Volume 3 Sequel 3.4


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「Ah, right. I forgot.」

「What is it, Hiroshi-kun?」

「Speakin’ of dessert, I made this real good one but forgot about it till now.」

 Hiroshi said, taking out coconut gel. Darl also had tropical regions, so ingredients like these were always in circulation.

「I got plenty of red algae saved up too, so once I make some agar we can have fruit punch.」

「Then once you finish with that I might wanna put in some almond jelly.」

「Yup, that’s another possibility.」

 Haruna felt her face light up at the fullness of all these sweets. All they needed now were azuki beans and they could have some mitsumame. So now she really wanted to get her hands on some…

「We have the perfect lineup for dessert here, so why can’t I find any azuki beans in our inventory?」


「Now you got me wanting azuki bean soup.」

「And don’tcha forget soft azuki bean jelly, mate.」

 Chocolate, coffee, coconut gel, there was a whole plethora of things that would expand anyone’s eating habits, and yet they simply could not find any azuki beans. At this point it had to be someone’s cruel joke.

「Welp, we don’t got what we don’t got. We just gotta go all out when we find some.」

「Yeah, that’s true.」

 As they spoke, Haruna made side dish after side dish to go with the pasta. This included sand oyster carpaccio, Darl vegetable putty, and sand urchin. Quite the extravagant choices there.

「Now all we gotta do is boil the pasta after Bro and the others get back and we’re all done.」


 As they continued conversing, a considerable amount of people showed up at the doorstep. This was a perfect stopping place, so they went out to greet them…

「……Sensei, Haru. I feel like the weirdness has been amplified.」

「……Welp, if Bro and Makoto-san decide it’s cool to have ‘er along, then I don’t think there’s a problem…」

「……And she’s physically appealing too……」

 Rainy was already starting to make perverted comments as she saw Hiroshi, while Tatsuya and Makoto were there holding her back as hard as they could.

「So how come you didn’t let us know?」

「We met up with her out in the field, that’s why.」

「And she did help us quite a bit, so we figured it wouldn’t do much harm to invite her over for some food……」

 Tatsuya and Makoto were a bit put-off by Rainy’s reaction, however, thinking they might have done wrong. Even though she had been severely criticized, Rainy had been previously rather obedient, so they might have been a little too careless this time around.

「Deary! Deary!」

「Ah, hey, stop flailing!!」

「We’ll kick you out if you don’t behave!!」

 Tatsuya and Makoto restrained Rainy with pure determination as she tried desperately to leap at Hiroshi. She was like a dog that didn’t listen to its owners.


 Rainy didn’t heed Tatsuya or Makoto, using whatever assassin techniques she had in order to finally escape her restraints and lunge at Hiroshi. However


 As if seeing this three steps ahead, Haruna embraced Hiroshi and pulled him to the side, completely evading Rainy’s charge. She then thrust Hiroshi’s head into her chest, unwilling to hand him over to anyone as she covered him, glaring at Rainy.


「You can eat with us, but no more.」

「Uu, how mean……」

 Now Rainy was held down not only by Tatsuya and Makoto, but even Mio this time around. But Haruna, who generally saw her as an enemy, was not moved by any of this.

「I’m fine with giving you food, since you helped Tatsuya-san and the others. But any more than that and you don’t get any reward, got it?」

「……Okay, I’ll stay put……」

 Haruna thrust the conditions in a sharp tone as she hugged Hiroshi even more tightly. Seeing that her minimum reward was about to be rescinded, Rainy reluctantly accepted Haruna’s conditions. Once they had determined that she had no further intent of rampaging, Tatsuya and the others released Rainy. As she watched all this, Haruna’s attitude immediately relaxed.

「Okay, let’s eat.」

「That’s fine and all, but Haruna, could you maybe release Hiroshi now?」

「Eh? Ah! S、Sorry!!」

 Once Tatsuya pointed that out, Haruna frantically released Hiroshi from being buried in her cleavage. His face was now deathly pale.


 Hiroshi mumbled incoherently after he was released. The closest he had ever been to a woman’s body was in the underground ruins, and at the time, Haruna and Mio were wearing leather armor all around and Judith had even worn thick defensive robes, so he hadn’t really experienced the soft sensation of skin.

 He had already taken a considerable amount of damage at that stage, yet this time around he had come into contact with Haruna wearing only spirit cloth fabric and an apron, plus Haruna had directly pulled his face into her ample chest. Hiroshi had made contact with the female body and he knew it full well. Although she hadn’t hugged him at an angle that would suffocate him, that was no comfort to Hiroshi.

 As a result, although this was with clothing and a bra on, her young skin and breasts had pressed against half of his face and Hiroshi ended up losing his sanity (though not in the way you would expect from a normal guy).

「Sheesh, Haruna. You’re kinda crazy.」

「Yeah, c’mon, no matter how sudden this was, you could have done a better job just by guarding him.」

 Tatsuya joined Makoto in pointing out Haruna’s shameless behavior, taking out his forging hammer again like last time.

「Actually, Haruna? Why are you trying to hold on to Sensei’s arm?」


 This time it was Mio who pointed out what she was doing, and Haruna realized that she was unconsciously trying to embrace Hiroshi’s arm.

「Haruna, you’re seriously acting weird.」

「Something must have happened.」

「……I wonder, if I know……」

 Getting as far away from Hiroshi as possible, Haruna looked away as far as possible as she tried to answer Tatsuya and Makoto’s queries.

「Wait, Mio-chan, if there’s a cause to it, don’t you think it could be……」

「Yeah. It’s probably exactly what you’re thinking.」

「I never knew that holy water could have such bothersome aftereffects……」

 Tatsuya and Makoto made suspicious faces at Haruna and Mio’s conversation. Completely out of the loop, Fum and the others were secretively talking about Haruna’s bold move. This situation was becoming very chaotic, and one more person was about to jump into it:

「Oh, I seem to have arrived a bit late.」


「I received a divine message from Alfemina-sama, so I hurried over here to see what the deal is……」

 Aearis joined the fray, which only served to make the situation even more complicated. She seemed to have some form of information.

「Haruna-sama, you did make contact with the holy water that the evil idol soaked in, right?」

「Yeah, I think that me trying to touch Hiroshi-kun unintentionally was because of that. What do you think?」

「That is correct. That holy water from Alfemina-sama does have an effect that releases the latent emotions and desires of whoever touches it, to a reasonable degree.」

「……And you say that this just now was “to a reasonable degree”……」

 Haruna simply could not feel right knowing what she had done. She wasn’t a female molester, and she didn’t think that hugging a man’s head into her breast was reasonable or moderate in the slightest.



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