Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 83


Translator: Kureha


Author’s note: This chapter is the after story to the previous spin-off chapter 「If dragon-san came across a virgin killer sweater」.

This is a chapter where I, the author decided to have some fun so it would be great if you have fun reading it as well!


Lava POV

I screwed up, thought Lava.

She stood there, blaming herself for everything which has happened.

She knew this was going to happen. Yet, for reasons unknown, the words slipped out of her mouth before she could stop.

She resented the fact that she has allowed herself to say something like that. Lava was frozen on the spot, doubting her own sanity from just a couple of minutes ago.

She knew Ligurila would end up doing something like this:『So since you don’t want to wear the sweater, let me wear it instead and demonstrate it for you.』

「Lava, it’s very rude of you to look away from a lady who has all dolled up.」


As Lava snapped out of her thoughts, she came face to face with Ligurila who had a gorgeous smile on her face. Ligurila’s head was slightly tilted and her purple eyes shone teasingly.

「Come on, I wore this just for you. The least you can do is to appreciate it a little more.」

Lava knew that Ligurila has not cast any spell on her.

However, no matter how she tried to keep her eyes away from her friend, her eyes kept on turning back to Ligurila.

The only thing she could focus on right now was Ligurila, who stood in front of her elegantly.

The sweater’s high neck gently wrapped around Ligurila’s thin neck.

The raised chain-like pattern on the sweater twisted down to the part of the sweater which softly wrapped around her hip. However, just as Lava has expected, the sweater was only long enough to cover the very top of her thighs.

On top of that, Ligurila wore a black thigh-high stocking which was fastened with a garter belt, finished off with a pair of slim high heels.

Like that, Ligurila’s long, fleshy legs were boldly exposed.

The sleeveless side of the sweater, which took away the purpose of wearing one, followed down Ligurila’s body line; exposing her side boobs.

Because of the sweater’s design, it captured and emphasized the shape and the size of her breasts. As the width of the sweater wasn’t quite enough to cover her chest completely.

The outfit itself was more than enough for Lava. Yet Ligurila the fearless decided to do a spin on the spot.

Her golden hair flowed along with the spin and the sweater lifted up slightly from her movement. Her exposed back, following down to the nicely curved waist, following down to her milky hip decorated by butterfly motif danced past Lava’s sight.
When Ligurila’s eyes met Lava’s once again, Lava knew exactly what her face looked like as she saw the corner of Ligurila’s mouth curve upwards.

「Ufufu, how was it? Lava?」

「er, um…」

Lava felt her face burn so much that she thought she was about to breath out fire.

Knowing she couldn’t handle any more of it, Lava shut her eyes tight. Yet, Ligurila’s pale figure was vividly burned into the back of her mind. So, closing off her vision only backfired.

Lava thought back to the one time when she tickled Ligurila all over and wondered how she was able to touch her so casually.

Ligurila’s breasts were bigger than Lava has expected. Yet her waist was slim in comparison to it and her thighs looked smooth under the lace.

Ligurila had an unexpectedly feminine body and gave out a very womanly atmosphere with every small movement she made.

Or in other word, it was erotic.

Everything about the outfit was erotic.

Before this, Lava was certain that she was straight. However, her heart started to thump like crazy at the sight of Ligurila in such an outfit.

This was well over her limits. Keeping her eyes shut, Lava spoke in a shaky voice.

「O, okay, that’s enough. S, so, you can change back…. what the!?」
Lava lost her balance as something was forcibly pressed up against her waist.

She crashed into the conveniently placed sofa behind her. However, she let her eyes open from the shock.

A soft scent flowed past Lava.

The gentle and sweet smell of Ligurila wrapped around Lava’s body, stimulating her brain.

Not being able to think straight, all she could do was look at the sadistic grin on Ligurila’s face who had her pinned down on the sofa.

She did not move her eyes off Ligurila’s as Lava feared that if she looked down, there would be something she shouldn’t see over the draped down sweater.

Unable to do anything, Lava just remained frozen on the spot. Suddenly, Ligurila’s cheeks turned rosy pink and her purple eyes pinning down on Lava’s golden eyes shifted into a teasing grin.

Shiver ran down Lava’s spine as Ligurila licked her red lips.

「Hey, Lava」


「How, do, I, look?」

It didn’t even take a second for Lava to figure out the response which Ligurila sought for. Gathering the little sanity she had left, Lava put on the best poker face she could and replied.

「I, I, I think it suits you really well! Everyone would be head over heels for you in that outfit!」
「I see.」

Lava gave an honest comment.

Her voice sounded a little high pitched but once she has finished talking, Ligurila gave a satisfied smile, to which Lava gave out a sigh of relief.

So, I’m guessing you’re also head over heels about me?」


Lava replied in a pathetic tone. Another shiver ran through her body as Ligurila’s perfect finger gently traced down the side of Lava’s face.

Then, Ligurila cupped Lava’s face with her hands and moved her face closer to Lava’s.

For a moment, Lava blanked out as Ligurila’s golden hair brushed past her face. However, Lava snapped out when she felt something soft between her legs. Then, she realised that Ligurila has inserted one of her legs between hers.

