Volume 5 Chapter 1.4


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「Now that we got that decided, the workshop is the next thing to figure out, mate.」

「Actually, I have a thought regarding that.」

「Haruna-san, ya got a good idea?」

「Well, not so much an idea. I just thought if we’re trying to implement the headmaster’s wishes, we have to think in the long term, in which case maybe it’s not such a bad idea to select people right from the start to attend.」

Not quite sure what Haruna meant, Hiroshi made a puzzled face. Sure, thinking in the long-term was a given, but what did she mean by selecting people?

「Who specifically do ya mean?」

「Just thinking we could have Lime-chan attend. You already planned to teach her how to spin textiles and make potions out of her rank, right?」

「Yeah, but c’mon, do ya really think Lime’s age and academic ability can handle this school’s level?」

「Well, we can have her test out the lecture material and then possibly have her take a special class if necessary. Besides, Lime-chan’s academic ability can well compete with the average adult in this world.」

In a sense this was both the safest and also quite a dangerous proposition. Hiroshi had an unusually stern expression on his face for his typical loser vibe as he went into thought. He did plan to have Fum and Lime to go school, but that was supposed to be an elementary school in Wulls, not in a school of higher education like Rufeus that had a certain level of knowledge and academic prowess as a requirement.

Now, of course if she herself wanted to attend, Hiroshi would be fine with that, and if she could get by at school while doing work he had already planned for her to attend such a place. However, Wulls’ higher education schools and Rufeus Academy had completely different standards. Lime, who had learned mainly by herself with some guidance from Hiroshi and the others might not be able to keep up with the education here.

Then again, the scariest outcome would be if Lime’s own education and this school’s education opposed each other, and the headmaster did in fact seem to want such a thing, which was one troubling area.

「……Okay, so let’s say she tests out the lecture. Ya really think they’d be able to hold a special class for a kid who ain’t even six years old yet?」

「Well, I was thinking they might be able to try education for lower ages here as a test. What do you think?」

「We gotta negotiate some more for that, mate. Also, Lime’s quite the fearless gal, so I could easily see her insistin’ on somethin’ and havin’ the professor glare at her……」

Haruna made a small grimace at Hiroshi’s concern. If the academy really was the kind of place that would ostracize Lime, at that point she figured it was fine to cut ties with them. True, maybe things weren’t so simple as that, but they were already proceeding the conversation in that direction. Even if Lime were to cause a problem in that regard, no one looking out for anyone but themselves would take away the whole meaning of Azuma Workshop helping out and would not lead to any reform the headmaster wanted.

「I don’t think we need to worry about that. If anything, the objective here seems to be causing a ripple.」

「What I’m worried about is Lime developin’ a hatred for school or studyin’. Besides, Fum’s got it somewhat under control, but Lime can’t restrain herself from speakin’ out even when the person’s in the wrong ‘n not her.」

「That’s something she’ll have to experience and learn from anyway, so I was thinking why not just let that time be now…」

「Haruna-san, ya got the heart of a spartan……」

「Right now, both us and Layla can be there at her side, and as she learns while we have her back, Lime herself is sure to grow.」

Hiroshi and Haruna had suddenly began a theory of education debate, with Makoto and Mio’s eyes darting about in confusion. Both opinions, extreme in their own way, caused Tatsuya to hesitate in how he should cut into the conversation.

「……Well, I at least agree we should send Lime to school.」

Bracing himself, Tatsuya broke into Hiroshi and Haruna’s debate. Both parties were still fairly calm at this point, but these sorts of debates often escalated if left alone, and the last thing Tatsuya wanted was to have Hiroshi and Haruna’s relationship grow sour. Especially for the sake of Haurna’s romantic feelings.

「Don’t you think it’s a bit quick to come to a conclusion about sending her here or not?」


「Right. Until we check the actual educational content, we can’t really say.」

「Precisely. It isn’t even clear right now if they’d take in Lime or not.」

Tatsuya scolded the two of them, who had finally regained their composure after the argument.

「Then assumin’ they’re cool with her bein’ there, what do ya think should come next, Bro?」

「Why not have it be a one month trial run? If we have her study the same type of subjects as Makoto, she can help Lime out whenever things get tough.」

「Ah~、ya got a point…」

Hiroshi nodded at Tatsuya’s realistic opinion.

「Also, there ain’t no limit to how many years ya take classes, so don’tcha think we could just adjust the time ‘n have Teres ‘n the others swappin’ takin’ a class each day ‘n then have Lime study together with ‘em?」

「Oh, that’s an idea too. Guess we need to check up on that tomorrow as well.」

「Once that’s over, we just gotta make arrangements to move to the workshop we got. First comes the transportation circle, I say.」

Thanks to Tatsuya’s proposal, their course was set and Hiroshi began deciding the rough outline.

As it turned out, the academy was actually overjoyed and onboard with Hiroshi and team’s suggestion, immediately working at establishing a younger class including elementary education, and by the time Hiroshi’s group reached the Rufeus workshop, a temporary curriculum and selected lecturer had been decided on. In this respect, one could say that this academy’s sense of danger was openly manifesting itself.

Furthermore, apparently it was not so rare for people to adjust lectures to only afternoon in a three day interval, so the time slot business got permission with no problem, which resulted in all trueborn members of Azuma Workshop going to Rufeus Academy.

「Ah, Boss Man. Welcome back.」

「Setting up the transportation circle? Wow, that was fast this time, huh?」

Seeing Hiroshi who was supposed to currently be in Rufeus, Fum and Nora greeted him in a fairly normal manner. Waving a hand to the two of them to return the greeting, Hiroshi first got to quickly finishing setting up the transportation circle.

「As per usual, you put these circles down so quickly I can barely believe they transport you long distance.」

「Well, I been real accustomed to doin’ it by this point…」

「Finishing such a high maintenance task so easily makes the world’s enchanters and magic technicians look like shams.」

「I’m gonna eventually make sure y’all do the same work at the same pace as me, so ya best not git too surprised by somethin’ like this.」

Hiroshi asserted something egregiously unfair as if it were the most natural thing in the world, prompting Nora to glare at him with reproachful eyes. She was already having a hard enough time with Mio and Haruna demanding outrageous things.

「Also, this is perfect timing. How ‘bout ya call down Teres ‘n Lime to the cafeteria? I got somethin’ I needa talk to ‘em about.」

「Alright. Shall I pour tea while we’re at it?」

「Yup, thanks mate.」

Listening to Hiroshi’s instructions, Nora headed to the kitchen to make some tea while Fum went to call Teres and Lime over. If the workshop master had to call all craftsmen down, this must be quite the important errand.

「So what was it you needed to talk to us about?」

「The king in Lorren asked somethin’ of us, ya see.」

Nora asked as she finished pouring the tea, while Hiroshi began discussing this outlandish request from someone of high status like it was something that happened every day. However, at this point, no matter what new king or queen Hiroshi met, the employees of the workshop would not feel surprised. Or rather, feeling surprised at every shenanigan like this would create a serious impediment in their duties as workshop members every time some royal showed up.

「You have another request from royalty, huh.」

「Yup, and it’s as much of a drag as it usually is.」

「I’m already used to this, but I feel like it’s seriously weird for you of all people to find it a drag, Boss Man.」

「Nope, it really is a drag, mate.」

A request from someone who you would normally never meet in your life. Teres released a sigh at her employer finding this tiresome, even if she had become accustomed to it. As an elf from the country, she really wanted him to stop taking on these requests.


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