Elf Tensei Volume 2 Chapter 1-3

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Help me not need to take another Part-time job~

So these past few weeks I’ve received some rather bad news health wise. I went to the doctor because I’ve been having pain when exercising and walking… They x-rayed my hip and it turns out that my left hip joint is degenerated. The bone itself is dying. This was caused by my blood flow being cut off by the medicine used to treat my lungs. I am undergoing physical therapy but will need to have my hip replaced. The question is not if, it is when. I’m going through some bullshit. I’ll keep translating but I have been very busy.

So bad news all around

Plus my deck got hit in the newest ban list so Imma have to salvage my Pendulums without Guardragons

Here’s a cure for your ills

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