「Lililililigurila-san, what are you doing ?」

「You do develop feelings for others, right? Then it’s only fair to test out if you will fall for me too.」

Lava’s eyes widened as she heard those bold words came out from Ligurila’s red lips. Completely ignoring her panic state.

She decided to take a moment to piece together what was happening right now.

1, She’s been pinned down on a very soft sofa.

2, Ligurila is leaning over her.

3, Currently, Ligurila is wearing an outfit designed to seduce others.

Then, she said 「test out」.

Lava’s face burnt up once more as she got a clear understanding of what was happening right now.

「Li, Ligurila, you’re kidding, right?」

「Oh, do I not look attractive to you?」

「Tha, that’s not what I meant!! I just thought it might be better if you showed it to others like … Like Sen-san!?」

When Lava finished speaking, Ligurila’s golden eyelashes flattered somewhat sadly.

Lava gave the best response she could think of. However, Ligurila only frowned in return.

For a moment, Lava was confused. Then, Ligurila’s expression quickly snapped back to an angsty look and took one of Lava’s hand.

「I am a being, who have decided to give my real name to you. I will not just agree to your orders so easily. Like this.」

She slipped Lava’s hand which she took under her sweater then to her breast.

「You can do whatever you want to me.」

Lava’s fingers were pressed against Ligurila’s soft breast that was against the fluffy wool of the sweater.


This was now well over Lava’s limit.


Lava felt her face boiled up. She slapped her hand away from Ligurila’s. Too startled to care about the grip Ligurila had on her hand.

When Lava slapped her hand away, her hand pressed against Ligurila’s breast again. Yet she ignored that too. She cast a Dragon Speck and sprinted towards the door. Leaving dumbfounded Ligurila on the couch.

Suddenly, the door opened, and Lava crashed into a unique hem.

「I could hear a scream. Has there been a derangement here? Lava-dono?」

Looking up, Lava was not surprised to see Senjirou looking back at her with an awkward expression.

As Lava’s eyes landed on the comforting grey eyes of Senjirou’s, everything which has happened in the past couple of minutes flashed past at the back of her mind. Immediately, the feeling of humiliation and guilt replaced the flashback.

「I’m sorry Sen-san, it was only a touch!!!」


Forcible hot girls are scary, thought Lava.

Not remembering what she has yelled out, Lava slipped under Senjirou’s arm and continued on running.

Ligurila POV

Ligurila, who had an unsatisfied expression on her face threw herself on the sofa as she stared at Lava’s figure faded into the distance.

Looking over to the door, she saw Senjirou standing there. His ash-grey ears twitching awkwardly.

「Way to go Senjirou. It was just starting to get interesting.」

The very sight of him made Ligurila more irritated. She rested her cheekbone against an armrest and shifted her sharp glare away from him. She felt him enter the room through the movement in the air.

「Ligurila-san, you shouldn’t tease Lava-dono so much.」

Senjirou kept walking without making a sound.

Usually, this will impress Ligurila. But today, seeing Senjirou’s nonchalant attitude, only served to fuel up her anger even more.

「Lava has complimented me honestly. Unlike someone.」

「…I see, so you have been holding onto your grudge.」
She was too bitter to even say a word. So, she just laid there in silence, tightening the grip on her fist.

Lava said she’s better off showing the outfit to Senjirou but that has already happened.

In fact, she was trying harder than when Lava was around.

The result…

She felt a fabric floated down over her hips. When she realised it was Senjirou’s over wear, he was already standing near her with a troubled expression.

「Ligurila-san, you will catch a cold like that.」

Senjirou approached her expressionlessly, yet caringly without saying a word about her outfit.

Ligurila knew that others found her human figure very attractive.

Her current form was the result of much practical research she has done in the past. She made sure that others admired her appearance.

Yet, Senjirou, the one person who she wanted the most reaction from didn’t show the slightest hint of interest towards her look. It was frustrating for Ligurila to see how calm he has remained this entire time. It also hurt her feelings to see it, although she hated to admit it.

That’s why she approached Lava in the first place. In case there was one in millionth chance where Senjirou didn’t find her attractive. But also, for the sake of teasing Lava.

She still had the option of approaching Nectar. However, to Lava’s unexpected reaction, it made Ligurila worry about things which have never bothered her before. So, she was just glad to know that no matter how Senjiro has reacted, it didn’t change the fact that Lava thinks she looked attractive.

「I’m a magical being. I don’t catch colds.」

「Still, it worries me to see you expose so much of your flesh.」

Senjirou replied with a bitter smile. However, Ligurila felt thwarted, seeing that he did not show the slightest hint of bashfulness in his tone or in his expression.

He has once confessed his love towards her.

Ligurila has said that she will decide after Senjirou has defeated her in a face to face combat. Still, the woman who he loves stood in front of him, all dressed up. So, she felt enraged that he didn’t even look slightly agitated.

As she became more aggravated, Ligurila stood up and threw her arm around Senjirou’s neck.

The over wear which he had placed over her has slipped off quietly.

「Aren’t you seduced by how I look?」

She tried to tease him with all she got. Yet the words which came out of her mouth sounded somewhat weak.

