Chapter 10.4


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「Now then, we’re all done with dinner, so we can move on to the main discussion over some drinks.」

「Ahhh, but I don’t think I’ll be able to handle that dwarf killer drink……」

「Then just drink what you like. Don’t you have a wine cellar?」

 Nodding sheepishly at Aranwen, Tatsuya took out a bottle of shochu. Of course it wouldn’t be good for the underage group to drink, so they substituted it with baum kuchen and fruit tea. At last, everyone was able to get down to business with Aranwen.

「First, allow me to thank you for the awakening of Archem as a priestess and for helping in the release of my subjects.」

「Welp, that was a total coincidence, so ya don’t gotta thank us or anythin’.」

「It’s always good to resolve things though.」

 Aranwen said in a serious manner even though he was the one who pushed Archem on them in the first place. His presence exuded a sagacious aura, but it felt like wasted potential because of the alcohol jars lined up in front of him.

「Archem, are you still listening?」


「Listening to their voice and understanding it is your role. I am sure you do not yet have power equal to that of the priestess princess, but you are an elf. You will have ample time to grow.」

「I will devote myself to growth every day.」

「No need to overexert yourself. Pure effort does not mean pure growth.」

 Despite Aranwen’s admonishment, Archem showed no sign of faltering. Everyone looked at her with lukewarm gazes.

「I have many things I would like to discuss, but first let me hear your inquiries.」

 Aranwen initiated the proceedings. Tatsuya, the eldest, most reasonable of the bunch, and the one most interested in returning home.

「I have several questions, but let me start with this one.」


「Do you think we would be able to return to our own world?」

 Tatsuya cut right to the chase. As Aranwen heard that, he simply drank a mouthful of sake before immediately giving the answer.

「Yes, about that. I have a message from Alfemina: there is indeed a proper way to return home, she says.」

 The Japanese people could not conceal their amazement at how easily Aranwen gave the answer. They had originally braced themselves for the worst, so they were grateful, but they rejoiced no further since it was unclear if this was something they could even accomplish.

「And how would one go about this?」

「It is out of my expertise, so I know not. However, I hear that all of your brethren have returned.」

「I see, so that means……」

「I do not know how, just that it is not impossible.」

 Everyone had troubled looks on their faces, essentially having been told to ask one of the three goddesses. They had already tried doing that in Wulls, and yet Alfemina had not said anything of value. They had conversed via Elle quite a bit, but these conversations were all on and off, never with an opportunity to relax and talk.

「Well, Alfemina is rather busy at the moment.」

「Even though she constantly swoops into Elle’s body?」

「That’s because the link would be easily cut otherwise. Besides, I hear that the current priestess has the most power of all her predecessors, as well as her age being the youngest in history. If she becomes more accustomed to harboring Alfemina within her, it will no doubt benefit you later.」

「It don’t effect her lifespan or nothin’?」

「No, it’s unlikely that someone who is more capable than the first generation will die an early death.」

「I see……」

 Having no choice but to accept this slightly dodgy answer, soon realizing that just about everything he wanted to know had been answered.

「Anything else?」

「Umm, why didn’t you tell us about Alfemina’s message from the start?」

「That is because there is a possibility that you might very well desire to stay in this world. She said not to mention this unless you asked.」

「……So you’re saying…」

「That not all of those who wandered in here have necessarily desired to return to their homelands.」

 It would seem that history has many unexplored details. They hadn’t checked anything other than vague history books or fairy tales, so in a sense this was perfectly reasonable.

「Well, although this may very well have no meaning, if you wish to know more about the guests from the Unknown Continent, look for the forbidden book titled『Fairy Tale Chronicles』.」


「Is that what I think it is!?」

「It’s the same name as that VRMMO thing that you all played, right?」

 This time around, the Japanese people could not hide their bewilderment at this sudden statement. Confused by the strange words used and by the shock displayed by the Japanese people, Archem gave them a look.

「Archem, my child. What we are currently discussing is unrelated to anyone on our side. I will not ask you to forget, but I will just say that there is absolutely no need to be concerned over it.」


 If a god was saying this, then surely it must be so. Archem immediately abandoned any doubts she had. It wasn’t in her nature to pry into matters that were not necessary to know about.

