Volume 3 Chapter 9.4


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The priest replied to Tatsuya’s request, glaring at the sentence as if it had killed his parents. Eventually, recognizing that the contents would not change no matter how much he glared at it, the priest moved on.

「As for negotiations with the inner sanctuary, I will do whatever I can to ensure it gets delivered. They won’t be able to ignore Zanafel-sama’s name.」

「We’re counting on you.」

「That being said, this won’t be a matter of a few days. I’m sorry to ask you this, but could you please not go near the palace until the schedule is adjusted?」

「The palace?」

「Yes. From what I have permission to discuss with you, there are several topics concerning all of you that Farlane is discussing with Darl’s royal house. Because of the details, Darl has refrained from excessive interaction with you……」

 With that, everyone understood what the priest was trying to say.

「So basically, they can no longer leave us be after this incident?」

「Yes. Though it isn’t public, you are all considered important guests. Even if the royal family doesn’t directly interfere, there has been a regular trend.」

「So once we were off in the desert and they didn’t know what was goin’ on, they panicked and made contact?」


 They had apparently become famous before they knew it. Or at least that was the conclusion Hiroshi and the others made with the information presented. This group just didn’t seem to grasp the consequences or danger of their actions.

「Will you begin today?」

「No, we definitely can’t organize things properly in such a short amount of time. What we discussed today will be in the report materials that I will send to the royal palace. I would like to ask that you all rest yourselves for tonight and then prepare to embark to the castle tomorrow morning.」

 Everyone showed some relief at what the priest said. True enough, they were tired in many ways. It was best to avoid being overly sensitive.

「Head Priest, what should we do?」

「Primula, Judith. I would also like you two to come along to the castle.」


 Primula accepted the priest’s instructions with a slightly displeased expression. Judith also didn’t look too happy.

「Alright then, let us disperse for the day.」

 No longer able to hide his pained expression as he looked at the two of them, the priest announced dismissal. Though everyone found this whole affair to be convoluted, they looked forward to returning home.

「They’ll be arriving here at the castle tomorrow.」

「Understood. How shall we receive them?」

「Good question. Honestly, in terms of their value, we could treat them with the highest favor, but making it too excessive would create many a complication.」

 Sergio agreed with the queen. They usually had to avoid contact with the Azuma workshop crew, as was the demand from Farlane. They would surely understand based on the situation, but it was best to refrain from taking any action that might cause them to think otherwise. Still, they were the ones who called the crew over, so treating them too roughly would slander the dignity of the country.

「I’d like to greet them favorably if doesn’t attract too much attention. They’re commoners, so treating them too luxuriously might throw them off. Also, the food or rooms they will be in probably can’t outmatch what they’re accustomed to. So please plan accordingly.」

「You make such difficult requests」

「Well that is just how complex and crucial our guests are.」

 Sergio grimaced at the tall order, while the queen exerted her pressure. From her perspective, even if it were impossible to flatter them, she wanted to avoid giving off a bad impression. Hopefully her relation with them would be enough to accommodate.

「Still, they’re a very intriguing bunch.」

「Intriguing, you say?」

「Indeed. They have so many members and yet care nothing for physical pleasures. Well, there have been some complicated affairs, but overall they’re a very chaste bunch.」

 Sergio grimaced even more. Maybe if a man said that it would make sense. The queen was technically past her prime in age, but physically she was at the prime of womanhood. Hearing her make such vivid comments left him unsure what to say.

「The eldest of the three ladies already got intimate with someone before. The eldest of the gentlemen seems to have left a wife at home. Surely he must have pent-up frustration, but I have never seen him enter those types of shops since he came to this country.」

「……I don’t think those are the sorts of things you should be prying into……」

 Seeing the queen bring up the worst of her indescribable bad habits, Sergio attempted to stop her with irritation in his eyes. Continuing this conversation would definitely put them on the wrong course.

「What? We’re living creatures too. It is impossible to cut ties with it.」

 But the queen ignored Sergio’s intimidation and escalated the lewd conversation further to show she was not backing down.

