Volume 3 Chapter 5.2


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「Surprise? 」
Unable to ignore Hiroshi’s comment, Makoto gazed suspiciously at Hiroshi who was examining every nook and corner of the room.

「By surprise I mean a low-damage booby trap or…」

「What do you mean? 」

「Nah, I mean a bunch of mental interference devices as well as many other instruments have been installed throughout dis room. 」

Hiroshi said that and pointed up at the ceiling where a cord hung from above. It seemed like the switch of an antique fluorescent light. It’s installation was unfitting for a restaurant like this but if one were to fail to notice that they would perhaps naturally want to pull it.

「……I get what you mean. 」

「Should we pull it? 」

「Why do you think so? 」

「’Cause only by pulling it we’ll find out if we’re in an Indiana Jones or Drifters kinda’ situation. 」
[1.Note: Drifters is a famous Japanese comedian troupe’s TV show.]

Even though she understood Makoto spontaneously strongly agreed.

「Then, if this is a simple booby trap, like a Drifters type, there will no doubt be a bunch of guys grinning hidden ‘round somewhere. 」

「To be able to build a place of this scale they must have a lot of free time on their hands. 」

Hiroshi could not help but agree with Makoto. It was true that he was one who tended to get carried away with his hobbies however he would never imitate something from a movie or TV show.

「At any rate we have to pull that cord to find out right? 」

「Right, but.」


「For the moment, let’s try to be meek for now, like actors ya know?」

「Who the hell is an actor…」

It wasn’t like she didn’t understand the meaning Hiroshi wasn’t voicing but the mention of acting bothered her.

「At any rate let’s keep exploring for awhile.」

Hiroshi said to the rest of the group and they all left the restaurant like building behind. Haruna, Tatsuya, and the Norton sisters didn’t understand what he was up to but followed.

「So, what are you looking for? 」

「For now, I’m lookin’ for a place where there might be books or somethin’.」

「But even if you’re able to read them, I don’t think you’ll be able to find them in a place like this? 」

「They’re probably written in a language similar to Darlish and Farlanish, and even if they’re not we can transcribe ‘em and take ‘em to a temple or an archive.」

「If so, we better set up the teleportation point near the entrance of these ruins. 」

「Right. There doesn’t seem to be anything obstructing teleportation around here and once we set it up it’ll be easy to come here back and forth. 」

The troupe listened to Tatsuya’s suggestion and headed back towards the entrance of the ruins. After they set up the teleportation point, they peered inside a large building that seemed like a public institution.

「The more you look the more it looks unnatural. 」

「Hey you, if you laugh when you’re not supposed to you’ll be out and get hit in the rear; that’s the vibe I’m getting from this place.」

「Hiroshi-kun, Judith is coming along so could you refrain from making such jokes? 」

「Got it. 」

After being rebuked by Haruna, Hiroshi closed his superfluous joke-making mouth. However, any sign that the ruins may be an area from an ordinary fantastical setting was quickly fading.

「Even so, I was sure there would be a treasure box or some jewelry in these ruins. 」

「It’d be normal to find some jewels in a temple or grave, but in these ruins it would be strange if there were any. 」

「Well, yeah you’re right. First of all what’s a treasure box? 」

「It all has to do with ambition but one expects to find that sort of thing in old ruins. 」

Since it seemed unlikely that they would find any treasure their conservation shifted to one that lacked adventurous spirit, especially since these types of ruins weren’t a burial site where the discovery of treasure was guaranteed. The idea of powerful items randomly placed like in a game was certainly unrealistic.

「Well, ruins and dungeons are two different things after all. 」


「’Course they are. 」

While the rest of the troupe chatted vividly, Judith, who had a low resistance, cautiously made sure not to get caught in anything strange while they all seeked out a library.

「Be as it may, this is a strange place. 」

「You’re saying that after all this time? 」

「Well yes, but not in that way. 」

Haruna said that while lightly tracing her index finger alongside the bookshelves.

「That reminds me, I hadn’t noticed this before. 」

「Certainly, for some ancient ruins there hardly seems to be any dust or grime. 」

「Right? 」

Hiroshi and Tatsuya admired Haruna’s discovery. Leave it to Haruna’s observation skills to spot something that had gone under their radar.

「Hm, what do you mean? 」

The place was obviously being cleaned and looked after but Judith didn’t realize that was suspicious. She also hadn’t realized that they were in some ancient ruins devoid of people.

「She means that since these ruins are at least a thousand years old it’s weird for everything to be so tidy. 」

「I was careless not to notice before but the items around here are also fully intact. 」

「Keep going. 」

「There are two possibilities. One is that these aren’t ruins, it’s an active civilization. Two, this place has been booby-trapped by a troupe of people with too much time on their hands.」

「Because of all the cords and strange contraptions the theory of a group of people with two much time on their hands seems probable. 」

「Yup. 」

Since they all couldn’t think of another explanation they decided to leave it at that. For the time being they decided to explore the bookshelves while being careful not to trigger any traps. However, the bookshelves were full of mechanisms one might see in Drifters, for example…

「I just put this book back and but it just won’t go in. 」

「Ouch! 」

There was a book that was sticking out but when one of them tried to push it back into the shelf another book would stick out and hit someone in the face.

