Elf Tensei Volume 1 Epilogue 1

Weslykan here~!

(This Week 1/3)

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Help me not need to take another Part-time job~

So the medicine that healed my hacking cough has really nasty side effects.

Dizziness, muscle fatigue, mild shaking, insomnia, tiredness, aches/pains, headaches….

I feel almost worse than I did when I was still coughing out my lungs.

I started school in this state. It is taking all of my willpower to actually complete my work. My head feels all fluffy.

I know there may be dissatisfaction with the pace I’m going at but honestly I do my best and that’s all that can be expected. The only way to do more would be to cut down on work and stuff like that. I just don’t think I can afford that.



  1. Have you considered a different medication? Telling your doctor you’re experiencing those side effects will generally get you a different prescription.

    • I have since done so. This time we were looking for quick and effective so it wouldn’t affect my college and it did work. My illness subsided within a week instead of a month. The only problem is the side effects were much worse than initially anticipated. I should be fine after it leaves my body.

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