Volume 4 Chapter 15.2

Translator: Kureha

Editor: Weasalopes

The Void Resident flung down its sickles again. Hiroshi quickly responded to its attack. The barrier can be broken with elemental abilities and skills. If the barrier is broken, the monster’s stat would drop down to a bare minimum. He could use a simple enchantment that uses holy water. But that can only be applied to his weapon. So, Hiroshi himself didn’t agree with that method.

「Hiro, Makoto, we still haven’t finished the inspection.」

Makoto was getting ahead of the situation. Hiroshi was being pessimistic. Seeing this, Tatsuya cut in a harsh comment. Then, he used hell fire sanctum. He was saving up the ability’s duration by dropping down the power.

「So it does make countermeasures for the attacks.」

Tatsuya blurted the comment as he clicked his tongue. The Void Resident thickened its barrier after the initial attack.

「So, if we’re talking about barriers with traits like that…」

「We either throw on enough input in one spot or put in enough load against the barrier with saturation attack.」

It was simple enough plan in words. But Tatsuya and Makoto gave bitter expression. Even a child could come up with a plan like that. They were troubling over this situation because they couldn’t take that plan into action. A solution which they couldn’t perform isn’t called a solution.

There’s a possibility that something could be done about it with Makoto or Mio’s extra skill. But just because they figured out that the barrier could be broken through with a large amount of force, it didn’t mean they could just slice through it carelessly. If the monster’s stat is low after they break the barrier, it could go into a long cooling phase where they can’t attack the monster. They knew that they can get through the situation as long as they take down the monster’s barrier. But it wasn’t worth using their major abilities.

They could use a saturation attack. But to do that, they would need to apply some load against the barrier initially. If someone could easily shoot out multiple attacks of that power, nobody would be struggling in the first place.

The van’s worldshaker was out of the question as well. The temple was too close. They couldn’t use any flashy high-power ability unless the entire area was a wasteland.

「If we can solve one of the limitations, I’m sure the saturation attack itself should be fine…」

Tatsuya’s frown deepened. He finished shooting out the holy octo-cannon. But it barely left any impact on the monster. He shot out two. But the monster must have noticed one of them. One was completely blocked off with a barrier.

「Limitation? Like what?」

「I don’t have enough magical energy.」

Tatsuya gave a short, quick reply. From his observation, if he activates multiple holy octo-cannon at the same time, then it should be enough to break through the barrier. But that would use up all of Tatsuya’s magical energy.

If they wanted to make permanent damage on the monster, shooting holy octo-cannon once or twice wasn’t going to be enough. The monster’s magic defense does seem to be much higher than its physical defense. If Tatsuya was going to attack, he would need to shoot at least twenty or thirty, ideally at least a hundred of the cannons. However, no matter efficient or powerful the enchant was, it wasn’t possible to do it with the amount of magic a single human being could carry in them.

If they’re planning to make a barrage with holy octo-cannon, they would have to make full use of their secret attacks, multi-activate cast abandoned and enforced cd. Combining and shooting all of those at the same time would increase the magic consumption by ten-fold. Even with the magical energy that Hiroshi has, it won’t be possible to shoot hundreds at the same time.

「Anyways, I’ll see if there’s anything we can do with elemental magics so can you guys try to come up with a way to break through the barrier?」

「Got it.」

Tatsuya asked Makoto a favour. Then started to cast random elemental type attack spells at the monster. But his strongest elemental spells, holy octo-cannon couldn’t break through its barrier. He thought about using megid flare, a spell that has backward compatibility with hell fire sanctum. He thought it might work if he used his wand’s maximum multi-activate of five spells and concentrate all five of those spells on one spot.

(This is going to be difficult…)

Tatsuya’s lack of power always seemed to stand out during the boss fights. As a magic user, it was a bit disappointing that he lacked in force. But any spells stronger than holy octo-cannon would either use up too much magic, had a large impact range or the chant was too long. So, it was somewhat inconvenient.

However, this wasn’t a problem which only Tatsuya was facing. Among magic users in Fairy Tale Chronicles, after reaching a certain level, 「Increase your intellect and punch with magic attack」, 「Train your weapons and punch with magic attack」becomes a motto. Once there was nothing you could do but to increase your basics, that was a sign that you are now a high-level magic-user.

However, because of the situation, they are in right now, training those basics was really difficult.

(My limitation is that I lack magic. So, I feel like I can do something about it as long as I rely on the external source but…)

Even when he was thinking of such an idea, he didn’t stop his attacks. He carefully observed the flow of the force around him. His sense stat wasn’t as high as Hiroshi. So, he didn’t know the precise detail of what was happening. But Tatsuya was still able to sense where the magic was.

The one he could sense it immediately was the amount of magic which Hiroshi and the Void Resident was emitting. The two were pretty close in power. The Void Resident’s ability was significantly low due to the impact of sanctuary and Haruna’s song. Without those, even Hiroshi wouldn’t be able to withstand the boss’s power.

The one who was taking the most amount of damage from the amount held, the current attacks, the impacts from sanctuary and Haruna’s song was the Void Resident. However, there was an issue. The Japanese team was fighting at their limits. Yet they were still struggling to take down its defense.