「If a name like that is brought up, then isn’t that confirming that this world is the same as the game?」

「No, that just means they are extremely similar. Haven’t you noticed some differences along the way?」

「Yes, a whole mountain of them……」

「Basically, just think of it this way: Among the various fictitious worlds that humans convey in their stories, there is pretty much always a similar world elsewhere.」

 Aranwen added a disclaimer, saying he was not aware of the precise logic behind it all. Hiroshi and the others decided that part wasn’t what mattered. Who truly cared whether or not the game world and this one were one and the same?

「So why is this Fairy Tale Chronicles story a forbidden book?」

「I know not of how your people would view it, but that is essentially because the book details the entire beginning of this world, including things that went unnoticed in the background. I am sure that some inconvenient truths are mixed in there as well.」


「Any other questions?」

 Still in shock from everything Aranwen had discussed, they attempted to search their minds frantically for anything they missed, but as one would expect, their thoughts bore no fruit as of right now……。

「This Fairy Tale Chronicles you speak of…where might it be?」

「I’m fairly certain it would be somewhere in the large library of Rupheus. This is out of my area of influence, however, so I don’t know where else it might be.」

 They hadn’t expected such a direct, clear answer in response to the meager question.

「Now then, judging from your reactions, it doesn’t seem as though you have anything substantial to ask anymore.」


「Nay, do not worry. I am relatively free compared to other gods. Simply come again if you have questions and I will answer them.」

「I’m real sorry.」

 Hiroshi was displaying an odd amount of reverence right now. Sniggering at the sight of that, Aranwen then decided to get into discussing his own errand with them.

「Now then, this is what I would personally like.」

「Something we can help you with?」

「Ah, no, no. I wanted to thank you, not just in words, but by giving you something relevant.」

 He said, lightly waving a hand. Light overflowing from his fingertips enveloped all five of them.


「What was that?」

「I transmitted every type of move necessary for survival in the forest into your heads. Given about two years of training, you should find the moves easy enough to use. Also, Hiroshi, Haruna, and Mio? I believe those were your names.」

「You’re talking about us?」

「Indeed. You three seem to already be adept at construction and agriculture, so I drew those skills out a bit. Not too much, though, as I can’t have Elza getting on my case. So you won’t be quite as powerful as a god.」

「No, I prefer it this way. It ain’t gonna be pretty if we were that overpowered.」

 As the bizarre conversation continued, Mio suddenly began to act strangely.

「Mio, what’s the matter?」

「There’s…there’s some crazy power at work……」

「Eh? ……No way!?」

「Aye. Haruna, I transmitted a bow skill that is essentially that section’s version of your Over Accelerate move.」

 All who present gaped at the lavish hospitality.

「……Y’know, it’s a bit crazy to git all this stuff just fer doin’ a small deed……」

「Is it truly so strange to receive a reward for clearing a dungeon, purifying the earth, and even going so far as to repair the temple and strengthen its barrier?」


「In the end, we gods are no more than stage settings. We cannot do more than we are permitted.」

 Divulging yet another unnecessary piece of information, Aranwen opened yet another dwarf killer bottle. This god was truly a strong drinker.

「Although it doesn’t seem like Tatsuya and I have been all that strengthened……」

「Yeah, that is because I do not quite have jurisdiction over magicians. I have divulged many useful spells to you, so hopefully you can make use of those for the time being.」

「No, it’s already plenty useful to have received these spells, so please don’t worry about that. But I do wonder why Makoto is an exception like me.」

「Although there is the question of compatibility, I also thought that you might not want to get any new moves.」

「Are you referring to katanas?」

「But of course.」

 Makoto’s face had a vague look on it when she heard that. Sure, in terms of the degree of skill fulfillment, longswords were higher than that of katanas. However, it had been quite some time since she had used a katana, long since running out of options for it. It was difficult to tell whether or not she could regain her feel for it.

「Thankfully, we have here a man who can wield a weapon of the gods. How about making good use of him and unlocking its full potential?」

「But it’s not just the issue of the weapon……」

「You cannot forget how to use a move that easily once it is carved into you. If you have time to make excuses, then you may as well use that time to try out every weapon at least once.」

 Afterward, as if signalling the end of this conversation, Aranwen roped the two seniors of the group into a drinking bout. This chance encounter with Aranwen was to become a new trigger that would set many things in motion.



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