Fairy Tale Chronicles


Original Web Novel: フェアリーテイル・クロニクル ~空気読まない異世界ライフ~

Alternate Titles:

  1. フェアリーテイル・クロニクル ~空気読まない異世界ライフ~

Azuma Hiroshi, a good-for-nothing man, and Toudou Haruna, a beautiful woman are caught up in a malicious game bug.

They are stuck inside a VRMMO game world and left penniless, starting without a bag and only their beginners kit.

「What is happening……?」「What should I do……?」

Hiroshi has a phobia with women and whilst he was thrown into this game-like world, it was most definitely a completely different world.

This is a story of their adventure, looking for a way to return to his original world.

Due to the length of each chapter, for this novel, we will be splitting each long chapters into parts. Each chapter will be split approx 2000 words give or take.

This is how we will be splitting the chapter for this novel, right from the start to end, in the same consistent way.


  1. As usual, my first question is…..

    Will there be romance in it?
    It’s a very important question for me ?

    • Do you mean, do you like romance / no romance? xD But I haven’t read too far so I don’t know the answer.

    • On novel update it never mentioned any romance but the page was quite lacking and from what I see on the illustration there will be a bit at least on romance but don’t know how much

      • If anyone knows more about the story later and wishes to add more details in NU that will be fantastic too 😉

  2. Genre? will there be harem in this novel?

  3. Is this the LN version or thE WN.

  4. are there any more series like this out there? I know of the new gate series i like this?

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