Volume 4 Snippet 1.1


Translator: Reflet
Editor: Weasalopes

1.Octogal Babysitting

The octogals generally had a lot of time on their hands, so they would show up anywhere whenever they felt like it.

「We came to hang out~」

On this day, the octogals had decided to visit the private room of the queen of Farlane, Elizabeth’s private area. Needless to say, it was usually closed off to any outsiders, but since the octogals were mysterious creatures that were related to the gods and could teleport anywhere besides dungeons, no one in the castle bothered to stop them. It just seemed like it would be a waste of both time and effort to even attempt.

「Oh, hello there.」

Queen Elizabeth returned the greeting, not particularly surprised at seeing the three octogals. She was dandling the two twin babies, so she couldn’t stand up, but still showed a sign of welcome. The maids around her didn’t say much.

Also, needless to say, for Farlane and any other country, the queen was never the only one taking care of the children. In fact, queens couldn’t get enough time to their children. It was already hard enough to create small windows like this in the afternoon and while the children were awake. Other than breastfeeding, changing diapers and whatnot wasn’t usually a privilege that the queen had.

Also, the children’s names were Redrick (boy) and Elize (girl). As it had not been half a year since their birth yet, it was only recently that she had revealed them to the castle. The queen had only officially unveiled the information to the people, with their debut to come at a later date.

「Are the babies OK~?」

「Yes. Very much so thank you.」

Queen Elizabeth smiled cheerfully as she showed the children to the octogals. The twins were clamoring happily as they looked at the octogals while clinging to their mother.

「Can we play with the babies~?」


After getting permission from the queen, the octogals played with the babies. With Mark it was “Mark-O” but the babies were simply “the babies”. It’s surprising that Mark didn’t cry about this.



「Swing around bi~g」

The octogals entertained the children by inflating their faces, extending their feet longer than usual, and twirling around in strange, complicated motions. The twins were both overjoyed. The octogals also did something unique to them like shaking toys with multiple arms. In addition,

「Ultimate At~tack」

「Three body combination~」


The octogals jumped around with clearly illogical movement as they spoke. They must have also been thrilled by the twin’s reactions.

Also, according to them, the three-body form had three modes: well-behaved, noisy, and Poseidon. Needless to say, no human could tell the difference.

「And further division~」

「Up u~p」

「Barrel ro~l~l」

「Dispose of the body~」


The babies clung on to the octogals now, so they played even harder. One of them became a trampoline for safety on stand by, and combined with whatever had split off and multiplied, with a group of two flying around in a strange, fluffy orbit, saying dangerous things while purposely dropping and catching the children, a sight that would make anyone panic who saw it.

While this was not the kind of play that good children should get into, the octogals, being relatives of the gods, had a perfect safety net. When catching the children, the octogals made good use of their mollusk features so as to absorb any shock.

Initially the staff watching the octogals had panicked upon seeing this extreme form of babysitting, but after seeing how they were much more careful than they appeared to be, the staff didn’t make any unnecessary comments.


「Almost done~」

Seeing that the twins were tired from so much excitement, the octogals comforted them with strange movements before returning them to the queen. A bit displeased to be done, once the twins were in the arms of the queen and nanny, their eyes began drooping.

「We’re gonna get going now~」

「Thanks for letting us come~」

「Yep, please come again.」

Seeing that the babies were fast asleep, the octogals spoke their farewells in low voices so as to not wake them before immediately teleporting out of the room.

After the octogals went away, all that was left was Elizabeth lovingly hugged her sleeping children and the people watching over them.

「Lilia-chan, you okay~?」

The next place the octogals appeared was the living space of the crown prince and his wife in Darl Palace.


「Yes, she hasn’t gotten sick ever since.」

Showing no signs of surprise at the sudden appearance of the octogals, the crown prince and his wife responded in a nonchalant manner. They were also used to this.



Princess Lilia (technically not the princess, since her parents had yet to be enthroned) attempted to stand up. In order to assist her, the octogals inflated themselves to become cushions. This was awfully considerate of them.


Lilia, now standing up, attempted to walk to her parents from a slightly faraway location before she fell, snugly into the octogal cushion. She was barely learning to grab, so it made sense that she couldn’t walk.


Thrilled at the octogal cushion’s elasticity, Lilia began softening up and getting into a good mood. As she was playing around a bit, Lilia’s interest moved to the octogal’s feet floating near her, to which she grabbed it with incredible reaction speed before putting it in her mouth. Either because this was right after breastfeeding age or because children around her age tended to do this in general, Lilia was at a point in her life where she wanted to put everything in her mouth.

「Don’t eat that~」

「Bad children get punishment~」

「Pick her up~」

「Dispose of the body~」



Breaking desperately out of the hold Lilia had on its foot and cleaning the saliva covered foot off through a mysterious means unique to their species, the octogals began their punishment of the “bad kid”.

That being said, all the octogals were doing to Lilia was lifting her up to a decent height before dropping and catching her without letting her get hurt, so it was questionable whether it was a punishment or not. As evidence, all of these motions just excited Lilia more and more.

「Lilia-chan gonna sleep now~」

「We’re going back~」

「We’ll come again~」


「You’re welcome anytime.」

The octogals went off after playing a lot with the princess who would be shouldering Darl’s future. After going off to play with the children in Ortem Village and the children near the Wulls workshop, their free time for today had ended.

And so the octogals had spent the last few days in this manner. Many people around them in general would ask favors like “change the baby’s diapers” or “help get them to sleep too” or “my child just got lost! Please find them at once”. Now, there was a downside to this……


「It’s body disposal time~」

There was a small headache of an issue with children learning the octogal’s catchphrase “dispose of bodies”. This especially held true with the royal education administrators. True as always, nothing came without its negative side.


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