Dragon-san Wants a Friend Chapter 87


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko


Volume 3 Chapter 17: Drago-san’s Party Coordinates with the Young Lady in the Night

Upon hearing Lishella’s confession, I finally understood.

This girl send me this letter because of her own selfishness.

And because I could very well sympathise with her, since I used to be just like that, too, I wanted to do everything in my power to save her.

Afraid, sad, but at the same time straightforward and pure.

That is exactly why.

「That is exactly why I can’t make your dream come true.」

As I said that, Lishella looked slightly confused.

But now that I got to know her a little bit better, I knew that deep inside she was shocked greatly.

「I, I see……」

Her grip on the dress on her knee was so strong that her hand turned white.

Her face was yet again an expressionless mask.

I knew that deep down she just gave up, and it was making me feel angry.

「Wait a second, I cannot do it without setting a certain condition first.」

Before Lishella could even blink in surprise, I continued with my words.

「Now listen to me: you may think that you are pretty satisfied with the life you led until just now, but that’s just a load of crap. Eating dinner together? Everywhere except for the aristocratic society that’s a common concept. There’s no way that demon could be satisfied with just that. You see, demons are really greedy creatures.」

From what I know, the demon was yet to claim this girl’s soul as his prize.

However, all of my efforts would be for naught if Lishella was still okay with letting the demon have her soul in the end.

Sure enough, right after I said that Lishella looked slightly upset.

「Since I am all healthy now, I think I have enjoyed my life to the fullest. Don’t you think now would be the best possible time to offer my soul to the demon, while it is still delicious? That way he can enjoy it more, too.」

「E, enjoy?」

Ah, crap. Now I’ve done it. I broke her beyond repair.

I stood up and sat right next to the bewildered Lishella.

「You are so young, so it is YOU who should enjoy your life some more. If you promise me that you will try to do just that, I can offer you my full cooperation.」

「But, my life was already decided for me. I have only so little time to be truly free.」

「If that’s the case, that’s more than enough. If your body can’t be free, then let’s make it so that your mind is.」

I could only phantom the true intentions of the demon that made a contract with Lishella.

But I would like to think that this demon wanted her to give up her soul to him without having any kind of regrets.

…… And if it turns out that he’s just one big son of a bitch, I shall murder him with everything I have, no holding back.

「You shouldn’t give up on your own happiness, Lishella.」

I tell her that and say her name.

In that moment Lishella’s expressionless mask breaks apart, and tears begin to flow down her cheeks.

H, hey, wait a minute, I didn’t wanted to make her cry!

Overwhelmed by her own emotions, Lishella manages to squeeze a few words out of her mouth.

「I, I, for the first time I realized just how fun talking to another person can be. I realized just how lonely eating a meal by yourself truly is. I understood that I was alone, and that it will probably not change. So could you really blame me for not wanting something that way well beyond my reach?」

「No, not really. But, did you wanted to be lonely?」

I ask that to Lishella, and she seems to be taken aback.

「First of all, we need to get some comrades here for ourselves. People who care about you. We must look for someone that we can trust. It is usually good to avoid the storm, but this time let’s jump right into it. Someone has to be there.」

「No way…… Not even my Father or Mother can be someone like that.」

「Look, I want to help you, even if it’s just a little bit. So, let’s try to get along.」

I smile at Lishella, who looks as though she couldn’t believe the words I was saying.

「Say, Lishella, would you like to be my friend?」


Lishella’s face twitched, and her lips began to tremble.

She was crying quietly.

Her throat was sore, and soon her voice cracks and she covers her face and continues to cry some more.

For a moment out there I thought that it was good that I used the soundproof spell on this room, just in case.

It never occurred to me, but humans could cry really loud if they tried.

It was painful to watch her in such state, but at least I was glad that she opened her heart before me.

However, my power and wisdom alone would not be enough to make her happy in this twisted aristocratic society.

Thinking that, I contact with Ligurila.

“You suddenly used the soundproof spell, did something happen?”

“It wasn’t anything big. But anyway, Ligurila, I need your help!”

Saying that, I briefly summarized everything that transpired up until now to Ligurila.

“That being said, please! Lend me your wisdom!”

“You truly are a fool, you know that?”

She said that to me in a really cold voice, so for a moment I thought that she might not help me, but soon enough Ligurila appeared in the Solarium.

「I’m sorry, that you have to see, something so, unsightly.」

When she said that, Lishella raised her face only to see that Ligurila was also in the room. In an instant, her face turned bright red with shame and surprise.

Uwah, that reaction was extremely cute, but now we need something to wipe those tears of hers.

It would be nice if I had a handkerchief on me, but as I was about to rummage through my pockets, Ligurila has already handed Lishella her own.

「Honestly speaking, I can’t stand girls like you. I would be so much more fun to see you try your best only to fail miserably.」

Lishella was shocked to hear something like that from Ligurila, but even though she said she can’t stand her, she pressed the handkerchief into her hands all the same.

「However, think about all of your actions up until now. If you truly want something, just take it with your own two hands. Let your actions speak instead of your words.」

「In other words, this means that she’s going to help you as well.」

Lishella accepts the handkerchief, but also looks at Ligurila with a truly puzzled expression.

Ligurila stares back at her while folding her arms on her chest.

「Consider it a good luck charm. But if it wasn’t for Lava, I would have never consider helping you.」

「Still, thanks a lot, Ligurila.」

「I can do things like that once in a blue moon.」

Ligurila glared at Lishella again, whose eyes were now all swollen and red from her crying.

