Elf Tensei Volume 3 Chapter 3-3

Weslykan here~!

(2/2 Elf)

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Finished my Final Project and now finished my final exams

I passed out for a solid 18 hours and slept like the dead.

I’m more well rested now 🙂

The PS5 shipped late so idk when it will actually arrive.

I will be posting more chapters weekly.

Cannot wait for Cyberpunk

was thinking of going corpo, but I’m kinda leaning towards nomad now since I want to experience first entering the city <3

The support is greatly appreciated. I do read comments even if I might not respond 😛

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  1. Just asking, but last week there was only 1 chapter (1/2). Will you post another chapter this week to make up or are we just plowing forward 😀 Thanks for the chapter!

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