Volume 5 Chapter 4.6


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Incidentally, the bakery that was making cream-filled rolls and delivering them to the school store was the same bakery that was delivering to the school cafeteria. The reason they were even making such nasty rye bread was a result of having the price haggled to hell and back. Even if they cut the trade with a matter of conscience, speaking out always seemed to coincide with suspicious incidents occurring around them, so they were unable to go through with this and reluctantly continued to bake and deliver this bread that was barely above garbage in value.

When they used this as an excuse for refusing Hiroshi and his cream-filled rolls, the headmaster who already had the suspicion caught wind of this and in the blink of an eye had underwent several countermeasures, beginning with a patrol.

Also, in digression, Hiroshi was the one who had the machine that sealed bread in bags. He had simplified the structure to where Teres and the others could make it, in addition to enchanting it with Prevent Rot, Disinfection, and Seal Determination, and could mass-produce this machine to a certain degree if he felt so inclined.

Not only was the bagging system prized for its safety, you could also eat the bread without having to worry too much about the cleanliness of your hands, and professors who specialized in field work gave it a high rating. Unbeknownst to anyone else, there were already several people who, gaining an interest in the machines from the bread they saw in the school store, approached Hiroshi via the school store management.

「Well, once the shop begins there will be many a method.」

The unpleasant looking man interjected, comforting the chef.

「You’re not pulling my leg?」

「No, I am not. It’s not hard at all to crush one petty little restaurant.」

「So you have a plan? I expect great things from you then.」

「Yes, leave it to me.」

The unpleasant-looking man firmly asserted, and the chef was finally in a good mood.

「Now then, I guess I’ll get back so I can stock up for tomorrow.」

「Ha, you barely stock up at all, so it’s funny hearing that from you.」

「Hey, I do touch up the place a bit. Rude.」

「Right, in order to prevent anyone eating at your place from dying?」

「Pretty much.」

Grinning at the unpleasant man, the head chef then left the room.

「Good grief, I told him to keep it to a minimum……」

「Yeah, looks like his time has come.」

「It sure has. Well, once we take care of that restaurant, we seize the opportunity……」

「Yeah, don’t worry, I know.」

Right after the head chef left, the unpleasant man and the government official whispered to each other with incredibly vulgar expressions on their faces. It would appear that they intended to push all the responsibility for the series of unjust events on the head chef to get rid of him.

After that they briefed each other on the specific plan for when they put an end to the shop, leaving in delayed intervals. From the time they entered the room to the time they left, none of the members present had realized that someone had been recording them this entire time.

「And there you have it.」

「Well well……」

「I did anticipate this sort of thing, but to think that the secretary-general was so deeply involved in something as scandalous as this……」

Early morning the next day. Rainy, who had filmed the whole meeting, had under instruction from Layotte reported this to several of the pro-reform faction member leaders, represented by the headmaster and Professor Fluit.

Needless to say, the members gathered here were all people with nothing shady to them. Those who did have something shady to them had been screened by Rainy and secretly expelled from the center of the faction.

「While we’re at it, I brought over the school cafeteria’s unauthorized accounting. The one over here is the secretary-general’s secret account.」

「I’m grateful that you have these, but are they really so easy to find?」

「Maybe not for an amateur, but these people were not hiding it well enough to fool me.」

「Is that so……」

The headmaster and everyone else fell silent at Rainy’s comment that showed just how well she prepared for this meeting.

「……When you track down something that we could not even find and with such ease, it truly shows our incompetence. This makes us feel quite pathetic, if I say so myself.」

「I specialize in it. The right person in the right place, if you will.」

「Well, yes, that may be true, but……」

「I’m no good at studying, and scholars aren’t any good at what I do. Scholars should pursue academics and search for hints to make the world an easier place to live in.」

Rainy conveyed her true feelings in an indifferent manner to the headmaster, who seemed to be prone to dejection. If scholars could flawlessly pull off this work behind the scenes, Rainy and her kind wouldn’t have a place to belong.

「So, I’m pretty sure this level of evidence is still insufficient in this country. What shall you do?」

「Good question. Indeed, unless we not only confirm the direct orders from the judicial but also get ahold of them in action, I cannot say that this will be solid evidence, and it will likely be difficult to prosecute based on this.」

The headmaster nodded once at Rainy’s question.

「It’s possible to see the judicial directly commanding them and to make them step into our trap.」

「Are you serious!?」

「I already finished investigating their base. Their security was a joke, and their detection skills are weak. If I have Deary help me out a bit, I could send 20 regular people in easy.」

「……With such a state of affairs, I’m astonished no one has caught them until now……」

「They would have already been toast had this country not had a sluggish judicial system.」

The headmaster really wanted to facepalm at how trivial of an opponent these small fries were sounding like. Rainy estimated that even Fum would have been able to sneak into that meeting without being noticed, but determining there was no need to mention this, she had kept silent, and the headmaster did not know that fact.

Then again, while Rainy had investigated all the bases, she couldn’t solidify the timing for the order. Even if she and Hiroshi were to disguise themselves, it was impossible to stay that way for several days straight, so it was also difficult to figure out where to set up the net and sneak in a judicial.

「Well, looks like we have a test of patience up ahead……」

「Deary and the others are quite good at that. However, this isn’t something we can deliberate for too long on, so I’ll also launch my own information centre for the time being.」

「……Please do.」

The headmaster and everyone else present bowed their heads to Rainy’s offer. And just like that, the disposal of these small fries (who were reminiscent of a certain someone) was carried out nonchalantly into total war, unbeknownst to Hiroshi and friends.


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