Volume 3 Sequel 1.3


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「If I might offer my true feelings……」


「After coming to this country, not only was there sharp-flavored food everywhere, there was hardly anything sweet despite the fact the region produces sugar, you know? I was craving a moderate amount of sweetness in my snacks.」

 Magdarena truly appeared to have an urgent expression in her unique royal eyes, fervently asking them. This was still the mother of one child they were talking about.


「I…sort of get it…」

 They knew what she wanted to say, but it was a bit questionable for Magdarena to just leave her daughter (not even one year old) be. At least that was what Haruna and Mio thought. In reality, Magdalena cared very much for her daughter. Everyone around her could see that from how snugly her daughter was sleeping, and they had infact recommended her to go to where Haruna and Mio were for a change of pace.

「So with that being said, might I have a bite of one of those trial products?」

「……Alright then.」

 Magdarena strongly insisted, so they lined up the three varieties in plain sight, alongside some tea to cleanse out the taste.

「The arrangement is different depending on the chocolate you choose. We would greatly appreciate it if you told us which one appeals to you.」

 Nodding at Haruna, Magdalena picked out a chocolate that had a different milk distribution and proportion from the rest, starting with a black-looking one, carrying it to her mouth.

「……They’re all delicious, but I think I prefer the one in the middle.」

「Ah, I figured.」

 Haruna muttered as soon as she heard Magdarena’s reply. The people in Farlane had similar tastes to people in Japan. Haruna and Mio had therefore expected that Magdarena preferred the same chocolate they did, and rightly so.

「The only thing I’d wish is that the taste be a bit less heavy.」

「I think the flavor might be a bit more refreshing if we were to use cow milk instead of Darl goat milk, and high quality milk at that.」

「Ah, right. That’s probably it right there.」

「Yep, that’s it.」

 With Haruna’s answer, Magdalena understood the gist of the problem. This was supposed to be a Darl local specialty, so they had to use supplies that could be easily obtained in Darl to achieve that sensation.

「Plus I don’t really understand the tastes of people in Darl, so it’s not clear whether or not they’d agree with my taste.」

「So you’re saying we need a local to test this?」

「Yes. And if we were to mass produce cacola in an efficient way, we have the tools for it. Right, Mio-chan?」


 Mio didn’t have any particular issue with Haruna’s assertion. They had in fact succeeded in elevating the production rate with easy-to-use tools that weren’t even magical. Anyone could do it if they saw the actual product. This was their method of processing 99% cacao or chocolate drinks. It was only made possible because the cacora fruit differed in nature from cacao. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to accomplish it so easily.

「Which means all we can do is feed random people and hear their thoughts.」

「Although I’d rather it not interrupt their work too much.」

「Then I can just ask the people who take care of me and my daughter. Their work is anything I ask them to do.」

 As this situation did involve the advancement of Darl’s industry, there was hardly any issue with the crown princess ordering the people around her to act. This was just an easy task of having people taste test and give their opinions. It wouldn’t interfere with the centerpiece of the country, so no one would complain.

「I think my daughter will wake up soon, so how about we get going? Do you have enough samples to bring along?」


「No problem.」

「Then come along.」

 Haruna and Mio followed the crown princess out of the kitchen to the other detached palace. Just between us, along the way they ended up bumping heads with the crown prince, who got his hands on some chocolate before anyone could test it for poison, which ended up panicking everyone around him.

 Also, there didn’t seem to be much of a difference in sweet preferences between Farlane and Darl. The tastiest type of chocolate to them completely matched Magdarena’s pick.

 That day, Azuma Workshop (main location Wulls) was quite noisy.

「Hiroshi, is this fine here?」

「That’s good, mate.」

「Hiroshi, there ain’t enough cement, eh?」

「Yeah wait a sec. I’m polishin’ it right now.」

 Buying three storages and lining them up in order to add new smelting facilities, Hiroshi was in the middle of making the largest smelting furnace ever to be seen. In only five hours’ time he had taken away all the partitions of the storehouses, combining them into one building with heat-resistance, and then dug three meters into the ground. While building all this and the smelting furnace, Hiroshi never stopped being efficient to a frightening degree. There was no use questioning it, but anyone who saw this wondered if there really was a point going to these extremes of making such a gigantic furnace, even if it was technically the entrance to the heavy industry.

 Because of the scale of the project being what it was, not just Makoto and the other craftsmen, but also the forest giants skilled at engineering or field officing were being mobilized. Still, Ortem Village was indebted to Hiroshi and he had requested this. In addition, it was impossible to work on such a wide-scale construction in the village, so everyone was coming over this way as if it were some sort of festival, clamoring and making merry as they worked.

「So it’s fine that Haruna and Mio aren’t here to make this gigantic furnace?」

「Yeah, cuz Mio’s arms ain’t gonna cut it and she won’t learn much. She’d be better off eatin’ chocolate.」

「I have a lot I’d like to point out there, but well, I guess I won’t.」

 Handing the super heat resistant cement over to Foeldan, Hiroshi cooled down the freshly baked heat resistant bricks. Makoto had less and less she could assist with when it came to the furnace, so as she rested and observed Hiroshi, Makoto thought of what she should begin asking him and decided to just hurl her first comment at him.

「I’m just amazed at how quickly you purchased the contract for this land.」

「Soon as I got the live coals from Igreos-sama, I called Lay ‘n Merizza-san to get some land reserved.」

「They were rather fast on their feet, weren’t they……」

「These were the same materials used to make the golem car, and when I told Lay that he got super into it.」

「Oh, okay.」

 The minivan that Azuma Workshop used. With the most recent events, a portion of the royalty now knew their group had an unnecessary amount of power. Everyone in the Farlane house had been sending love calls their way even before they knew the information, saying they wanted a car like that.

 They wanted defensive functions rather than offensive ones on the car. Hiroshi said he needed the gigantic smelting furnace, land, and the three storages, and they complied without hesitation.

 This wasn’t for anything on par with the minivan, however. This private automobile could endure Armageddon, could fit in one’s pocket, and could go 80 km/h. It was not so cheap that it could be made with just three storehouses.


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