(It’s difficult to do something directly to a monster like that. With the spells I can currently use, I can’t even collect the magical energy of others who are rampaging around like some kind of magical girls. But even if I could collect it, I’m not even sure if I can keep it under control.)

He played around with different combinations of spells. He thought through options that seemed hopeless. And he thought that they should be able to take down the monster if he can find the combination that makes the most amount of damage.

(… hm?)

Tatsuya was frantically looking around for a way through this battle. That was when he noticed that the Feng Shui was unusually close to the surface. Double-checking the location of that energy which he wasn’t able to notice before, one idea came to his mind.

(If I manage to pull out magic directly from Feng Shui, lacking in magical energy won’t be a problem anymore!!)

In Farlane, Aeris directly took energy from Feng Shui that was a “gift” from Barold. In Crest Cave, the new blast furnace operates by applying energy from Feng Shui. So, using energy from Feng Shui wasn’t impossible. The problem was how he was going to do it.

Tatsuya quietly tried to flow the magic in Feng Shui towards him so that the monster won’t notice what he was doing. For a split second, part of its surface slightly moved. But that movement was different from what Tatsuya was hoping.

「Tatsuya, are you out of magic power!?」

Tatsuya has suddenly stopped his attacks. Makoto, who noticed this checked-in with a pale face.

「No, I’m fine. I’ve finished going through all the attacks that I thought would be effective against the boss so I stopped my attacks.」

As Tatsuya responded to Makoto, he cast an oxygen circle. He wasn’t expecting any result from it. Though, it would have been humorous if the monster did start to suffocate. But things weren’t that simple. The oxygen circle did act as some level of restrain to the monster. But it was dispelled before it reached a fraction of its active time.

(My actions just look unnatural no matter what I do. I feel like I’m close to getting the hang of it but…)

He was controlling his magic and was looking for a way through at the same time. So, his attacks looked unnatural and were very thin. He knew that he could figure out the answer if he could find one hint. But he couldn’t find that one hint.

From this, the monster noticed that Tatsuya was up to something. The monster tried to directly attack Tatsuya. But Hiroshi cut in. The monster tried to go back to the state it was in before, where it couldn’t take any damage.

「Don’ think that ya can keep usin’ the same method on us!!」

The monster made a saturation attack that Tatsuya has been trying to do. It was powered up by combinations of spells. So, even Hiroshi’s force field couldn’t completely block off all the attacks.

If Hiroshi’s force field was a fixed position type then, he would have most likely been knocked out from that attack. However, the guardian field, the name of the force field which Hiroshi is using without knowing its name is categorized as an extra skill. Anything that is considered a skill will grow. And if its an extra skill, then the skill growing only from the player’s skill level won’t be fashionable. In the case of the guardian field, its growth quickened when it’s used against a saturation attack.

While Tatsuya was observing the flow of energy, the guardian field has increased its durability and range. It has even taken in Makoto, who was making small cuts into the monster with wind slash, as one of the candidates for protection. Defense wise, the force field has strengthened to a point where Tatsuya would be able to survive through the second transformation of Barold without a scratch.

As Tatsuya was looking at the movement of the force field, something came to his mind.

(Maybe, if I do it like this!!)

Using Hiroshi’s widening force field as a reference, Tatsuya made a similar force field with a very different trait. But rather than widening the force field, he buried it in the ground beneath him. The force field crashed against the Feng Shui. That moment, a strong line between Tatsuya and Feng Shui formed. An immense amount of energy started to flow towards him.

(Tch!! This is a bit harsh… !!)

He groaned over the magical energy that was flowing into him from Feng Shui. But he managed to stand on the spot and maintain his control over the power.

(This isn’t going to last too long…)

It would be a different story if he was as tough as Hiroshi. But for an adventurer with an average build (though he would definitely be above average compared to people in class 5) would not be able to withstand that load for too long. One minute is most likely his limit. Since he was already reaching the limit in strength, even if he increased the pace with over accelerate, it would only increase the load on his body. So, it wasn’t worth the try.

He somehow tried to form a barrage. But the Void Resident noticed that Tatsuya has managed to use energy from Feng Shui. It started to move around as if to use Hiroshi and Makoto as a shield. It made it difficult for Tatsuya to aim clearly. Tatsuya was about to call out to the two of them to take a step back then…

「Abandon body~」

A careless voice echoed through the area. One Octogal came in falling. It dropped some kind of bottle on the Void Resident’s head. As the bottle broke on the Void Resident’s goat-like head, the content of the bottle scattered everywhere.


Centring the area which the bottle broke on, the miasma of the Void Resident was completely gone. It seemed that the content of the bottle was some kind of holy water. A fairly strong one too. Not only was its miasma gone but a fair portion of other parts of its body got exorcised as well. Even though the elemental attacks have been strengthened, even though they’ve figured out that the Void Resident’s weakness was elemental attacks, they wouldn’t have been able to give this level of damage with the holy water which Hiroshi had with him.


In this situation, it didn’t matter what Octogal did. Tatsuya could finally take an aim. He couldn’t waste this opportunity. He had to give it his everything to this one attack.

「Let’s go!!」

He discarded the chant, he placed himself into forced cd, the current limit for multi-activation for his wand was doubled. So, Tatsuya cast ten holy octo-cannons at once.

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