「What the hell? This book’s genre and size is weird. 」

「Don’t be stupid.」

「Even if you say that once I took this book out it wouldn’t go back in. 」

「Alright, then I’ll put it in. 」

「Ah, you’re right…」

As they tried to put the book back another way the bookshelf turned and revealed a set of hidden stairs. The area was full of strange mechanisms.

「Anyway, let’s just ignore those stairs gor now I found a book that we might be able to read. 」

「Really? 」

「But it seems like it’s in English, at my level I can’t understand the content. 」

「I see, pass it to me. 」

「I’m counting on you. 」

Haruna opened the book Hiroshi had handed over to her while slightly furrowing her brows. The reason was that the content she had read was different from what she had expected.

「Um, I couldn’t read the title but I read the title on the inside cover. The title is Madame Hermette. It must be some sort of novel. Judging by the grammar and vocabulary it seems to be a mixture of French, English, and German. 」

「I’m gettin’ a bad vibe from that title. 」

「What a coincidence, I have a bad feeling about this too. 」

「It’s better if you don’t read it, but what if it’s not what we think it is…」

Drawn in by the book’s title the three of them discussed how to handle the book. Since literature has not yet achieved a great presence in Darl, Judith didn’t understand why Hiroshi and the others were so focused on the book. The rest of the group neglected Judith while they conversed and Haruna decided to flip through several pages of the book.

「Woah, woah…」

「Don’t tell me, it’s just as we thought? 」

「Yes, um. 『Welcome, young man.』Madam Hermette relaxed her voluptuous bosom while suggestively inviting a cherubic young man who was nothing more than an acquaintance. The young man was still innocent when it came to the pleasures of the flesh but he couldn’t quite contain his curiosity either. He was taken in by the madam’s sublime charm, he forgot himself and entranced he joined her asking if he may touch her ripe body…」

「I knew it! It’s a porn novel! 」

Tatsuya unconsciously yelled with all his might as he heard Haruna read the book in an indifferent tone. The book’s cover was written in an ancient language that they couldn’t read and was on the verge of falling apart in the worst meaning possible.

「That was, a very vivid description…」

Despite the fact that her face was red as a tomato Haruna unconsciously read the rest of the page. She was unable to contain her curiosity about the book. She was particularly curious about the unconventional love portrayed there and the superfluous nature of it all. Beside her, the priest’s apprentice, who was also red as a tomato, stood beside her urging her to reveal the continuation.

「Finding a porn novel in some ancient ruins is a terrible prank. 」


While Haruna debated on whether to continue to read the book, beside her Hiroshi mumbled in a careless tone while Tatsuya seemed excessively tired. No matter how old this archive was, no matter how one looked at it, it was strange that such a book would be stored here. If this wasn’t a prank then whoever organized the library had some interesting tastes.

「Anyway, Haruna, you better read that later. Not now. 」

「Ah, uh, yeah. Y-you’re right. 」

She was slightly embarrassed about the fact that her curiosity had overcome her. She closed the book and gingerly put it back. On the other hand, Judith was embarrassed to the point that she didn’t even voice a single complaint. If she was Mio she would read any book in a dignified manner. But, Haruna didn’t have that much leeway, it wasn’t because she was so ashamed but rather, she had an issue with the fact that she had read some questionable content in front of the guy she had a crush on.

「Even so, I would’ve never imagined that you would get so into a book like that. 」

「Ah~, that’s, um, that…」

She, a young maiden, was very much enveloped in disbelief at her actions. Her face was red to the point that it must’ve been boiling and her speech was incoherent. She couldn’t manage anything beyond whispering a few words that fell like raindrops.

Her instinct as a maiden in love had failed her just a moment ago but then again she wasn’t yet fully aware of it so she couldn’t quite make use of it and reply immediately.

「Ah~, but, um. That kind of book is based on men’s delusions and desires isn’t it? 」

She had finally managed a rational reply to Tatsuya’s comment. Tatsuya was well aware that Hiroshi could hear them but still he made sure to lower his voice in a secretive manner.

「Well, definitely not all of it, but you get the idea. 」

「If so, it’d be great if I could use this as a reference and get a positive response from him. 」

「Normally things would probably go well but you know how he is. 」

「This kind of thing must be pretty rash then. 」

「No, more like, there’s a hurdle you’ve got to cross before you get to that point. 」

In the end, that sort of action wouldn’t end well. Tatsuya sighed as he watched Haruna take a glance at Hiroshi every now and then while Hiroshi made a puzzled expression in response; he couldn’t help but feel sorry for Haruna.

For their sake Tatsuya wished Hiroshi would regain his footing so that he could embrace Haruna’s love for him. He had told Mio many times that Hiroshi shouldn’t be rushed; it would only make things worse. He felt pity for Haruna, Earis, and Artiem. But no matter what, they should be patient because making a pass at a wounded individual is never good.

「Hey, Haruna. 」

「I know, but I just can’t help feeling the way that I do…」

「I see. Well, do your best.」

「Uh-huh. 」



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