In the reflection of a widened pair of grey eyes, she saw her helpless expression, which hurt her pride once more.

It was all his fault that she ended up making such a blight expression, she thought to herself.

「I’m saying that you can touch me all you want. I’m this close to you, and yet you are just going to ignore me?」

「Well, that is…」
No matter how she pushed, no matter how she approached, he just looked back at her with the same indifferent expression. He didn’t even attempt to place his hand on her waist.

From Ligurila’s experience, people tend to be ensnared by her presence if she closed in and was being serious with them.

More so if they were a grown man.

However, Senjirou, who technically is a young and healthy man, didn’t seem to be slightly aroused by her.

Ligurila was flabbergasted to see how still both his expression and his tail were.

She let out a heavy sigh as she grew weary to this one-sided tease.

「This is ridiculous.」

She untangled her arm off his neck and was about to take a step back. Then, without warning, she was pressed up against Senjirou’s chest.

Ligurila was shocked at first. However, her enmity returned when she realised that he was using his sleeves to avoid touching her bare skin.

「Took you long enough!!」

「I apologize. There’s a reason for this.」

Ligurila was about to elbow him and push herself away. Then, she took notice of Senjirou’s heartbeat.

Forgetting to resist, she pressed her ear against his chest mindlessly.

It was against some layers of fabric, but she could hear his heart thumping unrealistically fast.

Ligurila looked up at Senjirou with a confused look in her eyes and saw the unchanged expression on his face. However, now she could see a hint of guilt in his calmness.

She pressed her ear against his chest again.

The restless heartbeat echoing from his chest undoubtedly showed his nervousness and hastiness.

Then, something clicked in her mind.

「Have you been anxious all this time?」

「… If there is a man who does not feel even a little restive after being approached by the woman who he has fallen for, I would be enthused to meet him.」

Senjirou, who has finally admitted his feelings, gently pushed Ligurila away from him.

Ligurila felt unsatisfied as she was left from arm’s length from him. However, the anger which once took over her has now faded away and questions now stood in its place.

「You see, Ligurila-san, I have sworn that I will not caress you until I have achieved my victory in combat with you. However, you looked as lovely as ever. So it was somewhat… challenging to resist the temptation.」

「Only somewhat?」

「I have gathered every will that I could find in my consciousness to fight the urge.」

Noticing that he shyly wagged his tail, Ligurila decided to press on.

「May I hear your honest opinion?」

「…You look… as beautiful as an angel.」

For a moment, Senjirou broke the eye contact and redness brushed past his cheeks. However, the plain serious look returned to his face only a moment later.

「Anyhow, I would be grateful if you could prohibit from wearing such an outfit around other beings.」

To his strong gaze, Ligurila gave out a sigh of defeat and helplessness.

「Oh, so you think you can tell me what to wear when you can’t even respond to my invitation?」

「I deeply apologize. Words fail in a situation like this. However… I just do not find pleasure at the thought of it.」


Ligurila thought for a moment as she looked into Senjirou’s grey eyes and how his grey ears were flattened against his head.

She understood that he was only acting to be calm.

She also saw that it was very possible that he felt agitated every time she was near him.

Ligurila thought it was foolish of him to resist the urge when she didn’t even ask him to do so. Still, she found herself thinking how very like of him to be so stubborn and be morally straight.

She found it very tempting to push on until she could rip that calmness and fortification off from him.

However, she decided to wait for another opportunity. As she thought back to his honest heartbeat thumping against his clothes and his fluffy tail wagging defeatedly, yet somewhat joyfully behind him.

「In that case, it can’t be helped.」

Senjirou’s expression softened with relief as Ligurila shrugged.

Yet, Ligurila could not let this end like this.

As he let his guard down, she once again swung her arm around his neck, stood up on her toes and gave one quick kiss on Senjirou’s surprised lips.

She did not forget to press her breasts against his chest as hard as she could.

Reflexively, Senjirou put his arm around Ligurila’s waist. Her heart filled with pure joy as she felt like Senjirou finally showed a glimpse of his true feelings.


「For now, I will let you get away with this … However …」
Ligurila pushed herself away instantly and pulled out a pair of her favourite shoes out from the void. Then, she smiled with a competitive shine in her eyes, ready for battle.

「In exchange, you’re accompanying me on this.」

「That, I shall accompany you for as long as you wish.」

Gaining his composure back in a flash, he nodded confidently. However, he let out a question which has crossed his mind.

「Ligurila-san, aren’t you going to change out of that clothing?」

「Oh, I thought I could wear this outfit only if you were around. It’s very light and very easy to move in too. You wouldn’t do something as petty as to choose your opponent based on their looks, would you?」

Ligurila did not plan on letting Senjirou get away so easily.

She thought this was a worthy punishment for his dishonesty. It was her dare to Senjirou to keep up his stubbornness.

「How, however, wouldn’t you be risking your own life…」

「That’s not a problem at all! Let’s have a battle to our death!」

Seeing how visibly flustered he was, Ligurila teleported the two of them excitedly, as she finally got what she wanted.



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