「You have everything that you could possibly need to take the high society’s halls by storm: looks, pedigree and education. It is something well within your reach –––– Tell me, what do you think of your parents?」

「Nothing, in particular. I know that they care about me, but they do it only for the sake of the family, that there is no deep affection behind their actions.」

After those words Lishella seemed shocked that she really said them, but Ligurila only laughed in amusement.

「Well said, truly well said. Always put your own well-being before all others. Be able to survive in the world without having to rely on your household name. Have friends that will give you good advices and a partner that supports you in whatever you decide to do.」

「Uh, umm, Ligurila?」

Once she starts to talk, there was no way for me to possibly stop the torrents of words that were escaping from Ligurila’s mouth.

「Know what others want from you, mislead them with your words, manipulate them with your gestures. We shall try to teach you some of the more useful tricks, but we are short on time. If you manage to remember it all and put in into practice, then you might be able to survive and be truly free. Now, child. What’s your answer?」

「Yes, of course!」

Seeing Lishella nod her head, Ligurila similes enthusiastically.

Everything seemed to work out just fine, so it’s all good, right?

Noticing my warm gaze upon herself, Ligurila coughed a few times, clearly annoyed.

「You show promise, girl, and there is nothing I like more than to see a small bud bloom into a splendid flower.」

Certainly, helping people with potential to realize their potential was much fun.

Just like that, the three of us gathered around, and our secret night strategy meeting began in full swing.

「To survive in the aristocratic society, one must have lots of money and a pedigree to back it up. Connections and social skills are also a valuable thing to possess. Now, since you are pretty much nonexistent to most of your peers, it is a great opportunity. They shall witness your full potential in all of its glory.」

「You are cute and beautiful, Lishella, so if you wear a dress that matches your features, you are sure to knock everyone’s socks off!」

I say that, and I can see that Ligurila looks at me in surprise.

「Well, someone’s awfully confident here.」

「It’s the truth, so why wouldn’t I be? If you are instructing her, Ligurila, Lishella is bound to be successful, since she has all that is needed to do so.」

「Umm, thank you so much for that……」

I lean towards Lishella, who was red with embarrassment.

It is a well-known fact that Ligurila is a beauty, and while Lishella might be still young and petite, with the right clothes and the right makeup she is as pretty as her, making her a cut above all the girls her own age.

She was truly a cutie.

「For now, you seem to be developing quite nicely.」

Ligurila let out a hot sigh while looking at Lishella with a flushed face.


「Anyways, you don’t have to smile perfectly for the time being, but we definitely need to work on that expression of yours.」

「Understood, Lily-sama.」

「After that, we must figure out what to do next. Where to go? Maybe someplace with lots of people?」

Ligurila puts her finger to her chin, deep in thought, to which Lishella replied.

「If so, there is going to be a party in the royal villa three days from today. Both my Father and the sorcerer are going to be present, as it is intended to honor the achievements of the artificial magic stone.」

There was a strange kind of power reflecting in Lishella’s eyes, and both Ligurila and I were honestly surprised.

「Using my authority, I can take both of you with me.」

「I have heard about that party just the other day. I wanted to get myself an invitation, but they said that newcomers aren’t allowed, so I kind of brushed it off.」

「Thank you very much, but are you sure?」

「Yes. My engagement is supposed to be made official at this party, so they should probably allow me to be a little selfish.」

The two of them were kind of celebrities in the high society, so that would make me the only real outsider here.

But for a change, Ligurla was wearing a puzzling expression on her face.

「That’s actually great. We can also take care of your fiancée at the same time. Leave the dress-making to me.」

At that moment my mind kind of stopped when I realized something.

「Eh, but Ligurila, we only have three more days!」

When it comes to the dresses for the nobles, everything is basically made from scratch, and the process of dress-making takes at least a month if not longer.

It’s a good thing she wanted to make it, but time was not on our side in this particular case.

Even Lushella seemed to be surprised.

「It won’t be necessary. I was already given a dress from the tailor. It was made specifically for this occasion.」

「No, I shall not allow for any kind of sloppy work if I can help it. I will get it done, even if it kills me. I shall make you the most splendid dress that your eyes have ever seen. While I work on it, you must work on your behavior and manners.」

「B, but……」

Ligurila grabs Lishella’s chin and lifts her head up slightly.

「This is war. We shall provide you the weapons. It is then up to you to use them and seize your own happiness with your own hands.」

Smiling beautifully, right now Ligurila was even cooler than usual.

「U, understood.」

Lishella blushes, but answers with voice full of conviction.

I wonder if it is a good idea for Ligurila to be Lishella’s model of an ideal woman?

Thinking that, I borrow one of the cups and pour some tea into it.



  1. I don’t understand, I’m confused.
    Last chap, is she asking for help to release her in from the soul contract? Why the conversation leads to her total makeover? ?

    • I think they set the demon aside for now since they could find it anytime but the society war is 3 days from now on so WE SHALL PREPARE TO WAR~!

    • Okay, for clarification:

      The girl didn’t WANT her soul contract ended. What she wanted INSTEAD was to die:

      「Being with that person was a lot of fun, so I want to see him again. I must meet him again and give him my soul. That is the nature of our contract.」

      Her source of “color” in her world was the interactions with that “tentative” demon, so she wanted our MC to help her honor the contract by removing her soul from her body and letting the demon take it.

      And our MC wants her to live instead so she’d live a meaningful life, NOT simply to just throw it away to a demon.
      Now our MC isn’t so noble as to “want her to live to screw over a demon”. Remember, she’s a dragon and her best friend is one big-shot of a demon. The only reason she’s going through with this is the fact of the matter that she hates seeing this girl being so lonely, like how the MC and her best friend was.
      They’re ignoring the demon because it’s “a fact of life”.

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