Elf Tensei Volume 2 Prologue 2

Weslykan here~!

(This Week 3/3)

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Help me not need to take another Part-time job~

This cough won’t stop lingering and causing me issues.

I’m still translating but as you can see it’s pretty slow going.

At the very least I’m not giving up.

I wanted to go to the Yugioh Regionals last Saturday…but unfortunately I’m still sick and didn’t want to get worse.

So I was really sad.

Astral Chain is fun. I only got a short opportunity to play it because I had too much work to do, but what I have played is really good.

I’m almost caught up with the House Magic Author so I may increase my releases of Elf Tensei or start a new novel to replace that one.

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  1. might you be interested in picking up kyoukai meikyuu? Here’s the link https://www.novelupdates.com/series/boundary-labyrinth-and-the-foreign-magician/ ty for considering it

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