Volume 4 Chapter 8.2


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「We have about 500,000 chrones left over in pocket, so we’re fine. Although staying a month in the most pricey room would be questionable……」

Realizing just how much money they still had on hand, Tatsuya and Makoto’s eyes flew wide open in surprise, which was to be expected. Near half of these dividends stemmed from their near monopoly on curry powder/miso/soy sauce as well as for the royal family’s love of instant ramen, which they also received payment for. Probably best that no one in the group knew this.

「When did we get so much……」

「Not by illegal means, but I don’t think you want to know.」

「Heck does that mean……」

As they continued this careless conversation in not the best location, the front desk receptionist brought along a somewhat splendid looking man out to meet them.

「Thank you for your patience. You will have the manager of this hotel guide you all to your room.」

「Pleased to meet you, and thank you for coming to Grand Forre. It is a great honor to welcome all of you from Azuma Workshop, famous and rumored about far and wide..」

The manager of the most highly esteemed hotel actually came all the way out, giving the group the best possible reception and causing them to freeze in astonishment.

「Eh, ehm. It’s we who should be thanking you for your gracious reception!」

This was very out of the blue, but they couldn’t just stay awestruck. Haruna did her best (though not perfect) to put on a professional greeting.

「Sorry for asking such a dumb question, but……」

「What might you like to know?」

「We’re very honored and all, but why does one as high up as yourself come down to greet and guide normal young adults like ourselves?」

「How peculiar of you to say something like that. There is no one in this establishment who would be so ignorant as to belittle Azuma Workshop, recognized by the royal families of Farlane and Darl for making superior products higher than even first class as being nothing more than young people.」


Haruna just groaned at the manager’s statement. It was true that both the royal families of Farlane and Darl were directly stocking themselves with goods from Azuma Workshop. However, currently, this was because no one had yet figured out all the particulars with buying from Azuma Workshop, plus for Wulls they only used ingredients that anyone in Wulls could get their hands on. Besides, although Hiroshi and Mio were exceptional by this world’s standards in the business, anyone else from the workshop had yet to leave the realm of normal craftsmen.

Honestly, they were being overhyped.

「But I feel like we got permission even before introducin’ ourselves. Are our faces all that recognizable, sir?」

「No. However, employees at our Grand Forre do not look down on anyone, regardless of position.」

「Oh? And why is that?」

「The equipment that all of you have. Although I am but an amateur in that field, I do know that your equipment is not the kind that any novice adventurer can carry around. Regardless of how you went about obtaining these items, we would never reject anyone who owns and looks the part, ad I certainly do not know of any employee who would behave in this manner.」

The manager declared with a very earnest look on his face. Indeed, it would appear that this hotel’s legacy and status was no mere decoration.

「Also, those in charge immediately saw the connection between your appearances and Azuma Workshop.」

「But ain’t there a possibility that we’re only pretendin’ to be them?」

「As I mentioned previously, you dress very well, in addition to behaving properly and asking for permission to stay the night like reasonable citizens. At that point, I can say with full conviction that I would love for such people to stay in our hotel, that they belong here. Regardless of who you actually are, it does not matter so much.」

The manager said all of this with a beaming smile, and the crew was at a loss for words, exchanging glances. They hadn’t done anything more significant than maybe vending food (on the surface), and yet their names had somehow spread far and wide.

「Your room is right this way, everyone.」

「……Are all the rooms this big?」

「You are a party of five, so I made sure that you have adequate room to yourselves.」

The room they were led into was quite spacious, although not quite a suite. They really couldn’t try smithing here, but at least it had more room than the rental homenear Crest Cave.

「Now then, please feel free to relax and make yourselves at home.」

The manager walked off, still with a beaming smile after handing the key to Haruna, the representative.

「There’s gotta be a limit on unexpected things, right?」

「Well, it’ll be Makoto-san’s birthday in a lil bit and we’ll be clattering things around after this, in which case it’ll be difficult to celebrate, so how bout we throw an early party ‘n go all out?」

「Mm, yeah. We already paid after all」

「Although I don’t quite feel right about throwing around the money that we made so easily in Farlane…」

「Well the amount ain’t that much, and we saved up quite a bit in Forre」

While a bit put-off at how famous they were, the group figured they should enter the room since they already paid. And this was how a desperate situation led Haruna and the others to experience the most exquisite hotel in the country (Haruna’s first experience since coming to this world, everyone else’s first experience in their life)

「This is supposed to be a high class hotel, so I expected some flashy items lined up, but I guess not?」

The room they were led into was fabulously spacious, but the equipment and whatnot was a bit plain while taking on its own personality. As a result of this, the room was chic and relaxing.

「Pricey hotels do sometimes have those, but for places that are trying to sell their status, you don’t really see all that many flashy items.」

「That’s what it’s like?」

「Yep. But in exchange for the plain look, the “plain” items you see, such as the leg of an innocent looking chair, might in fact be worth somewhere in the hundreds of thousands.」

Makoto felt her face stiffen at Haruna’s explanation. Now that she had heard that, literally anything lying on the floor suddenly looked like valuable items.

「’N if ya look at that sofa over there, it’s prolly more than the overnight stay fee that we paid. Although I think the one in our Darl room was better quality.」

「But that one’s made of wyvern membrane, so that’s not a good comparison」

Tatsuya motioned to sit down until Hiroshi began an unnecessary supplemental explanation, at which he stopped moving. Mio interjected, although it wasn’t much of an interjection.

「Well, high class items are the way they are cuz they don’t break easily. Besides, even with some scratches here ‘n there ya can just mend it in a covert way. Go ahead ‘n relax mate. At worst we can just give ‘em a behemoth leather sofa to pay for it.」


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