Elf Tensei Volume 1 Prologue

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Here begins Elf Tensei

Livin’ the High Life Part 11

Here begins a new journey.

I welcome new readers and everyone else who’s followed me from other stories.

I am re-translating it because I felt the previous translations were somewhat lacking.


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  1. Thanks for doing this prolugue!

  2. i wasnt satisfied with my translations either. which is why it took so long.

  3. Holy shit! This thing was picked up again! Thanks! Hey can I ask if you will do the Upstart Pastry Chef if you finished this? Thanks

    • I don’t know what that one is. Once House Magic is done I will have another poll with novels I think would be fun as well as those suggested by my patrons.

  4. Thank you kind sir, been waiting for this for a long time

  5. See’s I’ll get to read Elf Tensei again, see’s the Patreon, time to pledge. Also hope you finish this, I was sad to see it stop last time.

  6. Thank you for taking over the translation of this novel, personally I was sad that the translation is stopped, I love this novel, I can not wait to continue this story.


  7. Very welcome. 🙂

  8. Igual que los demás, gracias por retomar esta novela. Espero que pronto llegues al tercer volumen

  9. Thanks for picking this up.

  10. I am so glad someone picked this up.

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