「First things first, perhaps I should incite this lonely man to play with a bit of fire, if you know what I mean.」

「Please stop.」

「Y’know, Sergio. Even I am a woman. It has been seven years since my liege died at the hands of fools and left me. Seven years, I tell you. Yes, my heart belongs only to my liege, but what’s wrong with my body getting comforted by ten or twenty different men?」

「A lot of things, that’s what!」

「That’s what you said last time. And so I treated the young girls with love and left it at that. Which is fine. But at some point I desire a man.」

 Sergio really wanted to hold his head in exasperation. Although the crown prince would become of age in a few years’ time, the queen’s recklessness with men could very well lead to an accidental pregnancy and a rift in the country. The queen was not a direct descent of the royal family, but still went back enough generations to where her blood may as well be called pure. And unlike Farlane, Darl’s bloodline magic was inherited by children born from either sex. Therefore any children born from this queen would be guaranteed to gain magical aptitude regardless of who she chose.

 Still, forcing the mature queen to live her life with no outlet was of course cruel. So on the condition that she not lay her hands on any chaste individuals, he had allowed the queen to have relations with certains types of women who were happy to oblige, but……

「So I can’t see men? Then how about…Haruna, that was her name. Maybe I could educate her a bit?」

「I think it would benefit everyone if you refrained from that……」

「But she has quite the body. Wouldn’t it be more of a positive to learn how to please the men she loves?」

「Yes, well the man she loves doesn’t seem to take kindly to the female body, or so I’ve heard.」

「Hmm. That’s right. I only had one opportunity to see him, but that was something else. We would have to do something about that or else he would refuse any girl we throw at him. In fact, if we act carelessly, they might carry the same problems I do.」

「As I said, you had best stop thinking about it.」

 She agreed that Sergio had a point, going into deep thought briefly.

「Then how about we teach that workshop master that there is nothing scary about the female body?」

「That would just make things worse.」

「How so? It doesn’t take much to make men into monkeys. Besides, an innocent young woman doing it with a clueless virgin does not generally bode well, no matter how much love is in the relationship.」

「That isn’t the problem here.」

 As a possible reaction to the recent chaos, the queen was more of a nymphomaniac than ever before. She would be such a great ruler without that defect, thought Sergio, but right now he needed to figure out how to shut her up.

 Meanwhile, as to what Hiroshi and the others were doing…

「Finally back home……」

「So tired……」

「Lots of sand in my hair, so I’m going to take a bath after I take my armor off.」

「Ah, can I ask you to help?」

「Leave it to me. In exchange, I expect some tasty food.」

「Roger that.」

 Everyone was finally beginning to feel rested in the living room/kitchen area of the workshop they were borrowing as their based.

「Well there’s still time today, so how ‘bout I go ‘n weave some spirit cloth.」

「Shouldn’t you rest for once?」

「Nah, I feel uneasy not makin’ nothin’ in a place like this.」

「You do have a bit of an issue in that regard……」

「Hey, that’s how all us maxed-out craftsmen are.」

 Hiroshi made a rather sinful statement and began to head over to the workstation. At that moment the bell rang. Incidentally, the bells in this world were about as big and a similar shape as cowbells, pulling a string to sound them.

「Who could it be, mate?」

「I’ll get it.」

「I’m already near there, I’ll go with ya.」

 The two men made their way to the door, slightly perplexed as to who the visitor was. It went without saying that they hardly had anyone show up. The only person that might have a reason to come over was someone from the temple, but it hadn’t been long at all since they had returned. Unless it was a serious affair there really shouldn’t be anyone here.

 But other than that, they had no clue. If it was someone dangerous than it was best not to answer the door alone. Thankfully, Hiroshi and Tatsuya had yet to take off their armor. Sure, they weren’t walking around with their main weapons, but they both had knives on them and could stall for time before reinforcements arrived.

 With that thinking in mind, they opened the door cautiously and saw one girl standing before the gate.

「……Who is it?」


 At first glance she was a fairly adorable, expressionless girl of about five, six years, reminiscent of Mio but a bit different. That was how Tatsuya saw her, but Hiroshi, who already knew her, stiffened up completely.

「Hiro, what’s the matter?」


 His thought process rebooted by Tatsuya, Hiroshi brought out a strained, parched voice.

「……Weren’t ya executed? ……Why ya still alive?」

「You know her?」

「……She’s an assassin……」

 Tatsuya’s face froze. That was one statement he could not overlook. If Hiroshi wasn’t going to be of much use, he’d best call someone over to help. Tatsuya was about to raise his voice when

「Deary, I missed you so much!」

 The girl’s face was no longer blank, with moist eyes locked on to Hiroshi as she screamed out something appalling.


「The heck you just say!?」

 The two men stared at the little assassin girl, faces pale in disbelief as they shrieked. This was the moment that Hiroshi realized that troublesome human relations weren’t always obvious from the outset.



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