was sure that there was nobody around. It was my little secret from now on.


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