Elf Tensei Volume 1 Chapter 16-2

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Help me not need to take a Part-time job~

The past few days have been really hectic

This Saturday I’m finally getting to do the Dragon Ball tournament.

I wonder how poorly I’ll do?

I’m very new at card games like this so I predict I’ll do pretty poorly.

Once again I hope I’ll be able to get this card out during my games this Saturday

Played in my first Yugioh tournament and lucked out. Got 3rd place out of 12. I had fun

I’m going to try and dedicate myself more fully to translating in the coming months.

I got my cavity filled. Surprisingly not painful.

I get nervous but excited

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  1. Oo, I didn’t realise this had been picked up again. Although I have a few problems with this, I really like this story, there’s even a degree of nostalgia related to it, so thanks for doing it. I look forward to the time you catch up with the point where the previous TL left off.

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